Oscar’s night

by Half-Lady Lisa

February 23, 2015

Jennifer: Amy, did you watch the Oscars last night?

Amy: Yes, I did. I watch every year. The Oscar’s host is very important in making a great show. Last year, Ellen DeGeneres did very good job in hosting the Oscars. She invested on her own money by ordering many boxes of pizza for audiences.

Jennifer: Amy, are you sure that the Oscar’s host have to invest something for the show?

Amy: Of course. Like last year, this year Neil Patrick Harris even invests more. He gives all he has to the show is that he is naked on stage. That’s a very huge investment for being an Oscar’s host. That causes Ellen to quit the show this year because her panty doesn’t look sexy enough.

Jennifer: Wait, Amy. I think you are misunderstanding something.

Amy: About what?

Jennifer: Hollywood stars try to find this chance in the Oscars night to promote their movies. The reason that Neil Patrick Harris is naked on stage is that he is promoting his movie.

Amy: Does he have a movie? I haven’t known about it.

Jennifer: Yes, he has a very famous movie coming out soon.

Amy: What’s the movie?

Jennifer: Fifty Shades of Gay.

Amy: Wait a minute. I used to hear about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. But I haven’t heard about ‘Fifty Shades of Gay’.

Jennifer: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a mommy’s porn. But the Neil Patrick Harris’ version is for different gender.

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