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Anal Sex

March 5, 2015

A man told me that the first time of his anal-sex experience, he felt unusually pain. As he had never done it before, he was very worried that something might go wrong seriously. He went to see a doctor and the doctor questioned him about how it happened. He told the doctor that ‘he fell down to a pole’.

“Does the doctor believe you?”—I asked.

“I don’t know but he didn’t say anything”—he said.

It’s a commonsense for men, both gay and straight, in telling their doctors that they fall down to a pole. I have many gay male friends (open gay) who also give the exact same reason to their doctors whether or not it makes sense for a doctor to believe. The entire ass has no sign of injury, how can the pole penetrate to the tiny spot which is protected deep down at the bottom of the crack. Anal seems to be the most embarrassing parts of male’s body. However, I imagine myself if I have to be in that situation what I would say. I would tell a doctor that I wipe my ass and because I use a poor quality of toilet paper, it’s torn off easily when being wet so my fingernails accidentally scratch my ass hard. I think this would make more senses. For doctors, they would understand that a pole in this case means a hard-rock dick!

I believe that in many people’s minds, anal sex is a gay male homosexual activity. But what people have never thought about is that many straight men also love playing with ass—whether they want to treat an ass or they want their asses to be treated (or both). A married man told me that he liked putting an object inside his ass. “What object?”—I asked. “Don’t you know object? Like flashlight”—he said. Open gay men are not embarrassed to buy a dildo. Flashlight is the most popular household item I have heard from straight men, especially from construction workers. It’s one of the tools that straight men are familiar with. It isn’t designed for it but the size accidentally can fit it. Like dildo, there are from small to large depending on each individual’s capacity.

However, don’t put any object inside your ass because they are not designed for anal, some parts of the objects might be too sharp and can cut your skin. Also some toys, although they are designed for anal, may have a poor quality. Like anal balls, for example, sometimes they can make you feel bad luck when you pull all the balls out but only rope comes out. In this case you need a doctor to pull all the balls out. And don’t think about telling your doctor that you fall down to a pole but find a better reason.

However, anal sex actually isn’t necessary to be created for (or by) homosexuals as most people thought. But it’s likely to be that the idea comes from the instinct of men who have itchy asses to solve the itching problem. At this point, I believe that you are now laughing at me that I am telling a joke. However, to dig the truth, you and I have to go together, deeper inside the ass.

How anal sex is created.

It’s a human’s instinct, including animals, that when they feel itchy on their skins, they automatically respond with scratches. But what’s about if the itch is somewhere out of reach such as on the back. Then they have to find (or create) a tool to scratch. Or otherwise they have to ask someone to do the scratch for them.

In many years of my sex experiences, I have many straight men reveal to me that even though they never have any anal sex experience at all, they feel that they want to do it. “I have a feeling,”—a young man says. I used to questions some bottom guys that what the feeling is like. They say that they feel itchy sensitive inside their asses and that they want to find something to rub or scratch inside. I believe that many people may think that anal sex is just a kinky sexual fun for straight men. Don’t you scratch your itchy skin for fun? Now you should understand that anal sex is not necessary to be homosexual act. Look-- strap-on isn’t designed for gay men but for women to wear it to pound their straight husbands’ ass.

In commonsense, people are likely to guess that a feminine person should be a bottom while a masculine person is a top. However, it isn’t necessary. The feeling inside an ass defines who is top or bottom. Most Asian men don’t feel itchy inside their asses so getting fucked in the ass is very agonized. Like Asian men, many Italian men are top only while many Irish and South America men can be versatile.

In anal sex, you often hear the words ‘top only’ and ‘bottom only’. What are the different characters between top and bottom only?

Many men can be versatile so I don’t need to talk about that. But ‘top only’ and ‘bottom only’ are men who prefer only one role in anal sex.

If you don’t feel itchy on your skin, you don’t need to scratch and you will never think about scratching—so when it comes to anal, you choose to be a top-only. Because top-only men don’t have itchy sensitive feeling inside their asses, being penetrated can be agonized, losing ability of erection and ejaculation. Moreover, men who are ‘top only’ feel turn on by seeing something a hole-like. They also like putting a finger in a tiny hole. They don’t like seeing their bottom partners’ penises and they don’t like sucking a penis. This is the top guys’ nature.

However, in some case, being a top-only guy can be influenced by some religious beliefs, rather than natural-born as a top-only guy. In their beliefs, there are five open parts on a human's body which are connected between inside and outside. The five open parts are mouth, nose, ears, penis and ass. So, these religious men don’t allow anything to go inside their asses and therefore they become top-only guys by their religious beliefs.

Bottom-Only guys are opposite. Being penetrated can help them better achieve an erection and ejaculation. Unlike top-only guys, they are not interested in seeing and playing someone’s ass. If you are born with a marshmallow ass, smooth and chubby legs, or a very loose ass-ring, or a guy who has a natural-born wide hip like voluptuous woman, you might want to be a bottom guys. If inserting a vibrated dildo inside an ass without fucking, the vibration alone can cause someone to automatically ejaculation within a short time means that this person is in the high level of being a true bottom guy.

However, in some cases, being bottom is to respond another fantasy. Men in this case suppose to be a top but choose to serve as a bottom. They don’t have any sensitive feeling at all inside their asses. However, for their fantasies, they find that sexual pain is their pleasure. They love to be beaten up. They like being fucked by a giant dildo or a fist. Slam hard. It doesn’t mean that when you are natural-born bottom only, you can handle every size of dildo. Most bottom only guys choose a dildo's size which is fit to the size of their ass-rings; it isn’t necessary to be a very large size. However, bottom guys in this case try to increase their dildo's sizes to a maximum size. There is a man, who is straight, masculine, married and works in a tough construction job, owns a foot-long dildo which weights more than a pound--this is called 'aggressive bottom'. Normally most asses can't take it but his ass is unique—an X-large capacity. Straight male gender is more enduring to sexual pain than other genders. Don’t think that feminine people and gay men are better served as a bottom. Most females are feared of sexual pain.

In my experience, I observe that many men who have prostate cancer really enjoy being bottom, especially being penetrated by a vibrated dildo. Are they connected between itchy ass and prostate cancer—I don’t know. But look—I don’t see as many men in Thailand have prostate cancer as in America and most Thai men don’t have any feeling inside their asses.

However, although anal sex may benefit bottom men, for some men there is also a negative side. Men, who are such as professional athletes, weight lifters, etc., may have to be worried when anal sex can cause of losing balance and energy drop for little. But men, who don’t need every calorie counted in working, don’t need to be worried about it.

Let take a break for a moment with fun story—Pad Thai.

I believe that many people are familiar with Pad Thai; it is a popular Thai food. Pad means stir-fried. Pad Thai is stir-fried noodle. However, the word Pad has another meaning, different spelling but same pronunciation, means to take turn or reciprocation. Thai gay men and male-to-female transgender use the word Pad Thai in slang when Pad means reciprocation in sexual activity. Here is an example conversation how to use the word Pad Thai in slang.

On Monday morning, David and John come to work together in the same office.

John: Hi, David. Last night I saw you walk into a motel with your transgender girlfriend. What you guys do together over there?

David: We ate Pad Thai. She cooked better than me.

John: What kind of Pad Thai?

David: She has a jumbo shrimp Pad Thai but mine is a baby shrimp, soft tofu.

Ass is the most important thing in anal sex. Good ass means clean ass. Shaving is an optional for most men because normally, people have only small amount of hair. But for some hairy men, shaving is a requirement.

Men who have thick hair need to shave. How thick of hair is that when you spread your crack, still you can’t see your asshole. The entire crack is filled of massive dark hair which buries the entire asshole. In my experience, I see only men who have a very dark hair color are in this case. I have never seen men who have blonde or brown hair need to shave their cracks. In this case when being penetrated, hair will be pulled to inside—imagine you are plugging your eyebrows, how painful it is. Moreover, hair will create a rough texture in the tunnel which can cause bleeding easily. A benefit from shaving is that smooth skin gives more sensation to your crack.

Let take a short break with another fun story.

If you hire a prostitute in Bangkok, you may not want to rent a room in a regular hotel or you may feel unsafe to bring a stranger back to your hotel room. However, in this horny situation, you may choose to rent a room at a motel-like, called ‘Marn-Rood’ hotel. ‘Marn’ in Thai word means curtain. ‘Rood’ is a verb means to close a curtain.

Marn-Rood hotel is not a four or five star hotel; there is no star but no one would care about its quality. It is like a regular motel in the US. However, in front of each room is separated by high walls, like a townhouse, to use as a parking lot. It is wide just enough to park only one car. There is a curtain at the end of each parking space. If you want to rent a room to stay for a vacation, you choose to rent a room at a regular hotel. However, everyone who rents a room at Marn-Rood hotels come for one purpose is to have sex because it is more discreet than regular hotels.

You start from driving a car in a Marn-Rood hotel. There will be a guy sit at the hotel’s entrance. You don’t need to step out of your car; the guy will quickly inform you that which room is available now. The available room is the room which isn’t yet closed the curtain. You drive your car to park at the front door of that room; the guy will run after your car and quickly close the curtain. This is because he knows that all customers want to be discreet so they don’t want other people see their cars, especially their license plates. The guy who closes the curtain will ask the driver that how long he wants to stay—that is the only information he wants to know. I don’t know how much now but it used to be around 300 baht/hour. For overnight rate, you get a big discount which is around 700 baht/night. Unlike regular hotels, here there is no paper work, no ID check and no credit card. You just give the guy cash, he unlocks the door for you with no question asked then he will leave you alone with your hooker.

Inside the room, there are one bed and a bathroom: shower, toilet and a small soap. In many Marn-Rood hotels, there is a unique design; there is a big mirror on the ceiling above the bed so instead of watching porn movies, you will see yourself on a live show as a pornstar, your sexual performance on the ceiling. One important thing, keep in mind that if you choose to stay only one hour, make sure that you get dress ready to leave on time. The hotel employee keeps watching the clock; he will knock your door very on time. In case you are still naked, you have to pay for the second hour. However, if you finish before time, you can leave at anytime; there is no need to check out. That’s why people love to rent a room here for sexual purposes.

A Marn-Rood hotel’s employee told a story that one night there were two gay men rented a room at the hotel. They stayed for overnight. The next morning after they left, the hotel’s employee went inside the room to do regular cleaning job. What he found was very surprised him and he couldn’t find the answer -- there was a large poop in the middle of the bed. He couldn’t understand why the two gay men had to poop on the bed while there was a toilet in the room. What do you think they do together in the room?

Now comes back to anal-sex story. when you insert a finger in your ass and your fingertip can touch your poop, it means the dead end road. To have poop within reach of your finger, after anal sex is done, it will be very messy (required a tough cleaning job) and skunked. Think like fucking is like pumping so it tries to suck the poop out. So your poop should not block the road but gives more rooms for air to move. Moreover, to have a poop blocked the road can be very painful, even though being fucked by a short dick. Using toilet before anal sex can help reducing pain because poop expands the anal-ring. But don’t forget to clean ass with water and soap after using toilet. Only wipe isn’t enough.

Another tip: right after finish eating, especially with a big meal, it is not a good time to be bottom because fucking can cause to have colic and heartburn. You should give a little time to digest.

Let take a short break with a fun story.

I might have a bad English when I just came to America. One night I had sex with a guy. I asked him that ‘do you want to fuck my asshole’. He laughed until his dick went soft. My understanding was that the word ‘asshole’ gave more specific details than ‘ass’.

Here is a question for you—do you know where the ass is? It sounds so stupid, isn’t it, if someone doesn’t know where the ass is. Okay, the next question is—where is the asshole? Don’t think it’s stupid as it sounds.

While fucking, many top guys can’t find the asshole. Bottom guys have to say—‘upper’, or ‘lower’ or many times bottom guys have to grab the top guys’ dick to put in their holes or sometimes the top guys have to insert their fingers again (and again) to check out the position of the hole. Here is the answer for the question—where is the asshole?

"Ass has one position but asshole has three positions."

Everyone has one asshole but each person’s asshole is in different positions. It seems like human bodies are handmade or custom-made invention, rather than a machine/factory made so sometimes each part of body can be slightly off of its position.

Most assholes are built in the right position—B.

Some assholes are too close to the back, in the position A. To lie down on your back, assholes will be sunk underneath the surface of a memory foam mattress.

In contrast, if asshole is too close to the front, in the position C, to lie down on your stomach, a short dick will have a hard time to knock the door.

To solve A and C problems, you insert one or two pillows underneath to lift an asshole up.

Some men have a round bubble butt. In some case, the bubble butts are like mountain-height. To lie on top of this mountain-height ass makes a top guy feels like he is on top of the world. Adding more height, when a bottom guy has a big belly. I used to have an experience that I insert my fingers to a guy’s ass but you can imagine that the entire length of my fingers are gone inside his crack, still the fingertips are far from touching his asshole. A bottom guy who has a deep crack may have to change his position. The position in the picture is a suggestion.

Positions can be whatever which makes guys who have to be on top feel comfortable. You may read some sex books which suggest you about sexual positions. Think--if you have knee problem and that position requires you to kneel down, the pain on your knees can cause you to lose an erection. Moreover, think like fucking is an exercise. Some positions may cause you to be exhausted easily. Have you ever lie down on your bed and masturbated? When you just about to ejaculate, unfortunately your arm are extremely tired then you can’t cum. The feeling pain on some parts of your body and exhaustion are overwhelming the sensation on your penis. The erection won’t last long. Any position that makes you feel comfortable is a good position. Be a master. You can create your own position.

Next, I have a transgender friend in Thailand. She told me that a young man wanted to fuck her ass but because she had never done it before, the man couldn’t penetrate her. She said that ‘her ass wasn’t opened yet’.

This case often happens, especially with first time bottom. However, my friend misunderstood. It’s not because ass isn’t opened yet. Ass always opens otherwise she can’t move her bowels. But what isn’t opened yet is her heart. Her heart is not ready yet opened to receive a new thing inside her. Because she was so worried about the pain, she held her ass too tight.

Another reason that a first timer's ass is hard to be penetrated, also can be that an asshole misses a pilot. The first thing to do, a man needs to finger his bottom partner’s ass with lubrication. In this step, fingernails should be cut short. Inspect your fingernails by rubbing around the fingertips of the fingers you want to put them inside an ass. Sharp points are around the nails and they need to be trimmed. Do not ignore this little thing because it can make your bottom partner feel like a knife or pin cut inside his ass.

Many men who work in a tough job, such as construction workers, have rough hand-skin like a sand paper and large fingers. Just a finger is put inside my ass, my hair rises up. In this case, I will ask them to wear a condom on their finger to protect nails and rough skin to scratch my ass (so I don’t have to lie to a doctor that I fall down to a pole). Condom can protect their dry skin to scrub my ass.

Let take a short break with another fun story.

It’s like a joke. At the beginning state of my sex life, as I do safe-sex, I always make sure that men wear a condom every time they fuck my asshole. However, it’s like a magic, sometimes after anal sex done, I can’t find the used condom. When I ask them about the condom, no one tells me. It takes me like half an hour or sometimes even longer to look around my room, under my bed, and everywhere but I can’t find it. Until I give up finding it.

After anal sex, the first thing I always do is, I will sit on the toilet. Do it like when I remove bowels. This is to release excessive lubrication out of my asshole. To keep lubrication inside your asshole for long hours, when you use toilet, you find that your poop smells more stinking than ever. Warning: in this case, do not fart in public.

However, the first thing that comes out of my ass is the condom. Now I found it. After anal sex, ass is pain so you may not feel a condom gag the asshole. If your wife can’t find a used condom like I do, don’t feel embarrassed to tell her to look in the hole.

Normally, penises have several shapes; many are based upon races. I find that a certain shape of penis is unable to wear a condom that is the pyramid-like penis, especially a short pyramid. For guys who have small penises, I normally suggest them to try condoms which are made in Japan.

Another story: when I first experienced anal sex, at that time I was in Thailand and very young, I did not know that I needed to use lubrication. Moreover, lubrication was very expensive at that time so I didn’t see any of my friends buy it. The result was that my ass bled. To use toilet was very horrible feeling. Do not do anal sex without lubrication—never ever done that!!!

Good lubrication for anal sex should be cold. Think like when you have burned skin, cold temperature help you feel better than warm.

Here is how to test lubrication.

Drop a drip of lubrication on your backhand skin, you must feel cold. Compared to massage oil, you don’t feel anything because oil has body temperature. When you rub massage oil on your skin, it begins to heat up. Heat can increase pain. More terrible, heat from oil can cause a condom to break.

However, many straight guys who are top don’t like using lubrication (or as little as possible) but bottom guys really need it. Cold temperature, and the feeling of being wet and sticky can turn off sexual excitement. You may dispute that normally having sex has to be wet as you have often seen in some sexual fantasies such as domination that one spits on somebody’s face. Semen is also wet and sticky. However, saliva and semen are liquid which comes out of human’s body so they have body’s temperature which is warm. Or if you prefer to be wet while having sex, it has to be the entire body wet like having sex in a swimming pool or shower. Because of this reason, some men use massage oil in anal sex—that’s the mistake. To solve cold lubrication problem, you should prepare paper towel or a small cloth near you to clean off the excess around the asshole.

Next, good lubrication should not dry quickly. Ass is different from vagina. Ass doesn’t have natural lubrication but vagina has it to keep it wet all the time. To test it—put small amount of lubrication on your finger then rub it between two fingers. For good lubrication, when it dries, you don’t feel sticky. I don’t like using gel with ass because gel makes me feel like glue which can increase so much pain.

A thing to be careful: because lubrication for anal is more liquid than gel, you pour lubrication slowly and carefully. I many times don’t want straight men pour lubrication but I prefer to do it myself to make sure that a whole bottle is not spilled out because it’s expensive.

Each ass needs different amount of lubrication depended on each person’s skin type. Some asses, you find that when you put your finger inside and pull out, all lubrication is sucked off, dried—in this case, you have to apply lubrication more often. But some asses need only a few drips of lubrication; it’s never dried out.

At this point, you have a condom with lubrication on your finger. Now, you are ready to pilot an ass before a real dick goes inside. A mistake which many straight men often make is that—‘finger an ass is not the same way as finger a pussy.’

What straight men often do is that they put an index finger in an ass then move the finger back and forth in a short distance and very fast. I don’t know that this way is the right way to make women feel good because I don’t have a vagina. However, don’t finger an ass like finger a pussy because it’s so painful. I have never seen any gay men finger ass like this but only straight men do this way. When I tell them, they will respond with “I know how to do. I know how to do.” They are embarrassed that having sex from young to old still doesn’t know what’s right or wrong way.

To finger an ass, fingers budge like a fish’s tail or sperm’s tail—this technique is called ‘swim’. Remember that ass is a valued asset---do not slam. Also, do not swim like Olympic swimmers. To swim inside an ass uses a concept that ‘the last guy who gets to the finish line wins a trophy’. Fingers move forward slowly, little by little until the entire fingers are inside. To pull your fingers out, be careful, don’t hook any organ out with your fingers. To slam an ass means a guy who tries to act like a sex expert while actually he doesn’t know how to do it.

If the first penetration is accidentally pushed in very fast like a missile, it can cause severe pain. Normally, being fucked is pain but it is able to handle (if you bite a pillow). However, pain from the first penetration in this case, is completely different. It isn't a sharp pain or burn like skin is cut or scrubed while being fucked. In this case, it is like muscle pain, like when you exercise in a wrong way then the next day you can't lift up your arm which is bruised and swelled. However in this first penetration gone wrong, the severe pain can be gone quickly after an erected dick is pulled out, and there is no bruised and swelled--don't be worried about it. However, no any bottom guy can handle this pain. They must yell at their top partners to pull their dicks out quickly. In this case, anal sex must be taken a short break. To help your bottom partner relieve pain, massage his ass and crack. You will know that your bottom partner will be able to do it again after you penetrate his ass again. Some ass can be recovered fast. However, if your bottom partner complains of having a severe burn , tonight might not be a good night for you so you have to stop completely. Now you know that the first penetration is the most important so penetrate in slowly.

You often hear the word tight ass. However, there are some men, but rarely found, have extremely tight ass. How extreme is that asshole is strong enough to be able to crush your finger’s bones. Have you ever heard about a female striper who can use her vagina to open beer bottle? I truly believe that guys in this case can also use their assholes to open beer bottles, however no one would want to drink. It seems like ass’s muscles are very strong, pressing both sides of asshole. In this case, to expand the extremely-tight ass-ring before getting fucked, you may put a dildo inside his ass and just leave it there for ten to fifteen minutes. If you do this to your ass everyday, you can handle a large size.

You often hear that ‘size doesn’t matter.’ It seems truth here. Although, a big penis can cause pain, it isn’t as much as how hard of the penis.

A woman asked—“how can I know which dick is big or small, or which one is too hard or too soft, when I see only one dick in my life which is my husband?” It’s hard for me to explain. However, extremely hard dick happens when muscle is flexed too much when erects. This happens like when wearing a cock-ring, a penis will be extra hard. Sometimes, some men can feel muscle pain during an erection, and/or taking longer time to ejaculate. Extremely hard dick can stay hard long, even after ejaculation it has a hard time to be softened. When you press it between two fingers, you can feel a hard core which is hard like it is made of wood.

This can benefit you in choosing a dildo as you know that a penis which is too hard can increase pain to your ass. To choose a dildo, you press a dildo between two fingers. If you feel a little bit elastic, it’s better than the one which has zero elasticity. In Addition, you may want to use a dildo that has balls attach so balls can be used as a handle because lubrication makes it slippery so sometimes you find that it’s difficult to hold it. I prefer to wear a condom on my dildo so balls can be used to lock a condom from rolling back. In addition, a vibrated dildo can help reducing pain.

In anal sex, a top and bottom guy have their roles and things that each person must prepare. A guy who is in the top position must wear a condom on his penis by himself. He must look around the room to find where the condom is. While tearing the condom package, he must make an eye-contact to his bottom partner. Normally, guys who love to serve as a bottom are submissive so a top guy’s eye-contact must make his bottom partner feel a little bit being dominated. While waiting, a bottom guy will prepare his ass ready by applying lubrication. Then ask his top partner—“how do you want to fuck my ass, master? Tonight I belong to you. I am your slave. Fuck me, a thirsty cowboy! Do it. Do it for your pleasure. Take away my land and well!”

To masturbate your penis in the same time your ass is penetrated can add more sensation.

Another thing that a top guy needs to do is to balance the composition. Two people have sex is like a piece of art. When two bodies are joined together, they need to be balanced. A feeling of imbalance will cause the top guy to be less enjoyment and slow down his ejaculation. To balance a composition, in this case, what top guys often do, is that they will use their hands to press their bottom partner’s heads down a bit, or push their bodies to the left or right a bit; it is the same way as a barber pushes lightly your head to the left or right. This can be done after the top guys insert their full-length penises in their bottom partner’s asses. And it only happens with the doggy style.

Doggy style has many problems than other sexual positions because human’s body isn’t built like a dog, only sometimes people want to be like it. A big mistake, which is often seen, is that a top guy likes putting his body’s weight on his bottom partner’s lower back. He will press his both hands on the lower back of his bottom partner. Or sometimes he will put one knee on the back of his bottom partner. This is a very serious mistake. A top guy never puts his body’s weight on the back of his bottom partner—never do that! A bottom guy will feel extremely painful. More than that the top guy can easily break his bottom partner’s back.

Finally, don’t be feared of the pain. Terrible feeling and having a hard time to sit on a toilet on the next day happens at the beginning state. Look—women also are pained of being fucked in their vaginas; men who are circumcised also have to be pained before fun; men who are uncircumcised also feel painful at the first time foreskin is pulled down. Before having fun, everyone has to experience pain at the beginning. Put warm water in a container or your bathtub, you may mix a little bit amount of Hydrogen Peroxide into water then soak your ass in the warm water and use your hand to clean your ass slowly. After cleaning is done, apply Petroleum Jelly to your asshole. The more you practice your anal, the less pain becomes. Your goal is that you have to pass the beginner step. If your ass is bled at the beginning, don’t stop. Try it again after your ass is recovered. Change your dildo to one side down. Don’t stop completely otherwise you may have to start all over again.

In the end of this article, I want to leave this final part to benefit all women. As normally women have less sexual desire than men, when they are not horny, getting fucked is so painful. However, some women feel responsible when they can’t provide enough sex for their husbands as they can’t handle pain. This way might be a good solution for women; there is a soft version of anal sex. It is to fuck between legs. It makes men feel exactly like fucking an asshole.

How to do is very simple. A woman lies down on her stomach. Apply liquid lubrication on both sides of upper legs, which is close to her crotch. Both legs close tight together. This position can give her a control on how tight her husband needs. For extra tight, she may cross her foot together like a snake. In this position, women feel no pain at all. No matter how long the fucking last, women can handle it. Moreover, unlike being fucked in a pussy, women don’t need to have sexual desire in having sex. Even a bunch of guys waits long line to fuck her, don’t be afraid, a woman can take them all! She can get fucked until she falls asleep. And thank all the guys , she feels like having them massage her legs.

When I studied in high school, a guy in my class said that he heard a man said that men usually had 5,000 bullets. My classmate meant that men could ejaculate 5,000 times maximum and he was so worried that 5,000 won’t be enough. Having sex is one of the most important things in men's life. However, if at a certain age, you run out of bullets, your sex life isn’t necessary to be cut short. Anal sex can give you a second chance and that you change your position to serve as a target.

Cartoon story—Illegal Gun

Breaking News:

An elderly man has been shot many times. He has a critical condition at the time he was sent to the Cambridge hospital. Police believe that the suspect in this case is also connected to the shooting spree at the Golden House in Brighton two weeks ago.

Now we have more information just come in. Cambridge police believe that the suspect is in the 1997 black pickup truck, driving at 100 miles/hour along route 9, heading to Framingham. Three police cruisers follow the truck closely. Police believe that the gun used in this crime is still in the truck. This is a serious manhunt. The suspect is extremely dangerous. Please do not confront the suspect.

Our reporter follows the situation closely.

Reporter: The suspect now stops driving. Oh wow, surprisingly, the suspect is a woman. She is stepping out of her car with both of her hands are up.

The suspect says loudly to police: Don’t shoot me. I’m coming out.

Police: Put the gun down now.

The suspect: I don’t have a gun.

Police: Put the gun down now!

The suspect: I don’t have a gun!

Reporter: Police is negotiating but it seems like she refuses to surrender.

Police: Put the gun down now.

The suspect: I don’t have a gun! I don’t have a gun! I don’t have a gun!

Reporter: It seems like she has a long rifle hidden underneath her skirt but she refuses to give up her weapon.

© 2015, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.