The movie that isn't nominated

December 20, 2014

Jack: Hey, John, have you read this news yet?

John: About what?

Jack: The North Korea's leader is very angry at Sony's movie. He hacked the Sony's comuters and destroyed everything!

John: OMG! Why is the N. leader angry at Sony very much?

Jack: The N. leader says, he looks very cute and adorable than the guy in the movie but Sony doesn't hire him to be the actor. More than that Sony makes his story in a comedy movie; this movie category is a rare chance to win Oscar! Fuck you, Sony!!!

John: I hope that this problem can be solved quickly.

Jack: Not too soon, John. President Obama is very disappointed in Sony's decision to pull out the movie.

John: Why?

Jack: President Obama really hopes that if the N. leader can be a famous Hollywood's actor, he also deserves to be in the next episode.

John: I am sure that President Obama will have better skill in acting than Mr. Kim and he must win the oscar. But can you tell me, what the movie is about?

Jack: The movie is about 'How to kill the leader of the country.'

John: OMG!!!

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