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‘Men Who Love Trans’

by Half-Lady Lisa

November 29, 2016

The curiosity is always high to what type(s) of men have sex with trans as often I have been asked about. Trans in this case means transgender women. There might be some bi-sexual men and heterosexual women are sexually attractive to transmen but it will not be mainly focused in this story.

Men who love trans are normal heterosexual men you see everyday on street, work with them and perhaps also live with them.

In among men who love women and feminine body, bi-sexual men will be excluded in this case. Bi-sexual men in general have no sexual attraction to trans women. They are sexually interested in the total male and female body separately rather than being sexual turned on by a combination of both male and female appearances all in one. Some bi-sexual men are also known as ‘trans’ rivals’. As saying that, they are often jealous at transwomen when they get attention from handsome men. They often insult, gossip and mock at transwomen only intending to make handsome men embarrassed in hooking up with transwomen then disassociate trans as the result. However, it doesn’t necessary mean that bi-men in this case don’t support all trans because some of them may be sexually attractive to transmen—if so, it means that these bi-men are sexually biased to muscular body more than feminine body which means that at the final state of their sex lives, they will turn out to be totally gay men. Before going back to the topic of ‘men who love trans’, there is still little more information to tell about bi-men. As bi-men love both man and woman, if they start their sex lives with women as normal heterosexual men, the end of lives is likely to be gay. In contrast, if they choose to be gay at the beginning, the end of their sex lives they might turn to be straight. Sex life is about what comes first makes them feel enough with, then extremely pour out before time runs out to what they believe they don’t get enough yet.

After taken away the bi-men out of the group, now the rest of heterosexual men can be divided in two groups: first is men who are born for all trans, second is men who love trans as the result of ‘gender change’. ‘Gender Change’ is like the ‘climate change’ in the fact that the changes already exists but only most Republican men still deny believing it. But believe or not, majority of transgender sex partners are Republican men.

Now, let talk about the first group first—‘men who are born for all trans’, what are they like? This type of heterosexual men know since the first time their sexual desires have created that they love women and women’s feminine bodies—nothing is unusual about at this point. They don’t really like men, including men’s macular bodies. They hook up, date and have sex with women regularly like all heterosexual men do. Some become normal family men end up getting married with a wife and kids while some of them become runaway grooms. A man says that he has been asked to marry five times from different women but he always runs (away). Like gay men who know since the young age that they are sexually attractive to men, ‘men who love trans’ in this case always feel in the dept of their hearts that having sex with biological women doesn’t make them feel enough, although the women they have sex with are perfect to them, still something else seems to be missing in the sex life. What’s unique in this case is that they also know that they are sexually excited by a penis, even though it’s on other men’s muscular bodies. At this point, you may want to ask that it’s contradicted to what I have explained early that they are not supposed to like muscular body. It’s right that they don’t like muscular body but they are excited to a specific male part: the penis, not the entire muscular male body. They know from inside that they would love to perform oral on a penis. When time goes by and they still can’t find a transgender woman to have sex with, the sexual desire in sucking on a penis rises up to the peak which is high enough for them to be able to put a man’s penis in their mouths sucking deliciously. The high sexual desire helps them forget the disgusted feeling to the muscular body. Sexual fantasies are difficult to understand and complicated. You can be easily misunderstood if you don’t understand in dept from the beginning of how the fantasy creates. Sometimes it’s like telling you one thing while actually it means another thing. This makes many gay men condemn this type of heterosexual men for generations that they are closet gay as gay men would believe that when men date with transgender women is to intend to make themselves feel like straight and to conceal their gay nature. Another case, sometimes you see straight men teasing each other involving in trying to pull other male friends’ pants down then laughing at them to be embarrassed. This is not just a prank but they do it because they really want to find a chance to see a penis as they are hungry for. In this generation, men in this case don’t have to suck other gay men’s penis anymore as now transgenders begin to be well-known and they know where to find them.

Comparing to the case of broken heart: if you love a woman then she gets marries to another man, this case can be solved easily. When time goes by, you meet another woman who can get into long term relationship together. Time will heal the wound in your heart and you begin to forget the first woman. Even some day the first woman comes back to your life and ask for reunite , you may not feel in love her anymore. However, if you are born to love transgender, you still want a transgender in your relationship. Some men tell me that the reason they decide to get married to a woman is because they think that having a wife and kids will help them forget the sucking on transgender’s penis they had experienced in the past and would change their sexual behavior to be normal. However, this is not the same case as the broken heart. Do not use the same way to solve the problem. In the case of broken heart, woman one and women two have the same gender and have the same bodies’ components which can be fit perfectly in the empty room in your heart. Replacing one to another can be done easily. In the case of ‘men who love trans’, the substitution between trans and biological woman choices involves in walking across genders when the two genders, even they are similarity, have different bodies’ components, characters and behaviors. Getting married to a wrong gender only hurts the person real bad in the long term. The sexual desire in having sex with trans will constantly pile up everyday and the results are likely to happen in two ways: first, if you are a submissive nature, your mind becomes weaker everyday to unhappy and unwanted to continue living anymore. If your nature is in the dominated role, you are likely to turn to be a radical person, upset and anti everything that make other genders happy. In general, you hate to see other people happy and always want them to have sad lives like you.

Now it comes to the second group of men who love trans as the result of ‘gender change’. As you already know that the first group is not happened by the gender change, how the ‘gender change’ influences the second group in a different way, you will be about to know.

Men in this second group are general straight men; they can be your dad, brothers, co-workers, friends, relatives, etc. What makes them different from the first group is that they confidently know that they love only women and insistently believe that the entire lives they will never ever touch anyone’s penis. They are normal guys who get married with a wife and kids. Having sex with a biological woman is completely perfect and sufficiently enough to fulfill the entire fantasy with nothing else in their minds telling that there might be anything else missing. Even though they know trans, they have no sexual interest.

However, some days the curiosity (and the rut) sets in at the same time being heard by other men talk about or found the information on internet help them intrigue for a try to step into trans’s territory.

At this point gender doesn’t change yet only the change starts. On a date, if a man lies down still on the bed and he makes no sexual advance to his transgender sex partner, he is new to trans. The beginner doesn’t want his sexual performance take time too long or want it done as quick as possible, no romance and unwilling to do many things. Some are even afraid (and resist) reaching their hands to touch trans’ body, especially her penis. After the session ended, they will look at their transgender partners like they are someone who comes to visit the earth from another planet. They will quickly get on their clothes and run out the places quickly with non-stopped self-complaining in their minds—“no more! I can’t believe, how can I do this? I will not do it again…” But believe me, they will repeat it more often.

In the past decades when the gender of trans was so new to public, the idea of seeing a trans had never existed in any man’s minds. Often heard men told their first experience’s story which happened similarly—‘they pick up a wrong girl’—you always believe that you know well what girls look like until something happens one day makes you lose confident that actually you might not know much about ‘girls’. The first time men find out they hook up a wrong girl, their reactions are similarly. Submissive men may show sign of being disappointed with complaints such as ‘why don’t you tell me first!’, while aggressive men may turn into violence. Some Asian trans tell me that they have to lie to men they hook from nightclubs that Asian cultures prohibit women from losing virginity before marriage so they prefer to do only pleasing men by sucking on men’s penis while keeping their skirts and panties tight all the time. This has created their way for generations, the trans’ culture of ‘hiding a penis’ as they have been told that men don’t like seeing it. However, many trans who often experiences this situation would know that this is just a ‘gender shock’ but after men leave their apartments and giving them more time to think about, they will come back again to knock on their wrong girls’ apartment doors and this time they are sure that they knock the right doors. Something like this have happened many-many times in the past decades.

In this generation, the technological improvement helps men a lot to eliminate the ‘gender shock’. Instead of being worry about picking up a wrong girl, ‘many’ men are searching for the so-called ‘the wrong girl’. Young generations start their journey at this level when they educate themselves over and over before the first trial. The information can easily come from such as internet. On the first night, they will have some ideas what are going to happen. They can make little sexual advance but still show sign of being a novice. Now gender begins to change their course.

Gender will completely change itself after men get used to and comfortable in having sex with trans partners. It happens from having long sexual experiences and study over internet chat, for instant, helps shorten time of the gender-changing transition. At this point, they will demand to have more romantic performance like kissing. Their demands for more sexual sessions with trans are extreme, even some sessions trans don’t expect men to do, unbelievably they can do professionally. Men learn having sex quick, it won’t take long time at all from inexperience to be a 'man who love trans'.

© 2016, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.