Bill Cosby’s safety advice

January 9, 2015

Sex life isn’t a comedy!
Mr. Cosby’s 30-year-ago sexual allegation is stunned everyone. Seemingly endless line of women keeps coming forward. They claim that Mr. Cosby had sexed with them. His technique is so simply, is to provide a cheap wine, just a glass or two then everyone simply falls asleep, and wake up again blaming him for a severe pain. For future safety, Mr. Cosby advises to all women that “don’t drink around me!”

Reporter: Mr. Cosby, all the women drank with you then they were drunk. I was wondering that you also drank but why weren’t you drunk? Or did you have any drinking technique?

Mr. Cosby: No. I never drink with them.

Reporter: If you didn’t drink, what did you do?

Mr. Cosby: I only lick!

Reporter: That’s why your glass was never empty. For safety, all women who are on the first date should not drink around guys but only lick.

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