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Millennium Kids

by Half-Lady Lisa

June 28, 2016

In the rule of nature, bees’ and ants’ communities for instance, females (the queen mothers) only give birth to their young generations, male workers instinctively serve in the role of fathers in doing searches for foods to support their young generations, whether or not are the queens mothers and the male workers willing to work their roles. Thousands of years have passed, their parental obligation subjected by the rule of nature have never changed.

Like the example of ants’ and bees’ community, even though humans have developed their lifestyles and civilization far beyond ants and bees, they are too still unable to change the rule of nature.

I have heard from some wealthy men who have revealed to me they have discreet sex with the nannies of their kids. After only short time of their discreet sexual relationship, nannies are pregnant then they immediately throne to be the queen bees in the same time wealthy men quickly bow their heads undeniable accepting their positions as male workers: whatever the queens want—a house or a car, male workers have to find them for the queen mothers only to maintain their sexual discretion. These wealthy men often gossip such as ‘having sex together only a short period of time, has to support her and her kid for the entire life’. In the case like this, often happens this way that actually these nannies don’t really want to have a child or love and care about their child very much but intend to exploit from the child supports. The greed, generally is a part of human’s nature, tells the queen nannies to teach their kids such as “I call your father come here today. Remember—you have to tell your father—daddy, I want this. Daddy, I want that. Your father is very rich. Take his money as much as you can…” It isn’t wrong, is it, kid asks for things from dad? However, when you put your thought little deeper, can this be a kind of scam? Especially, when this scammed idea has been installed to kids since the young age—to our future generation, should this create more problems to human’s society than if these wealthy men choose to hire an escort? “My kid (with the nanny) costs me a big fortune”—a wealthy man grumbled.

Besides the nanny case, I also have heard another case that some married men discreetly hook up for casual encounter with other women. “I told her that it’s just for fun and she agrees that’s only for fun until she calls my wife she is pregnant.” There is a wide gap between male’s and female’s sexual needs, is that female generally has a lot less sexual desire than male and because of that women are better in controlling their sex life, in contrast to men whose their over-load sex drive makes them fight tough to resist/control their sex lives. Therefore, sexual escapade seems to be known only men’s problem. Since this becomes men’s weak point, it gives some women opportunities to earn benefits or trap men. I many times hear many men gossip that ‘women’s thoughts are complicated and hard to understand.’ One trick that women often use commonly without learning from each other (perhaps the idea might come from an instinct) is that when they think that their boyfriends are going to leave them, to keep the boyfriends longer in the relationship they are quickly pregnant. To know that a girlfriend is pregnant without warning can be compared to boyfriend’s house is robbed, as there is no any robber tells the home owner when he will be robbed. Then the immediate must-do is to calculate what are still left in the house and how much will be gone away? In fact, having sex is men’s demands so they can’t even think about denying responsibility. However, who’s ever thought that sexing up in casual encounter is different from hiring prostitutes who have sex with many men ‘thousands of times’ never get pregnant, and especially in their casual encounter’s rule both agree that having sex together is ‘just for fun’ so these married men expect that their queen lovers will play by the rule.

I also have heard numerous times that divorce often affects to men more than women ending up bankruptcy. You, as a man, build up your life until looming a good retirement then the divorce quickly turns life upside down. Even worse, it happens at old age, impossible to catch up the same point you were. “Kids need a house to live”, this is very popular; I believe they may copy it from the court, means that the fathers have to move out to a basement apartment. “You know, now my wife is very rich. She lives in a big house and she doesn’t need to work anymore.” , “I have to pay 800 dollars per week for the child support. I mean ‘per week’! ‘800 per week’!” , “My kids take too much from me” , “Kids need more money as they need to play sport and other activities”…. These complaints are never heard in ants’ and bees’ communities as their thoughts are not as complicated as human’s. Their sexualities for ants and bees are used for only reproduction.

After reading long complaints, now it’s time to get into the millennium kids. As you know that having kids and without a warning sign of pregnancy can bring the financial problems to many working fathers, to solve this problem human’s society needs a new kind of job which is the ‘mother-for-hire’. This is different from surrogate mother who only bears the pregnancy on the behalf of a wife.

For an easy understanding, I describe my concept in a story I create—it is a story of a young woman named ‘Maria’.

Maria lives alone in Cambridge City. She has never had a boyfriend once in her life even though she always keeps searching for one. After she has bought her first dream home for just a few months, a tragedy comes to her life is that she get laid off from her job, yet she still has big mortgage bills to pay. As she doesn’t want her unemployment ruins her credit, Maria decides to come to the City Hall one afternoon to ask the Mayor to allow her opening a new kind of business at home as a mother-for-hire.

After Cambridge City reviews her business’ plan, first, City requires Maria to obtain a license. The mother-for-hire license requires Maria to pass the physical exam as a proof of her good health for pregnancy, drugs and disease free. She also needs to pass a psychological test. Moreover, she also needs to have at least a college degree including taking some extra classes involving in child care and some nursing classes. Next, her home must pass the City’s inspection to be in hygienic condition and located in the safe environment to raise children.

After Maria gets her mother-for-hire license, she begins to advertise her business in the Cambridge newspaper. Her online web site goes viral within a week.

Mr. A is very interested in Maria’s business. He comes to her home to discuss with her one day. Mr. A tells Maria that he is a single straight man who dreams of having a child. Unfortunately, he has no time for dating a girlfriend as his good-paying job requires him to travel around the world. Maria begins to short notes information while interviewing him. Mr. A has a future plan for his first child. He wants to support his child until graduated from a fancy university. He can also spend extra for one sport if he is a boy or a ballet class if she is a little girl. He can also pay for his child new clothes a few pieces monthly. His child’s food needs to be shop at upscale supermarket and Maria will never take his child to any junk-food restaurant. He also wants Maria to monitor closely and make best selections to which TV programs appropriate to watch. Maria can also include 15 children books per year to her service fees. This information will give Maria estimation on how much would it cost him to pay her to raise his child since she starts her pregnancy until graduation. After carefully calculate, Maria suggests Mr. A that by his plan he needs to pay her 1200 dollars per week until his child reaches 18 then the fees will be reduced to 800 dollars per week until his child reach 25 years of age. Mr. A agrees but just says ‘yes, ma’am I will pay all every dime’ isn’t enough to insure her. As this is a business, he allows her to check his income tax to proof he can afford all of her invoices. A good thing for men is that they know how much they have to pay and when the payment ends before making a decision to have a child so they are not worried about bankruptcy after divorce. This way is more sincerely than having a child just to exploit benefits from child supports.

Next, law requires Mr. A to have life insurance. In case he passes away before the last bill is paid off, his life insurance will pay Maria until the last bill is paid off and all the money left from insurance will go to his child’s banking account. Moreover, Mr. A is required to have another health insurance for his child in the case of being born defect and require having extra costly medical bills. This mother-for-hire idea helps parents to be well-prepared in handling problems before hand which will help Government to save huge money on health care.

Mr. A visits Maria again one day after all the insurance papers are done. That day Maria hosts him with her seductive lingerie. After collecting all the paper, she leads him into her bedroom with a porn movie is already on to arouse Mr. A until he gets ready for the big moment. Maria allows Mr. A to have sex with her as many times until she gets pregnant with an additional up-front fee of 300 dollars per sexual intercourse. Eventually, Maria is now employed and begins to have income to continue paying her mortgage.

During her pregnancy, it’s required by law that Maria needs to hire at least one employee to be her assistance.

Think, if Mr. A sends his child to a daycare center, he may have to be worried all the time during work that the baby sitter might not take good care of his child because the baby sitter is not the biological mother, in contrast to Maria would give better care to her kid. Next, although Mr. A doesn’t live with Maria, he is allowed to make appointments to come to visit his child anytime. Whenever he has a vacation and wants to take his child to live with him in his house for a week or two or goes out for dinner for one evening, Maria doesn’t need to worry anything but simply allow Mr. A to take his child with him because Mr. A is the biological father.

After Maria gives birth for the first child and strong enough to bear the second one, Mr. B makes an appointment to visit her in her home to discuss about his plan of having a child. Mr. B opens up his mind to her that he really wants to have a biological child but what he’s really worried all the time is that he might not be able to be a good father. First of all, as his Goth lifestyle, he enjoys dressing and wearing make-up like a zombie all the time. He is worried that his facial make up and life-less appearance would horrify his baby crying nonstop. Secondly, his coffee table in his living room is always used as a shelf to hoard dozens of beer cans and cigarette butts; he is so worried that his kid will be confused to using them as toys. The last concerns environment as the entire apartment always sprays with weed-scented air refresher as his hobby is a grass seller. Friends often sneak in and out his apartment to shop for sun-dried green leaf vegetable. Although, he thinks he can’t be a role model for his kid, he believes he has the right to be a father like other men. His regular job at a busy nightclub in Boston as a performer gives him enough tips to support his child. After the discussion about his child’s future plan and calculation all the costs, Maria bills him 650 dollars weekly. Also Mr. B is required to have the same insurance papers like Mr. A.

Think, some people are not fit to be a father (or mother). Some of their ideas may influence and lead their kids into violence, gangster, etc. Yet, the environment they are living in may put their kids at risks and build them up to be bad people. Maria’s business, however, can take kids from these unfitted parents to a safe place and give them good education. Moreover, unlike traditional heterosexual couples’ life when both parents have to be busy working in the offices and being stressful and moody from working, being a mother for Maria is her job. She will be with her kids all the time and teach them homework after school. Mr. B doesn’t need to adjust his lifestyle but continue living as a zombie.

After Maria gives birth for her second child, Mr. C who is a gay man comes to visit her with his gay partner. Like Mr. A and Mr. B, Maria calculates Mr. C’ future plan for his child and he agrees to pay her 1,200 dollars per week. As Mr. C is a gay man, he doesn’t need to pay the 300 dollars additional cost per sexual intercourse but simply hand out his semen to Maria to do her job alone.

One afternoon Mr. C plans to take his child for lunch together with his gay partner and shopping for clothes for his child after lunch. Mr. C also invites Maria come together. There is no jealousy at the lunch table to Mr. C’s partner as she has no love relationship with Mr. C. She accepts her condition as a mother-for-hire. Think, if a husband goes out for lunch with his wife and a lover, his lunch would turn into hot chili plates. However, in Maria’s case, even better that Mr. A, B and C don’t have to keep sexual secrets to Maria. At home, they can enjoy their sexual escapades with transgender, gay, bi without being worried that their kids are too young to understand their sexual fantasies. Traditional marriage makes men have to keep secrets about their sexuality, especially in this generation when ‘gender changed’ effects are viral: you are born as a heterosexual man, get marry as a heterosexual man but end up becoming a man in different gender. One thing that makes every man become so weak and easily surrender in the divorce court is when his wife uses the ‘gender changed’ issue against her husband that her husband becomes a gay man. Moreover, single men who used to be embarrassed every time hanging out with friends who all of them are married don’t have to be embarrassed any more because now everyone seems to live same way as single men live.

After giving birth for the third child, Mr. D who works in military comes to visit Maria one day. As being deployed to Iraq most of the time, he would not have enough time for his child. Mr. D reveals his distress to Maria that as he is an unattractive man, every time he finds a date he always gets an unattractive woman like him. He dreams of having magic that allows him to be able to choose any beautiful woman like Maria who can give him a cute baby. Moreover, as he is Asian, he wants his child to have lighter hair color, high nose and big eyes like Maria has all. Unlike traditional marriage, mother-for-hire allows fathers to freely shop for the right mothers they want.

However, you may want to argue that parents suppose to live in the same house in order to raise a child together. Look, there are many divorce cases in America. After divorce, don’t American kids live this way: some days live with mother and some days live with father? Or in the case of military couples like Mr. D’s case, kids most of the time live with one parent anyway. Moreover, unlike traditional divorced case, millennium kids don’t have to see their mother and father fight each other in front of them every time they see each other.

One day Maria receives sad news about Mr. D that he dies while serving in Iraq. His child is only five years old at the time. As Mr. A’s child has sympathy at his sibling, he convinces his father to adopt Mr. D’s child so Mr. D’s child still has a father. To heal the sadness, Mr. A rents a resort in Aruba. He invites everyone comes to have fun as one big family on a one-week vacation together, including Mr. B and Mr. C and his gay partner. No one is jealous at each other but treats Maria well as a queen: one woman who is surrounded by many husbands and many of her young generation. This can be a wonderful life for women that nature starts this concept for them. During the vacation, Mr. A reveals that he is preparing for an investment for his kid. Mr. B and C are also interested in Mr. A’s investment plan so they also join Mr. A as all their kids have strong relationship together. Think, if your kid tells you that he wants to be an actor, you don’t know how to help him. However, if one of Maria’s clients works as a film maker, this should give a good opportunity to your kid. Or if one of her clients is a millionaire who own a big company, a great opportunity then flows to your kid as well. In this millennium generation the family concept needs to be rewritten its concept following the concept of social networks. Moreover, if Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C hire another woman to have the second child, they can connect their kids with Maria to other families’ groups. Siblings can share the same mother, different fathers or have the same father, different mothers. This will create a big web of families.

Think—this can also be billion-dollar business. You, as a business tycoon, buy a piece of beautiful land near the beach then hire hundreds of healthy women to work as mothers. I believe, there will be many women wait in long line for an interview. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning, sit down at the beach, have nurses and doctors take good care 24/7, eat good healthy food everyday and no need to work and be stressful fighting with co-workers in the office and dealing with complaints from boss and customers. Why not build a church and school there also. Or why don’t religions change their rule to allow nuns to have sex so each nun will be the explanation to why bible prohibits using birth control—this can be an interesting marketing strategy as in the concept ‘Son of God’.

The 'Millennium Kids' are kids born in this millennium to solve the parental problems for their parents.

Cartoon story—Millennium Kids

Mike and Paul meet each other at the Golden Brown Gym every morning for more than 5 years already until they get to know each other very well.

Paul: I always see you workout very hard. Are you training yourself for Olympic?

Mike: Nope.

Paul: So, why do you have to lift weights too heavy like that?

Mike: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have sex with a dozen of girls in the past but still can’t make any girl pregnant. So I think that my body might not be healthy and strong enough. I need to workout more. And starting from today, I will eat more healthy food everyday. Hopefully, I have done these much enough to make my girlfriend have a baby bump soon.

Paul: You just go to the wrong way. All that can’t make any girl pregnant. Look at me, I don’t need to workout very hard like you but I have 20 kids so far. I have sex with 15 girls in the past and you know, every girl really wants to have kids with me.

Mike: Wow! You must have a very good technique. Can you suggest me too? I really want to have my first kid so badly.

Paul: It’s very easy. You just tell every girl you have sex with that you just won the Big Game $400 million dollars then she will call you the next day that she is pregnant.

Mike: Oh! Is that quick! But I’m still not sure that I can have a kid or not because when I was young, I had a bad accident that it might make me sterile.

Paul: Don’t worry, Mike. It’s your girlfriend’s job to find a way to have a baby for you. She will fuck another guy and tell you that you are the father!

© 2016, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.