A true story: Prize for being so professional

March 13, 2013

This true story happened many years ago. In one afternoon, on the side street in Bangkok city, a female prostitute, Nooch, was waiting in line for currency exchange; she accompanied with her friend, Noi (also a prostitute). They were talking happily with loud noise.

Nooch: Last night I am very lucky. Don’t jealous me. (She laughs.) My client is young, good looking and verrrry generous. He gives me 10,000 dollars.

Noi: Wow, I can’t believe. You’re always lucky. I think you must have a special technique in taking care of your clients. I want to have a client like you have then I will take a vacation to the beach for a month. A client like this you have to take good care of him so he will come back again.

Nooch: Don’t teach me about that. You know how professional I am. I give him all night the best massage ever and everything he asks me for. He also flatters me that no any girl can do like I do (she laughs).

Noi: What you gonna do with the money?

Nooch: Last month one of my client gave me a 100 dollar bill, I got around 3,000 baht. This time I get 10,000 dollars so I should get around 300,000 baht. Wow, it’s a lot of money! You help me think what I should do with the money.

Noi: I think you should buy a car first. When you finish job late night, you don’t have to waste time to find a taxi home.

Nooch: But I think I want to use this money for a down payment for a nice condo. I want to get out from slum so badly.


Clerk: Next in line, please.

Nooch and Noi moved quickly. Nooch sent her dollar cash to the clerk.

Nooch: May I have all in Thai baht, please. If you could, I prefer all thousand bills.

For a few minute, the clerk gave her cash about 180 baht.

Nooch: What is this?

Clerk: It is your money.

Nooch: You must be very wrong! Last time I exchanged 100 dollars, I received around 3,000 baht. You must miscount; I just give you 10,000 dollars. Don’t you cheat me!

Clerk: Yes, ma’am. You give me 10,000 cash. I don’t miscount and I don’t cheat you. But it is Italian Lira, not US dollar.

Noi: Nooch, next time you should ask your client before providing service—‘where do you come from?’

Nooch: I see him look like farang. Who will think that he is not American. '180 baht' is enough only two orders of noodle soup and sodas.

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