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Finding Mr. Right in Khao Wong-Krot

by Half-Lady Lisa

May 26, 2015

A very long time ago, when I lived in Thailand, I had many gay male friends who we often shared stories of sexual experiences together. They liked finding sex in gay bathhouse. Not only was it popular among Thai gay men, there were many gay male tourists who also liked taking shower in the house rather than in their hotels’ bathtubs. Based on what they described to me, in the bathhouse there were sauna, Jacuzzi for public shower and there were many small rooms, a size of a jail cell, available for private sex for one who was lucky to be picked. But many who were not (or never be) picked whether whatever reasons such as having unattractive appearances or too feminine as most gay men looked for muscular men, may not want to renew their memberships. And especially, majority of customers were unattractive, it would cause the bathhouse’s business was in jeopardy. Therefore, to solve customers’ sexual desperation, the bathhouse had a smart idea in providing what they called—‘Khao Wong-Krot’ (a final chance in hooking up); it’s a satisfaction guarantee for every customer regardless on how attractive and feminine they were, must get having sex before home. It worked! When every customer felt that they got something done worth for the entrance’s fee.

Khao means mountain. Wong-Krot means sinuous routes to get into the mountain. It is a very dark room; I mean pitch-dark. Because inside the room has no electrical power, gay customers have to move slowly, grope along the wall until a hit on someone stops them. Next they slowly move their hands off the wall to touch the person’s face and body then they view the person through their senses of imagination. The idea of the Khao Wong-Krot is to eliminate the difficulty in hooking up someone for sex. As people see each other too clear in every single detail, it causes them take time too long in making a decision and especially if they have to compare one choice to others, particularly their nature gay men are very picky when they have to select their sex partners. The problem is solved when the ease comes with the darkness; the true image of a person is erased then the imagination repaints the person into a new artistic model to be replaced.

Here is the most important thing: in case you go to the bathhouse with a group of friends, before walking into Khao Wong-Krot, to avoid incest sex (gay men use the term ‘incest sex’ as slang, means that having sex in among friends who they are not sexually attractive to each other; it can happen by accident or intoxication) everyone in your group needs to have a secret code and they must not forget the code. As Khao Wong-Krot is a quiet place, rather than speaking to disturb other people’ business, a trick which most customers employs to solve the noisy problem is to greet each other with the first touch on each other’s bodies for example two people touch each other’s both ears first means that they are in the same group then they will choose to grope away from each other quickly, continue their road trip to find who else are in this mountain.

One of my gay male friends told me that he wasn’t picky at all. His way—if he groped a butt and he couldn’t find a tail, means that the person was sexable. Irony, did he really need to grope someone’s butt when there was no animal live in Khao Wong-Krot.

Now you know the conceptual idea of Khao Wong-Krot. I will stop it at this point then we will come back again later to find a way to get out of this mountain.

A very long time ago, in America, I met a man who told me about his job, I was very surprised, that he worked as an escort. What was surprised me very much was that he was a muscular heterosexual man and his clients, instead of being gay, were also heterosexual men, especially most of them were married. You may think that he must be misunderstanding about his clients’ gender because men who hired a muscular male escort supposed to be all gay. He told me that he provided a domination fantasy to his clients who were extremely submissive. As this type of clients loves to be beaten up and tortured near dead, they found that female dominatrix couldn’t provide a realistic performance as tough as aggressive men. However, although his tough performance was his clients’ main interest, in sexual fantasy an attractive appearance and a specific gender of their sex partners couldn’t be written off. Next, he described about his service: his face was fully covered with a black mask which opened only eyes and his entire body was also covered with black clothes. Color choice of his outfits was also important; black presented the toughness like dominatrix often wore black leather or latex. Now, I got it. In this case, his clients were sexually turned on only by his action. His action was right but his gender wasn’t right for his straight male clients. To cover his body and face was to hide his male gender identity.

At this point, do you find the similarity between the case of the male escort and the gay men in the Khao Wong-Krot? For the male escort, concealing his entire gender’s appearance is in the same way as gay men are having sex in the darkroom. However, the contradiction is that as most gay men are too feminine to be sexual attraction among them, the darkness is used to conceal their act. In this case, the gender’s appearance is right as everyone has a male body but action isn’t right.

Believe or not, many straight men don’t know (or not sure) about their sexuality and sexual fantasy. As I said that I believe that many people will completely disagree with me—who doesn’t know that straight men like having sex with women and they know well how to treat women in bed. But believe me, it’s true.

Before jumping into the next gist, first, let compare gay and straight men’s sexuality. If asking gay men that which type of men turn them on, they can tell exactly the image of their sex partners: how feminine/masculine, smooth/hairy, big muscle/slim build, etc. Moreover, they don’t change their type through out their lives. Next, if someone tells them about a perverse fantasy, without any experience gay men know exactly whether they would like it or not. And in case they don’t like it, they are never curious about or intrigue or change mind over time to like it.

Straight men’s sexuality is completely different. In general, straight men have sex with women is like the first step entering in Khao Wong-Krot. Throughout their lives, the gender of their sex partners may change every milestone. Some have sex with transgender, transvestite, feminine men, etc after marriage to a woman. Some used to experience having sex with their male roommate in college then after marriage they forget about having sex with men, then the idea wheels back again at a certain time of their lives. Many men discover that actually they like having sex with transgender in their retirement ages. Some ask their transgender partner that does she know a man she can bring him to join in—“I just want to know that would I like having sex with men or not,” they often say like this as they really don’t know what exactly they like unless they have experience. Many young men make mistake picking up a transgender home, then being aggressive and violent over their gender; this happens all the time to many transgenders. However, although it’s a mistake, the transgender’s image is never gone but grow with time until they have a chance to try again one day and become addicted to having sex with transgender. Moreover, based on my observation, straight men, who take drug (or used to take), heavy smoking or drinking, are easily to change the gender of their sex partners often based upon the level of addiction but this don’t happen with gay men who have drinking and smoking problem. Next, many straight men don’t know or mistake about their sexual fantasy. Unlike gay men, when straight men hear someone talks about sexual fantasy (or watch from porn movies) which they have never experienced once, they will be inspired and intrigued about trying it. Without any experience, they can’t tell whether they would like it or not. Some don’t like it today then they may want to try it again in the next ten years and love it. It seems like gay men’s sexuality is fully developed but straight men’s sexuality is still in Khao Wong-Krot.

Now gets into the main point. Some straight men often say when hiring an escort—“I don’t know what is going on in my head”. This type of straight men experiences having sex with variety of genders through escort ads or casual encounters but still unsure which gender satisfies them in bed the most. They start from having sex with women but it isn’t supreme. Next, they try having sex with transgender women but still not sure. The last they end up having sex with gay men. Only with gay men, it happens commonly that before the sexual session starts, what straight men often request their gay male sex partners to do is to ask them to wear women’s panties. As gay men don’t understand this straight men’s nature, they often mock them that they lie to themselves, actually they are closet gay. Indeed, men have sex with men supposes to be gay. However, this case is exceptional; they actually don’t lie to their gender. Asking their male sex partners to wear women’s panties isn’t to pretend to be straight as gay men thought but it is because the gay men’s gender’s appearance isn’t exactly right for their fantasy. You may think that if a man wants to have sex with another man, he supposed to like all his male sex partner’s packages but in some case it isn’t necessary. Gay men may think that if straight men don’t like a penis, it’s funny that why do they choose to have sex with men? Think again—if a man wants to have sex with another man but he doesn’t like a penis, what his sex partners could possible be? Can their sex partner be transmen—a female-to-male transgender; someone who looks exactly like a man but having a vagina? As transmen never present in their lives, and as their straight men's nature, unlike gay men, to understand about their sexuality can’t happen spontaneously, they have to make a long search, having sex with all genders in escort service but they still don’t know which type of a person satisfies them in bed the most. Moreover, I never see transmen in escort ads so where to hook up with them is hard for straight men to know, and especially most transmen prefer to have female sex partners. Sexuality is difficult and complicated to understand. Men in this case believe that they are not gay as they love a vagina but they can’t find the answer why do they imagine having sex with other men all the time. Some keep knocking their heads to the wall with say—“I don’t know what is going on in my head,” as they really don’t understand their sexuality, “I know I like a pussy but why I see men’s picture in my head all the time.” About perverse sexual fantasy, who isn’t embarrassed to consult with others? Some become worried that they might be gay or people might think they are gay so they act extremely aggressive and violent every time male images reveal in their heads when they are horny; then acting aggressive and violent often times becomes their behaviors.

Next, I know an Asian couple. A girlfriend tells me that she really wants to have big breasts as Asian’s chest is too flat, resembles to men’s chest. However, her boyfriend doesn’t want her do breast implants. But this is not because they can’t afford the surgery. Moreover, her boyfriend wants her to have a short hair style all the time. In her case, her female demeanor, the move like a female, is only the thing her boyfriend wants to see from her but her feminine appearance isn’t right for him. He may be sexually attractive to a man who acts feminine such as transvestite. If her boyfriend tells her to cover her body from head to toe, open only eyes for the rest of her life, she would feel like being tortured and humiliated. Luckily Asian’s appearances between male and female are not much different. So to remain her flat chest and cutting off her hair can simply convince him that she becomes another gender.

Man and Woman, each has one image then variety of gender comes when each part of the two genders is swapped. Not only do straight men search for the right gender of their sex partners, straight women should be as well.

Normally, many women don’t like a penis—I think I’m right about it. Here is a story—an Asian woman was curious to know what a penis looked like as she had never seen in her life. One day her gay friend brought a porn magazine to show her. After she viewed it, she passed out on the floor. She said that penis resembled to a baby chick which she was really scared of. She was scared of something which was hairy, pulse skin; a penis also pulsed. Many women who were scared of bird or chicken were also scared of a penis. However, this woman wasn’t a lesbian. As she was scared of a penis, she was afraid to marry. In this case, I think, a transman may be a perfect choice for her. Like straight men do, women also should open up their opportunity to explore having sex with variety of genders. It can happen at the beginning that you may feel uncomfortable having sex with other genders because you are not familiar with a new body’s type. Later, you will get used to. Look—if a woman consults her husband about women’s health problem, he may not understand her problem as much as if she consults with her transman husband. A woman tells her husband to penetrate her softly as her vagina is so painful, her husband would not understand how pain it is. Women don’t understand why men are so horny all the time; men also don’t understand why women can have sex only once in a while. Moreover, transmen may know how to treat women better than biological men.

There is a woman, I call her in this story N. In high school N often consulted with her gay male friends that she was worried about getting married. She said that she was scared of a penis very much. After graduated, many years past, N came back to see her gay male friends again and surprised them with her wedding card. She said that after graduated she worked as a nurse where she saw men naked everyday as she had to clean their bodies. Now, she sees a penis like she sees arms and legs. She isn’t scared of a penis anymore so she decides to get married.

To find Mr. Right in the bright world, first, you have to get out of Khao Wong-Krot to understand the nature of your sexuality and knowing ‘who you are exactly’.

I have a picture of a person in black. How you want that person move, like a man or woman? Feminine act or masculine act? And how feminine/masculine should be?

Next, if I remove the cover on the face, what you expect to see? A man’s face or a woman’s face? How masculine/feminine of the face? Smooth with clean shave or hairy?

If I remove the cover on the chest, what you expect to see? Flat chest or woman’s breasts? Hairy chest? What cup size: small or large? Some men love small tits but some love oversized tits.

The last part, is a penis or vagina really matter for you? A big or small penis? Hairy or smooth?

Finally, you don’t feel embarrassed to accept your partner, no matter how s/he looks like because the embarrassment will put you in the darkness forever.

Cartoon story—Half Section Service

“Hi, everyone. This is my first video on YouTube. Please do no flag me. It had taken me quite long in making a decision to post this video because I am a very shy person.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Beck. But most people know me as Mr. Half. I am a 55 years old, single man who is born and lives in Somerville, Massachusetts for my entire life. I have good neighbors; all they love me. They often ask me all the time about my life. But people who are not in my neighborhood may be curious to know, why ‘Mr. Half’. Why my life is never in full? And where is the other half? There are so many questions so I think it should be a good reason to tell them all through this video.

The reason that people call me Mr. Half is because in my whole life I have never paid for things in full prices. People around here know well that I am great in negotiation.

The ‘Half’ idea was inspired from my mother, not because was I frugal. When I was three years old, one night I told my mom that I couldn’t sleep, she told me a tale; it was her tale, instead of reading a story from a children book. However, I couldn't complain her anything because she was great in making up a story.

In her tale, she told me that kids will never go out in night time on the full-moon night because there was a wolf liked eating kids. On the moonless night, it was also unsafe to go outside because there were many bats liked sucking kids’ blood. I asked her that which night was safe for me to walk outside? She told me that I could go out on half-moon night.

When I was five years old, one afternoon my mother took me to a barbershop. She told the barber to cut my hair only half of my head. She explained her idea to the barber that if her kid liked the haircut, she could take him back again next month to cut the other half. I asked her when we walked home together after my haircut, why? She told me that in case the barber wasn’t good as he was new to his job, only half of my head will look ugly. She didn’t want me take a risk so much. However, I could read her mind, actually she wasn’t have enough money to pay the barber in full. Money was a hard earn, especially for a single mom to take care of the entire family.

My family was poor. My mom taught me all the time to eat only half portion of food and save the second half for the next meal. Every time I drank a soda, I will drink only half of a bottle to share the second half with her.

My mom passed away after I was graduated. I worked very hard for almost ten years until I could afford to buy a house. But harder than saving money was to get a loan. I still remember Mrs. Cathy very well; she was an old lady who was my loan officer at the local bank. She often yelled at me aggressively every time she saw me walked through the door—“I have told you many times Mr. Beck that you can’t get a loan at this time because your income is enough to buy only half of the house so why you still keep coming back here. Come back again when you make enough money to pay for full house.” I tried to explain to her but she never listened to me, “I need the loan right now. Mrs. Cathy please approve loan for me.” Then she yelled at me, “Mr. Beck, how many times I have explained to you that your income is enough to pay for only half of the property.” I yelled at her, “I understand. That’s why I’m here!” Eventually, I got the loan. I bought my first house in half because I was a single man so I didn’t need much space to live. Mrs. Cathy satisfied with my payments. Now she stopped yelling at me as we became friends. She often told me to contact her again if I needed more money such as to open half business or to buy half of a car.

My sex life was also in half. My first escort was Miss. Half-Lady Lisa. Her name had intrigued me so much. I contacted her one day and told her that 'I didn’t call her to insult her anything but I, as Mr. Half, could afford only half of her fee and that was the best Mr. Half could do'. At first, her voice convinced me to believe that she was reluctant to take my appointment. So, I begged her—“Come on, Lisa. I’m quick so I don’t need a full service. Only half session is enough. I’m a cool guy. You will like me a lot.” Finally, she allowed me to see her but she asked me to give her around half hour to get ready.

I met her on time so she will not be angry at me. I knocked on the front door; a sweet voice came from the inside suggested me that the front door wasn’t locked. I walked inside through a long hallway, “Hello, anyone’s home? Miss Lisa, I’m here to see you,” I said. Next, her voice, the same voice, guided me that her room was on the left, “Come in here, Beck. I am so ready for you,” she said.

Soon after I walked in her room, a beautiful Asian woman stood in front of me. She made me stunned; my poop and pee immediately shot out at the same time!!!!


Since then I begin to pay for things in full prices/fees.

© 2015, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.