Face Blindness

May 24, 2013

George: Have you ever heard about face blindness? Brad Pitt says he thinks he suffers from face blindness. Like Brad, I think I also suffer from face blindness.

Paul: Yes, I have heard about. There are many levels of face blindness: someone can’t recognize the person he met, to the severe condition when he can’t recognize everyone, not even his close friends and family members. Which levels you think you are?

George: I think I have the severe condition.

Paul: The severe condition!?! I can’t believe that. You can recognize me so why you think you have the severe condition?

George: I have had sex with many women I thought they are my wife.

Paul: When did you first find out about your face blindness?

George: It started after three years of my marriage. I have suffered for five years already. It goes worst everyday. Now I don’t recognize my wife at all.

Paul: I think you are fine.

George: Fine! How can you say that I am fine when I can’t recognize my wife at all!?!

Paul: Wife’s face is the most unrecognizable face in the world for husbands. There is no need to be cured. It happens to me also and it happens to many people.

George: I thought you had a very good memory in recognizing people’s faces. How do you find out about your face blindness?

Paul: Last time I had sex with your wife when I thought she is my wife and you will never believe me how much your wife really enjoyed having sex with me when she thought I was you.

George: !!!

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