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The case of ‘one-tooth-missing’ epidemic

-- A fantasy story

by Half-Lady Lisa

7 January 2018

When I study in high school, one of my classmates, a cheeky boy, likes to annoy and drive me crazy. Actually he doesn’t intend to make me angry but he just wants to find a person to play game with him. It’s different between annoying as bad behavior and annoying people to fulfill sexual fantasy. A person’s bad behavior bothers everyone. However, to fulfill sexual fantasy, a person selected as the game's player must be sexually attractive to the person. Playing too tough game will be considered as bullying. Sometimes as I am tired with him, a way I choose to solve the problem is to pretend to ignore him, but it won’t solve the problem. To keep me with him and to get more attention from me, he will escalate the level of annoying until I lose my temper to chase him with anger. As I chase him, he runs away quickly with laughs like he has fun very much.

At the age of kid, every kid normally needs high attention from adults / parents, except some kids need higher attention beyond average. As kids age, the need of attentions by parents reduces. Often time parents may hear their kids say ‘mom, I grow up now but you still care me like a child.’ As the result, their behaviors are slowly changed until they become fully adult then now it's their turns to give attention to their younger generations as the complete cycle—this is the nature's process of transition both physical and mental growth in humans. However, there is an exception for some adults as the nature’s process of the growing-up from child to adult, what goes wrong to them I don’t know, happens only one part—the physical appearances such as wrinkles appear at the right age, while mind and behavior at the childish age still remain unchanged throughout their lives. In most case, it happens to kids who need attention from parents beyond the average high level.

Imagine, you are a little boy and you are waiting for your dad to come home for the day to play with you. When your dad comes home, you enthusiastically run to cuddle him as you want to play with him. However, your dad says, ‘I work hard all day today and want to rest.’ In this case, kids may disappoint that dad works too hard until having no time for them but still understand his situation as a responsible adult. However, some boys need extreme attentions; they don’t listen whatever dads ask for taking a rest. It seems like they don’t have minds to care about others; they care only what they want. They will crank their dads until dads lose temper to chase them, yell at them and punish them with spank—this is how this type of kids gets high level of attentions they want. ‘See, dad always lies that he is tired and wants to rest. Look, now he just shows having so much energy.’

Think another case, a parent takes his kid to a toy store then kid asks his parent to buy a toy for him, but parent refuses to buy it. In this case, what kid often does is that he will sit down on the floor, scream and cry very loud and refuses to leave the store until he gets the toy he wants, right? This technique normally comes as instinct. Kids learn that if there is something they want, to ask their parents nicely sometimes they don’t get what they want, and that adults on the other hand understand this kind of attention is a child’s act. This is because kids don’t have enough knowledge to come up with good reasons to explain and convince their parents why parents need to buy them the toys. An adult who now works in the White House uses this childish technique, for example childish Donald Trump likes to create frenzy situations in the workplace (if he isn’t embarrassed laying down on the floor and scream, he would love doing it) when he wants other politicians do something he wants. He also likes to repeat words with no explanation which has seen many times such as when people blame childish Donald that he divides country the most, he will respond by pointing finger to his opponent such as ‘I am the most unite country but Obama divides country the most’; still there is no example from him to support his claim. This is the example of the half growth’s process—wrinkles appear at the right age but mentally behavior is the same as his grandkids.

Another example, you are working seriously then your co-worker keeps annoying you all the time until you lose your temper by yelling at him—‘don’t behave like a child.’ Adults have the sense of responsibility, but children only have fun day by day.

At kids’ age, annoying to get attention has seen from most kids in general and therefore it’s considered as a normal behavior. This is different from childish adults when annoying to get attention from people in most cases is used to fulfilling role-playing sexual fantasy to responding their sexual desire, so as adults have different kind of sexual fantasies, the childish behavior can happen to only a small group of adults, which is not considered a common behavior seen by adults in general. Moreover, if you choose to retaliate your childish co-worker such as beating him to release your anger the past he annoys you in the time he has no sexual interest, which means that he doesn’t have sexual excitement to drive him to play with anyone, he will be angry at you because he now thinks that you are a kid, not knowing when is the appropriate / inappropriate time to play. So, childish adults, usually known as ‘big kid’, are not necessary to behave as a kid all the time but sexual excitement tells the right time to play so turbulent events are normally created whenever horny.

Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal can be an example. The well-known politician, childish Tony posts his naked photos attempt for online hooking up with other women when his wife isn’t home. Normally married men, especially famous people, choose discreet ways as possible when it comes to marital infidelity. Even though, some of them are busted unfortunately, their acts still convince, they try as much as they can to keep the marital infidelity secret. However, for the case of childish Tony, as it isn’t his first time that puts him in jail, the second round even more turbulent by adding on his hooking-up photos with his little kid sleeping on the background and without hesitation when asked by a woman to probe his identity, all these convince that he intends to create situation to prank his wife? Childish Tony supposes to know what would happen to his life as the result. But if he knows about the result, why does he still do it again and again? My opinion is that, first, he is horny; every time he is horny, the fantasy idea is created. Some men reveal that they imagine placing themselves in the picture when celebrities apologize to his wife over the sexual scandal with dozens of girls on TV—it’s like a hero for some people. There are many kinds of ‘hero’. James Bond 007, and old guy, can kiss many women without consent—also a hero; sexy women are angry at James Bond at the beginning then chase him in the end, yet none of them thinks about suing James over the sexual harassment. D.B. Cooper is another example. The hijacker becomes a hero for many Americans—a bad guy who can make good guys like FBI, police and government, headache in chasing him but he is never caught up—a hero in hacking good system. Sexing up with dozens of girls make men feel power, being caught up creates turbulence for the fantasy they love and a bad-boy look as some people don’t want to be called a good kid. Any kind of behavior, which is derived from sexual fantasy, is hard to be reformed. Normally submissive men, who love to be dominated by aggressive women as sexual fantasy, will choose to hire a dominatrix to do role-play fantasy discreetly to avoid troubles at home. However, some men find that role-playing fantasy doesn’t impress them enough, yet it’s hard to find an Oscar-winner for the best actress. So, how can a husband train his wife who is not an actress to win Oscar on her dominatrix performance? Easy and simply way, is to make her crazy. To get to this point, it requires him to create a situation to annoy her first. There is no any woman virtually can handle husband’ marital infidelity so the result is that wife will win the Oscar every scene with no need to have a movie director tells her what to do. Men in this case find that women are most beautiful when they are frenzy and insane. That’s why, sex workers give up their marriage.

To prevent insanity, it’s very important for women to learn variety of sexual fantasies and how to notice men’s sexual fantasies in order to marry to the right man. Sexual fantasies are complicated and required a lot of time and experiences to understand, unlike mathematics, sexual fantasies has no equation to tell like 1+1=2. Submissive childish adults and dominated childish adults can behave differently. Also levels of submission and domination can be the factors in having different behaviors. Childish Anthony Weiner and Childish Donald Trump may require different treatments and not all of the adult men, who love turbulent events, want to behave like a child, and therefore the suggestion in this paragraph will only focus to childish Anthony first. A mom-like woman, who loves childish Anthony type of guy, should treat her husband the same way as she treats her 5-year-old boy in the same time husband treats wife the same way he treats his mother—this is the perfect couple in this case. Good mother should teach her kid with instructions. Kid loves sitting on a chair or at the edge of bed, while his feet hang down but not to touch the floor. Dressing a childish husband, wearing socks and shoes on his feet is a job of a role-playing mother before leaving home to work. Role-playing mother also has to give her childish husband instructions on how to work good job at work—‘honey, I also prepare a lunch box for you. You must have it for lunch. And when you finish work, you have to come home directly. Don’t stop by other places…’ When he comes home, his wife has to call him to sit down while she is searching his bag. She will ask him questions about what is going on in his office, does he work good job, or is there anything to confess she will give him a chance to do it? When she needs to compliment her childish husband, select words that make him feel like a kid such as ‘good boy’, ‘excellent job’. Next, she will give him an order to go taking shower and wait for her at the dining table. That’s the end of the day then tomorrow they role-play same script again. Like taking care of a little kid, role-playing mother has to manage everything in his life and teach him how to do this / do that, even things that every adult is supposed to know, he will pretend to not knowing it. However, there is a task in raising childish adults, is that as men in this case love turbulence and look to be a rotten kid in the role-play fantasy, their brains are naturally created so special is that if a wife compliments her childish husband in doing a good thing, her husband’s brain will remember opposite that she doesn’t like what he does. In contrast, if she tells him that she doesn’t like what he does, he will remember that she loves it and he would repeat it again—as often heard a mother says tiredly to whether her 5-year-old kid or childish husband that ‘honey, I say many times but you never remember that I don’t want you do this again. How many times you want me to repeat saying this?’ Example, if in the role-play fantasy a wife teaches her childish husband to eat slowly so he will not make a mess on the dining table, as at the dinning table is so quiet he will pretend to make a mess while eating because he loves to see her headache and that makes him feel like a bad boy gets high attention he wants.

Annoying isn’t only some men’s sexual fantasy but some women as well. Extremely submissive women love to have a relationship with hot-tempered, aggressive men. When these submissive women are horny, they will annoy their sex partners. It happens by instinct that they don’t know, they just cause their partners angry then the result comes with their partners knock them down to the ground unconscious with bruised eyes. In this case, men are always taken the blames as the soft gender always gets public sympathy. If a woman doesn’t like being abused, she supposes to walk out the relationship at the first time she is abused. It makes no sense, why she still stays in the relationship. In the case of sexual fantasy, before making judgment, public needs to know, who is the first person to lead into violence because some bad girls love annoying their boyfriends / husbands and they seek to be attacked. Do not sympathize bad girls but give them the lesson they deserve!

If asking people—what is the definition of the insanity? You will find the answers divide people in two groups. First group will think that people who are quiet, love peace, love to live in quiet environment are ‘insane’ because they think that normal people should love to have fun. Look, friends love to prank other friends then they always end up with laughing—that’s fun. They think that when people are quiet, it’s because they have no fun activity—that means ‘boring’ and lonely. When they chase a person who pranks them with anger, they are energized. However, the other group of people would think opposite. People who love to create unrest situation should be crazy. Their minds are out of control and lack of meditation. The argument in this part is nothing more than the definition of the ‘insanity’ is still unclear.

Imagine to this story: your friend asks you to help him on a project. Both work well together. After the job is done, you ask your friend to get paid. However, your friend says nicely like nothing happens that if you want him to pay, you have to sue him in court, then he leaves the room and left you be stunned by his response. When he is confident he is completely out of your sight, he giggles imaging to the picture of your face having jaw dropped and even funnier when he continues imagining further that he must receive your call very soon to yell at him madly.

Imagine to this story: at a fraternity party, a freshman is forced to drink large amount of alcohol. The story doesn’t end because the full story is that the student dies then the result is that friends and family are sad. This story contains two parts of emotions. Each emotion happens at a time to respond to the story. You laugh because there is a story makes you laugh but if you have to cry, you will stop laughing first when the story changes your emotion. A person who laughs and cries at the same time is likely to be insane. If you have fun seeing a submissive person be forced in the desperate situation, your brain don't want to think further as your thought is stopped at the fun part. However, some people think further to the second part of the story which gives the compassion and sympathy to others: to the victim, friends and family which can restrain the fun idea of the first part of the story. Then, if you every time stop the thinking process to only fun part, your brain would lose the ability to comprehend the compassion and sympathy. It’s like the process of thinking, supposed to go deeper in a deep thought, is cut short until you don’t understand anymore that when people are sad by your prank, how sad they are?

What would happen when people lose the ability to comprehend the compassion and sympathy? Imagine to this story: a serial killer, who just gets out of jail early, kills another victim just to be put in jail again. You may want to question the killer that why—why he repeats the same mistake over and over just to be put in jail? Or doesn’t he have compassion and sympathy at all, even seeing the victim cries and begs for life? Or he may see a dead body like chicken and pork in the supermarket? When the killer has no compassion and sympathy to the victim, what comes as the result is that he never repents, never feel sad about and never cry out for the victim, and that means losing the compassion and sympathy should lead into having ‘no sense of guilt’. There is the term often used in jail—‘not right in the head’. What isn’t right is in the head and that the reason some behaviors can’t be reformed.

If I can compare each emotion to each tooth, a person who has no emotion at all can be compared to the person who loses all the teeth in his mouth. In the case of a person who has no sense of guilt as I have discussed prior can be compared to a person who has all teeth in the mount, except ‘one tooth’ is missing and that makes it’s hard to notice the abnormality; this type of person can live normal life like others. Normal people should have all perfect teeth in the mouth with no gap. A person, who has extreme compassion and sympathy to others beyond the average, is in the opposite direction of the ‘one-tooth-missing’ case, can be compared to a person who has ‘extra tooth’ in the mouth.

Think about these cases. The Oklahoma City bomber, a domestic terrorist, whom his neighbors say that he can be their babysitter. With anger, a horrified idea can flash up in mind, then the compassion and sympathy to others will restrain the horrified idea but the Oklahoma City bomber doesn’t have this part in his brain. Scott Peterson who seems to be a normal, friendly, family guy, kills his wife and his unborn child. The question you may want to ask—where are the compassion and sympathy in these people’s minds? Or they forget to think about? Or they never think about? For many cases of terror attacks, friends and families who know the terrorists seem disbelief as they seem to be nice and kind people, but what is going on with them to commit such the serious crimes.

A tale: a farmer and a snake. At the young age, my teacher tells this tale to her students in class. The teacher intends to use the tale to teach students to be cautious in associating with strangers but I will use the tale: a farmer and a snake, in a different purpose in comparison the one-tooth-missing case and the extra tooth. The story is: the early morning one day, a rice farmer walks out of his home to work in the field then he observes a cobra lying curled up in cold nearly dead. The farmer feels sympathy, he puts the cobra under his shirt to warm up. As the cobra survives, it bites the farmer to dead. The farmer in the story can be compared to the case of having extra tooth, means that the farmer has the compassion and sympathy over excessive until he forgets thinking about how dangerous the snake is. The snake in the story, in contrast, can be compared to the one-tooth-missing case, it cares most only itself. Another story, a real story I watch on TV, is about a crime. A young woman drives her car in the suburb then a man approaches her asking for a ride to send him to the next street. Without caution, she has only sympathy to wanting to help someone, and that the man lures her to rape and kill. If the young woman extracts her ‘extra tooth’, she would be more cautious and more concerned about herself so she would suggest the man to find a male driver to give him a ride.

Think in this case, a trainer is training a man to hunt. The trainer is shouting aggressively, ‘shoot it! Shoot it!’, but the man says ‘no, I can’t. I am scared to see it die’ then he uses his hands cover his eyes. The trainer shouts again ‘shoot it now! I don’t understand why is so difficult. Give me the gun’…bang! ‘See, it’s so easy. I don’t understand why you can’t do it’.

The one-tooth-missing case and the extra tooth are important in all part of life. One example, they divide country into the left and the right in politics. Liberal people care about other people, poor kids’ education, climate change, etc., while another group cares more about themselves, their money in the pocket, etc., and that makes it easy for childish Donald Trump to sell his policy ‘America First’ to the group of the one-tooth-missing case because they are not supposed to care much about the World. Think further a little bit—if childish Donald has ‘one tooth missing’, his agenda ‘America First’ or ‘America Great Again’ seems to be too big for him to care about because he supposes to narrow down to ‘Myself First’, rather than thinking about the big picture of the country, right? Look—on the first day of his inauguration, the secret reveals the text messages go viral in the Trump team during childish Donald’s speech excitedly to start their Russia project first which will give them millions of dollars. There is no discussion on the text messages over the ‘America First’ agenda. Moreover, childish Donald gives his speech at the UN to encourage all nations to follow his idea ‘America First’. His speech convinces that like America under Trump presidency, when all nations are selfish by thinking about themselves, good economy will come. His speech suggests all countries should walk away from each other. Why does the process of his thinking stop at the aggression all the time? Where is the kindness, sympathy and compassion to others? If childish Donald has all the teeth (complete all emotions), his speech at the UN should be that ‘it’s important for every country to be a strong nation so they can help other countries more’. Childish Donald almost becomes a good President, only he has one tooth missing.

Think of this example for a minute, ‘if a man says that he buys a doll and cake for a young girl as he is a nice guy but he doesn’t understand why the girl keeps crying out nonstop. One important thing, he forgets to tell is that ‘he kidnaps her’. Just one little thing, he forget thinking about, can change the entire context.’

Have you ever seen White Supremacists create projects such as growing trees to support environment, or charity walk for poor kids’ education? They only protect their White Supremacy statues which is concerning about themselves. Being worried that other colors will dominate White, which is also concerning about their own issue. Some carry guns all the time because they are so worried about their safety that others will attack them like Childish Donald tweets attacking all the media against him, being paranoid that others will cause him bad image.

During 2016 presidential campaign, childish Donald claims that ‘if he shoots someone die at 5th Avenue, he still won’t lose his supporters’. There are thousands of example that President will not lose his supporters, why childish Donald comes up with the one that is so negative, with no compassion in his idea. His example is the exact same idea as the tragedy in Las Vegas when a man has fun shooting people who attend the concert from the top of the hotel, whom childish Donald calls him ‘a sick man’. Now the question comes back to him—‘is he also a sick man?’ And is his claim true that he will not lose his supporters?—there should be a poll that how many percent of the voters still vote for him? This should be fraud because ‘sick men’ are not supposed to vote for President.

Before I come to America, my boss who used to come to study in America tells me that America kids like to bring guns to high school to shoot people, most are happened in suburb. Unlike watching the cowboy movies, this culture of shooting spree isn’t fun but a shameful thing, people from other countries gossip what’s wrong to America kids. Beyond imagination how kids can commit big crimes like this. Movies are fun but don’t forget thinking about what’s wrong to the cowboys? Shooting hundreds of people die but they never feel guilty about. Where are the compassion and sympathy to the families who lose their love ones? Today radicalism and extremism still exist in the same geography as still seen politicians from the cowboy's strong base are still aggressive. Even now time goes by, the ‘one-tooth-missing’ epidemic still has never been cured, yet inherited to younger generations. I don’t believe that all of the people who vote for childish Donald seriously care about tax cut, cheap healthcare and other Republican’s agendas because I believe that many radical people don’t pay much tax and they live on welfare. Some of them reveal that ‘it doesn’t matter they are Republican or Democrat, Government don’t let them die anyway but the radicalism is going to be gone everyday so they want their leader who can turn green light on for them to play.’ I know many Republican supporters and they are good people just like Democrat that they don’t anti other people. Trump guys are not Republican; they are another independent Party who uses Republican Party to help them fulfill fantasy. They cause Republican Party have bad image. If combining the drug addiction crisis and the one-tooth-missing epidemic together, Americans need helps more than any country in the World!

In commonsense, people would think that aggression means ‘strong’, in contrast to submissive behavior means ‘weak’. Schools need to teach kids to change their perception. Look at the tragedy in Charlottesville, White Supremacists prepare all kinds of weapons and protections to the rally and even drive a car into the crowds to kill people—why are strong men afraid to be hurt very much? Childish Donald blames China aggressively during his presidential campaigns over the currency manipulation. When he has a chance to visit China, not only does he forget to blame China, he praises Chinese government of doing good job for their citizens in the currency manipulation. When Chinese hears childish Donald gives credit to Chinese government, they laugh immediately (they thought, he is good as he brags). Childish Donald uses strong words to rile anger N. Korea as he is ready every minute to make a war but don’t tell anyone that he has to run into many countries to ask for helps. He has no brain function to think further that millions of people may have to die in the nuclear war because he has no sense of guilt. Don’t think that US government can do everything to help people because sometimes they can’t. Childish Donald just wants to have fun, that’s all. Kids like to fantasize of being a superhero but kids are kids anyway, doesn’t matter 5-year-old kid or 70-year-old kid. He attacks President Obama aggressively during his presidential campaigns but when he meets him in the White House, he says ‘President Obama is a great man’. It’s like someone says—‘I can beat up that guy. I can beat up that guy’. When placing him in front of that guy, he just has cold feet. Aggressive behavior doesn’t tell ‘strength’. Aggressive behavior also doesn’t tell ‘patriot’ but aggressive people often measure patriot by the levels of aggressive behavior. Trump team is now on the investigation everyday, possibility of taking bribe from foreign government. So what does the aggressive behavior tell?—it tells ‘psychological problem’. Submissive behavior sometimes can be meant ‘politeness’.

Mind-Connection and the one-tooth-missing case

Imagine, you own a company and you have to hire one of the two people to work with you. Mr. A, who is in the case of having ‘extra tooth’, suggests you that his experiences is to help you improve quality of products and services to attract customers. The company should be nice and care about customers and give good things to them. Mr. B, who is in the case of one-tooth-missing, suggests you that he has many tricks he uses in the past and success on how to get quick money. Don’t waste time to care about customers because these people are not our family. Until they learn about the tricks we would have gone very far. Take money and run. If you have one-tooth-missing, you would understand Mr. B clearly every word he says. But for Mr. A, it is hard to understand as you don’t have part of the brain to comprehend, why do we have to spend too much money and a lot of time to give good things to customers. No money, no business. Mr. A's idea is too weak on his business strategy but Mr. B is a strong and smart candidate. Now is a question: ‘what type of people you want to see your President has mind-connection to? Good advisors or bad advisors?’

Imagine this story: your little daughter waits excitedly for you to come home with a promise you will buy a cat for her. However, the pet store doesn’t have a cat so you choose to buy a big tiger instead. “Come here. Don’t be scared. It tames. It is well-trained from a circus. Remember, when I take you to see the circus, you say all the time you like the tiger?” However, your little girl cries out as she doesn’t have mind-connection with the tiger to believe that this tiger tames. If it doesn’t attack her today, it can attack her next week or next month.

You think, you are a nice guy but you don’t understand why a little girl is afraid to come close to you. One thing you may forget thinking about, your body has plenty of tattoos: snake, scorpion, centipede, all over the body.

Never seen anything like the 2016 presidential election before: young girls cry out after election that some schools have to offer free counselors for parents and students. Protests all over the world and some people try to impeach childish Donald even before he works in the office. Childish Donald blames these people have too much emotional over Hillary’s election loss. It’s not about her election loss as Hillary has run for President many times and she always loses. But something inside childish Donald causes people who have extra-tooth angry at him for no reason, even just to look at his face. President has to have all teeth, no extra and no missing tooth, not too liberal and not too conservative. What happened in America politics today is weirder everyday. Conservative people are paranoid that liberal people try to attack them while liberal people think that conservative people try to attack them too, Republican thinks that Democrat hates them while Democrat thinks that Republican hates them too. Actually the civil war isn’t over yet?

A witch gives candy to a kid then the parents should be suspicious that the candy must be poisoned. When the President is unkind, it leads into suspicion that all of his agendas intend to poison people and the country.

If your little kid is so crazy very much about childish Donald to be the President, you should ask your kid—what does he like about childish Donald as normally kids don’t take politics seriously? Even though, he may learn politics from parents, what’s about other Republican politicians, don’t they give tax cut and other Republican policies like childish Donald gives to people—why have to be crazy to the most aggressive candidate and why have to be Donald? Or it’s because other Republican politicians are too kind for your kid to have mind-connection with? Or is your kid also in the ‘one-tooth-missing’ case like Oklahoma bomber, Scott Peterson, serial killers, terrorists who childish Donald once says to these people that ‘he doesn’t know what is going on with them’?

Kid Vs Adult

Imagine these two classrooms: first classroom has a kid role-playing as a teacher teaching other kids; the second classroom has an adult teacher working seriously teaching students—the question is how to differentiate between kid’s play and adult’s work?

Kid’s play has no rule and no plan: correctness / incorrectness don’t matter and kids never prepare for the ending. Working for adult, however, can’t be incorrect and working must have a plan where to end. Childish Donald says that he never tells his plan because he doesn’t want enemy knows his plan. Well, it might be true but something in my mind convinces that it can be his excuse too. Actually, he might not have plan but use the last minute to figure out what to do. If so, it can be very dangerous because childish Donald may lead the country (or his life) to the dead end unexpected.

Childish Donald has amazing life for America kids to learn is that people should know their limit ability. If childish Donald stops his career at celebrity, he will be a good actor. Going beyond his limit ability does not necessary means ‘more success’ but sometimes can be ‘failure’. When I watch the show ‘celebrity apprentice’, I always forget thinking that he is acting. I always think that he is a smart CEO. Until the reality is revealed in his presidency, I don’t see the same professional look of the CEO, except a funny President. He makes me now have to think all the time when I watch TV shows that on TV there is a director tells the actor what to do, they can cut bad scene, take and retake the films hundreds of time until the shows get the best pictures. Childish Donald comes to tell the truth of the reality TV shows that might not be so real.

Think, if your daughter goes to study in a poor country as an exchanged student. In the classroom one day her classmates show her in class, the video during the presidential campaign: childish Donald acts as a child ding ding dong ding ding dong and imitates disability kid, then the classmates ask your daughter a question—‘Can you explain to us—what your President is doing in this picture. Even though, we live in a poor country, our President never does anything like this so we don’t really understand what your President is doing?’ How can you help your daughter answer this question?

Role-play fantasy

Americans love having fantasy sex. I know it first time when I have sex with American men. The difference between police in sexual fantasy and real police, although they dress in the same uniform and the same act, is that sexual fantasy imitates real police character only some parts that arouse sexual desire, emphasize it and make it over. Nurse in the sexual fantasy doesn’t act exact same nurse in the hospital, although they dress the same. Now is a question—when you watch the video, Adolf Hitler has speech in front of Nazi soldiers as he looks tough and dress like General, is the character of Hitler real like you have seen in military around the World? Or he seems to make over? He may just want to have fun playing like a kid but the audients: people and Nazi soldiers, are having fun, crazy with him?

Refer to the rally at Charlottesville, it gives me the first time to see the video shown on TV, I have never believed something like this happens in America—a group of aggressive adult men with a torch in their hand gathering at night, marching and chanting ‘blood and soil, blood and soil’. The first time I see it, frankly, my mind thinks that they are taking a Hollywood movie. Think about Hollywood movies and imagine this picture: in night time, in a corn field in a suburb, a group of young kids are gathering and they are mind-controlled by a kind of aliens then they are aggressively marching and chanting into town, attacking everyone, especially good people who are against them. I have never seen anything like this in Asian countries. Americans like to behave like kids; they are crazy about fantasy world. Some people love Star Wars movie then they will dress like characters in the movie with toys. It’s fine if the fantasy fans try to make it happen in real life doesn’t hurt anyone.

I have doubted why politicians from Midwest and Southern States are more aggressive than politicians from East and West coasts. Does the aggression really matter in America politics? Some politicians have to dress costume—a cowboy costume, ride a horse and carry gun. Wow! Cowboy politician. People used to be very wild during cowboy generation: cowboys kill hundreds of people but never feel guilty about. Today, the exact same areas, the cowboy hometown is still wild. Reality and fantasy never move away from each other. That’s why politicians from the same areas have to be insanely aggressive because people may not want to see submissive cowboy, right? I have never seen politicians in any country need to dress costume to win votes. Any politician who wants to win election easier in the Midwest and Southern Red states should be considered having this status—‘White, Christian, man who behaves insanely aggressive and anti everyone who doesn’t look like him such as anti-LGBT, anti-immigrants, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Spanish, etc. Except, if one is anti-White Christian men, the person would have no place to live in the cowboy states! Having talent in politics or not, doesn’t really matter. Good for the country or not, also does not really matter.

Childish Donald also has fantasy to be President. At the beginning of his work in the office, childish Donald shows a unique character. During press conference, his greet to the reporters is something unusual. He stands at the podium, pokes his face forward little then he will smile to reporters in the same time he rolls his face to the left and right slowly. Smile tells many emotions and his smile at that time is telling, he is ‘mocking’ at all of you, the reporters. Childish Donald may think that these reporters will play with him too and they will be easy to him. However, the reporters play very tough to him, perhaps beyond his expectation which it causes him stop the mocking as now he knows that these reporters don’t want to play with him. Then he finds new people to play at his rallies. While having speech, he will stop the talk for a short moment and roll his face to the left and that the mocking smile is still there. If you are the ‘one-tooth-missing’, you won’t notice any unusual character because you too love to annoy people to create fun turbulent situation like childish Donald does. But if you are in the case of having ‘extra tooth’, you would feel that this 70-year-old childish President tries to annoy you all the time. Moreover, to repeat words with no explanation is also another way to annoy people; you don’t see any previous presidents do that. Presidents normally should try to explain to people with good reasons in convincing public to believe as much as they can.

Puerto Rico and the childish President

In my belief, if childish Donald isn’t required to visit Puerto Rico after hurricane, he won’t go there. The reason he has to go there is to avoid the blame from public. When asking to rate on how well of his response to the hurricane, without shame he quickly gives himself ten out of ten—this shows that he cares only his image more than the victims. I can put my heart inside his to feel that on his Puerto Rico visit, he is very tired and bored to this presidential social works and even angry of being forced to work which I can notice from his tone the conversation with mayors and governor during his visit. He doesn’t have brain function to comprehend compassion and sympathy to others, especially to poor people. One example shown, childish Donald is shooting paper towels to the hurricane victims like he is having fun on basketballs game. His action doesn’t show he understands the sadness of these people. Think like when people are very sad in the funeral but childish Donald is talking and laughing about his birthday party—this kid doesn’t know what appropriate / inappropriate to act.

Puerto Rico is not childish Donald’s first case as two hurricanes visit Texas and Florida. As Puerto Rico is located outside America mainland, first round of food and water should be sent there before the hurricane with some national guards to help people evacuate. Soon after the hurricane stops, as people don’t have to worry about food and water, government should ask for at least one person of each family (if they can) to volunteer to clean up the mess in public while the rest of the family must clean up the mess in their homes quickly otherwise disease will come to get them. In a wealthy country like America, people don’t need to do anything; they only wait for government to do all works. In poor countries or poor areas of the country, if let people wait for government, they may have to wait for the rest of their lives. In rural area, normally men are born with the sense of construction so what they need is a leader to tell them such as how to divide people into groups after gathering and which group works on which part, suggestions on how to push electric poles to stand up safely so electricians can continue working faster, cleaning up roads and bridges good enough as these things move economy until government finds contractors to continue jobs after this. When people see things progress, they are not angry at government. If government let them wait and do nothing, they will begin to gossip and complain. Next, during a lunch break on his island visit, childish Donald should find some times to talk with people—‘I don’t live around here but can someone tell me how people live over here so when I go back to White House, I will set up a small team to find ways to help developing economy’. President has to show his concern to help people release their stresses. Pattern of life for low income people are similar around the world: after high school graduation, son will follow his dad to work on a tough job such as construction while daughter will find a boyfriend to get marry and then have kids quickly, as the result the poverty quickly sets in. The President should suggest that people should not have kids too soon, should not have kids when job isn’t stable, should not have kids when having no savings and should not have too many kids beyond affordable. As the cut-spending President, childish Donald should suggest that in case a wife chooses to be a stay-home mom and make no income, she should sacrifice by ‘eating less’ to help her husband save income on food costs. Most Spanish foods contain oil which is difficult to digest so a stay-home mom can stay full for hours and that she doesn’t need to eat too much. When family begins to have saving, whether pennies or dollars, life will start better. From the good start, they will look for other ways else to add more savings, then kids will absorb the cut-spending from parents. President should also suggest that parents should inspire their kids to have ambition to graduate in university and find better jobs to work than their parents’. It's very important that President should experience and well understand life in many social classes, but what childish Donald knows well is only life in his golf course.

When getting back to White House from his Puerto Rico visit, childish Donald should tell the story what he sees in Puerto Rico and ask public for help, for example some supermarkets used to have program: donating 5 bucks for a bag of apple for poor kids, is this donation: 5 bucks for a bag of apple also available for Puerto Rico for a year or two? Are there any shirt or household items people don’t use anymore to send to Puerto Rico? As government has not enough money for help, childish Donald should use his popularity and opportunity in front of media everyday to ask public for help. However, what childish Donald does is so amazing, is that when he can’t find a way to help, he chooses to attack them. I have never known and I believe that millions of people around the world also may not know as well, but now everyone knows—Puerto Rico is bankruptcy, the same financial situation as the President. Blame other people, but forget to look at himself. It’s like Puerto Ricans fall down to the ground, childish Donald quickly buries them to cover up the problem—this is the strategy he often uses. It causes public has negative views and he just causes the problem more difficult to solve or unable to solve.

As a businessman, instead of blaming on the financial bankruptcy, childish Donald should suggest Puerto Rico government that to prevent the bankruptcy, the benefits government gives to people should match the incomes the entire island has earned. When America see poor countries / states, they sympathize at people live in poverty so they want to change their quality of lives ‘immediately’ to be like America mainland—It’s wrong. Think like you put a Puerto Rican man in a car with blindfold him, then you drive the car from point A to point B to drop him off. What the problem is that he doesn’t know where he is and which direction he should go from there, but only thank a lot for the ride, means that Puerto Ricans just enjoy benefits the US gives to them and government has to carry them on the shoulder for the rest of their entire lives. What government should do is that they should teach Puerto Ricans to learn to walk by themselves. What government brings to them is the first start where is the right direction to go. Think that America mainland doesn’t get to the point where they are today in one day or one year but the country has been through so many things and sometimes they go to the wrong directions. What the US government can help them is how to shorten the processes and stay on the right lane all the time so they can succeed faster—this is the benefits Puerto Ricans should get and it doesn’t cost them bankruptcy. What government has to tell them is to trust government in suggesting the right direction—road ahead is rich and prosperous, every mile they walk forward, more rewards they gain but only they have to walk by themselves.

Before I come to US, I think that Puerto Rico is a country and I also believe that millions of people around the world think like I think. You may think that I am so dumb, I don’t dispute that. But there are too many things to study and normally people choose the subject they interest to study—Puerto Rico is not a part of my life and millions of people’s lives around the world as well. Just like one of my American classmates says, he knows nothing about Thailand and I don’t blame him for that. I think that in the past Puerto Rico has done too little in the promotion as a part of US territory. This part, no one can help them but they have to do it by themselves. For example, products made in Puerto Rico are the same quality as the ones made in the US because they are the same country but cheaper. If one time saying doesn’t keep the message in people’s heads, keep saying over and over until the whole world keeps it in mind that Puerto Rico is a part of the US like Hawaii and Alaska. When US mainland has problems such as natural disaster, don’t think that small guy is never able to help big guy, send some nurses and doctors or construction workers to help, with the announcement—“as we are the same country, any problem the US has is also Puerto Rico's problem and that’s the reason we come willingly to help…” The reason that millions of Americans don’t feel in the depth of their hearts that Puerto Rico is a part of America is because they think that Puerto Rico never gives them any benefit, but only wait to take benefits. Puerto Ricans have to think that they are like a small bird that can’t fly alone very well. The US is like a big bird that can fly up very high into sky. How can Puerto Rico fly is that they have to grab tightly the big bird and fly together. “I am born and live in the US and I am 100% American. My home-state named ‘Puerto Rico’.” If Puerto Ricans don’t take this advantage as much as they can as the US territory, the question they should ask themselves is that why do they need to be the US territory?


In the case, football players choose not to stand up during national anthem to protest the police brutality. During the presidential debate, Donald agrees to Hillary’s idea in solving the police brutality in shooting Blacks that ‘police should build relationship with communities’—he may already forget his answer so I remind him again. However, when childish Donald has a good chance to talk to police, he chooses to escalate the situation by inciting police ‘not to treat suspects too nice’. Moreover, he uses the strongest term to condemn the NFL players ‘son of a bitch’—the term is stronger than he condemns his White people on the tragedy in Charlottesville. Actually the word ‘son of a bitch’ fits to describe himself more than anyone as his brutality is still unsolved. What childish Donald should do, first is to invite people who involve in this case in the White House, (like the Obama’s beer garden) such as police chief and some NFL players to discuss the brutality problem and to show that President shares their concern but people should understand that some problems need a lot more times to solve than they thought it would be. There are some factors more complicated to understand like why does this happen to only Black community, but not other races, need more times to study. Next, childish Donald should address to football fans that ‘our main focus is at the performances. If the players put their hearts and souls on the games, it’s fair enough to buy the tickets. Players have the rights to do peaceful protest but it isn’t our main focus.’ (Fans should know that not everyone who stands up for the flag loves country.) What childish Donald does is the same aggressive way he often does by attacking the team owners to be embarrassed. I have never paid attention that there are many empty seats in the stadium, childish Donald tells everyone to look—NFL businesses are going to be bankrupted (like him), means that businesses are not doing well (ha ha ha). He also incites the team owners to fire these players over their protest. When the team owners hesitate to do so, he taunts them that they are feared of their employees, while these team owners donate big money for him millions of dollars, now they should know that they donate money to the wrong person, who damns their businesses to bankrupt. The right thing to do is that childish Donald should suggest the team owners to find some times to talk with their employees and to think most about the business of the teams. Look, if I own a company, in the office during office hours I want my employees to focus on their jobs; everything they do / talk should benefit the company. Lunch break, after work or holidays and weekend, they want to go for political protest, I don’t care about that. It isn’t fair to the company when employees use their work hours to express their personal opinions. If they don’t care about their future career, they should think about others: doctors and trainers or even janitors who clean the locker rooms are also waiting to get paid.

Many examples prove that childish Donald Trump has only one part of his emotion which is the aggression and that puts him in the one-tooth-missing case which this causes him to behave like ‘snake’.

Cartoon story—Kids who never grow up

On Monday morning, in the classroom the fifth-grade students are the noisiest. Suddenly Prof. Wang walks in, all students are quiet.

Prof. Wang : Hello to all my lovely students. I hope, everyone has good weekends. Today we will study a new topic. Open your book and turn to page 32, on chapter 3—‘The Historic American Kids Who Never Grow Up’. There are two famous American kids to learn in this chapter. Who can tell me who they are?... Emily, I see you raise your hand. You must know the answer.

Emily : The two famous American kids are, first Billy the Kid and the second one is Donald the Kid.

Prof. Wang : Excellent job. You’re always the smartest kid in this class. I have to give you five extra points. This is the most important issue for all of you to learn because now America is doing this research on how kids can become success while they don’t need to grow up such as being a childish President, a childish businessman, a childish golf player, a childish parent, a childish con-man and many things kids would love to do… Now, who can tell me, what these two kids have in commons?... Mathew, you seem very confident. You must know the answer.

Mathew : Both Billy the Kid and Donald the Kid are very popular in the Midwest and Southern States.

Prof. Wang : Good job. And what else they have in commons?... Jason, tell me what you know about these kids.

Jason : Billy the Kid is successful in prison break. Donald the Kid is successful in breaking political rules.

Prof. Wang : Well done. … Cindy, it seems like you want to add something…

Cindy : Billy the Kid becomes popular from killing people. Donald the Kid never kills anyone yet but he has an idea to carry a gun to 5th Avenue to shoot someone to dead and he believes that he will not lose his supporters.

Prof. Wang : Excellent comparison. …Amy, are you going to say something?

Amy : Billy the Kid never wears facial makeup but Donald the Kid wears makeup everyday.

Prof. Wang : Oh shit!! Amy, I can’t believe, you will give me the dumb shit answer. I ask about the common things they have but you give me the contradiction. Stop crying!! Next year you are the only one who has to repeat same class.

Emily : Prof. Wang, Amy’s answer is not necessary a dumb shit answer. I think, she is trying to say that Donald the Kid comes to White House everyday with makeup stories and stories which are fabrication.

Prof. Wang : Oh yeah, I forget thinking about that. You are always smart kid. I have to give you one more point for helping Amy dumb shit student. But I still insist to my decision that she will be the only one who needs to repeat same class next year, definitely.

Jason: Donald the Kid claims that he is the smartest kid, when he studies in college. Is he smarter than Amy dumb shit?

Prof. Wang : Let think this way, if you talk about Donald’s good things, he will say he is so smart because he can remember everything but if you talk about negative things about him, he don’t remember anything. So, Kid’s IQ is up and down, up and down all the time depends on which story you are talking about.

Andy : I hear some of his supporters say that he is a strong leader. Is he really strong?

Prof. Wang : ‘Strong’ means his facial skin as he never feels shameful of anything. He is not a strong leader but he is a radical leader. Radical leader has a unique character; he likes to wear panty size triple K and plays with his own nipples.

Emily : Why Donald the Kid has to scratch his nipples very hard all day?

Prof. Wang : He loves war so that's the way he practices his fingers on nuclear button and he is confident that his nuclear button is bigger than any country in the World because he has squeezed and pinched his nipples for years until they are so tight and big.

Andy : What’s about, people say that he likes to speak crazily of his mind?

Prof. Wang : It’s true. Only everything in his mind is dirt!

Emily : I hear that Donald the Kid plans to build his new Tower home in Moscow. Is that true?

Prof. Wang : That’s the fake news. Donald loves America very much. America government offers him a free Tower as a gift to live because he does amazing job at Trump Tower in helping US government to build underground relationship with foreign governments such as helping secretly to remove sanctions for Russia make millions of dollars flow into the US economy. US government sees the Trump Tower underground business as example. So, if Donald the Kid owns more Towers, he will bring more money, millions of dollars from foreign governments to build the US economy. Smart kid!

Emily : Now even the President thinks that US dollar has less value but Russia currency is stronger. So, I plan to learn Russia language too, perhaps I can make millions like Donald.

Prof. Wang : Don’t learn language. Language is the most difficult thing to learn. People understand each other through the bribe-money language. It’s a new universal language but it’s so easy to learn. You only put money under table then Donald sees big cash, he understands immediately what you want. No grammar required and no need to spell words correctly as Donald doesn’t like reading too long.

Emily: Prof. Wang, I almost forget to ask—which Tower, government wants to give to Donald for free?

Prof. Wang: The Prison Tower! That’s also a big Tower just like Trump Tower. There are enough spaces, beds and toilets, for all his teammates to live in. You watch on TV and you will see little mug shot-like of the Trump teams who are excited to move in the new Tower with Trump. All the photos TV news display them in horizontal but when the time comes all the photos will be flipped lining up in vertical and that they will form a tall Tower like Trump Tower.

Emily : That’s why I walk past the Trump Tower this morning, I see construction workers are taking down the golden sign – ‘Trump Tower’. At first I thought they are going to close their business. After I ask the contractor, he says he will move this golden sign to a new place called “New Trump Tower—Solitary Confinement” Is the New Trump Tower safe for kids to live in?

Prof. Wang : Don’t worry. Donald the Kid has the same idea as Billy the Kid's. If government gives a gun to all the inmates, they will help each other enthusiastically shoot the criminal….. We have learned a lot of things today. I would like to end this class with a song but everyone has to help me bring all the story we’ve learn from the beginning in this class to write the lyric. Who wants to start? Jacob, I know, you're good about music. You want to start?

Jacob : I can.

Prof. Wang : Good. Music begins…

Jacob : ----When I say I love America, I mean I lie….

Prof. Wang : Good start! -----Why do you have to lie?.....

Emily : -------It’s because I am a kid…….

Prof. Wang : So, who else you love the most?

Cindy : ------I love Russia………

Prof. Wang : Why do you love Russia?.....

Jason : ----It’s because they help me crook……….

Prof. Wang : Wow! Very good. I can’t believe that my fifth-grade students will learn so fast like this. Now, we will sing together one more time. Are you ready? Music…

“When I say I love America, I mean I lie.

The reason I lie is because I am a kid.

Embarrassingly, the truth revealed that I am in love with Russia.

By a simple reason, no one could imagine—they help me crook.

Flock listens…kids need diapers, lot of milks, clothes and good healthcare for growing up. No money, no growth, mom….”

Prof. Wang : Now class is over…

Emily : May I have one last question?

Prof. Wang: Go ahead.

Emily : Donald the Kid says, he will drain the White House swamp. Does he drain it yet?

Prof. Wang : Yes, he did.

Emily : What does he find in swamp?

Prof. Wang: He found himself who is more stinking than swamp.

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