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Covid 19

by Half-Lady Lisa

30 March 2020

At home, this is my second week of the Government’s self-quarantine program. The original quarantine 15 day program was supposed to be over today but then it got extended for another 30 days and seems to be indefinitely. At this time, many people have variety of fun ideas as videos on YouTube to kill the boring time but I use the time to do a thing even more boring to many people to express my opinion through writing.

I watch Thai TV on my IPad. They campaign, with translated in English – ‘Be concerned but not be panic’ which I agree with the number of survivals are higher than fatality in every country, although in the time there is no medicine. Then I hear that if people who are infected with the virus to see their doctors fast enough, there will be very high chance to survival – at this point, more than agree, the question starts in my head. And more questions when a Thai doctor says that a high immune body system can kill disease by itself.

Have you ever heard anything from the U.S. government more than washing your hands, avoid touching your face, social distancing which every government in every country have said over and over?

My question is – if a person sees doctor fast enough, s/he will have a high chance to survive and therefore how fast should be? Is to contact a doctor at one time cough considered ‘fast enough’ in order to have a high chance to survive? Or in which level of symptom should people pick up a phone to call a doctor?

High immune body system can kill disease by itself so how can people have high immune in this emergency? Each year, I take vitamin C, or drink more orange juices during winter to survive from cold virus – can this help me from being a serious Covid 19 case and die, to be a minor case with more chance to survive? In case if this can help, whether little as I know that vitamin can’t kill disease, I (and people) can pay for vitamin and orange juice with no bother on government’s budget. Just give more information, what can I do to help myself as much as I can at home.

Still there are untold information by U.S. health department. For example, a kind of herb now is used in Asia countries which can slow down virus get into lungs easily. I know that herb can’t kill disease but in this emergency situation, who has time to wait for FDA approved medicine. I want to do anything I can just to help myself become a minor case in case if I am infected by the virus.

How does the government rate the ways to handle this crisis? Self quarantine and shut down cities / country, we all have done this but why do the numbers of sickness still grow up (even fast) everyday. This ineffective way has to change as it will affect the entire economy and cause it collapse.

I agree that some businesses really need to be shut down because they are high risk such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Not all businesses have high risk to spread the virus but how can they open for businesses with caution is a challenge?

To stop the virus is the Government’s priority in the same time to maintain economy can’t be sacrificed. To live with no money, especially indefinite time, business owners and many people who have small saving would feel as sick as being infected by virus. If this issue can’t be solved fast enough, people can be mentally crazy, lose patient then turn against government. Although, the stimulus bills provide $ 1,200 per person, how long can you live with the money? 1,200 dollars is not even enough to pay rent but the entire a budget of 2 trillions is a huge loss to the country’s revenue for helping people to survive for only a short time.

Some jobs such as construction can be opened with caution. Every big construction projects have fences surrounded, no one walks inside the projects, except construction workers. Safety protocols could be put in place such as checking all workers’ temperature before starting work as well as wearing protective gloves and masks.

Next, the government should ask the projects’ owners to provide places for workers to stay in the projects whether tents or trailer trucks. Instead of self quarantine at home with no income, why not self quarantine at work places and get paid. Alternately, all workers can go home once or twice a week but before they go home, they must take temperature when they leave the site works and when they return to the site works. This way, big projects don’t need to be put on hold.

In big buildings with large workers, the building owners should hire a person to take all people’s temperature at the entrance before walking into the buildings. All workers are required to wear masks and wash hands before working. At elevators must have at least two people stand outside and inside elevators all the time to touch the buzz. No one touches the buzz at elevators, except people who are hired by the owners of the buildings.

In each office, all workers must wear masks all the time. Offices should provide sanitizers and all workers are required to use sanitizers / alcohol jell to wash hands every two to three hours. This way is to reopen businesses and cities with caution while maintaining economy at the same time. Undeniable, in this crisis, every government must lose money but it should be as little as possible because no one knows how much money will be needed in the future.

All taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers must wear masks all the time while driving. Also, they must have in their cars the disinfectant spray which can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Every time passengers left the cars, drivers must spray the disinfectant spray the entire interiors. Passengers also must wear masks every time hire taxi, Uber and Lyft.

Moreover, government should provide the disinfectant spray areas for all car owners who need to be cleaned. It can be four or five or more spots through out cities.

After midnight of each day, fire departments spray the disinfectant chemical on all streets and entire cities.

At subway stations, especially in big cities such as New York City, Government should provide a group of volunteer workers to take temperature for all people who walk into subways before getting on the trains. Everyone should be required to wear masks. Free masks should be available for a person who has no mask at the temperature check points. Another group of volunteer workers will stand at the doors of the trains. When the doors open, before walking inside the trains, the volunteer workers will put alcohol jell on everyone’s hands. After subways closed each night, workers clean all handrails quickly ready for the next day.

Shopping malls can open with caution.

First let’s start at the entrance, shopping malls should hire a person to check all customers’ temperature before entering to the malls. Put alcohol jell to customers’ hands and make sure that all customers wear masks. The ones who have no masks, give them one to wear before entering in the mall. Suggest customers go directly to the stores they want to shop and leave the malls as soon as their shopping is done. At elevators and escalators, shopping malls’ employees stand on both upstair and downstair to put alcohol jell on all customers’ hands. For the shopping malls, to pay for these additional costs I think it is better than shutting down the entire businesses. All these costs should be tax deduction.

In these times as we all know masks are shortage, the Government should ask for volunteers, the ones who can do sewing, to help making masks, rather than ordering all the demands from international countries. If mask-making volunteers still can’t meet all of the demands, purchasing masks from other countries can be smaller which gives government huge savings.

To start making masks, the Government should provide places such as schools, garages, adult-education center etc. All volunteers who can do sewing must be tested for virus-free. The Government should provide free lunch by asking local restaurants to donate food. All finished masks will be sanitized before handing to people who have no mask on streets, subways, and shopping malls. When the crisis is over, a thanked letter from Governors / Mayors is given to all volunteers. This is considered a good record for volunteers to present the letter when asking benefits from Government.

I think that the America Government always uses an easy way to solve problems when they need money then raise our taxes. America spends too much money to solve every problem. Sometimes big money is gone with little results like this time the disease still growing while the economy is collapsing. Without money, Americans seem like they can’t do anything so every city is waiting for a big budget assistance from the White House. People who run the Government should have variety of ideas, especially good ideas are not necessary to spend too much money because you never know how much more money the country needs in the long run.

Next, the most important thing which I don’t hear the governments in any country address to their people is that ‘people who challenge government’s orders are more dangerous than the Covid 19’.

To challenge government can be, for example, as if governments order to take all people’s temperature on streets, subway trains, shopping malls, some people will have an idea to make their bodies have high temperature while they don’t have fever, intentionally to prank government. As they are called out to test the virus, they begin to complain with loud voices. Finally, their tests result in negative, they will quickly put themselves on TV and media blaming that governments make mistakes on them. They will use public attention to make themselves famous. In this case, the President should address this issue head on before the abusers start the challenging the Government and the public should not honor these type of people who are looking for instant recognition.

As seen on YouTube, some people put their spits on elevators, lick on stores’ shelves.

Some countries have laws that everyone who just travels from other countries must be self-quarantined at home for two weeks. However, some people ignore the laws by having fun in traveling around, yet take videos to show public in challenging government’s laws. These are kinds of challenges.

However, the Covid 19 is not all negative. It comes with a big lesson for all of us to learn.

In Chinese culture, sharing food without serving spoons means the true love in amount family members. Cultures are the things that the outsiders can’t tell the insiders to change or can’t ever criticize. Only Covid 19 can make Chinese change. Moreover, without the virus, Chinese would continue spit on the ground.

Other cultures teach their people such as their ways to greet each other are so intimate. Covid 19 make people realize that intimacy isn’t necessary to show love but social distancing can also be.

Religious gathering can be skipped without fearing of being punished by God. In normal time, life depends on God, except this time life depends on survival from Covid 19. Ironically, to be punished by God isn’t as fearful as to die by the Covid 19. Hopefully, God understands us.

Finally, another lesson people learn is that to run a country, states and cities is not a difficult job. Presidents, Governors and Mayors can use same strategies as previous Republicans or Democrats have done. But in an emergency case the problem can’t be solved by the same books and therefore, the Covid 19 is the real test to see who can be the smart leaders.

© 2020, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.