President Trump’s hush money

by Half-Lady Lisa

14 December 2018

New Year is near. Everyone is happy, except President Trump. His allegation, about the hush money paid to keep his story with the porn star, Stormy Danielle, secret now is louder and louder than jingle bells song. It puts him in the heat of the White House’s political climate change. No need to wear winter jacket.

In an interview: introduction by showing the photo of President Trump wearing the bright yellow shirt standing press against Stormy Danielle. His face is so overwhelmingly impressive that no one has ever seen this happy smiling face when he is with his wife.

Reporter: President, please tell the truth to American people. Do you know about the porn star’s payment to keep her from telling the story?

President Trump: No, I don’t.

Reporter: But your personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, says that you are also in the room during the discussion of the payment.

President Trump: That’s true.

Reporter: So, why don’t you know about the money?

President Trump: It’s because at the time I am not paying attention to the money.

Reporter: What do you pay attention to?

President Trump: To her boobs.

Reporter: What else do you remember that day?

President Trump: Nothing else I can remember, except her boobs. Look, Michael is the lawyer. He supposes to tell me if the payment violates the campaign law. That’s why client pays a lot of money to the lawyer.

Michael: I did. I tell you many times, the President. The hush payment is felony but you never listen to me. You only pay attention to her boobs.

Reporter: The President, do you admit committing crime?

President Trump: I never know I commit any crime. It’s not the hush money as everyone speaks out anyway. That’s payment I pay for her boobs.

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