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All Sides of America’s Politics


by Half-Lady Lisa

4 May 2019

In among people who are called 'immigrant', there is not one group but several composed of various groups and statuses. Usually put together into one group. In this part of my article I will categorize immigrants into two groups : people who have lived inside the country and people who strand at the border waiting to get in the country. Americans may think that when people are put in the same group as 'immigrant', they must love and support each other. Not necessary true and some may dislike each other (very much, perhaps). Like Americans who dislike immigrants by the reason that immigrants compete for jobs with citizens, in among immigrants it happens same case as citizens -- they also compete each other for the 'jobs Americans don't do'. As jobs are limited, when the numbers of immigrant workers are added up, immigrants in the country who already fill in the jobs now have to be worried to lose their jobs to new comers who often accept lower wages.

When Bill Clinton was President, it was the glorious time for immigrants. How difficult it is in getting a visa to come in the U.S. depends on each President. Americans may not understand the difficulty because they are free to travel any where in the world. For people from poor countries to get an American visa, they are required to show bank statement including perhaps, they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. But President Clinton was very lenient to immigrants to obtaining a visa at the time of his Presidency.

Among people who apply for a visa, there are mainly two groups of people. First is, people who come to spend money in America such as students and tourists. Students love spending money: buying car, paying for tutors, renting apartments, shopping for luxurious items, eating out at restaurants etc. These students are considered wealthy and wealthy students usually don't care much about having a good education. They use a reason to study aboard as an excuse to their parents. Actually the students want to stay away from parents and enjoy a long vacation. They just want to spend their money at nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, and having sex, where their parents can't complain or see them.

The second group is people who want to earn money; most have a low grade education. As the growth numbers of students and tourists, then restaurant businesses boom to serve wealthy kids. Some restaurants may be used as a meeting place, partying, drinking and dating with people same country. When restaurant businesses boom, they need workers, especially people who work in low paying jobs like dishwashers, cooks, waiters and waitresses. This includes groceries, shops and some companies may hire customer services who can speak their languages.

Therefore, both groups of immigrants: people who come to spend money and people who come to earn money, the numbers should be matched. When the numbers of people who spend money in America is higher than the numbers of people who want to earn money, likely Americans are easier convinced to accept immigrants. In contrast, when the numbers of people who want to come in to spend money in the country is reduced by the numbers of low paying workers, immigrants look ugly to Americans.

However, the economic success during President Clinton is still unclear whether it is because of his immigration policy alone or because he was lucky. During that period of time, many poor countries got loans from IMF (International Monetary Fund). People in poor countries become rich quickly by selling their lands to foreign investors to open factories in their countries. Therefore, they have ample money to spend on their children to study in America. America is a great place to study as people from poor countries are eager to learn new technology like computer sciences and medical education. America is a less expensive place to study English compare to England. Now, many countries have spent the IMF moneies. Even worst, many countries have realized economic failure since the Clinton years. Moreover, in the future America may have to lose huge numbers of people who want to spend money in the country such as students. As students come to learn new technologies in America, technologies are also available elsewhere over the world. In the future, America may not be the preferred place to come to study any longer.

President Clinton loved immigrants. His generosity gave amnesty to immigrants. I call it the 'last minute' amnesty. It's really the last minute that the green card process had to start during the Republicans Party when President Bush was in the office. Unfortunately, the September 11, 2001 tragedy happend. All the green card applications are subjected to deportation, including immigrants from the countries which never had any record of terrorism.

When talking about the amnesty, many Americans would think that all illegal immigrants are eligible. Americans may view only a picture of a professional worker that an American company will pay for the green card process such as lawyer fee. However, when it comes to low paying workers, it's more complicated than Americans would realize. In the restaurant business, for example, you can apply for a green card to only if you are a chef and manager, all other positions: dishwasher, wait table, cook, never have a chance to apply for a green card. Even for a chef, in many restaurants, owners may not want to apply for a green card.

The reason is that when a worker receives a green card today, s/he leaves their job immediately. No one wants to work in the 'jobs Americans don't do', even illegal immigrants but they have to do as they have no document to apply for a better job. Even worst, after a restaurant chef gets a green card, he may open the same restaurant business and compete with his ex-boss across street.

Another reason is that many business owners don't want to work with 'legal' immigrant workers. As bosses are often moody, sometimes they say something wrong to their workers, legal workers will bring their bosses to court. As long as immigrant workers are 'illegal', bosses can slap their faces and nothing is going to happen after that. These business owners / bosses are life-long Republicans and they always vote for the Republican Party but love working with 'illegal' immigrants very-very much.

However, as the amnesty comes like eclipse, to miss the opportunity means a long waiting time for the next. No kidding -- it comes like eclipse. You do the math: 8 years of President Bush, plus 8 years of President Obama and now is still unclear how long President Trump will be in the office but the Trump's amnesty would be a miracle. After President Trump, no one knows how the immigration laws would be changed. Some immigrants may die in America before receiving legal status.

Therefore, when the years of the amnesty approaches, all immigrants have to struggle very hard anyway they could to apply for a green card. Here is the question: which way the low-paying immigrant workers who is not eligible such as wait table, dishwasher, can do in struggling to apply for a green card? In this case, they will negotiate with their restaurant owner if they have good relationship with the owner. Then a dishwasher or waiter is filing for green card application as a chef (or manager).

However, as the owner has a risk to take, this absolutely isn't free. Some illegal immigrants may have to offer the restaurant owners up to $15,000 per one green card application -- as this offer is non-refundable, when the green card applicants are deported during the September 11 tragedy, it's like they are bankruptcy! Moreover, unlike American companies pay for lawyer fees for their workers, this is not in the case of the $15,000 illegal offer, when the workers must responsibly pay for all the fees by themselves; restaurant owners won't pay for anything.

Another case: there are many Americans who love hanging out with illegal immigrants because illegal immigrants often bring good luck to them. Illegal immigrants often have troubles with documents such as renting apartment or opening business.

American citizens will sign to open a business (most are restaurant business) for illegal immigrants to run. In the official documents, American citizens are the owners by law, but in reality illegal immigrants invest and run the businesses. Illegal immigrants may offer the loyalty such as $500 per month to the citizen who doesn't need to do anything. Think -- if a citizen signs to open 10 restaurants for 10 illegal immigrant owners, the citizen will get paid $5,000 each month for doing nothing.

Now, the citizen will live like a millionaire (without million dollars) because each restaurant pay lots of income taxes and all kinds of taxes. The citizen can use this credit to loan bank to buy luxurious home, car for himself and buy apartment building for illegal immigrants to rent. You may choose to blame illegal immigrants that don't pay taxes, but actually they may pay more than you expect.

Here is a quick story: A father and son open a restaurant together. They live as illegal immigrants so an American citizen signs all the documents for them. To open a small restaurant may cost around $30,000 - $40,000. It isn't much money to live in America but it is a 'million baht' in Thailand. This money can buy a luxurious home or save for a good retirement. This father and son sell everything they own in their country then transfer money to open a restaurant. They hope, they will live in America for the rest of their lives.

When President Clinton gives the 'last minute' amnesty, the son is put on the green card application as a chef but actually the father is the real chef. The restaurant income tax is not enough to apply for two. As the father speaks no English, he hopes that when his son gets a green card, they both can transfer all the documents to the son then they will officially own the title. Unfortunately, the September 11 also becomes their tragedy. This is another case of bankruptcy! Even though father and son are the real owner, by law they are only employees. If son is deported, father is unable to operate the business by himself.

The money they transfer to open the restaurant is everything in their lives. The money is sent to build America's economy. It pays for construction workers and contractor for the restaurant's renovations, pays for grocery, utility bills and phone bills, pays for taxes and pay for hiring workers. When Americans blame illegal immigrants in working without paying taxes, they don't know the truth that many illegal immigrants actually work hard to feed many citizens.

The economic loss at the end of the Bush's term would be the karma of America. Think like government puts everyone in the country on a big balloon. Then on the September 11, the balloon is caught on fire so the balloon is free falling to the ground.

Massive deportation is to cut off big numbers of workers and businesses and all these workers and businesses that are on the green card application must have played an important role in America's economy, otherwise they can't apply for green card. Moreover, many students and tourists who want to come in to spend money in the country are denied visas. Think -- workers who work to build America's economy are deported and people who want to come in to spend money can't get in the country -- what is going to happen? It's a quick impact to the country's economy. Many businesses quickly lose their customers. It happens quickly until many businesses have no time to adjust themselves to settle at a new level of economy. The free falling balloon is not the same as you come down from the top floor to the ground by elevator moving down and stop floor by floor so you can have time to adjust yourself at a new level at a time.

You may think that your business has nothing to deal with immigrants so the massive deportation would not impact your business. In the country, all businesses are connected as a chain. Think -- don't tigers, as carnivores, have to worry about the disappearing of vegetation? Consequently, it will cause the massive loss of the herbivorous animals which are fed the tigers. Some restaurants like Brazilian restaurants used to have a lot of customers and musicians play music in the restaurants, then suddenly they lose their businesses. Some doctors, lawyers, dental clinics who rely on immigrant clients / patients also lose businesses quickly.

Immigrants who are deported never speak out so government may not know how they affect to economy. Massive deportation is not a joke that President can say to kid people. However, Americans may think another way that if all immigrant workers are deported, factories will hire more American workers. But what's about this case -- if factories think that government bothers their businesses too much, why don’t the entire factories move out of the country. One factory doesn't hire only low paying immigrant workers; it also hires American workers to work in high management levels such as engineers, marketers, manager.

Moreover, most parts of the money pay to immigrant workers in the country return to America's economy through apartment rental fee, food cost, transportation, etc. But all every dollar sent to open a factory in China only feeds Chinese's economy as well as all American workers in high management levels lose jobs.

However, the immigration crisis, especially in this generation, one part is the developed countries' responsibility. The technologies that developed countries invent to the world, goes too fast. It's fast enough to believe that developed countries try to run away from poor countries. This generation’s technology is not something like car invention. My father can learn how to drive as well as people around the world regard less to their education levels but my father can not learn how to use computer and internet. He can use a flip flop phone, but now is the generation of smart phone he is unable to understand it.

Moreover, the technologies such as internet access and computer programs are very expensive for people in poor countries to afford. Even Americans, many of them can't afford to pay the costs of technologies. But now all parts of people's lives are on the internet -- and undeniably it changes the way the entire world does businesses today.

Guess that technologies of the future would be more and more complicated but my father's generation isn't over yet. The technologies go very fast that young children may have keep coming back to school every decades after graduated -- don't need to think about how poor countries do just to catch up people in developed countries. This causes people in poor countries, especially the ones who have less education feel they are dumber and dumber everyday than they actually are.

You use to be an expert the job you do until the new technologies arrive, you begin to not know what you do. A person, who graduated in graphic design long time ago, tells me his story. By the time Photoshop program is very new in Thailand and it's difficult to use unlike today and computer price is unaffordable. He presents his work to a company. The company mocks him that his work is old fashion based on the reason that other people start using Photoshop to present their works but what the world he lives in, still do hand-drawing / painting?

Technological knowledge creates an unfair opportunity. Wealthy children who are graduated from Western countries then go back to their countries have more opportunity to get better jobs than kids who are graduated in poor countries. To catch up developed countries, it urges more people in poor countries want to migrate into developed countries.

Another case, America often use promotions to raise issues up. For example, 'Jobs Americans don't do'. Do you feel embarrassed -- in working as a dish washer, janitor? You should be. Politicians and activists build a new image for these jobs to look ugly. Then the country has to bring more immigrants to come in to work. You ask your grandparents, I think, they do these jobs when they are young. Now, 'jobs Americans don't do' should be changed to -- 'there is no job Americans don't do because now Americans do every job'.

'Land of Opportunity'. Every immigrant thinks that soon after they step foot in America -- in the 'land of opportunity', they will be very rich. So, to come in America is like a shortcut to success -- but it isn't true. The 'Land of Opportunity' should be changed to -- 'every land has opportunity. But the opportunity is the thing you have to struggle very hard to earn it'.

The new immigration system in the country

As often heard loud complaint by citizens that immigrants don't pay tax, to solve this problem now immigrants should pay income tax to stop the complaint. I divide immigrants' income taxes in two categories based on jobs. First category is 'jobs Americans don't do'. And second category is 'jobs Americans also do'.

For the first category the 'Jobs Americans don't do', as they are low paying jobs such as farmers, janitors, dish washers, etc. Immigrants will pay -- '10 cents for every 10 dollars made'. I don't know how much is considered a fair rate but let use this number first -- '10 cents for every 10 dollars made'. It can be a quarter for every 10 dollars made or a dollar for every 10 dollars made. But keep in mind one thing, illegal immigrants who work in low paying jobs don't get pay much so if government charges them too much, they can't survive, especially they don't get same benefits as citizens like tax returns. This illegal immigrants' income tax is considered given away money. How this illegal immigrant’s income tax can be collected?

On the paycheck, it's already deducted Medicare / Medicaid, state tax, federal tax. Now, there is an additional deduction for income tax -- 10 cents for every 10 dollars made.

The second category -- 'jobs both Americans and immigrants do', such as office workers, technicians, construction workers, truck drivers, etc. Same to the first category, there will be an additional deduction for income tax on their paychecks. The immigrants' income tax rates will be calculated from the average income tax rates Americans pay which suppose to be higher than the first category -- plus 2% higher than average Americans' income tax rate. Why immigrants have to pay 2% higher tax than Americans? This is to stop the complaint that immigrants send money back home. Well, they have people back home to take care so the 2% extra tax is paid to government to compensate the money sent out of the country.

In addition, the 2% extra income tax can be used as a key to control numbers of immigrants. If the numbers of immigrants who work in the country grow too high, government can raise the 2% extra to 5% or 10% higher tax than average citizens' income tax. Now immigrants will complain like Americans complain to government that 'America tax hike! No. No, I don't want to work in America.'

Why do immigrants have to pay tax?

As immigrants don't receive same government's benefits as citizens, to pay tax is to exchange with legal status.

At the end of the year, immigrants are required to file tax paper to IRS like all citizens do. But they don't need to pay anything else because employers will take responsible to send immigrants’ income tax to the IRS. The tax paper filed by immigrants is to notify the IRS that they already pay tax through their employers including the amount they pay so employers can not cheat government by putting the money in their personal accounts.

Next, immigrants will have to collect the copy of their tax papers for 10 years or a certain amount required by government such as 5,000 dollars -- this is only the suggested number as I don't know which numbers citizens think fair to both citizens and immigrants. 'Jobs Americans don't do' may require less amount of income tax than 'jobs Americans do'. Look -- as immigrants has to pay back tax anyway when applying for a green card, why not pay now? All immigrants who are already in the country before President announces the program are eligible. Both Republicans and Democrats have to confirm that this will not happen again as in the case of the September 11. Immigrants who luckily sneak in after the announcement of the program and luckily get a job are not eligible yet but still have to pay income tax and wait until the next round is opened. The second round will be started counting after the President announces.

In addition to the immigrants' the 10-year income tax program, the ones who pay less as incomes are too low may have to extend time to 12 or 15 years or longer, while the ones who pay high tax such as business owner may take shorter time to apply for legal status. Although, immigrants have now paid tax, they are still considered illegal immigrants but have the rights to work and live in the U.S. with no need to flee from ICE police late night door slamming. Next, with no serious crime in the past 10 years, at the year 10th, they can apply for a green card by themselves with no need to ask employers to sign paper works because the IRS holds the records of their employers. To ask employers to apply for a green card for a worker as in the old system can hurt the employer-worker relationship. Think -- if the deny happens, a boss would have negative attitude toward his worker because boss may think that the worker may be upset and try to quit job or give poor job performance to retaliate.

The immigration system of the past doesn't work well. First, only jobs American do can apply for a green card while dish washers, janitors have no rights to apply for a green card -- this isn't fair because a janitor may open a business and success one day. Second, the new system is to eliminate the illegal offer $15,000 under table to employer as discussed prior. Third, as legal immigrants complain that it is unfair to them for illegal immigrants cut the line from the back to the front. Ten years road to green card should be enough time that the line from the back supposes to move to the front. Now, everyone is on the same line. And fourth, tax paid paper can be an official document to rent apartment and open bank accounts -- this will help immigrants to become independent from their community.

Driver License and ID

If the government still believes that no any country wants to lose auto factories to other countries because it creates many jobs for the country, government should also believe that to sell more cars build economy to the country.

Now, illegal immigrants can't get a driver license by a bogus reason that is to "stop terrorists". Most terrorists are not illegal immigrants but they are citizens and legal immigrants. The Boston bombers, for example, had green cards and all the time they lived in the country, they were legal. Las Vegas hotel shooter is a citizen. School shooters kill more citizens than Muslim terrorists but President Trump doesn't seem concern about gun laws.

Violence from guns in many Black communities like in Chicago has killed more citizens than terrorists but President Obama doesn't seem concern about. It's easier to label all illegal immigrants with the terror reason than telling the truth that citizens are jealous at immigrants who own cars because it's a sign of going to have a good life. Poor should be poor forever and slave should be labeled for whole life. This is the same case as the discrimination against Blacks. Look -- long before, Blacks work as slaves to service White people.

Now, thing has changed -- Blacks have rights to sit in the restaurants for White waiters to serve food for them. As White citizens are jealous and shameful so to prevent all Whites to be shameful and lose faces, why not create laws to limit their rights! This is how the anti and discrimination comes to society.

Normally, a driver license is for citizens, font colors will be black and blue. For immigrants' driver license, the government doesn't need to redesign the license. Keep everything the same. Only change font colors to different colors such as brown so it will be obviously seen by police without asking for the person's status. In addition, government can add in a corner or under photo that 'Not A U.S. Citizen' or add country of origin such as 'country of origin: Mexico'.

Next, unlike citizens' driver license has 5 years expired, immigrants' driver license is required to renewed 'each year'. Government can charge extra fee such as between $100 - $150 renewal fee / year. To charge immigrants high renewal fee per year and per license gives huge new revenue for government. This can be used, for example, to help pay big debts caused by the public transportations: subway trains and busses. Or why have to worry about terrorists, when the new revenue can be used to buy cutting-edge technologies for public security.

Americans don't need to care whether the high renewal fee is fair or unfair to immigrants. Ask yourself -- how much the fee is fair to Americans in order to stop complaining? Because if Americans think that immigrants pay less unfairly, they won't stop complaining and the problem will never be solved -- then finally immigrants are banned from driving like it happens now.

Many immigrants need to drive to work, especially living in suburban there is no public transportation. Some jobs need a worker who can drive to pick up other workers and send them back home at the end of the day so a boss doesn't need to do this job -- in this case jobs can pay the driver license fee for workers. Some immigrants drive Uber / Lyft cars, they can come up with money to pay for the license fee. Think like this -- government gives an exit door, even though the fee is high but if it's important for them, they can find way to pay. But if government imposes a ban, immigrants have no way to survive so they have to buy a fake id -- that's ever worst.

Some immigrants stay in America for a short time such as students who may study for two or four years or on temporary work visa so these people may not pay excise tax and parking violations before they leave the country. These become the cities' bad debts. The high renewal fee per year for immigrants' driver license should cover these unpaid debts. To renew a driver license each year immigrants have to pay off excise tax and parking violations year by year. In case they immediately leave the country, debts will go less.

Next, immigrants' driver license can include finger prints -- this is for the public safety.

To committing a serious crime can be banned to get a driver license. 'Serious crime' means crime that has victim. For example, you punch someone's face, this is a serious crime. Also it can be illegible for the 10-year program road to green card. Driving passes red light, if no one gets hit, is not considered a serious crime because it has no victim. Once immigrant commits serious crime, judge, not ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Police, will make the decision whether the person should be deported? If the person will be deported, Homeland Security officer will deport a person after sentence. Local police arrest everyone who commits crime as it is their jobs regardless to the person's immigration status or citizenship. There is no need to contact ICE Police, because now the status and information of the immigrants shown on the id and in the police's computer records. When government create ICE Department, ICE Police have to search for job records to show government. To search for job records to show government unnecessary means that crime is occurred in every case. Some cases are so stupid but ICE Police just put together adding up numbers of cases to show government so they can keep their jobs for long. To shrink the size of ICE is to help government cut this unnecessary spending bill, according to the Republicans' small-government policy.

All immigrants should have an ID, or driver license. Without having an ID, the government can't prove who they are, especially when they move from one state to another states, disappearing like ghost. How does the government know the real numbers of immigrants when they never have any information recorded with government? Once immigrants have records, government can track their activities. When an illegal immigrant commits crime, the person's record can help police find a suspect. Otherwise, the criminal may run out of the country, police still don't know who the person is.

To have an ID, immigrants can buy drinks, go to nightclubs and open bank account to save money in the country rather than sending all back home. To buy one car means the car owner has to pay for insurance, gas, AAA, garage for services, inspection, etc. To ban immigrants to drive, it affects all these businesses including taxi business, Uber / lyft drivers. Insurance and AAA can give discount rates when they have large numbers of customers. American customers alone are not enough to make America to become a big market. Adding numbers of immigrants in the market helps America becomes a big market. To limit their ways to spend money, such as to ban their driver license, immigrants only save money and send back home.

Chain migration visa

The chain migration visa is important. People who migrate to America want to live as a family. But a family doesn't mean the entire town as in some cultures people of the entire village are considered as one family. Chain migration visa should limit members to one single family. For example, a father can apply to his wife and children -- but not include relatives, cousins, aunt and uncle, grandchildren. If a father chooses to apply for his mother and father to come to America, he can not apply for his wife and children -- so he has to choose only one line that is most important. To have a few family members is enough to stop the loneliness. No one wants to live alone in another country because sometimes the person gets sick and needs help. In addition, cost of living in America is considered high. A person may need other family members to share spending as the income of one person is so limited.

In the case of terrorists: if a person becomes a terrorist, the entire family members who apply for green cards on the same chain migration application must be deported. This also includes some family members who already become citizen, their citizenships will be stripped off. Government can't know whether who is good guy or bad guy? Only the family members should know their people. Except one case that a family member reports the suspicious activity of a member to police before crime occurs. A person is defined as terrorist doesn't mean 'after' the crime is committed by the person but terrorism starts at the idea. If a person chooses to travel to another country to join a terrorists' camp, it would affect the legal status of all the family members who are on the same chain migration application. Think -- as many terrorists prepare to commit suicide, they are not afraid to die but they would be more worried that their acts cause the people left behind (especially wife and children) live more difficult.

As there are high level of terrorists, most are in the case of anti Western's cultures, all ambassadors around the world should tell all visa applicants the new updated laws. It can be just a page long, for example now America accepts gay rights. And if the visa applicant has children born in America, s/he will teach kid to accept America's culture -- something like these. Any sentence / words the visa applicants don't understand, there is also the translation version. Then ask them to sign to accept so they can't cite to the unfitted cultures or Western's cultures harm their religion. Once they sign, they will keep in mind all the time that the Western's culture can't be the reason to cause violence anymore because no any religion teaches people to lie just to get visas. This is to eliminate 'culture shocked' when religious people see two gay men kissing at the airport.

Official Language

I agree with Republicans to have English as an official language. But the Republicans have to understand that it can't happen tomorrow or the next year. How long will it take an American to learn a new language? In a year? The 10-year program road to green card I suggest early, would give enough time. The year 10th, when immigrants are ready to apply for a green card, they must use English. Why is that? If they can't speak English, they can't apply for citizenship -- then again their lives are blocked at green card. Moreover, to learn English help immigrants able to find a better job, especially jobs outside their communities. Government can help them, for example to provide free English program at libraries as now not too-many people use libraries. Ask local churches for help -- Sunday English program.

Community colleges can provide cheap tuitions for English as a second language. Immigrants' English classes should be more focused on subjects they often use in everyday life such as basic sexual harassment law, how to ask for help and direction, etc. I know a person who doesn't know even A B C. When she takes subway trains from home to work, she counts the stations. In the case like this, is bad for the country.

When a person can't speak English, the person has to rely their shopping only at their countries' grocery stores because s/he is afraid to communicate with American sellers. Some things immigrants can find in American's stores such as soap, shampoo, but they still have to buy their countries' imported products. Immigrants import everything from their countries, that's one of the reasons causes America loses trades.

The US-Mexico Issue

The Southern border is the responsibility of both Mexico and America. As the problems has occurred, one suggestion to solve the long-term problem, America should ask Mexico a permission for U.S.'s border patrols to move forward on the Mexico side 5 - 10 miles for example -- this area will be called as a 'grey zone'. America has to explain to Mexico to understand that the 'grey zone' is not created to shrink Mexico's land. The land is still owned by Mexico. If the violence stops and Mexico want to end the grey zone, America has no right to dispute. All the decision is up to Mexico.

It is created to prevent the violence to reach the border so that people who live along the border sleep well at night. Next, as it is the responsibility of both countries, both Mexico's and America's border patrols have to work together. Mexico border patrols can help a lot in this case as they would know their people and their routes very well. By working together, both countries can have opportunity to learn and exchange technological knowledge and techniques.

Once violence stops, the grey zone can give benefits to both countries. Besides it is a place for the world military school, it can be a new city with workplaces and factories. Think -- a company can build a factory in the grey zone for low paying Mexican workers and an office for high management level on the America side. Parts of the production process produced in the grey zone will follow Mexico's laws: Mexican's pay rates and benefits while an office on America side will follow America's laws. Finished products from the grey zone are easily transferred across the bridge to America. This way Americans don't lose all the jobs to Mexico as it happens today that factories moved to Mexico are built far away from the border. Americans who work in high management levels like engineers, manager, may not want to move to live in Mexico. The grey zone projects can help Americans workers live in Texas or Arizona then drive to work in Mexico day to day. In case factories send American workers to inspect the jobs in Mexico, they just walk across the bridge to Mexico.

As high educational people move into the area, crime will be reduced by itself. In the grey zone, there can be shopping mall, theaters, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, condos and apartments. Perhaps, South America immigrants in the U.S. may want to move back home to live in the grey zone. Parents live there and send children to study at the world military school. After immigrant children are graduated, they can get a job over there. To build a new city creates many jobs and increase economy to both countries more than building a wall. To build a wall to block people means zero business.

Even better than that, to support North America free trade, America's products produced in the grey zone can be labeled as 'Made in USM' (U.S.-Mexico). The 'Made in USM' can be a new, hot label. However, before this idea can be realized, first to do is America and Mexico police / border patrols have to find way to work together and clear the land to be a livable land.

In addition, the 'grey zone' idea allows Americans to visit doctors and hospitals and buy medicines outside the U.S. Insurance doesn't cover everywhere in Mexico, except in the grey zone. The result -- the costs of doctors and hospitals in America go down as facing the competitions from outside. As the grey zone follows Mexico's laws, Americans are allowed to buy drugs and medical treatments which are legal in Mexico although they are banned in America.

For example, Americans are allowed to use steroid in the grey zone but not be allowed to smuggle into America. Silicones in plastic surgery. But keep in mind that lawsuits for medical malfunction must be base on Mexico's laws as well. In case, some medical treatments and drugs are legal in Mexico America thinks has high risks, America has to negotiate with Mexico's government to raise the standard up in the same time Mexico also has to convince America why its standard is good enough for practicing. Finally, in the end both countries will come to the middle point.

Sometimes America has to learn systems from other countries to see why other countries can do things so cheap while all America-made are so expensive. If this succeeds, there can be another grey zone at the U.S.-Canada's border. Like Mexico's grey zone, insurances will not cover for everywhere in Canada, except in the grey zone. It gives more options for Americans' patients as drugs from Canada are cheaper than from the U.S. This will make North America free trade stronger when the negotiations of the three countries' governments can go beyond trade agreements.

How do immigrants build America?

The new income tax collected from immigrants is considered a new source of income government has never collected before. So, what this new government's income is proposed for? -- This new government's income can be used to solve the ObamaCare.

As the problem occurs when the pre-existing condition is included in the healthcare. Then insurance companies have to require government to mandate everyone in the country to pay for health insurance. The government can't mandate people when the cost of healthcare is $400 - $500 a month at least. This is considered a lot of money for many families. The government can mandate if it costs like 5 bucks 10 bucks a month.

Healthcare should be separated into two parts: healthcare and pre-existing condition. The part of healthcare alone has been in the country for long time and it has no problem. By taking the pre-existing condition (the part of healthcare which causes the healthcare chaos) out of the healthcare, now healthcare will go back to normal without government mandates. Then use the new source of government's income collected from immigrants' income tax funds only the 'pre-existing condition'. Now, people will get healthcare with no government mandate, plus the pre-existing condition is available for everyone who needs.

Now, the country can be united. Healthcare will protect immigrants and immigrants will protect Americans' healthcare. Knowing that immigrants help to build America, and now immigrants also help Americans to have good health. It will be no joke anymore if any President promotes anti immigrants during campaign with the massive deportation to win election because it would jeopardize Americans' good health.

All of the ideas I create I never bother people to pay more taxes and I never ask the top one percent to pay more shares. I think of the full process. I start from the beginning where the money comes from to fund the project. I want all politicians to think like I think. When politicians think easy way by just offering benefits, the ideas they create can be repealed very easy like the ObamaCare as an example and fighting in the country. People who used to get benefits are very angry to lose benefits after new President is in the office when their registration is repealed. If politicians want to cut their opponents' spending to fund their new benefits, make sure that voters understand how the cut affect their lives before they vote.

As America is the world leading country, the ideas America created to solve America's problems should inspire the world with ways other countries can also adapt to solve their countries' problems as well. To build a wall only favors a few states along the border. Although, wall has many functions. Wall can be used to block two countries of enemies. Wall can be used as tourists' spot like the Great Wall of China. Wall can be cut into pieces for restrooms and homes' decoration like the Berlin Wall. But Wall is not the answer for friends and allies.

For immigrants, to be able to live peacefully and be able to move life forward, it's time they have to sacrifice something for the country. To have a better life is not only to make money. But it's also an opportunity to learn new cultures, opportunity to try new kinds of food, opportunity to learn new language and opportunity to make new friends -- and these are also a part of having a better life.

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