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World Military Schools

by Half-Lady Lisa

1 March 2019

Concerts after concerts fight for hungers and poverty. Musics are great and money donations are enormous but poor kids never eat healthier and richer. I remember, the first feeling I see the picture of anorexic Africa kids with skin and bone. I can't look at the picture that I have to use my hands cover my eyes. Disbelief that how these kids are left so terrible. Food doesn't cost much in many poor countries as people can live under a dollar per day but why is the money donations from concerts, plus hundreds of millions of dollars foreign aids from developed countries' governments, plus thousands of small and large charity / foundation from all over the world never enough to feed these anorexic kids? Or does the way the world solve the proverty problem ineffective?

Poverty is the worldwide crisis. It exists in every country even in developed countries. Besides Africa kids, still there are many poor kids around the world are abandoned and left on street becuse parents can't afford to have them. Then these poor kids' future would likely be criminals involving in drugs and robbery. Although, some poor kids still live with parents, instead of going to school, they are used to work at the young age to help parents earn more income to sustain family. Although, hundreds of millions of dollars foreign aid from U.S. government send to poor countries, it still can't end the poverty because the big part of the aid goes to feed wealthy politicians then the poors take the left over. Irony, these poor kids are used as their governments' products--'as long as the poverty is still alive, U.S. government will never stop sending money to them'. They scam all Americans.

The idea of the 'world military schools' is to solve two pertaining problems at the same time. To solve the poverty is one. The other one is to solve the violence. War in Middle East is an examble as now it becomes the longest war in the U.S. history--as President Trump says. And seemingly, war would never be over the same as poverty.

First, let take a look at how the poverty helps supporting the endless war in Middle East and violences around the world both large and small scales. As war needs soldiers, a gang needs members and poor kids needs to earn a living to survive, terrorists and gangs use poor kids as their unlimitted human resource. Poor kids are easily recruited and brain-washed by the incentives terrorists and gangs provide them. Think--instead of letting these poor kids live on hand of bad guys, why don't good guys think about taking them first to cut off bad guys' unlimitted human supply. Poverty is the beginning of the world problems: one you just learn earlier such as political corruption, next is violences such as war and gangs as poor kids are the most vulnerable to being exploited. Moreover, war never ends as it is a game for some groups of people. As long as the U.S. still sends troops to fight with terrorists, means join their game. Terrorists calm down their power but just for a while. After the U.S. government brings troops back home, they quickly regain their power. Like Thai proverb, when cat isn't there, all mice are hilarious. Although, if the U.S. changes its strategy by using a group of terrorists to fight among others, knowing that all terrorists are 'not' good guys who can be trusted. Some days they realizes of being used unfairly, they will come in and sabotage U.S. citizens in the U.S. homeland. To end the war, the proverty has to end first.

Would aggressive leaders who are considered enemy be afraid of the U.S. military's power? Even the U.S. adds a new 'space force', they would not be afraid at all. As war is a game, they would actually have fun in a tougher game testing the U.S.'s new force. Aggressive leaders generally don't know well how to build economy for their countries but what they know extremely well is to build military. As long as the U.S. still wants to play game with them, their citizens will see the importance in having an aggressive leader. In opporsite, if the U.S. stops playing game because war is over, aggressive leaders would be feared of losing popularity in the election. Then what their strategy to bring the U.S back to their game is to rile anger with threats. By doing that, enemies will build more powerful weapons to scare the U.S. and to create violences in order to get attention by bothering other groups of people in the regions. Look--now the U.S. just has to add a new 'space force' then All Americans have to ask the President--'what's next?' What's wrong with all the forces we already have? Hopefully, the next force would not necessary be Universal force, Mar force and Moon force. Does the U.S government need to build the second Pentagon on the Moon too? And who pays for all these costs which adding up on the spending bills every year? Oh! Almost forget to mention about huge veteran benefits. Some days all the U.S. citizens will be broke like poor kids in poor countries or anorexic Africa kids because of the cost of war game. Whatever powerful weapons the U.S. can build, it encourages enermies to build better powerful weapons in the fight. They are not afraid at all. Think--when both good guys and bad guys keep building more and more powerful weapons, it means the world are put at higher risk everyday because the cost of the damage is greater. It's time for America to realize that the country has paid too much for just little result. War would never be over with the way America now chooses to solve the world problems. I sympathize small countries / islands / animals; they just want to live peacefully in the peaceful world and earn income to feed themselves and kids. Unfortunately they are implicated undeniably as victims in the war they may not agree with among giant nations which they just want to seek unlimitted power to dominate the world and destroy the beauty of the natural world with the aggression of human, particularly by aggressive men. Irony, some days the world would come to an end with the most powerful nuclear that capable explode the entire world into dust. Is this the way people want to end the game?

Think--if all countries put together all kinds of weapons and ammunitions they own, there will be 'more than enough' to solve all the violences. But today the violences never stop because many countries don't want to get involved in the fights. Small countries are feared of being threatened by big countries. Some countries think that it isn't their business. Some countries have powerful weapons but keep for annual decoration and military parade. And some countries yearn for war because when the U.S. asks to bring troops on their countries, they will receive huge compensations to feed their economy, paid by American tax paid.

The 'world military schools' is created to solve the world problems from the starting point. The idea is that instead of sending foreign aids to support poor countries' political corruptions, developed countries and all nations should use the money to build large schools around the world. Let say 15 schools, one or two schools in each continents, particulary in the areas have violences such as Southern U.S.-Mexico border, Afganistan. When world military occupies the areas, crimes and violences will be stopped. To recruit these poor kids to the nearest locations of the military schools is to cut off terrorists' human resource in the same time the world gains more quality of human. All these poor kids will receive free food, free education, free clothes and free healthcare until graduated from high school. And all these costs are the world's resposiblity that all nations have to pay fair share. Next, after graduation, these kids must be served as the members of the world military for two years to compensate the benefits they have received from the 'world military schools'. After two years in military, they will be sent home to solve their countries' problems by themselves. Or continue to serve as world army if jobs are opened. There will be no pay for veteran benefits for the first two years in service, except one time compensation to the family in case of permanent injury or death. With the idea of having world military school, small countries don't have to be feared of being threatened. Even big countries like the U.S. would be safer as the country is no longer put its name in the fight. All countries don't need to have their own military. Or some countries may still want to keep their military but it would give a huge cut on the country's military spending bill. Moreover, Unlike the U.S has to pay for bringing troop on a country, the world military have the rights to move forces into any country if necessary. Finally, when the world comes together, war will not happen because no any country wants to pay more for war so they will remind each other not to create violence. Bad guys don't respect one countries, no matter how powerful the United States is but they would respect the world.

"UN will act as the international law-maker and World Military will be the international law enforcement."

Here how the world military works. First, there will be no sanction. I believe that people would agree with me one thing that politicians are most likely to create chaos to the countries and to the world. But sanction affects people's living more than politicians. Only politicians should take responsible for their bad policies. Any leader of a country who authorizes violence violate international law, including cyper attack and espionage, the entire administration have to defend themselves in world court. This also includes a company or a person who violates internation law such as cyber attack to widely damage another country must be arrested by world military. If they are convicted, they must serve their times in world prison, but not prison in their countries.

A country which is invaded by another country can file for a report and submit all the evidences to the world military. But the world military will not make judgement based on the evidences submitted, it will conduct its own independent investigation. The world military will have its own world FBI and world CIA. Think of the time America accuses Iraq hide weapon of mass destruction. The truth comes to disgrace the U.S investigation. The world military will give fairness to every country. Once the world military has enough evidences against the accused country, before sending military to arrest the leader of the country, it will broadcast all the evidences to the citizens of the country for a month and the country's government have no rights to censor. Don't tihink about fighting back the world because there will be no any country in the world has more powerful weapons and more numbers of military than the world military. This way should minimize cost of the damage. Unlike the way we have done in the past by sending military to fight against the people of the entire country like the World War, equals to genocide. These innocent soldiers of the accused country may disagree with their leader's politics but unavoidable they are ordered to serve their country.

Now, why should be no sanction? When a country is sanctioned by the U.S., citizens of the country who may previously disagree with their leader's political idea have to turn out to anti the U.S. as they can't do business. Then, go hand in hand with their leader against the U.S. Instead the U.S. fights with a small group of people (leader and the administration), the arena is enlarged to the entire country as the sanction causes people to get involved in. Not a good idea. People should be allowed to do business as usual. If only the leader is arrested, who would care about the leader's life? All politicians are rich from corruptions, they should pay for their own lawyer's fees. Sanction won't work well to solve the world's problems, except promoting anger and hatred. Another thing to think--what the countries that are sanctioned normally do in order to remove sanction? The easiest way to suggest is to change behavior but they don't do it. What they do is one thing--they will build the most powerful nuclear to negotiate with the U.S. When the U.S. sees a country is just about a month ahead to finish the nuclear project, the U.S. quickly gives the country a deal. So, the question is, why the U.S. has to sanction the country at the first place. This sparks the idea for other countries to follow that if they want to negotiate with the U.S. and guarantee they will get a deal they want, one way is to build more powerful weapons. Not only won't the idea of the sanction work to solve the world problem, but it also creates higher risks to the world. To sanction a country is a bad-bad idea.

Think--you have a dream of success to make yourself and your family proud, unfortunately your country is sanctioned. Even worst, your government never wants to change its political policies so throughout your life the sanction would never be lift. Moreover, you still have your kids' future to be worried about. The destiny of your life is destined by politicians--is this fair to you? The idea of world military isn't created to help bad politicians but help you to continue your life as a good citizen.

Think--you live in a small country (or an island). Because your country is so small, it makes you live with fear of being threatened by a big country. Is this fair to you and your country? You are threatened, just because you are so small and because you choose to live peacefully, unlike bad guys who like to carry weapons around like a thug. Think--for a small country, in the time of war even everyone in the country, including young kids and pregnant women, turn out to be soldiers to defend their country, still there would be no way to win war with a big country. Ask yourself if you live in a small country, how many times you have to continue to send your leader to Washington to beg on knee for help like a loser? Sometimes your country gets help but sometimes your leader leave Washington with an empty hand. Don't put your security rely on the U.S. government because the U.S. is a country like your country that U.S. has to care most about U.S.'s benefits. Another thing importantly other countries should know is that the U.S. also divides into Republicans' benefits and Democrats' benefits. Who would really cares about other countries. What you have learned in the past is that the U.S. President cares most about his Nobel Prize. Other countries have to give him the Nobel Prize first as a gift to motivate him to work. Win the Prize even before the job start--it's rediculous! Only the President has peace but other people's lives are still in troubles. Sometimes you may want to think that why do you need to have a President. Huge award! President should not win any Prize because it is his job as a politician. What's about people who has no job and no power to do things but try very hard to help the world--are they not on the radar of the Nobel Prize organization? Or another rediculous case from the world leading country is to rush to sign a terrible deal for other countries so President can have a job record to win the second term election. In the critical situation like this, Presidents of the world leading country are so smart in using serious issues to gain benefits for themselves?

Look--the time N. Korea and S. Korea are separated, both countries face the same financial situation. It isn't clear whether North's or South's political ideology would be right or wrong. Up until now within a short period of time, S. Korea is fast growth of the economic development. S. Korean have freedom to travel aboard for good education and freedom in doing business with other countries. And now they're even able to host Olympic. This is because S. Korea chooses to move its direction toward democracy. This should be enough evidence to tell a clear result which direction is right or wrong. Look around yourself, now is the generation of the global trading and internet social networking. World becomes close and will be closer in the future. N. Korea in this generation doesn't have two options to choose but there is only one is to move the country forward with the rest of the world. For N. Korea to walk against the current, it only hurts N. Korea. If N. Korea chooses to join the rest of the world, the world should help N. Korea until the country can stabilize its economy. N. Korea still has cheap labors, it can be potentially success like S. Korea. Trades can be done through government and in the areas government provides for foreign investors to deal business. However, this must exchange with the complete denuclearization. N. Korea must allow UN to open an office inside the country to monitor activity until the UN is confident that N. Korea completely gives up all the nuclear project. Moreover, N. Korea must remove all the hatred propagandas against other nations. And N. Korea's government must allow its people to receive reports from outside the country such as how far the world have move forward in term of technological, lifestyle and social development. The world should not involve in and intentionally convince the country to change its politics and culture which such the issues are privacy like family business, up to N. Korean to decide. The world should also stop mocking N. Korea which will cause the country to think that the world tries to threaten N. Korea more than N. Korea threatens other countries. North and South used to be same country, eat same kind of food, speak same language, and live in the same culture, now sadly they want to destroy each other. All Americans have something to think too--how much more of the tax paid money have to fund the endless U.S-Korea summits that all Asia countries have to line up to host the summits? When would the conflict of the North and the South be permanantly solved? Okay, President Trump says, he just falls in love with the N. Korea's leader as he is looking for prospect to build a luxurious condo building on the beautiful beach in N. Korea. But what happens to the next President? Another Nobel Prize? Or another in-love / dating summit among leaders? Or the negotiation has to start all over again depending on the next President's relationship with the N. Korea leader? Americans have to look at how greedy their President is. In the critical situation like this, President of the United States still has time to think in every minute about his real estate business first, not America first as he claims. So, how can Americans and the world trust politicians to do the job for them. They are just greedy people. It's time to change a new way to solve the world problems.

Next, the world military can provide safety to journalists and tourists around the world. In some cases, although tourists break the law of a country such as trespassing or stealing, they are used as hostages. Their punishments are unfairly beyond crimes they commit such as being tortured. In many cases, President can't help or can't help fast enough that families of the hostages may have to wait until their kids die. In this case, the world military has power to bring the hostages out of the country and send them to world court. They will be punished fairly based on the crimes they commit.

In the case of Jerusalem. Keep in mind that President of United States is not a judge. He can't give one thing to one country, but not for the other country to show the world that he is a decisive leader who can get things done quickly--this is not the case. When you don't grow up with these people in Middle East, you don't understand their thoughts, their cultures, their religions. This way to solve problem is not going to bring peace to Middle East. At the world military school, such as in Middle East location, poor kids from both countries that have conflict will come and live together. When they grow up together, study in the same class with same teachers and with same books, they will become friends. After graduated, they will go back home, talk to their people and find a way to solve their conflict by themselves.

More than being a school, the world military schools can be used as temporary refugee camp such as for political asylum and natural diaster. Asia location, for example, can provide temporary shelter for Rohingya in Myanmar to stay until UN can find a new land for them to settle. In addition, poor countries can request world military to rescue victims and help to clean up the mess of the natural diasters. No need for developed countries to pay for foreign aid. This cost will be paid by the world.

World military school is to end the migration crisis. Not because doesn't a country have the border wall, but the immigration problem is composed of two causes. First, people have no place to go. And Second is about the immigration system in the country which is a big issue so it will be discussed on the next article.

Now, look at the first cause--migrants have no place to go. Whether whatever cases: flee from bombs, from famine, from gang and violence, from political asylum,... in such these situations, life and death are equal. Doesn't matter, President Trump is going to build 10 walls with armed military and high technology at the wall, it won't solve the problem. Whether these migrants choose to walk back home or clamb across the fence to take a risk in being shot to death they would not be afraid because life and death are equal. Irony, Americans also have critical situation is that young generations have to pay expensive bill for the wall that Mexico refuses to pay for. Think--when these migrants can't come in and are unable to survive in their home countries, Americans have to send more foreign aids to rescue these people anyway. Some days, like poor countries, famine will come to America--and that day everyone will have life and death situation to think about.

As migrants have no place to go, now they have a place to go--at the world military school, so the first cause begins to have an exit door. However, to solve this problem need to be careful as it involves with poor kids. First, let take a look at how the Trump's administration handle the case of caravan migrants at the U.S-Mexico border with child separation policy as a case study, to understand how these poor kids puts President Trump in the hot seat. Okay, as we know the problem begins at government separates their families, next time should not separate them. To avoid family being separated, with the idea of having world military, in this case U.S. government can request numbers of military from world military to block their route before reaching the boder and direct them to the nearest world military school as it also can be used as a temporary refugee camp. Next, kids will be left to study at the military school until graduated from high school. In my suggestion, there will be 'no more asylum trial' in whatever cases: political asylum or flee from violence in the country. To have thousands of asylum cases in the U.S. at the same time seems chaos and hard works. But at the world military schools, there will be ambassadorial offices from every country in the continent where the world military occupies. Next, adults and parents, must apply for a visa from the ambassadorial offices. In case migrants forget to bring the documents with them, first they must go to the office of their country to get background check then bring the documents to the office of the country they want to apply for visa. Think--some of them may not want to come to America but to walk to Canada, they must pass America. So, if let migrants run across border, they would be exhausted before reaching to Canada. But if they apply for visa at the world military school, they may choose to go to Canadain office as their first choice. Jobs in Canada may help them for the cost of transportation. Moreover, ambassadorial offices can provide visa for some kids who look to live in other countries after graduation. American kids may not want to come back to live in America, they may find love with brazillian classmates and want to move there. But by letting migrants running across border, it is to send message to America kids that poor countries have nothing good so no one would want to move over there. There still be many important details to discuss but have to continue on the next issue of immigration. Look--this way is to change the perception of migrants that in order to get a job in America they must go to world military school, but not running across border. In addition, why do the country have to invest in modern technology to secure border when the world military school must have the best technology? It's also the world military's resposibility to provide safty for kids in the school, it would not allow drug traffickers to parade across the area. By solving migration problem this way saves big bucks for a better result!

If let poor kids live on street, the rest of their lives would have no chance to be better. If they come to study at world military school, after graduated they can speak English fluently and know how to use technology like computer. It's life-changing as they will have equal opportunity to get a good job as wealthy kids. If everyone can take care of themselves, there is no need to send aid. It might sound scary when schools for kids are called 'military school'. But it isn't bad as it sounds. It's like general schools. At world military school, kids will learn math and scient like in every school. English language is required to take in all locations. In addition to literary class, kids are required to take all the languages and all the cultures in the region where the world military occupies. This is to solve two problems: first is the DACA problem and second is the discrimination and hatred against each other--these two issues are the big problems in America and other countries where migration is large and races are so diversed. To solve the DACA problem, as migrant kids are required to learn all languages and cultures, no excuse they can definitely live in their home countries even they never see it. I support to give legal status for DACA for the last time, until the world military school is completed, there will be no more DACA program in the future--this will be discussed more details in the immigration issue. Trump Wall doesn't solve this case.

Next is the second problem: the discrimination and hatred against other races. The reason that each group of people can't get along because thier behaviors don't get along. These behaviors are built by the culture people grow up with. I have heard many times when Asian date American then broke up relationship, one popular reason they blame to is the unfitted cultures. Behaviors can be changed and cultures can be blended: Blacks grow up in Whites community can behave like White and vice versa. As seen immigrant kids who always stick with thier communities, after live in America for long time their behaviors still won't change. In contrast, some immigrant kids who love American culture more than their country's culture are totally American. All countries now have more immigrants than the past. If we don't solve this problem, in the future they will face same problem as in the U.S. When kids come to live and grow up together at world military schools, they begin to blend cultures and behaviors then settle where the balance is. All races will be familiar to live with others.

World military schools in term of culture development

I used to write an article on my web site 'what is modern?' But it doesn't explain very clear at the time so people don't understand clearly. Often heard, the word 'Less is More' seems popular in this modern generation. But what art shcools around the world define the definition of the word 'Less is More' for students to learn can cause cultures disappeared in the future. The 'Less is More' in the wrong definition means artists have to minimize all the details in order to achieve modern style. Beautiful details and ornaments of an ancient architecture, for example, seems to have less value everyday in the modern generation that all designers try to do is to remove all these junky ornaments until they have a plain wall? Designers all over the world now do the same. If you can remove all human's skin with only bones left, people all over the world will look no identity. Modern building designs in America looks the same as modern building in Asia and in Europe. You can put a modern building from China in America but you can't put antique building from Cnina elsewhere. In our ancient times, Arts characterize a country or a region and they are different in each region, for example ancient buildings in China is completely different from ancient building in Italy. However, they can look similar style as Arts in different regions can be blended through migration, through warfare of the hunt for colony, through trades and as they blend they create a new style. For example, the first time Western poeple move in Thailand, they bring Western architecture into the country. Then traditional architectural design in the country begins to change its style. Do Thai people know all parts of the Western architecture?--No, they don't. They can learn only some parts so how they fill the gap they don't know? They fill the gap with what they know well which is their traditional architectural style. Then the result turns into a new Thai style. This 'Less is More' means correctly: when one culture is toned down a bit (go Less), it gives an empty space for some parts of another culture to fill in to create 'More' styles. Another example, Thai curry comes from India curry. As Thai people don't fascinate in the taste and smell that is so strong as India's taste, they tone down the spices and herbs then add with Thai taste. The result gives the traditional India curry a much softer tone in Thai taste differs from the original India food culture. Thai food is more popular to Americans than India food. This is 'Less is More' in my definition which happens when two or more cultures are blended. This is the reason that kids in world military schools have to learn all cultures in the regions. Schools will provide the traditional Arts such as tradition food culture. But the world doesn't expect American kids to open traditional Mexican restaurant or traditional Brazilian restaurant. What the world looks to see is how can they blend tradition cultures together, how American kids can put Mexican food into American food they eat everyday and how many new cultural styles will be created to serve the future generation? To study other cultures benefits America kids and all other kids around the world. In the future, you may see White kids speak Spanish fluently, and perhaps cook Brazilian food very well and write lyrics for Spanish songs. These cultural Arts help them make money after graduated.

Moreover, the idea of the world military can end the generations of drug dealers. When a father sells drugs for living, kids also have to do the same business. This kind of business inherits generation to generation. When the father has grandkid, grandkid also has to carry on the family business. In drug business, it's easy to get in but there is no way out. If kids want to quit, gang will be paranoid that the secret would be leaked out to police so gang will send their people to threaten or kill the entire family. That's the reason why America becomes drug nation. It's a big business in America. When a kid gets married, he will spread business line into the in-law family's business. It goes like a web, from 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8.... If one chooses to quit, the entire family will be in jeopardy. To end the generation of drug dealer, in this case a mother soon after gives birth at a hospital, can choose to leave her baby at the hospital. Only the mother comes home after giving birth. She may be required to fill out a form, for example she may choose the parents' names to be anonymous or keep it open for search so that some days her kid may want to search for the biological parents. The hospital will send the baby to the nearest world military school location. The world military school will be resposible to raise a child from the day one after the baby is born and this cost will be paid by the world. In addition, the idea to have world military schools can stop human trafficking. Many kids are sold to gangs and for sex trafficking as they are abandoned from family. This problem will be over. Trump Wall seems too weak on crimes and drug trafficking.

Also the idea of the world military school can solve the conflict between conservative and liberal over the abortion case. I have believed all the time that women love kids until now women all over the world ask for abortion rights. I am 100 % support women to have the rights to choose what happens on their bodies. But instead of abortion, to give an unwanted baby to the world military schools can be another option. A mother would feel better than abortion when she doesn't have to think for the rest of her life that she once kills her baby. Also she can request in the form for parents' identity to be anonymous. In addition to kids who are born with sickness and be sent to world military, this case should also be the world's resposibility. Doctors and scientists all over the world are welcome to do researches to find cure to end the sickness.

In my class one day in college, an American student asks concerningly--'does America still be number one in the world?' I am a little bit surprised to hear this question. I believe that this question would never be asked in other countries around the world. Not because kids in other countries can't or don't want to be number one, but the competition is not in thier minds. But it seems like the competition and competitions always exist in the minds of every America kids. Rather than America kids want to be more concerned about doing good thing, they put more weight in the winning others and to dominate others. It's time for the U.S. to realize the real cost of the competition. I still have doubt that the idea of being the 'world police', America puts more weight in the doing good thing or to dominate the world to winning the competition? To know the answer, I have to ask America that how the U.S. defines the definition of 'police'? If an enemy country such as N. Korea or Iran is invaded by the U.S's ally, do the world police help protecting the enemy by fighting back against the U.S's ally? Police help everyone but gangsters help only their friends.

The idea of the world military school is to consolidate two bills together. Foreign aid and the cost of war, both are the given away money which the U.S. and other developed countries never get anything in return from paying these two expensive bills. But--the cost of world military school is shared by the world which every country, including developed countries, will get benefits in returns. Look--what the foreign aid can do much about to solve the problems. As poor countries have money from the U.S. to feed them, they never change their ways of life in order to help the U.S. save money in the future becuse it's not their money. For example, one poor family has too many kids while the parents can't afford to have even one kid. They never think that they should have less kids so they won't be poor. By comparing to the idea of the world military, when all of the countries have to take resposible for all the costs in raising poor kids, believing that they are like us that they don't want to pay too much so they will find way to reduce population to lower costs. Look--developed countries have given them all the factories and free trade because we want poor countries have incomes to be able to care themselves. So far, we have not seen the result yet and now we want to ask to see the result. If poor countries are still unable to take care of themselves, we need to ask ourselves why do we need to give them all the factory jobs and free trade?

Moreover, the idea of world military school can help each country solve the explosive cost of welfare because some groups of poor kids will have to live and study at the world military school. And consequently, school tax in the country will be automatically lower. This will be discussed more details on the tax issue. Like I mention on the introduction, when one issue is solved properly, it opens door for other issues are able to solve easily. You will see the word 'world military school' many-many times in every issue discussed later.

Migration crisis is now become the world problem as every country is facing. European countries also don't want caravan migrants flood in their countries. Even countries that have no immigrant problem may need security from world military like Japan and violence in Thailand near Thai-Malaysia border. Government of a poor countries doesn't have enough force to stop gangs so they can request military to stop crimes in the country. Africa kids will not have to suffer with HIV and anorexia. So, now every country should come together to end the world problems. At one location near U.S.-Mexico border, the U.S. may help to negotiate with Mexico to rent its land and Mexico should consider helping the world. Only think of making money doesn't make Mexico become a great nation. But when the country involves in helping the world, Mexico will be put in the front row of the world stage. Also, this will change the negative views Americans have to Mexicans in the U.S. By comparison to the world military school, it seems like Trump Wall doesn't solve any problem, except being used as a massive concrete barrier to divide nations. American kids still have to pay for foreign aid to rescue poor people around the world and perhaps they demand for more money, plus the expensive cost of Trump Wall to pay for years. Some days America kids have to look at the bill they pay too much then look at the wall as a shame. Morever, they still have immigration issue to discuss and fight among political Parties for centuries long. If developed countries don't change way to solve the world problems, expectingly more taxes will be raise each year. Money cause people to never stop fighting each other. Look at Paris as an example, the city is torched over high taxes and anti immigrants spread all over Europe and America. This is just the beginning. If governments don't change way to solve the problem, they would expect to see higher degrees of protesting governments in the future. Don't wait until the problems escalated to the boiling point that we really need to say 'America First'. The word seems to be selfish. It should never come from the world leading country. 'America First' doesn't define Americans' character because Americans are generous to others. But at this tough time of economy, let think like this--at least a small part in minds, Americans should now think and care about themselves too as well as Americans still care about others.

President Trump says--'NATO is obsolete'. Hopefully, he still thinks that way.

Cartoon story—Broken arm but not broken heart

Dr. Bill: Lisa. Don't cry. And tell me, What happens to your arm.

Lisa: I broke my arm. (weeping)

Dr. Bill: Oh! How?

Lisa: I spank American bad boys until my arm is broken.

Dr. Bill: You can't spank them! American men are very dominated. They would not allow you to spank them.

Lisa: You don't know. In public, they act very aggressive. But in bed, they all are served as bottom.

Dr. Bill: ?!

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