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How do sluts work?

August 7, 2014

There are two words women don’t want to hear men call them are bitch and slut.

Bitch is a very bad word. Men call a woman ‘bitch’ when they are extremely angry. A woman who hurts men will be called a bitch.

Slut is, however, a compliment. Men call a woman ‘slut’ when they are extremely horny. Normally, every man can maintain a certain level in controlling their mouths. A woman who causes men to be out of control, slipping their mouths with such a five-star comment—‘slut’, must be an extremely sexy woman. Her porn-star level of sexiness gives men a life and exhilarated. Or if she isn’t that much sexy, she must be a sexually generous woman in order to receive the five-star comment. So, now let see together how generous sluts are?

When I was a teenager, I lived in a small town in a suburb, Thailand. Most people worked in agriculture by growing sugarcanes. They still maintained a conservative lifestyle. Living in this town at that time was considered quiet, or even too quiet and boring for younger generations. There was not much exciting activity for young people, except playing soccer together some evenings after school for young straight male. Young girls, including gay male, visited their friends’ houses, talk and play girly. So, genders were separated; boys and girls didn’t hang out together.

Until one day a young and very beautiful girl made a history; gendered segregation should be ended. She, instead of hanging out with other girls same her age, went out to watch a group of young guys play soccer. When light turned dark, soccer game was over, now was her turn to join the team. I didn’t know how and when she practiced her performance but she played (balls) very well: one girl Vs seven guys. Irony, ‘women have lower testosterone than men’—actually, it wasn’t right in every case. Their ball game didn’t take place in a vacant field as usual, however it happened in the midst of a sugarcane field. If she had sex in her house, her loud moan could bother her neighbors which it gave her a shame, yet her mother would complain her from bringing a bunch of guys home. In the midst of sugarcane field was considered a perfect place for the town for (unusual) sexual activity. Sugarcanes grew tall and very messy. She was able to scream out loud in case she felt too sensitive. Massive leaves could act as a good natural sound protection. Or in case her moan still escaped to outsiders, until people and her family found her, all the seven should get their jobs done on time because it must be a tough search in the big field, very hard to spot where the moan came from and difficult for people to walk fast to stop her act on time because sugarcanes’ leaves were sharp and hard which could cut people’s skin.

In the small town, everyone knew each other. People discussed about her sexual allegation all over the town. More interesting, this sexual act didn’t occur quite normal because the sexual predator in this case was a beautiful girl. My sister said to me that she had a doubt how the girl survived. I had never thought of that because the number seven wasn’t human’s sexual limitation; I was sure I could simply take more than seven. But what I had doubt was how she walked home. Normally, women walked with legs closed. 'Could she close her legs', I was so curious. Or she had to spread her legs walking home like men; it’s also hard to imagine a beautiful girl acted that way.

One stupid thing for those young men was, instead they respected and thanked her, they made fun and gossiped about her all over the town. Think another way, if she charged all men the entrance fee with a cheap service fee, they would gossip her as a cheap prostitute. However, if she charged them a high rate, they will be angry at her because they couldn’t afford to pay the fee (and they still called her a prostitute). Now because she was so generous in providing free services, she became a slut. Women were blamed anyway no matter which way they chose to do. When men got a free meal, they should show respect and thank her. One thing they never forgot was that ‘men never stopped hungry’.

The girl’s mother disputed to her neighbors strongly that her daughter never did such a slutty act like that. However, who would believe her when one Vs seven mouths. In Thai culture, women will not have sex before marry, especially a young and beautiful woman like her. Her mother hoped that the daughter could have more chance to get a high bid (bride-price) and bride-price will be paid to the mother. Ironically, when a mother was utmost protecting her daughter’s virginity, she actually protected her profit. No Thai man needed to pay for bruised cherry. Only it was able to sell out, she was lucky enough. Ironically, people first learned how to do buying and selling business from their daughters.

[I have a different idea. I don’t see sexual acts too serious such as I can not kiss and have sex before marry or virginity was supremacy like old generations perceived. If I decided to get marry one day, I prefer to make a high bride-price for my parents’ retirement from my long sexual experiences, not my virginity. Virginity for me means lacking knowledge and experience, like one of my trans friends who has an idea of saving her virginity for the man she loves. Now she is getting older everyday and she feels hopeless in finding a man who loves her. Finally, she decides to lose her virginity. She mutters one day that men who have sex with her would not come back to see her again because she doesn’t know even how to wear a condom and they act disappointedly at her performance. Even though, I am not serious about having endless sex with many different guys, I see having sex is a very important part of my life. I have to have sex when I need.]

Not too long after the sexual allegation (one Vs seven) faded out, there was another young and beautiful girl was put in the spotlight. She lived with her parents and her house wasn’t far from the first girl’s. She used a space in her garden opened a small business by selling noodle soup. I believed that the restaurant business was her parents’ idea because she was too young to run a business by herself. I never tasted her noodle soup but women in the town gossiped that her broth tasted like water from washing dishes. However, you never underestimated this young and sexy girl because she made a great sale. Not because was there only one noodle soup restaurant in town but because of her look. Everyday she wore a very tight t-shirt, her jean short pants were extremely short, even short enough for customers to be able to see a glimpse of her ass cheeks, her body was a size of a dress form and her silky hair was long enough to brush her butt. Like she put marijuana in her soup, many young men went there everyday to support her business because they addicted to her ‘ass’. One thing you should know about slut was that slut wasn’t required to have real knowledge and experience in her career. Moreover, she lived out of economy; no matter how bad economy was or if she opened her noodle restaurant in a remote area, male customers will follow her everywhere.

Her sexiness was notorious, spreading news to other towns. One day a man from a wealthy family who lived in another town came to talk to her parents to propose her. He was a very unattractive guy, but who cared, when he offered to pay a very high bride-price to her parents. In this society, parents could lift up their faces high and were respected by other neighbors if their daughter was sold at the highest bid.

Culturally, bride-price was paid in cash on the wedding day. Everyone who came to the wedding party was excited to see big cash. The most excited people were the parents of the bride who prepared to exercise their fingers to count all the cash. In some families, parents of the bride who were worried that they will be robbed will ask a local bank to send their tellers with a van to help them security all the cash to the bank.

However, on her wedding day, unexpectedly, disappointedly and embarrassingly for the girl’s family, the expected son-in-law made a surprise. He came to the party with no cash but his personal check, no cash and no count. He gave a reason that he was worried that the girl’s parents would be robbed but he had never said once that he will give them a check. No one would think about it because paying bride-price by a check was unprecedented. Now all the guests began to make their noise—was the check good? Outside looked wealthy but inside was empty? When their daughter sold noodle soup, parents received cash everyday but now they got a check, one piece of paper could be just a paper. This was considered a high risk of being bankrupted. Another thing you should learn from here—slut was created to be generous for men, the best place for her was in men’s clubs, getting married to one man will be cursed!

In my hometown, most families were considered poor. Some were extremely poor and how extreme was that in some houses, floors had no concrete. Unlike houses in America which had a basement, in my hometown first floor of the houses built from the ground and covered with concrete. Sometimes houses could tell a family’s financial status: any house which had no concrete, plenty of unwanted roommates shared parts of the property like ants built underground tunnels in a living room, implied that the family was extremely poor.

A mother of two: one little boy and a little girl, and her husband lived in a house which has no concrete on the floor. She wasn’t young, around fifty; I guessed. She was a fighter who fought against poverty entire her life. Being hungry was more painful than anything; even more painful to see her kids were left hungry. One day she decided to leave her family to Pattaya to work as a prostitute. Her husband took care of the kids at home. He accepted her decision because he had no way else to help the family. For a few years of working, she kept sending money home to support her family.

One day after years of working, the woman came back home to visit her family. She wasn't alone as she came with a surprised guest, one of her clients who was a nice guy from Denmark. Her client loved her a lot and wanted to take her to live with him in Denmark. He didn’t mind that she was still in the marriage but wanted to see her family. How much her client loved her was that he carried her on his back and walked from the bus stop to her home around 3 kilometers in the hot afternoon sun as there was no bus arrived in the town. Old ladies in the town were jealous at her and gossiped that how this poor woman could get a second chance at the age fifty. The best describe her appearance was a resurrected dry mummy but for the Western guy, he called her ‘gorgeous’. Sexiness actually isn’t limited by age.

Once I accidentally heard a group of married women gossiped and laughed jealously about her, and they created a puzzle that was very interesting to know. One woman said that she was very curious to know that Western guys had blonde hair, what’s about their pubic hairs, were they blonde too? People, both men and women, old and young, were very bright when it came to sexual act. Honestly at that time I didn’t know and I was also curious. If you asked Thai people—what’s hair color? Everyone will think of only black. But did the blonde apply to entire body, no one had ever thought of that. Then the group of married women moved their discussion dirtier. I could guess that every one of them wanted to experience a new taste, to see how blonde the Western guys were. They began to mock their husbands that they felt boring eating their ‘grilled eggplant’ for dinner. Thai people compared old guys’ penis to grilled eggplant. Eggplant with the purple skin, I believed that you used to see in Asian market, was the same shape as a dildo but a lot longer. You put it in the baker then what you had was a very soft, everywhere wrinkles, dark eggplant. One thing the married women never knew was that grilled eggplant was a common universal food culture.

[If there are women read this page, let me explain a bit about the wrinkles. Wrinkles on a penis don’t tell about age as when they appear on other parts of body. However, wrinkles on a penis imply about having long sexual experiences. In general speaking, it's a hard working penis (but if it is unable to erect anymore that is a retired penis). You will see wrinkles when a penis goes soft, but when it gets erection, the wrinkles will be stretched out and disappeared.]

At this point, my hometown seemed not to be quiet anymore. One day one of my uncles who lived in another town rode his motorcycle with a seductive woman sat behind him to meet my mother. He asked my mother for help in hiring his mistress to work. He said, his mistress was a pitiful woman who had to service many men so he wanted to help her out. My mother looked at her from head to toe: his mistress had a very long silky hair, her short jean was a size of a panty, her high heels were higher than 3” and she kept making goo-goo eyes to every male worker in the farm—my mother made an assumption with no need to interview her that my uncle's mistress was unable to work in the farm; what she was working was the best job for her and my uncle should stop thinking about helping her out but sent her back to where she belonged to. My mother asked my uncle where he found her. He told that he found her at ‘Kratom Klang Na’.

[Kratom means shack or hut; it is a size of a jail cell which is simply made by grass and bamboo. Klang means middle. Na means rice field. However, ‘Kratom Klang Na’ in this case is a slang, means that a house of a working girl. You don’t see Kratom Klang Na in every town. Like in my hometown, people grow sugarcanes so if a girl builds a shack in the midst of sugarcane field, clients can’t find her business place. In capital city, there is no Kratom Klang Na because people can’t grow rice in the city. Therefore, Kratom Klang Na is seen only in the town that has rice fields. Rice grows short and wide lands are flat and isolated so a small shack is visible. Moreover, it can even be more visible from a long distance with Christmas lights, blink, blink, blink, decorated all over the house. Normally, you see Christmas lights at the end of each year. However, if clients see Christmas lights in the wrong seasons and the house never turns off the lights, they know that they come to the right place. Don’t go to the wrong house. When clients finish their business, they may / may not use water in the rice field to clean off the mess. But don’t go there without shower first because they have to soak themselves in the rice field. And one important thing clients must know, there are plenty of rice crabs.]

One day around noon time, there was a woman rode a motorcycle from a small city nearby to my hometown. She came here by herself, with plenty of confidence, to promote her business as at that time people didn’t use internet. She was a voluptuous woman, wearing fishnet top with no bra! She worked in a massage parlor in the city. Everyone in town was stunned at her racy fishnet top. Every woman, both young and old, yelled angrily at her. However, she wasn’t care of the noise as females were not her target clients. Men kept quiet; as their nature, they didn’t like to review a business as much as supporting a business. She also pulled her big cups out of her tight fishnet, each one was a size of a watermelon, to show my grandpa the quality of her merchandises with my father was smiling on his side.

[ Here is my opinion. I disagree with the way she promotes her business. I believe that it is inappropriate. However, I see it is important for people to maintain their sex life through out their lives. If you live in a small town, especially in suburb such as my hometown where everyone knows each other and people still maintain a conservative lifestyle, when you get older, (says fifty), while fifty isn’t really old, people begin to think about dead because life is so boring. My grandfather buys a grave for himself more than twenty years before he died. In the time he is really weak, my father says he wants to hire a prostitute for him so he will be stronger and feel younger. Men understand well what is important for them. Many men pay for sex on their birthdays—that is what they thing is the best gift. At a certian time in your marriage, you may not enjoy having sex with your partner anymore then you need extramarriage to keep yourself young all the time. Feeling young is more important than looking young. Having a boring sex life is equal to masturbate yourself; it isn’t impressive enough to make you feel younger. A man says to me in his retirement that ‘if not having sex anymore, just getting older everyday’. I still believe that if my grandfather still enjoyed having sex regularly, he is still alive today. ]

Next, imagine, a woman comes from a poor family, especially living in a poor town; the circumstance forces her to move into a big city to work as a prostitute. Have you ever thought, how does she tell her family about her job?

It might be in a commonsense or everyone has learned from each other; if a woman says that she moves to a big city to work in a restaurant, especially if she works as a singer in a restaurant, it can be a red flag. I don’t mean that every woman who works in a restaurant in Thailand is also a hooker. But by saying that ‘working in a restaurant’ or ‘a singer in a restaurant’, especially from a woman who often dresses sexually, is to conceal their true identities.

Every restaurant needs women to work and especially women can help increasing business. I don’t really mean every restaurant or restaurant in general. However, these types of restaurant provide more entertainment than general restaurants and main target customers are male rather than female. In Thailand, men are more likely eating out late night and drinking than women. Moreover, men are very generous spending on drinks and pay big tips, especially to show off beautiful women. As these types of restaurants’ owners don’t want to officially label their businesses as a brothel, these beautiful women need to have real job titles; the jobs which allow them to have a direct connection to customers, are singers and waitresses.

Working as a singer is easier, so it is more popular, than a waitress. Moreover, singer can dress with a nice gown every night of working. Normally, to be a professional singer requires years of vocal training. Also, many are trained since the young age. However, these suburb women can’t wait for years to start making money, especially they don’t have much money to invest in vocal training. In Sapan-Kway district in Bangkok, there are vocal training schools for these women with a small fee. In the school, a trainer will ask these women to pick one song they want to sing. Unlike professional singers who can sing most of songs, these women are trained to sing only one song. Moreover, performance and dancing are as important as vocal. Unlike city women, these suburb women are not very fashionable so trainers also have to teach them how to dance sexy and make seductive eye-contact to their customers. The vocal and dance training may take place only one day. You may be curious that is that enough training to be a singer? Technically, having a good vocal is not a matter because it isn’t a singing contest. No customers have ever complained even if their voices resemble a duck.

So, now how can their vocals make money for them? Generally seen in a strip club, customers will put a dollar bill in a striper’s bra or panty but not in these types of restaurant. Restaurants will prepare strings of flowers for customers with cash bills of 100 baht, 500 baht, 1000 baht, stapled to the strings. Each string has different prices. Generous male customers will pay for strings of flowers. Some women receive many strings of flowers pile up high to almost cover entire faces. However, this is ‘tips’. Real payment isn’t yet to be paid at this time. After the song end, a woman will take the cash bills and the strings of flowers will be recycled for the next singer.

Most popular songs are country songs which the lyrics connect to their real-life story. Here are examples of songs which are considered popular. A song title, which translates in English, is ‘A Farm Girl Reminds Her Boyfriend’.

In the song, “a farm girl reminds her boyfriend who is going to make a trip to a big city. She is worried that her boyfriend will be infatuated with city’s lights until he forgets their rice fields, smell of mud and buffalo. Don’t forget the countryside authentic taste of food; smell of omelet of the city food can’t be compared to the spices of her chili paste she cooks for him everyday. And don’t be infatuated with the city’s stylish girls.” At the end of the song, she reminds him that “more important, don’t bring a city girl back home to insult her. Or he may bring one home”, she allows, “Only if the city girl is less beautiful than her!”

Another song is also popular but I don’t remember the title and all the lyrics. The song says—“she knows she is a dupe but willing to be a dupe for him. Bruised skin from a man grabs her parts undergarment, has placed permanent scars inside her heart. And because of these, she evaluates herself as a high value but at a bottom price!”

These restaurant singers will sing the same song over and over and over until the strings of flowers on their necks are significantly reduced, they will go back to the vocal school to invest for a new song.

The song ends but their job isn’t done yet. While waiting for the next round, these restaurant singers have to go to thank every customer who gives them a string of flowers at their tables. This is also to remind their customers that they still have to sing the next round and look forward for heavier flowers. Any customer who likes her will invite her to sit down for talk. A good personality is more important than her vocal. This is a great opportunity to get a real payment, not a tip anymore. If a wealthy man likes her, he will drive her home and empty his wallet for her. For the one who has a great performance—I mean ‘in bed’, not on stage anymore, she will receive a lifetime payment as a mistress, means that she doesn’t need to sing for entire life. For some wealthy men, their wives or mistresses may know well how to sing on stage.

However, think about the song ‘a farm girl reminds her boyfriend’ again, at this point the song somehow is telling a wrong story. If a farm boy makes a trip to a big city, he still comes back home alone because I don’t see any city girl would like to work in such hard jobs in the rice fields and ride a buffalo. But if a farm girl moves into big city, she doesn’t need to care of her farm—including, her boyfriend anymore! Then her boyfriend will cry out calling her—”she is a bitch girl!” (A girl who hurts men).

One interesting thing to learn from this story—if you’re born poor, you live in a poor community, hang out with friends who have the same financial status. Prostitutes have a unique life. As they come from poor family, half of their life they hang out in a poor community, eat junk food, etc. But another half of their life, they can hang out with such as businessman tycoons, politicians, celebrities, eat out in fancy restaurants, and sit in expensive cars. Somehow you don’t have to be rich to experience living in upper class society.

What else a slut can do, besides being a singer. Yes, there is another real job, which isn’t well-known, assumingly a Bangkok’s business only because I have never seen in anywhere else, that is to be a barber. In a modern generation, some women may want to have a short haircut, like some American women, instead of going to salon, can go to a barbershop. However, what I am talking here is not a general barbershop you normally know. This type of barbershop makes it clear on its business’s sign that “For Gentlemen Only”. Moreover, it is considered a secret barbershop. Not because does it open a business in an isolated area or in a deep alley, hidden behind big building. However, it is located in the center of Bangkok, in a busy business area, easy to see and find. So, how it is secret. Normally, you walk past a barbershop, you can see what is going on inside. For this secret barbershop, you can’t see through to inside. That’s why people walk past by everyday if they don’t pay attention, they forget to question what it is. Only gentlemen who have good eyes can find the door. All barbers are sexy women, full of makeup, wearing nice evening gowns and holding a cutting tool. These sexy barbers make terrible-terrible haircuts. But customers make no complaint because cutting hair is not a matter as long as their pubic hair looks nice and clean. Moreover, they give their barbers big tip for a terrible haircut. I say earlier, you must believe me that sluts don’t need real talent and experience to succeed in their careers. They know men don’t care about fashion and beauty. But don’t laugh yet! A husband’s terrible haircut can accidentally be important evidence for his wife to know that he has sex before home. When a husband comes home with a new haircut, his wife has to ask—“where you cut your hair?” I also like saying to men—“you have a new haircut.” It comes from a general commonsense that females love fashion and clean looking guys. However, if you are a man, don’t say you never go barbershop—just to maintain your good look all the time for your wife, right?

Next, my brother told me that one evening he took a taxi home. While the taxi drove into Sapan-Kwan area, in Bangkok where there were many prostitutes, the taxi driver said that he didn’t mind about the prostitution but respected them if these girls worked for their livings, except if they worked to get money to buy luxurious goods, he won’t accept.

Generally, when people think about prostitution, they always imagine to the worst scenarios, like being forced to work as sex slaves or human trafficking, etc. In my opinion, the taxi driver makes a good point. He doesn’t make an assumption to all prostitutes as a whole.

I don’t support human trafficking. Human trafficking is always illegal, whether or not does it involve with sex business. Being a slave is also illegal, no matter what kinds of slave such as slave labors, working in hell factories. Having sex in public places such as on street, in parking lots, airport’s restrooms, etc. is also illegal; prostitutes should have a private place to work and not to bother anyone. Even if a normal couple are naked on street and have sex together can also get arrest, no matter whether are they prostitutes or not. If a prostitute earns money to buy drugs or sell drugs, it should be in the drug case. If a prostitute is taken advantage by her pimp, this should be in the case that she can’t work independently. Prostitution is not a problem but problems try to walk into prostitution. Prostitution provides incomes to many low-income people and gives clients happiness. Many married women also hire male/female prostitutes. I want you to think like the taxi driver thinks that he reviews each case differently. Moreover, living in Thailand at that time, people has no welfare. If you are born in a poor family, you have to struggle very hard to survive by yourself, especially if you have parents who are in their retirements to take care. Even in a wealthy country like America, doesn't everyone receive Government aid. Life isn’t easy for many people, no matter where they live.

This article is to tell that women also need sex as much as men. However, I know that many women don’t like prostitution, except there are women work in prostitution more than other genders. Women see sexual activity more serious than men, when having sex outside marriage is considered infidelity. So let talk here a little bit before moving to other stories—‘what is the definition of marital infidelity?’

If you think that having sex outside marriage is considered infidelity, I will give you three cases and you tell me which one is considered infidelity.

Case #1: A married woman walks home from work. Then she is raped by a man who is not her husband. In this case, is she infidelity to her husband? I believe that everyone will agree with me that this is not marital infidelity, even though sexual activity occurs.

Case #2: a married man has dated discreetly a woman who is not his wife. One day his wife finds out; he confessed to her that the whole time he and his wife have married together, he has never loved his wife. But the woman he has dated discreetly is the only one in his heart. He financially supports her for long time and tries to find a way to marry her one day. However, they have never had sex together once because the woman is a strong religious person; she has an idea that she will not have sex before marry. In this case, the husband should be infidelity, even though sexual activity doesn’t occur yet.

Does sexual activity actually define infidelity? For me, love relationship defines infidelity, not sexual act.

Case #3: a Hollywood actor and actress are hired to perform love scenes in a romance movie. Both actor and actress already have a wife / husband. In the movie, they kiss and have sex together. They make their audiences impressive and believe that they are a real couple. The question is, are they infidelity? I believe that everyone will agree with me that they are not infidelity because they get paid to perform love scenes. Acting is a job. Why can’t people think that hiring a prostitute is not infidelity? A prostitute doesn’t have love relationship with her clients and her clients never think about her and never support her when she needed help. She only performs a love scene to get paid just like Hollywood actor and actress and porn-stars do.

Prostitute is not a new job on the Earth. Hiring a prostitute, men have done thousands of years all over the World. Even in the bible, Mary Magdalene is also a prostitute and she is an important person in Christianity. In the future generation, like men, I believe that there will be more and more women also need to hire male / female / transgender prostitutes.

If you own a dog, you can put your dog in a cage. Dog need an owner because he can’t survive by himself. Human, however, has no owner. Marriage certification is not a license for ownership. Human who has an owner called ‘slave’ but we don’t have a slave anymore in this modern generation. If you marry someone and you expect that your partner has to behave right all the time the way you want your partner to be, do not choose to marry. Extra marriage is one thing you must expect it likely to happen in your marriage.

If you are a woman who is reading this story, you don’t have to believe me but I want you to think a little bit—if you have to pick one of the two situations which you can’t avoid it to happen in your marriage which one do you think you can handle: first, your husband hires a prostitute and second is, your husband has a mistress. If you fight in the family over the case of prostitution, he may promise you that he will stop hiring a prostitute anymore. Moreover, the prostitute your husband used to hire her may already move out somewhere and he doesn’t know where she is. If your husband has a mistress, especially if he has kid(s) with his mistress, how can you tell your husband to stop seeing and supporting his kid(s) with the mistress? So, ‘having a mistress’ should be treated as marital infidelity but hiring a prostitute is like paying for an entertaining service.

Moreover, being caught in hiring a prostitute should not be used to against each other or affect to job. Think like you are a wife of a politician. One day your husband is caught in hiring a prostitute. There are two ways to choose: first, because you love your husband, you choose to be on TV standing next to your husband to support him. Next, a repercussion is that the next day your kids go to school, their classmates are giggling at your kids—“You see on TV last night, your mother and father make a silly face on TV”.

Or another way you may choose to do—because you are very angry at your husband, you choose not to go on TV to support your husband as you prepare to file for a divorce. However, even though people in the whole country don’t see you on TV but everyone knows he is your husband, including the nasty story in your marriage. Don’t you feel embarrassed when you go public or shopping at a supermarket when people look at you?

Politicians, Hollywood stars, celebrities, police, etc. are human like everyone; sometimes they are also horny. Hiring a prostitute doesn’t hurt anyone but the law against it hurts many people, including people who don’t involve in prostitution such as kids of a father who is caught up involve in prostitution have to know their father’s private sex life. Sexual activity is a personal matter; you want to keep this story secret within your family and find a way to solve the problem by yourself. Or you may know for a long time that your husband hires prostitutes but some women don’t care about this because they may not have sex with their husbands anymore or they open relationship together or a wife may be gender changed and become a lesbian. However, when a husband is caught up in prostitution and be put on TV / newspaper, the outsiders begin to step in: friends and family members, kids’ friends, etc. to stir up the case until you can not live together anymore. Finally, divorce comes next to close the case; kids will have parents who live separate ways. However, these are only my opinion. You don’t have to believe me.


When I first moved to America, a very long time ago, I lived in Thai community. Thai people here like gossiping about other Thais. It becomes a regular lunch break activity, just to be relaxed, and I enjoyed listening.

A Thai woman, I called her in this story ‘Ting’. Ting traveled to America first time with her mother. In the same tour group, she met a Thai man, named (in this story) ‘Ching’. Unlike Ting, Ching had lived in America for a long time. He traveled back and forth to Thailand many times but every time he came back to America he always chose to come with a tour group because he didn’t speak English well. Ting was a single woman but Ching was a married man and he was a lot older than Ting. At that time Ching’s wife was in America and didn’t travel with Ching; his kids lived in Thailand with relatives. Ting planed before she traveled that she wanted to live in America but her mother will go back home soon after she saw Ting had a place to live.

What people were really worried when first moving in an unfamiliar country, was to think about ‘how to survive’. Ting didn’t prepare to work hard due to having physical weakness and some health problems. And because of these reasons, she simply opened an opportunity for Ching to move in quickly her life, even though Ching was a very unattractive person by compared to her. As Ching was a talkative person, while travel together, he boasted that he was a well-known person in Thai community so he could definitely help her find a good job. Immediately Ting arrived in Boston, with his help, she got a job, including a place to live without his wife’s knowing about her. She worked as a waitress in a Thai restaurant. Ching also worked in another Thai restaurant as a cook.

Ching often talked like a fun story behind her back about his trip in the tour group with Ting to his co-workers, such as at the Disneyland, California, “Ting hugged me tightly in the haunted house. It wasn’t scary but she grabbed me all the time. Her mother looked disappointed at her act,” Ching laughed.

One day during a lunch break, Ching called his co-workers to sit inside his car as he had something to show off everyone. He told that after he sent Ting home last night, she dropped her notebook in his car. He opened and read it and he wanted everyone to know. In her notebook, Ching read, “I (Ting) think about Ching everyday. I don’t really know he knows about it. I want to know what he really thinks about me. Is it the same way I think about him?”, everyone was giggling. At this point, it gave Ching more confident to reveal his wife about Ting.

One day Ching’s wife came to the restaurant her husband worked. She cried out angrily, revealing her broken heart to everyone. Her tear leaked out non-stop like waterfall. Finally, his wife filed for a divorce. Ching quickly moved in an apartment to live with Ting.

While Ting worked at the restaurant, her boss didn’t like the way she approached male customers. When customers walked in the restaurant, normally a waitress greeted with ‘hi’ to customers and smile friendly. However, Ting was too friendly, especially with young and good-looking men. Her way was that she greeted her male customers by saying ‘hi’, but her ‘hi’ was dragged too long like ‘hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ in the same time she walked quickly to her male customers and hugged around their necks. Her small breasts pushed against her customers’ chest tightly. This was the same way as a wife was welcome her husband home. Even though, Ting already had Ching at that time, she didn’t feel enough with him. She tried utmost if she could find a real good-looking American boyfriend to replace Ching. However, before her dream came truth, her boss kicked her out of job with a reason that her long greeting (hi) wasn’t right to the restaurant. Ting needed to understand that the restaurant hired her to sell Thai food, not a Thai girl.

No any Thai restaurant hired her after her too-long-hi greet spread all over Thai community. But it wasn’t a bad luck at all for her because Ching opened a small take-out restaurant for her. Within a very short time living in America, and without any cooking skill, Ting became a restaurant owner. Irony, slutty behavior really helped a woman succeed in her career. They helped each other ran their business; Ching cooked in the kitchen and Ting took orders from customers.

Even though, at this point Ting married to Ching, she still didn’t give up an attempt to find a real American man to replace him. With her slut idea, she agreed with Ching that they will never tell customers that they were a couple. Ting told her customers that Ching was only a friend and a business partner; nothing was more special than that. She gave a reason to her husband that ‘if she told customers that she was already married, (male) customers will be disappointed and they will not come back to buy (her) food’. [You think—what actually Ting tries to sell in her restaurant.]

One important thing, Ching forgot telling his wife was that restaurant business here was licensed to sell food, not girl! Now her restaurant permanently closed and they both moved back to Thailand.

Next story is a story of a Thai girl, named in this story—‘Foy’.

Foy came to America with hope she could earn (whatever) degree a college could give to her, after she was kicked out from a university in Thailand at the first year because her GPA was below 2.0. Even though, study wasn’t her talent, Foy was a number one slut in Thai community.

Normally, when people traveled to another country first time, they would feel nervous to go with a stranger but Foy never felt that way. Her slutty act started at the first day she arrived in Boston. In the evening while walking home, one of her neighbors invited her to come in his apartment. She wasn’t hesitated at all but immediately followed him inside. He took her tour his apartment, showing her room by room. Then the open-house ended up sitting down at a sofa in his living room. Her neighbor pulled her hand to rest on his crotch. She knew what she needed to do as his cock immediately ended up in her mouth.

Next, Foy went to enroll classes at a community college. Her mother kept calling, reminding her to find the cheapest school as possible. Her mother repeated to her all the time that ‘a woman didn’t need to have high education, only find a wealthy husband’.

[Here is a little thing to remind you—do you still remember in the past stories such as a girl who sells noodle soup in her backyard and restaurant singers? They don’t need to have a real talent because, for sluts, what they do (in their career) isn’t matter. What really matter is to be a good slut.]

At the community college, while she was waiting on the line to enroll classes, she met a young black guy who was on the same line. She brought him home to have sex in her apartment. Her roommate, who was also a Thai girl, came back home after they finished. As Foy didn’t want her roommate to know she brought a guy in the apartment, she leaded the black guy sneaked out her bedroom, hidden around the corner, move carefully from wall to wall, until the black guy got out of the apartment, while her pussy wasn’t yet dried off. So now you knew, just a few days in America she had experiences with White and Black guys already!

Next, Foy started going out at nightclubs. One night one of her gay male friends, whom they just knew each other here, asked her to go to drink with him at a gay nightclub. Her gay friend expected to get a guy for sex but he couldn’t find one. However, insulting to all gay male, Foy got a young and handsome, Moroccan guy in gay territory—who said that gay male didn’t fuck girl! The Moroccan guy went to the nightclub with two male friends who were also gay; all they lived together in the same house. Inside the club, Foy looked really drunk. While dancing with him, her head always rested on his chest. When the club closed, the Moroccan guy invited her and her gay friends to his house. Inside the car, the two friends of the Moroccan guys sat in the front seats and one was the driver. Foy, the Moroccan guy and Foy’s friend sat on the back seats while the Moroccan guy sat in the middle. While the car drove half way to their house, Foy’s friend looked at Foy. Her head, faced down, rested on the Moroccan guy’s lap. Her gay friend thought that Foy fell asleep uncharacteristic so kindly he tried to lift her head up. He didn’t understand why her head was so heavy but he tried and tried lifting her head up. Until finally her gay friend saw the Moroccan guy’s penis was slowly drawn out of her mouth like extra cheese pizza which added a huge weight to her head. She actually was nailed to him.

When they got to the house, the Moroccan guy carried Foy who looked really drunk inside his bedroom, while her gay friend talked with one of the Moroccan guy’s friends in the living room. Not too long talking, the Moroccan guy’s friend excused Foy’s friend to go to bed as he had to wake up early next morning. Foy’s friend walked inside the Moroccan guy’s bedroom intended to tell her to go home. However, immediately he opened the bedroom’s door, what he saw was really stunned him. The Moroccan guy was wearing a condom. His huge penis with long hanging balls was towering in front of her small vagina. He immediately rushed inside the bedroom and quickly grabbed the Moroccan guy’s penis tightly and said that “No! No! Don’t fuck her!” With unmatched sizes of their tools, Foy’s friend was worried that he would fuck until her vagina was decomposed, unrecognizable form of human vagina. Next, soon after she woke up, she would cry and complain her friend on failure in protecting her while she was unconscious. Foy’s friend yanked hardly on the penis and kept saying “Don’t fuck her! Don’t fuck her!” The Moroccan guy tried to pull his penis out of Foy’s friend’s hand. Foy’s friend held it hard. Then both were on the tug of war over the huge penis. Foy may wait to get fucked until her pussy almost dried off, while her eyes still closed, suddenly her voice said to her friend that, “DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME! DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME! I AM ‘NOT’ A VIRGIN GIRL!” Both guys looked at her surprisingly. The whole time they believed that she was very drunk and unconscious. Actually, she pretended to be unconscious. Her friend automatically released the big penis out of his hand. The giant penis immediately spurted out at top speed and quickly disappeared inside her.

The next day Foy revealed to her friend that sexing up wasn’t new to her. She had sex with her Thai boyfriend since she lived in Thailand and partied together almost every night. First time she had sex, she said, her boyfriend’s penis penetrated in only a small fraction of an inch, she cried out and yelled at him to take it out quickly. However, at this level of her sexual experiences, her entire tunnel would be tough-skinned. Now you knew so far, she got White, Black, Asian and Moroccan, and still there were a lot more to come. One thing you should know about her was that she was an ‘international’ student!

Foy owned four cell phones but she had never paid a dime the phone bills. At that time she had four boyfriends at the same time. She suggested her boyfriends that if they missed her and wanted to call her at home, they had to buy her a cell phone because her roommate didn’t want her use landline phone too long and too often as they shared together.

One day one of her boyfriends asked her to watch a movie together. The entire movie, her boyfriend’s fingers plugged in her pussy all the time. After the movie, still in the mall, she leaded her boyfriend walked to the Louis Vuitton store as she did the research before time that there was one here. She had a great strategy as she explained that inside the store, normally while a girlfriend was looking at a handbag, boyfriend liked walking around the store then ended up waiting for his girlfriend somewhere in a distance. Therefore, before her boyfriend walked away, her suggestion was—one hand checked out the bag and the other hand grabbed his hand tightly so he couldn’t walk away. No matter how long it took, she will keep checking the bag until he knew that he had to pay. Finally, she got a Louis Vuitton handbag home. One thing I forgot telling you was that she studied accounting. After her calculation, she said, her loss in the movie theater was deducted by a Louis Vuitton handbag, she still made some profits. For a slut, she didn’t mind to be called ‘a dumb girl in school’ because studying wasn’t a matter of her life as long as in the end of the day she had never experienced net loss!

During half way of her study, she fought with her roommate. Then she moved out and lived alone in an apartment. At this time she got rid off all the boyfriends and decided to have a real boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a young and good-looking Thai guy, same her age. His family owned a small Thai restaurant and he owned two cars so she saw a prospect. She said that she also liked her boyfriend’s younger brother but her boyfriend may not accept polygamy.

Finally, Foy graduated from a college. However, she wasn’t ready yet going home so she planed to continue her study at a University. However, she could not pass the TOEFL test. [TOEFL is like SAT or GRE test. It is required for international students.] She called her mother to ask for an advice. Her mother suggested her to get marry. However, the problem was her boyfriend was still in school and his family insisted that it wasn’t the right time.

Finally, after a discussion with her mother, Foy came up with an idea. At that time, she knew another young Thai man, also a good-looking guy. She thought that if eventually waiting for her boyfriend to get ready to marry took time too long, the new guy wasn’t a bad choice at all so she planed to keep him as a second choice. Next, she convinced her boyfriend that she really needed a roommate to share rent as her mother began to complain about her over spending. There were many Thai girls at that time who were looking for an apartment but she wanted only the Thai man (the second choice) to be her roommate because she heard other people often teased him that he had a long, big cock. At first, her boyfriend won’t allow her but she convinced that Thai people respected each other so he won’t rape her. Finally, she got a roommate. The first day the man moved in her apartment, she prepared a lot of beers to celebrate. In the night, they drank until they were drunk together—and finally they had sex together. The very next morning, as the Thai man was worried that he will get a fight with her boyfriend if he found out about their having sex together so he immediately moved out quickly and quietly without telling her. Sadly, Foy got only one-night-stand roommate.

Not too long after sexing up with the one-night-stand rommate Foy called her boyfriend and told him that she was pregnant. She lied to him that her boyfriend actually was the real father. To make a baby wasn’t as difficult as finding a father to pay for child support (whoever could, father and a child didn’t need to be matched). Undeniably, her boyfriend’s family had to allow them to get marry. Foy moved in his family to live with him. Her husband now had to quit school and work to support his family.

Foy worked in her husband's family’s restaurant. Her position was a cook: stir fried Pad Thai noodle and Thai fried rice, by using a big wok. She called her mother one day and cried out that both of her arms were very painful. She thought all the time that her husband was a rich guy. Now she knew the truth that his family’s small restaurant didn’t make good business, yet his two cars still owed big debts. Like I said earlier that for a slut, getting married to one man will be cursed!

During her pregnancy, one day her husband’s relative from Thailand came to visit her husband and stayed with him for a short time. Her husband took his relative to tour the city, both day and night. One night he took his relative to a strip club. Then the next morning, Foy heard her husband’s relative talked about last night going out to a strip club. His relative said that her husband put a dollar bill in a stripper’s underwear, nothing went further than that but she cried like someone died. While in her life, she had sex with more partners than her husband had.

Finally, she had the first child who looked a lot like her, a new family member added into the family's restaurant’s income.

After giving birth to her child, her both arms didn’t relieve from pain yet, her husband’s parents called her to go back into the kitchen. Then she, as quickly as she could do, was pregnant again for the second child. Her husband’s parents were very upset. However, her second pregnancy gave her little time to relax her arms. More important, if her first child grew up, people might be curious that her first child didn’t look like the father then she would be kicked out from the house. We often heard all the time, Americans often said that ‘give that person a second chance’. “Don’t look at the first child,” she would like to tell her husband, “look at the second one, the baby looked a lot like you and give me a second chance!”

Here is the final story. This story will tell you that it is not necessary, like most people think, that a slut only comes from a poor family, or bad environment builds her that way, or other bad circumstances. This story is a story of a couple: a wife named (in this story) ‘Jill’, and a husband named (in this story) ‘Lou’.

Decades ago, this couple was considered well-known in Thai community because they opened successfully restaurant business. They owned many restaurants. Their employees often gossiped about their bosses when both were not around. Jill and Lou had married together for many years, but they didn’t have a kid together. Jill was an elegant woman, the look of a business owner, but she was very arrogant. Lou was an unattractive guy but he was very friendly, especially with girls, a philander type of guy. After work, especially weekend nights, Lou often took women, sometimes his female employees, to dinner. He will be the only one man on the table surrounded by many women. But he was never serious to anyone. Every time Jill and Lou worked together in the restaurant, Jill often yelled and fought with Lou over his adultery. Jill always called all the women who hung out with her husband prostitutes, while actually they were not. During the fights, Jill like slapping her husband’s face in front of her employees and scolded such as ‘fool around with prostitutes’, ‘fucking around with people’. She seemed not to be embarrassed at all to her employees but her aggressive acts intended to ask everyone to mercy her by showing the bad side of her husband. Her husband often used his hands to protect his face with exclamation loudly, ‘Oh Jesus! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!’ He also wanted everyone to mercy him. During lunch breaks if her husband wasn’t in the restaurant, Jill liked talking about her husband’s philander to her employees; it was only one story she could talk for hours. They will hear the word ‘prostitute’ from her numerous times and they will also hear she repeated that ‘her mother taught her well, not to behave like a slut’ numerous times also. Man and woman have a different idea and things they love differently. Her husband, in contrast, really loved prostitutes. He had a reason to love prostitutes it was that Jill’s mother taught her too well and because of that she had never allowed her husband to touch her on bed!

Jill had many employees but one of her favorite employee named (in this story) ‘DeeDee’. DeeDee was a submissive woman but a smart woman. She liked flattering her boss because she knew that Jill loved every employee who could make her feel like a queen. Another reason that made Jill really trusted DeeDee was that, for Thai men DeeDee was considered an unattractive woman.

DeeDee was like a nearly-dead cat when she started working with Jill. She had never roughed to her co-workers but always replied with ‘yes’ with smiles so everyone loved working with her. However, a cat had a strategy to catch a prey by moving slowly, quietly until she got very close to her prey. DeeDee cruised with Jill’s husband discreetly without any notice from anyone.

One day DeeDee came to work in the restaurant as her normal schedule before Jill and Lou arrived. But what wasn’t normal was the nearly-dead cat now became a tiger! Sexual activity could change people overnight. She was very bossy to every employee, pointing fingers commanding people to do this and do that. One of the employees asked her—“are you a boss?” She replied—“You will know very soon. But not from my mouth!” One thing you could learn from here was that sexual activity could give a woman power. She could change her position from low to high by having sex with a powerful man, or even be above of him.

Soon after Jill found out, she was very upset. Now she was cheated by her favorite employee who was like her right hand. Even more upset to know that her husband saw this unattractive woman more attractive than her. Somehow, appearance wasn’t a matter as much as how she performed (on bed). Lou often complimented DeeDee to his close friends that she was very good in riding him! Unsatisfied sex life between a husband and a wife in the marriage was like a big hole between them that a wife accidentally gave an opportunity for another woman to move in. A way to close the hole was that because of having better technology nowadays men’s sexual knowledge had gone very far, women should also upgrade their sexual performance like men. One way to find partners to practice kinky sexual performance was to become a slut.

Jill immediately kicked DeeDee out of job and labeled her as a prostitute. However, it wasn’t a bad thing for DeeDee at all as she seemed to volunteer herself to walk out from her job because Lou bought a small restaurant for her.

Not too long there was a rumor that DeeDee had a child with Lou. One day DeeDee called Lou to come to his Child’s birthday party. Jill found out about it from one of her employees. She spied on him. She parked her car next to his car and waited quietly. Soon after she saw her husband came out from DeeDee’s apartment, she chased him and tried to slap his face. Lou ran quickly, got inside his car and drove away. When I heard about this story, there was something I didn’t really understand her was that ‘wasn’t she tried chasing her husband’, or ‘wasn’t she embarrassed to other people?’ If they didn’t love each other anymore, why didn’t they break up and move on their lives? Or was this actually her fantasy? Whatever reasons, Jill had never thought of filing for a divorce!

One day there was a Thai woman, named in this story ‘Moo’ moved from California to share a room in Jill’s house. Moo’s older sister knew Jill from Thailand so she asked for a place to live and a job for her younger sister. Jill took Moo to work in her restaurant. Like DeeDee, Moo was an unattractive woman, very submissive like a baby bird. Moo often said pitifully to other co-workers that she lived by herself in America and that she felt very fearful that she couldn’t survive. However, Jill really liked her as she worked very well. Even on the lunch breaks she never stopped working. Moreover, unlike many women, she wasn’t a person who loved spending extravagant but all of her income was put in her saving account.

In the same restaurant, Moo knew a Thai man named in this story ‘Ae’. Ae already had a very beautiful girlfriend who also worked for part-time job in the same restaurant. Any day Ae’s girlfriend didn’t come to work, Ae will flirt with Moo until their relationship went too far. People began to gossip about them.

One day Ae’s girlfriend came to the restaurant on a lunch break with a big butcher’s Knife as she heard about the rumor. She chased her boyfriend, tried to chop his head; Ae survived as he fled out of the restaurant. People couldn’t understand why Ae, who already had a very beautiful girlfriend, didn’t feel enough but dated Moo who was an unattractive woman. However, Ae explained later that ‘every dime his girlfriend made was sent to support her family in Thailand. He now got older everyday and wanted to own a business, having a good future like other people’. When men involved in sexual affairs, they often took the blame. Fairly, in some cases, women were the people who caused the problems.

At this point Jill was extremely happy as like her, marital problem also happened to other couples. On the other hand, Jill began to be worried as Moo still lived in her house. In case, if Moo couldn’t move out with Ae, she may next hook up with her husband as she had experience once with DeeDee. So, Jill tried very hard, before it was too late. She called every of her employees asking who could take Moo as a roommate.

Any day Moo and Ae didn’t work in the restaurant, Moo will take a bus to meet Ae. She will wait in front of his apartment building and called him out to meet her. She kissed and hugged him. Ae’s girlfriend and her other roommates watched out from the apartment's windows and yelled at her, “You are a slut! You are a bitch!” However, Moo didn’t care about the noises. Ae promised to her that not too long his girlfriend’s visa will be expired and he will send her home immediately.

Soon after Ae’s girlfriend was sent back to Thailand, Moo moved in with Ae. She was at the beginning like a baby bird, now the bird grew up as an eagle. As Ae was a manager at the restaurant, Moo began to act bossy and aggressive to other employees. Not too long, Ae used her savings to open a restaurant.

Jill had learned from Moo and other her husband’s women whom she called them prostitutes. Now she realized that keep chasing her husband was in vain. She changed her way by hooking up for sex with one of her employees who worked as a dishwasher. The dishwasher was many years younger than her. He had a nice body, unlike her husband. After Jill had sex with him, she did like her husband did to her. She told everybody proudly how fun it was in having sex with the dishwasher. She also told the dishwasher guy to tell his friends about their sexual affair. Now, the dishwasher gained more power. As Lou was so embarrassed to other people, he bought the dishwasher a second-hand car for asking him to stop talking about having sex with his wife and move out working somewhere else.

Jill still insisted to her idea that she won’t file for a divorce. Her husband still cried out but this time he did by himself, “Oh Jesus! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!”, with no need for her to slap her husband’s face anymore. This was because Jill, finally, had learned the most important lesson in her life. Somehow her mother’s lesson was too outdated. For this modern generation, Jill had realized that being an elegant woman wasn’t an ideal life for women but being a slut could turn the case over and put her in the win-win situation!

Have you ever thought—how long does it take for a woman to success in her career such as making money as a singer? It must take a long time, right? Or many never have a chance in their lives and no matter how hard they work, an opportunity may never come. How long does it take for a woman to save enough money to be able to open a business? I would say perhaps a few years if she squeezes very hard or otherwise she has to loan from a bank then start having a big debt. It may take a decade to pay off the loan, or if not, she has to prepare to contact a bankruptcy lawyer. How long does it take a woman to build up her muscles strong enough to do physical fight with men? It might take ten years for physical training and learning martial art. Moreover, for some women, they may also require taking supplementary. However, a shortcut, if she wants to become a slut to win all the competitions, she can start it as soon as ‘tomorrow’.

Cartoon story—"New Job"

At a strip club in Rhode Island, Uncle Dan has watched strippers’ performance for about an hour. Suddenly, his old friend, Uncle Jim, just walks in the club. They have known each other very well for a long time.

Uncle Jim: Hey, Dan, what a surprise here, my friend. You used to say all the time that you don’t like to come to a strip club, do you?

Uncle Dan: You’re right. But tonight is an exception. I really need to be here to say good-bye for all these girls.

Uncle Jim: Are you going to move away?

Uncle Dan: No! No! I still live here.

Uncle Jim: Why do you have to say good-bye to them?

Uncle Dan: You must miss the news. State of Rhode Island won’t license anymore for this type of business. Tonight is the last night for them to work.

Uncle Jim: Oh, My Goodness! Now, it must be me to move out to Vegas.

Uncle Dan: Don’t worry, Jim. State of Rhode Island has already prepared a new job for them to work.

Uncle Jim: Oh good! It’s heart broken to see these girls are out of job. But what kind of job they do next?

Uncle Dan: I don’t want to tell you right now. But tomorrow you come with me to their job site and we will take a look together how they perform.

Next day,

"All male electricians are now fired as they need truck cranes to get to the top pole. In this bad economy, electrical companies have no budget to buy truck cranes, however these girls don’t need one."

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