To be good Catholics

by Half-Lady Lisa

January 20, 2015

Mick meets John one night in a nightclub.

Mick: I’m so surprised to meet you here today.

John: I’m here tonight to proof that I am a good catholic.

Mick: In nightclub? I don’t see anything here relevant to any religion. Explain to me, my friend.

John: People come here to hook up with women, have sex and have kids.

Mick: You already have two boys, right?

John: That’s not enough kids to be a good Catholic. I need more kids.

Mick: No, John. You misunderstood. Pope said that to be a good catholic, you don’t have to breed like rabbits, but to be good responsible parents—that’s the right thing. I think, you have enough kids so you should go home to take good care of your kids.

Mick: No, John! Stop behaving like rabbits. Oh God! I think now we can’t go anywhere else. It seems like we get stuck in a rabbit farm. There are so many rabbits here.

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