Mitt's Advices for London's Olympics

July 27, 2012

Jack: John, do you read the Olympic news?

John: What’s about it?

Jack: Mitt Romney gives advices to the British leader at how well the London’s Olympics is prepared and is London ready to handle Olympics is his concern.

John: I am very proud of Mitt Romney that he tries very-very hard in anyway to represent America with his idea of 'how Americans are better than British in handling Olympics'.

Jack: But the British leader doesn’t take his advices because he isn’t sure whether 'is Mitt Romney a good adviser? When he supposes to suggest England a few years ago when they just start their Olympic plan, not in the last minute OR actually, his brain works slow.

John: Umm, I think it should be the second reason because,... you still remember,... when he put his dog on the roof of his car while driving, his dog never got injury because he may drive at 10 mph.

Jack: But I think the British leader doesn’t understand his message. Actually, what he tries to say is that the person who is not ready for the Olympics is not people in England but himself because he is one of the U.S. sport teams but he feels that he isn’t well prepared for the game. That’s why he suggests that London should hold on for the Olympic Games and wait for him until he is ready.

John: Oh really, I’ve never known that he also plays sport. What kind of sport will he join the Olympics?

Jack: Can you guess?

Jack: Umm,..., his wife, Ann Romney, will send her horse to join the Olympics so he might be a horse rider … I guess.

John: No, Jack, you are wrong. He is not the rider but a horse and Ann is his rider.

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