The faith in marriage

by Half-Lady Lisa

September 5, 2015

I am now at the Kentucky airport. My friend, Amy, who is going to marry her lesbian girlfriend in the next day comes to pick me up. Soon after I got out of the plane, I see Amy waving her hand from a distance. She shouts toward me, “Lisa! Lisa, this way. I park my car over here. Hurry up before the airport police issue a parking ticket!”

I start a conversation soon after we get inside her car, and luckily the ticket isn’t written yet,…

Lisa: Congratulation. You are going to get married very soon.

Amy: Thank, Lisa. But no! There will be no marriage.

Lisa: What’s happened!?! Don’t tell me that you just break up with your girlfriend the day before wedding.

Amy: No, Lisa. We’re still in a good relationship. Do you still remember—before I met my girlfriend, I have been married twice and file for divorces with both men until I was tired with having husbands anymore. Then you suggest me that if I marry and divorce, marry and divorce,… with men many times, it can be that male partner may not be the right partner for me so I should try having sex with other genders. Now I just discover myself that I actually am a lesbian and now I meet my right partner and we decide to get marry together.

Lisa: All things sound good for you. But why, there is no marriage?

Amy: I and my lesbian partner go to get a license but the clerk refuses to sign for us.

Lisa: Why is that? Supreme Court allows gay marriage the entire country.

Amy: The clerk told me that she doesn’t care about the Court’s decision. She will use her own law—the religious faith freedom. I explain to her that now I am a lesbian so I can’t see men naked in bed with me anymore. What should I do? Please, understand me.

Lisa: And how did the clerk respond?

Amy: The clerk told me not to give up a try with other men. Look at her, she said, she has been married four times and divorce three times already, she still tries again and again and has never thought of giving up her attempt. If she had to divorce her fourth husband again this time, she still marries again for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times to succeed her traditional marriage to until Kentucky runs out of single men for her to marry.

Lisa: And if Kentucky ran out of men to marry her, does she have another plan to do next?

Amy: She would become a nun!

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