Award Winning President

by Half-Lady Lisa

2 May 2018

At an internet café,

John: Hi, my friend. I haven’t seen you for a while. How are you?

Glenn: I have bad health, in and out hospital for almost every week in the past year…

John: What’s happened to you?

Glenn: I have heart disease, brain tumor, kidney failure, lung cancer and diabetes. But I don’t have to worry about my health anymore. From now on, I will stop going to hospital.

John: Why?!

Glenn: President Trump helps my condition better.

John: How?

Glenn: Don’t you know anything?! Here, read his tweet…

John: What does he say? I forget to bring my glasses.

Glenn: President Trump says that now he just found a better healthcare system. Better than Obamacare he just repeals is that he wants all Americans lie to each other that they have an excellent health, like the President has done. His doctor says, Trump writes his own medical record while he doesn't need to have a good health and he tells his doctor to sign for. A great way to save healthcare cost, and health is improved by itself within a day. With Trumpcare, we don’t need a doctor anymore. Welcome to America’s free speech: lie as much as you can.

John: What can I do, if my doctor doesn’t allow me to write my own record?

Glenn: Very easy! Just do like Trump does. Bring thugs to threat your doctor. Besides his new healthcare system, now Trump is looking to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

John: You must be kidding me. President Trump never wants to have peace with anyone. He loves fighting.

Glenn: But now he needs it real bad. Since the storm has come to his house, everyone in his family is unrest. He now needs to have peace real bad.

John: Which storm?

Glenn: Stormy Daniel! As she demands for more money and as he is really broke from lawsuits after lawsuits, he really needs the prize to pay Stormy Daniel.

John: So, you mean, actually Stormy Daniel…

Glenn: Right! The Nobel Peace Prize this year goes to Stormy Daniel. But who cares? Trump says, as long as she has peace in her life, he too can find peace in his life.

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