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Political Untitled (Part One)

by Half-Lady Lisa

4 June 2017

One afternoon I take a nap with my TV still turns on. Then I wake up but still drowsy. Soon after my eyes open, I see Donald’s news which normally broadcasted 24/7 all over TV & internet—the President of United States pushes aside other leaders to clear a space for himself. In that moment, what Donald tries to do unprecedented,…awkward and ridiculous…,only wants to act showing off in front of cameras, just for people to see that he is more important than other leaders. As being drowsy at first my mind convinces that I perhaps was still in my dream but after my consciousness returns, surely it isn’t fake news. My suggestion: next time Donald should wear sneakers and run (but Hilary may never have a chance to run again, she falls apart after walking every two steps, perhaps if she was the President, she will be stranded at the airport so no one sees her anyway.) One thing Donald should know, he doesn’t need to be in the front row all the time because his (trans)fat ass can be visibly clear at a mile away. He always takes the most space on TV screen than other leaders. His doctor says that he is just a few pounds overweight so irony I should be anorexia! The number one President who wins the title of the biggest-ass in the US’s history, bigger than a podium, (because Hilary doesn’t win!)

Whether having Democrat or Republican President doesn’t matter because most of the time the President choice doesn’t affect citizens’ better-life changing, except the President himself life always changes better. Anyway, although I believe that Donald should be much better serve for TV shows than a serious job as President, one part I am happy that Donald (as the President) makes me understand better about who Americans really are.

First, let me give a short introduction with my story. I was born in a suburb in Thailand where majority of people are poor; comparing to the US, it should be similar to the Midwest (red) states. Most people there are farmers and they used to grow potatoes (now a different crop) for living, which would be like people in North Dakota do. Once in a while, town has a party where hundreds of people are gathered, including other people from nearby towns, sometimes mayor/governor/politicians are also invited to such as luxurious wedding party. My mom will prepare nice clothes for my dad to wear to party; she will take time iron all his clothes smooth as new so he will not be embarrassed by other people. She will also remind him to behave well at party, not to do anything awkward so the embarrassment and the mock will not follow him to family—this is one of the important roles of leader and that the reason citizens of the country also have an important role in highly selecting their President to represent them. Women are normally more concerned about the image than men; even though we are poor or have less education, we don’t want people insult that uncharacteristic behavior is stereotype of poor and low educated people. My parents have education level only fourth grade so they are always worried about the decency. Unlike upper-class billionaires, we always believe, they don’t need to change anything as the decency should be in their lives everyday and in every golf club, (except President Donald needs to be reformed seriously his behavior). Donald doesn’t represent only red states, he also represents University Professors, educated students, scientists, successful billionaires like Bill Gates, doctors, lawyers etc, and all these people are too parts of his ‘America Great Again’! People who live on the other side of the world and never come to America know Americans and their characters through the image of the President so now Americans: the number one country in the world and the best education in the world, are depicted as Donald: radical like him, think stupidly like him and act ridiculous like him. I understand that President is a human being like all of us that human is never perfect but President Donald is unacceptable below average of the President. I believe that every US’s President thinks like Donald think when meeting with international countries that US deserves a grand spot in the front row but what other Presidents do is that they keep this in their minds and plan every pace they walk where they are going to stop/what they have to do next. What Donald should do is that Donald has to keep in mind that the finished line is ahead at the cameras, so if he paces little faster, he should be there before other leaders. Try to make it smoothly, naturally so people at home don’t have to be embarrassed. Donald has to learn to plan every step he walks. Why do I have to teach Donald how to walk as Donald is not a toddler (or is he? Both Presidential nominees have walking problems: one needs a wheelchair, the other one is toddling.) Imagine the walk of a toddler, parents are always worried that the toddler will fall down so they prepare ready every minute to sustain him. Every time Donald travels to other countries, people at home would feel the same way worry that the President of United States will fall down by making a mistake—do Americans need to have this feeling in the number one country in the world—it’s a shame? I always believe that citizens vote for the smartest person to lead them—smart-ass—that’s right! (Ask Donald).

Next, I still have my story to tell. During my school years in Thailand, when teachers blame or punish a young student such as by whipping, they choose to do publicly in front of the class, in front of the crowd so the punishment will be in great physical pain adding shame to mind. In America, teachers/instructors will call a student outside the class to discuss the problem privately; this also happens in American workplaces—in a more respectful manner. However, Donald at NATO, the picture I see him from the news shows Donald scolds at other world leaders disrespectfully. The picture shows these leaders line up like they are Donald’s employees while Donald acts as a big bossy boss complaining his employees (other leaders). If Donald feels his anger out of control at Americans pay too much to solve the world’s problems, Donald should choose a place more privacy to release his stress such as in a meeting room where camera and audio are not allowed. But Donald chooses to scold other leaders in public, satellite broadcasting all over the world to see his dictatorial power while these leaders are highly respected by the people in their countries. Radical men at home should be impressive to Donald’s act. In public, especially in front of cameras, Donald should learn to change his tone to be softer and more respectful to others because scolding at each others is not the way to make NATO stronger as radical men always think that they are smart (smart ass, that’s right). Donald’s insulting speech can cause the divide and that would cause more problems in NATO than solving problems. Months ago, I have conversation with an American man who loves America as much as Donald does. I tell him that I like to see Americans live quietly like Canada, stop involving with other countries. The man tells me—‘what’s about the world’s problems, if America don’t do, who are going to do these jobs.’ I pause, in my mind his say means, in my understanding, that America steps in as a big brother of all nations who sacrifices very much in solving the world’s problems most countries ignore—‘America does for nothing’—I think that way and I believe that most people around the world also think like I think. But until Donald reveals the truth to the whole world to have a second thought that ‘no, this is America’s business’. The main point at NATO, Donald focuses strongly and confidently in his tone more about ‘money and money’ than how to improve NATO. ‘Other countries don’t pay fair share which is not fair to American tax paid’ says Donald—similar to this: ‘Top one percent doesn’t pay fair share’, at his home country Democrat has said to Billionaire Republican like Donald every election but it is always denied by Republicans every election too, and more than that Donald as a billionaire tries to pays nothing which isn’t fair to middle-class citizens also, (Does Donald uses his visit at NATO for his stress release?) I have thought misunderstanding for a long time that Americans are philanthropists. If you want to copy my words, spit to the floor before saying that ‘I thought Americans are philanthropists. Keep searching everywhere has problems, America will be there for them. Don’t worry, our nukes are the lowest cost but the most powerful in the world, yet they are affordable even poor countries can pay our fees for sure’—then spit on the floor one more time! Like cowboys in the Midwest movies, they don’t have to work hard; money comes easy if they own guns. The fastest gun firing cowboy will be more respected so money keeps flowing full in his wallet. Now the US is the fastest gun shooter, traveling to collect fees around the world is easy jobs. What’s a philanthropist! Act sympathy to people around the world, but immigrants in the country are blamed so badly, or actually the reason of blame is that philanthropists just need money that’s all. Spit to the floor again! Irony, no need to worry anymore about solving world problems if America doesn’t want to do it anymore, Russia, China and N. Korea are ready to put their nukes in the global market. In case some small countries don’t like the made-in-USA nukes, there are other options to choose: Russian brand, China brand and N. Korea brand. America is a role model for the world of being ‘cowboy’. Every country in world, including small countries/islands, all of them want to be like US cowboy—who doesn’t? At the US home country, politicians fight and jealousy amongst each other over who can collect fees the most but don’t pay fair share to other Parties as we often hear from Donald’s campaigns attacking Hilary that crooked Hilary, travel around the world to collect money from other countries’ leaders—Donald only sees other people’s mistake but never sees himself in the mirror! Hilary is not a cowgirl, she never does nasty thing like Donald claims—fake news. Ask Hilary, she knows better than anyone!

If asking me: what the President’s priorities on the very ‘first day’ in office?—the answer is ‘tweet’; most of the times are happened early mornings, right around 3 am just about time normally infant/baby wakes up and cry to bother parents. Through out 100 days and beyond, this childish elderly still can’t stop tweeting. President Donald bullies his own citizens the most in the US history. He also likes to give adjective word to his fellow politicians to be embarrassed like crooked Hilary, lied Ted, attack John McCain’s job record on the thing he risks his life and story he makes his family proud with as ‘stupid’, etc. The difference between King Donald and President Donald is that citizens can’t criticize King Donald but King Donald can criticize everyone freely. President, in contrast, is always received negative comments by his people. President Obama is always criticized badly; President Bush even worst is almost stamped by a shoe on his face but these Presidents try to control their emotions to accept things sometimes don’t go their ways. Donald bullies people the most, ban and call ‘crooked’ medias who report negative stories about him then asking for public sympathy that these crooked medias treat Donald unfairly but praise only the TV channels that give him positive reports. Donald is never fair to anyone. Imagine, a Princess who is moody all the time, throw things on the floor messy everywhere then all servants have to keep flattering her to calm down her ugly emotions—that’s Donald so I will give a title to Donald like Donald gives to others—Princess Donald of Washington DC. As Donald doesn’t have the nature of President, from now on I will use this new name to call Donald. In America, people have free rights to speak out and comments. Think—when Donald makes negative comments during campaigns insulting other cultures, countries, races, and religions, all these people are also angry at Donald. Princess Donald never learns to put his heart in somebody’s underwear (and smell it) but always expects others to hold their breath to smell his stinking ass. So, now is a question to Princess Donald of Washington DC, should these people (non-White citizens) whom Donald attacks them in the past accept Americans’ free speech and control emotions when comments don’t go their ways so that all we can live together peacefully OR should they fight back attack America Princess? For me, I like and accept free speech and want these people also accept free speech but Princess Donald has to be good example by learning to be a good boy, rather than a naughty girl.

Princess Donald of Washington DC never works as a team, except he really needs a team for survival. Every time Donald has allegations, everyone tries very hard to clean his ass by defending him. But Donald choose to come out (from nowhere) after these people have done defending him, he defends himself another way. Public confuses over who actually tells the truth then concludes that people in his team lie over the defense. This shows that Donald never consults his ideas (or willingly to work as a team); he’s by himself; this type of person often think that he is better than anyone. Fire more people than his ‘celebrity apprentice’ show all episodes combined. Blame his teammates that they don’t do a good job; treat employees like servants. (Think—working with President can build a good resume but if you have to go to work just for being fired by a naughty Princess, it would be better unemployed and wait for a new, real President, don’t you thing?) If you have a boss like Donald, you don’t have to work hard but keep flattering your boss all day, submissive and bow head to him. If you show a sign that you are smarter than him, especially causing him to lose face such as you say in meeting room against his idea, or try to be more famous than him, he will fire you and give you negative reviews as ‘doing bad job’ all over the places. It would be in his fantasy dream he would wait for whole life, IF Donald can change the country’s name to ‘Trump Nation’, every street signs have the word ‘Trump’ as prefix and everywhere he goes people will bow head to him with say ‘Her Majesty’, he would be very happy; Donald is like Marie Antoinette reincarnation. Why Donald never stops tweeting attacking other people and media? It’s because Donald loves competitions; normally it is the general nature of crossdressers. Competition is not a bad thing because it helps you work hard to win something/someone; if you are a good-looking crossdresser, you dream to see yourself on every stage of beauty contests; if you are a strong man, the love of competition will push you very hard to become a successful sportsman. Donald wants to win everyone and all media channels who attack him; he can’t accept himself as a ‘loser’. That’s why he keeps tweeting until the whole world believes him as the winner and step on his side. Sometimes it seems wasting too much time in such the fights with some things nonsense. Donald, bigotry, never listens to other people’s suggestion to stop tweeting; every of his tweet inflames situations than solving his problems. Another problem is that Donald can’t keep secrets in his mind; every President should have things keep in their minds. Some people feel uncomfortable to keep things in their mind so they want to release the secrets every minute. If Donald knows he has allegation with Russian, Donald should not say the word ‘Russian’, not even one time but during campaigns Donald praises Russian too much in the level of suspicion and allegation of leaking classify information happens within a short time in office; if Donald is in the office for 4 or 8 years, hundreds of things would be leaked out? It’s like Donald tries to release everything in his heart out in the spotlight, by doing that it raises more public discussions which causes his team more difficult to solve the problems. Sometimes Donald has to learn to be quiet and hope that some stories can fade out with time or at least easier to solve. Things turn to be chaotic in the White House because of his love of competition. Moreover, in general crossdressers like to win women, if so, to win Hilary should be his supreme victory—is this to why Donald gives all the guts he has uncompromising his fight during election? All the things Donald creates for people and country, Donald never realizes that how difficult to clean Donald’s ass when he promises unconsciously his supporters with unrealistic policies just for Donald himself to win the election. Anyone of his team who can help Donald WH to survive are experts! Besides this childish elderly ass is so stinking, his poop never goes right in toilet.

If you are the leader of a country that use popular votes to win election, before copy Donald’s political style you should think that Donald doesn’t win popular votes with a huge margin over 3 millions which this number can be population of an entire small country. If USA asks people the entire world to vote for US’s President, Donald still loses popular votes anyway by a big margin. If you work as a US politician and want to take Donald’s success as an inspiration, you also have this reason to think about. The thing that causes Donald to lose popularity is his radicalism, anther word: the radicalism is now unpopular and it will be less and less popular everyday toward the future. The thing that helps Donald wins the election is the fairness that America gives equal opportunity to minority through electoral vote. If you believe that your country has more good people than bad people, you should not choose to be a radical leader because good people love to live peacefully.

Let me tell another of my stories. At the young age, the owner of the school in Thailand where I study between first to sixth grades is a bad woman; no any student likes her. She likes to torture her students with the old fashion style of teaching; her way, she loves punishing her students by whipping; every of her bamboo sticks is longer than students’ heights and she will whip students with full force every time; some students are scared too much as they piss off. Honestly, I have never seen this woman smile (or laugh) during six years of my study. Some mornings in broad daylight she lets all students line up standing like in military school in the sun listen to her talk for an hour until some kids are sick and almost passing out. All teachers she hires are ‘women’, no man, because she doesn’t want any of her employees have more aggressive power to yell at her face as normally men are tougher to pushing their heads down. She trains every teacher to be aggressive like her toward students and must love whipping students like her; kind teachers don’t want to work there for long, only dominatrix teachers never want to resign. This is the old fashion way of teaching when people of old generations think that the most effective way to reform rot kids is the same way they train animals to work. Her lunch box is unbelievable that more terrible taste than eating junk food; examples of her luncheon menus are such as eating dry peanuts and preserved cabbages (sometimes preserved turnip is substituted) with plain rice soup (little rice with gallons of water) which this menu is the same menu as N. Korea prisoners eat daily; some lunches fresh vegetable is used in cooking: stir fried bean sprouts with tofu (no meat!); she is the champion in saving food cost with sufficient nutrition/vitamins only for survival. Only one day in six years of my school she is so generous as it is her birthday, she orders ice cream for all students but that only one day in six years! This is the life Americans are out of touch. However, one good thing about her school is that because she is a strict woman, she forces students very tough to study—her school gives the best education in town that every parent if they can afford her tuition fees wants their kids study there. She has a son who she sends him to study in England since the young age. Her son never wants to come home to live with her; he lives in England until his adult age. Once in a very long while, his son travels back home to visit his mother and stays with her only for a very short time. Students have a chance to see him when he comes to school to see his mother’s business. He is a cool guy whose his behave is completely opposite from his mother: a kind man with non aggressive behavior toward students. Until his mother gets very old (nearly dead), she calls his son back home for good to take over her school business. What he brings to school is what he has learned from civilized country. He revolutionizes her mother’s old fashion way of doing school business: he changes the school into new teaching environments and all teachers are friendlier to kids, no whipping—parents and students love new way. Keep this story in mind for a moment. In the past generations, there is low level of migration so importantly for the past generations the US electoral vote gives fairness for low-population states to have equal opportunity to elect the President. But today there are more people move around from East to West coast. Other countries around the world as well, like the US, there are more foreigners live in their countries than the past. Is the electoral vote important today? Imagine, you are born and live in the Midwest/down south until you are graduated then you get a good job in New York City so now when you vote, you still represent Midwest/down south people who want to change a new lifestyle/ideology, only your vote is counted in New York. Some people are tired with old conservative lifestyle that never changed but they don’t know how they’re going to tell their parents/grandparents to change their lives so they choose to move away (like in the story I tell) while people who are still left there are people who never want to change anything. Popular vote in this generation is fair to both red states and blue states while electoral vote at this generation will cause the divide in the country when it gives minority of the country denies moving forward with the majority of the country. How radical people are over there—I don’t know because I never live in the Midwest but hear stories and stories like highly discrimination other groups of people, strongly anti homosexual, politician body-slams a reporter still wins election. If I choose to open a factory in the Midwest, when I say something wrong to my employees, are they going to body-slam me; is this their way they normally choose to deal with the problems? Is this the Midwest/down south Republican politicians’ stereotype so politicians who run for Republican Party have to act radical? Or the aggression is GOP’s fantasy? Create ‘sanctuary city’ for radical people to build up their den to hide themselves. If people there can tone down their aggression and open mind to accept others; young graduated students, investors, foreigners would be more comfortable to move in to open business and create more jobs over there. Midwest people are not ‘forgotten people’ as Donald claims, only they scare people who are outside their groups afraid to come close to them with their aggression and radical ideology. Good republican President has to help Midwest/down south people change their negative stereotype then jobs are created by themselves. However, Donald doesn’t do anything enough in helping them change their negative image/stereotype, except adding more swamp with his aggression.

I don’t have any problem with Donald or other people outside politics want to experience running office. But my problem is that Donald come up with extremely radical both his behavior and policies. Even some life-long Democrat tells me that if Donald is not radical, they too want to change their vote for Donald and they believe that Donald will win popular vote very easy and he will have many good people want to work with him. Donald doesn’t need to drive himself very hard that way because Donald has star-looking is that all the cameras already focus at Donald since the day one he campaigns. Any politician who takes Donald’s radicalism as inspiration is a dumb politician as the radicalism itself causes Donald bad image and bad reputation. Even today the campaign is over Donald still can’t change his image, like spoiled food can’t be refreshed. Moreover, Presidential candidate should experience working in government at least 4 years to have basic knowledge in government as we don’t want a rookie in such this high position or we don’t want to hear people discuss concerning that Vice President has to teach President how to work everything in such this highest position in the country’s government. However, fairly it doesn’t mean that Donald has nothing good. He smarts at some points and that can make many professional politicians ashamed.

Now let see what we can learn from Princess Donald of Washington DC. First, I will give you a test and each question must be answered within 5 seconds.

First question: what are the different Health Care policies between Donald and Hilary? I can answer right away that Donald will replace and repeal ObamaCare but for Hilary’s health care policy I need time perhaps an hour (or longer) to go back to check out on her web site again.

Second question: what are the difference National Security policies between Donald and Hilary? I again can answer right away. Donald will bomb ISIS and he will bomb until nothing’s left on the ground. Whether good or bad, or will he seriously do it but Donald smartly uses short word (a slogan-like) to help people memorize his policies. These slogan-like presses deep inside people’s heads. The childish slogan-like ‘bomb until nothing left on the ground’ is funny enough to cause the Democrat Party keeps mocking Donald’s ridiculous policy over and over expecting that his words would hurt himself. Absolutely, his words will hurt Donald himself if Hillary, after her mock, tells people to look at her policy which is much better, people would move their brains toward Hillary. However, by repeating his funny words over and over can be only help people remember Donald’s national security policy better until it couldn’t get out of people’s heads. People would think that well, even though Donald has stupid idea, at least he has something to show while Hillary offers nothing, except extending her husband’s last chapter. Even today I can’t answer Hilary’s national security policy in 5 seconds.

Third question: what are the differences Economic policies between Donald and Hilary? I can easily give the answer within 5 seconds: Donald will renegotiate bad trades and bring more construction jobs, rebuild roads, schools and hospitals but I don’t know what Hilary is going to do on the economy. If you are a factory’s employee who is going to be out of job very soon due to the factory will move to Mexico then Hilary campaigns come in your area to ensure you with her policy that ‘she will build from ground up’, does her speech enough to help you feel relieve? Even though, you are a middle-class woman and she promises to you that she will give equal pay equal wage for all women, is her promise enough to make you feel relieve? Are you still worried about finding a new job, right? But if you hear Donald say that he will negotiate the factory on your behalf and you go back to work the same job, would you feel more relieved than listening to Hillary? Or if you still disbelieve as Donald may just say that to get your vote, at least his promise can extend your hope a short while longer, right? Hilary’s campaign speech is the old stuffs that Democrat recites for century long perhaps; they never change their way of explanation their policies: ‘build from ground up’, ‘top one percent doesn’t pay fair share’, ‘woman right human right’, ‘equal pay equal wage’; new stuff is added only ‘locker room talk’! Running for President is different from working as an activist is that Presidential campaign is more focused on the issues benefits all genders but activists focus on helping a certain gender or a certain group of people. Women know from Hillary’s working records that she would never forget women anyway so why does Hillary have to keep repeating on women’s issues over and over? I think, in everyone’s minds people think that Hillary tries to use women’s issues to help herself succeed. I have heard from both Republican and Democrat voters gossip that they don’t have a good choice to choose this election. If you love a peaceful lifestyle then you see Donald as an evil and give your vote for a nun-like Hillary. If you love fighting and don’t mind to live with evil, then you give your vote for Donald. But if asking people that who should be a better President, they may not have a clear answer. Only it’s easy for Hillary to win more votes in the peaceful democratic country.

People know Donald is an evil-like and he shows people everything from head to toe he is evil: from his biography he cheats his employees, his behavior ‘looker room talk’ shows the image of a bad guy and his policies ban all non-White citizens. He already shows you all who he is and he would not be more evil than this. Hillary, as being worried too much that women will not vote for her, paints her image as a nun. You want to believe that she is a nun until Donald attacks her with stories you may never hear before such as her past she attacks all the women who have affair with her husband for years, mocking a female rape victim… then your brain begin to separate into two parts: one part you still see a nun, the second part you are skeptical what else is hidden behind her angel face.

Normally politicians try to hide the bad stories of their past from people. Don’t worry too much as all we are human who never be perfect, yet behavior can be reformed.: the past is the past; the past is not present and future. Both Donald and Hillary have equal personal sexual issues so if she realizes about this she should not attack Donald on the issue she also has. But she keeps attacking Donald too much perhaps in hoping that women voters hate him. I watch all three Presidential debates—Donald already apologizes over his ‘locker room talk’ and he isn’t proud of it. I think, women understand that this is men’s nature known in general. Women also like gossiping men; every gender has bad stuffs. However, from three debates I keep my ears closely to my TV to hear what Hillary will answer about her aggressive treatments to all women who have affairs with her husband but so far I hear no explanation from her or I might misheard—I don’t know. But what I see is that Hillary tries to avoid answering the question as if you can replay the debated tape, you will see clearly the expression on her face and her voice on the last debate. If I can advise Hillary something, I would relax her not to worry too much about something like this as this such problem is human’s basic instinct. Says like Donald says that it’s men’s ‘locker room talk’. If you ask all husbands, what their wives would do if they find out their husbands have affairs with other women. All husbands would answer the same thing that their wives will be very mad, throw things messy on the floor and beat them up. If you ask all women, they also know about their aggression and frustration. ‘At that time Hillary is a wife, like many married women would do, and a human being. Now as time goes by, she is softer and wants to move on her life and she also blesses all these women to move on their lives.’ Or if Hillary wants to say that people can change their behavior over time and ask for a second chance, I will completely understand her. However, Hillary’s case has something for all married women to learn—solving the marital infidelity problem with aggression may haunt them some days they never know. If back then Hillary chooses to call all these women and ask for forgiveness on her husband’s sexual misbehavior, all these women will stand on her side today—and no doubt about this, ‘Hillary is a nun from head to toe’. Next, what else can we learn from this case? Both Donald and Hillary give me something to guess the different working styles between these two presidential nominees—Donald is like a mad bull who dare to hit the wall even though sometimes he knows he will hurt himself very much, Hillary on the other hand doesn’t want to be hurt at all as her way she always avoids confronting. The perfect President is neither both of them but someone stands at the balanced point where is between them.

Next, in my experience if I ask some words I don’t know the meaning to both Democrat and Republican voters, I find that both use different ways in explanation. For Democrat voters, most are book-lovers and having high education often take longer time to explain with long sentences and more complicated to understand, comparing to Republican voters who have less education often give a definition of words in a very shorter sentence, clearer and easier to understand. People have similar IQ but different ways of understanding things. When you don’t like reading books and school, it doesn’t mean you are dumb but it may mean that the teaching technique in schools is not your way to help someone like you to understand something. Some kids fall sleep every time they read a book. Book editors often use too formal/official languages, the languages that we don’t hear normal people speak everyday on street/coffee shop/bars and nightclubs. The higher education people are, the more complicated they are too. When Democrat uses their high educations through their campaigns, people in suburban areas, especially ones who have less education, will think that Democrat politicians try to use their educations to insult them. If I explain to my parents that Democrat Party’s policy will help us by ‘building from ground up’; my parents would say to me that ‘what’s a hell you say, I don’t understand’. But if I tell my parents that ‘listen—you short around $500 each month, right? Now you don’t have to ask me anymore because Democrat Party will go collecting money from Billionaires then they give you $500 each month so you don’t be broke anymore and I don’t have to help you each month too, understand? If you don’t have a house to live, don’t worry they will build more housing projects and you move in to live there, understand? Now what else you want you ask them.’ Politicians have to live both high and low so they can understand life in different conditions. I live in every condition from low to high so I have plenty of stories to tell everyone.

To win people’s hearts in suburban areas who never attend college, Hillary has to do everything she could until they say to her—‘I like you because you are like me’: dress like me, talk like me and behave like me. I have watched Hillary’s biography during presidential campaigns on CNN, the time she still lives in Arkansas. That day on the video Hillary and her husband have an interview. Hillary defends Bill Clinton over his sexual affairs with loud and very aggressive voice. Her simple hair style is cut bang and tie to the back. The clothes she wears on the interview a lot less extravagant than her clothes today. The most surprising me as I have never heard from her is that Hillary can speak Midwest accent like native. But Hillary today is described as ‘Madame Secretary’ who is luxurious from head to toe; she has nothing in common with Midwest women who still wear muddy clothes to grow potatoes in the farms, hunting wild animals and fishing for food. They don’t like her because she doesn’t look like them. Moreover, they would believe that she would already forget the Midwest accent, which it could bring a lot more votes to her from Midwest. Hillary on that old day defends men aggressively but Hillary today changes her side to defend women. In suburban area, women are less independent than high educated women in city so one thing Hillary should learn that men have power to influent ideas to their entire family: wife & kids and entire city. It might be the female politicians’ stereotype to stay in their comfort female zone. Something women should learn is that when women are in troubles, sometimes opposite gender may be able to help them the most. Well educated people, on the other hand, use different criteria to select their President. Imagine, hundreds of students at a university are listening speech from a professor. If the professor talks stupidly, students will walk out. Students will admire the professor if he can impress them with his genius knowledge, means that well educated people want to have their leader smarter than them. Donald’s stupid act has nothing to impress them, except for laughing. Therefore, presidential candidates have to learn to campaign differently in different country’s regions. If Hillary and Donald can be blended together to become one, this tranny President will be the perfect President.

Words actually have meanings beyond dictionary. What it means to you when Donald says that he will go to Washington to drain swamp. Don’t use a dictionary but use your feeling. I imagine someone who is very angry and tired with the way politics work today and wants to change the direction so the person seems seriously to be a good President (even though he might not be able to be, who knows). But if asking Hillary’s supporters, especially female voters, what is the reason in the depth of their hearts to vote for Hillary, the answer is that they just want to see the first female President in the office. The ‘first female President’ doesn’t suggest someone who is seriously to be a good President but just wants to have her name in the history book as the first one—that’s all. In the reality she may be able to be the best President but on the voting day, who knows the future. Democrat mentions too often about Hillary to be the ‘first’ female President until the word buries her actual slogan—‘working together’. What the word ‘working’ means to you. I imagine pushing myself waking up on Monday morning just to grumble that ‘going back to work again—so lazy’. Or ‘working together’ sounds more like a ‘charity walk’ which doesn’t excite voters at all. Comparing to Donald’ word, Hillary’s words don’t have deep impact to people’s minds but only on the surface. Would it be more exciting if Hillary twists her slogan a little bit like ‘fighting together’—fight for economy, fight for good future…the word ‘fight’ would attract more muscular men as it sounds like game/sport activity rather than a boring job. Another Donald’s slogan—‘ America Great Again’ punches in the depth of people’s hearts. Any slogan fits into sexual fantasy like ‘America Great Again’ for example fits into dominated role muscular men’s hearts pump up big exhilarated. In ancient time, education doesn’t play the role in creating people’s life-pattern/social&government’s activities but sexual fantasies do. The hunt for colonial countries through warfare, for instant, is the idea to win other countries; first, to win someone gives dominated feeling over the loser the same as in sports/games that winner’s heart is pumped up big. When troops (muscular dominated men) come home, they are treated respectfully and are rewarded with alcohol drinks and prostitutes to honor them. What they bring back home with them from the losers’ country is slaves to work for them. It’s the idea that King and powerful people/General don’t want to pay tax to the country but slaves and submissive people have to work for them. That’s why radical men who vote for King Donald is really mad at Democrat Party that the Party not only tells them to pay tax, they also try to raise more from them! Also they are very angry when they see their leader play too soft to other countries. Ideas which are on the grounds of sexual fantasies like our ancestors do, seem more sincerely as they are derived from human’s basic instinct. Today ideas are adjusted based upon what’s right or wrong under the rules of educations and legal systems. People, who love waving American flag in front of their homes, wear American-flag shirts, put American-flag stickers on their cars and say ‘America Great Again’, will vote for Donald and likely to be life-long Republican. The number one political issue for them is that ‘they don’t want to pay tax a dime’ and keep urging the President to send troop to win war for them and their anger is always out of control toward submissive President. For them good or bad President doesn’t matter as much as aggressive President. Hillary never wins their votes but Hillary on that old day that she yells aggressively to defend her husband perhaps can. It’s different between you question your government why tax is too high so can government make it lower? and you don’t want to pay a dime as your idea is the nature of a King. But why have to be ‘America Great Again’? If you say you do things for your girlfriend/your grandmother/ do for small things it doesn’t sound powerful as much as doing for big great things such as do for country/religion/culture. This is the same idea as terrorists claim the responsibility in attacking others for religion/culture/ do for great things while actually they just do for fun. Donald says during campaigns that ‘America always have strong military and we never lose wars in the past but now military is so weak’. Look closely to what he means, Donald never says that he wants strong military so America can help more countries and solve the world’s problems—if he says that in a way too moral, it sounds softer, right? and radical men would not be impressive much. But King Donald mentions only ‘America always wins’—is that the reason we go to war?—but whatever, radical dominated men would be more satisfied to hear. Still remember?—competition lovers, doesn’t matter aggressive/submissive, normally are nature of crossdressers. The reason these people get crazy can be that their sexual fantasy is put on-hold for too long. And all these are the root of the slogan—‘America Great Again’; this slogan can help you imagine a picture of someone waving American flag.

There is another of my story. When I was very little, my mother often takes me to visit my cousins and relatives. It’s true that my house is in suburb but comparing to my cousins and relatives’ houses, they are in the location that more suburban: poorer conditions and people there have less education than where I live. They often say one thing which is inside the hearts of suburban people that ‘when I am young I come to visit them, but after I am graduated from university and work in good jobs, I would forget all of them’. This is the untold feeling kept inside suburban people, they are feared to be left alone. Donald’s word—‘forgotten people’ touch their feelings; they would cry out when they hear that. Hillary has longer experience living in suburban than Donald who always lives in big city but Hillary has less understanding what inside suburban people’s minds. I believe that Donald doesn’t seriously think about this but because he understands himself, Donald also fears to be left alone and that is the reason he never lives and works far away from his kids. Men and women, based upon the nature of genders, have different fears. Women normally fear of being physical attacked, sexual assaults so they need protection by men/bodyguards. Men, on the other hand, fear when they fall down (financial bankrupt, serious illness), they will have no one cares them/on their sides. That’s why women have to fight tough for their rights as men in the depth of their hearts don’t want women become independent. Women like to create ideas for example ‘women should rule the world’; this sentence is the same as women just want to see the ‘first female President’, but what is missing to that words is that—why? What is the qualifications female gender will bring to the job? How do women lead the world to a better place? And what all the jobs men do in the past don’t satisfy women at all? ‘Women-should-rule-the-world’ only suggests a competition that now women want to live above men and then ‘they will kick men out of the world?’ Women never say—‘what’s about my boyfriend/my husband’ or the charity walks and all other things women create also benefit my boyfriend/my husband too? If women show their concerns about men, women’s issues will pass laws easier. Men are generous and they are always fair to women.

Somehow I feel lucky I have opportunity to live in many locations: born in suburb but graduated from school in city, so it helps me understand the different lives/lifestyles in different locations. For example, city people say—‘they don’t have money to pay bill’ when they are broke. This is the same meaning as suburban people where I live say—‘they have no money to by drinks’ which also means ‘financial broke’. My family, besides farming business, opens a grocery store and we sell alcohol drinks by a small cup. After work people there who work in tough jobs such as farmers/truck drivers buy alcohol drink before heading home—their word choices come from the lifestyle of people. Now when some employees come to work late, I will say to them—‘last night, drink too much?’ Come to work late isn’t necessary mean that drinking too much, it can be that car is broken or sexing up too much last night but because I understand people’s lifestyle in that area so I choose the same language. It’s true that some people feel nausea to hear things too moral. Sometimes being too moral (or too liberal) can make some people get crazy. Politicians have to find the balanced point in order to unite the country. As Hillary worries too much that women don’t vote for an evil so she moves herself too far to the end toward the liberal side and that make people who can’t accept things too moral against her aggressively while Donald on the other hand worries too much that conservative/aggressive people will not vote for a submissive man so he moves himself too far toward the end of conservative side and that make people who are nausea with radical ideology against him aggressively. Both Donald and Hillary have equal responsibility to divide the country.

It would be miscalculation from Hillary’s campaign in trying to win by women voters. She would expect to receive major female voters the same as almost every Black vote for President Obama. However, the miscalculation in the case like this isn’t anyone’s fault because no one knows what is going to happen in the future. Her case is different from President Obama’s. First, President Obama, even though needs Black voters, doesn’t use Black issues to win vote as Hillary does on women. Second, Black people are not jealous at President Obama. From his biography, President Obama denies high paying job at Wall Street but he moves to build up his resume for the President at low-income area in Chicago and that the low-income people’s characters wear in his character; if I don’t know him and I see him walk on street, I would guess that this poor guy may live in a housing project. Next, as he lives with less educated people, he knows how to communicate with them. President Obama often uses simple explanation, for example during his debate with John McCain, one audient asks what can he do (as a normal citizen) to help his country? I am impressed by his answer that ‘turn off the light when we don’t use it’—so even five years old kid knows how to turn off the light, ‘buy cars made in the US’. If you push people to do something difficult/complicated, they can’t do even they may already try. Although, President Obama is graduated from Harvard, he doesn’t use his high education to intimidate less educated people. When it comes to Hillary, one group of women understands the reality that they can’t be the President anyway so they try to push her up in hope that they too will be more accepted in their workplaces for high job-positions, while another group of women are jealous at Hillary very much, especially low-income women and less educated women. City women are more independent and work in good job so they don’t have to be jealous at her but women with less education normally are less independent as their lives still depend on husbands, now Hillary, so lucky, is going to become the first female President, and independent woman, her entire family are President—raises the jealousy up high. Moreover, on the media side, everyone loves Hillary but no one loves Donald as all over the medias flatter Hillary too much and blame Donald too much too until Donald becomes like a trouble kid. Moreover, during DNC, Bill Clinton introduces Hillary with romantic love story. President Obama too flatters Hillary that ‘no one deserves to be the President, not him, not Bill, but Hillary’. If you change Hillary to Bernie Sanders, his too-much flatter would turn the DNC into LGBT conference. All these raise the jealousy up to the maximum. If Hillary can realize the high degrees of luck favor her all over medias, Hillary should tone down some degrees move underground channels; this way she won’t let her opponent know what she is going to do but until Donald finds out, she has gone very far—this way will help to relax her opponent so Donald and jealous women will not fight against her too tough until it becomes the nastiest campaign in the US history. Another thing needs to be careful, the word ‘First’, ‘the best’, ‘number one in the world’, even though they are positive words but often time give negative reactions. Imagine, a poor girl sells lemonade, some customers give her ten/twenty dollars without drinking her lemonade while that girl may be wealthier than a juicy company’s owner who is going to bankrupt but no one donates ten/twenty bills to the company. The word ‘poor’ is a negative word but sometimes give positive reaction. Hillary should not use the word ‘deplorable’ to insult Republican voters but actually she should make herself look ‘deplorable’!

Hillary’s campaign tries to create a topic such as ‘this election is to vote for someone who can control the temperament’. Do you know something men keep in their minds but never speak out, is that sometimes they are concerned about women’s ideas; women try to create ideas to make men see women as ‘girl is a girl anyway’ means that girls don’t worry about big issue but want to play with a doll all the time. Silly! Human has many emotions and people always point out to only bad emotion to be blamed like ‘anger’ is out of control. Donald can’t control his angry emotion, the same as Hillary can’t control her over joy, the same as women can’t control their jealousy. Voters normally don’t want to see a candidate is too happy before result happens. They want to see candidates are little nervous about the result. We often hear from TV shows that people forget to vote for the expected winner because they think that expected winner already receives enough votes so they change their votes for another candidate, as Hillary campaign think too—but no, people don’t think that way and they always vote for the candidate they like. The reason they change their mind because they want to see a surprised result, the jealousy they’re often out of control and the sympathy toward the one who gets the most blames from Hillary who is the expected winner. ‘Hillary has the most people help her in the US history but she still can’t win. Donald has the least people help him in the US history but he wins.’ The shattered glass picture falling down she shows on the DNC is actually pieces of her face.

In the past generation men work outside home to bring income to family while women care of the house and kids. Comparing to today’s politics, ‘men bring income to family’ can be compared to ‘economic policy’, ‘men give protection for women’ can be compared to ‘national security policy’, ‘women care for home and kids’ can be compared to jobs involved with education/mother-and-kids/ human rights, men normally admit women do better jobs. If women want to have a chance to become the President, women have to fight against their gender’s stereotype. When women have a chance to do men’s job such as national security, women have to show to men they can do terrific job like men accept Amelia Earhart’s aviation. Hillary’s national security job record is attacked by Donald until she can’t put into her resume. 600 calls from Benghazi she never responds once. Imagine, a teen girl calls to vote for a contestant on America’s got talents 600 times she has to dial the phone until her fingernails are broken. I don’t know, is it true but so far I don’t hear Hillary disputes Donald’s claim once. Donald answers a CNN reporter on his Washington DC hotel’s grand opening that he travels 8 rounds a day for campaign but Hillary goes only one round then goes home to sleep. Like I mention earlier that Donald is smart to create words that have deep impact to people’s mind (600 calls), (8 to 1 then she goes home to sleep). ‘Going home to sleep’ is not necessary to say but it creates a picture that she is lazy. Normally these words, overstated and beyond normal, are words that can arouse high feelings, which normally often heard in among Queeny gay men through gossiping, more than being used by muscular straight men. It’s a surprise that Donald can come up with these words naturally!

An old guy grumbles everyday until today. He donates 500 dollars to Hillary campaign: first is 250 then email comes—‘we still need more money’, he donates another 150, email comes again ‘we still need more money’ he donates another 100 with anger yelling that ‘what-a-hell! Why need so much money!?!’ “Total 500 dollars gone but she still can’t win! Next time no more her!” You have a reason to sympathy this old guy; he supports Hillary 100% and for nothing as he never asks for any government benefit, yet he isn’t a millionaire but works month by month to pay bill. To know that Hillary goes on campaign one round but Donald goes 8 rounds a day, what do you think? This might be her last chance to become the first female President so how can she play with her future like this? Somehow, Hillary doesn’t know herself that she is better to work in charity than President and she has a reason to go back to live in the wood.

Is to be the President really important? You throw a rock into the sky, at the peak point it falls down. People’s greed never has limit, it keeps telling Donald and Hillary to see there are still plenty of spaces to go up the sky; in fact, sky has no limit but life has. As there is no any rock can stay at the peak forever, at a certain point of life people should learn to feel enough in their lives and plan how they will land themselves smoothly. The success doesn’t come with the word ‘President’, but success comes with ‘happiness’. At their ages, both Donald and Hillary suppose to stay home and play with kids and grandkids. They can bring their experiences to be a mentor for their kids and grandkids—this is the part of life everyone should be waiting for; don’t all these mean the ‘happiness’ for both of them?

Many millionaires who make good money never find happiness because they don’t know who they are. I see Donald has the same life-pattern as Caitlyn Jenner. Now Caitlyn has found her life but Donald is still confused. Let imagine if Donald becomes a women like Caitlyn, how his new image would be? First, to have a new name is important to help a crossdresser succeed. Normally, crossdressers like to create a glamorous name but not necessary; good name should be an appropriate name to match the crossdresser’s character. The name ‘Donald’, is a bad boy, should be changed to ‘Donna’ with a brand new character of ‘Martha Stewart’, a calm business woman. Now Martha’s character is a plain lady but if adding twin sisters, Donna & Martha will help Martha become more colorful/exciting lady. The two sisters will make great sales over their products. And Donna, unlike Donald, will be a very happy person. Unfortunately, Donald makes himself like spoiled food that seems impossible to refresh (unless he is a witch).

Now campaign is over. Both Donald and Hillary have left their interesting stories for young generations to learn their mistakes. Donald becomes the most terrible President in the US history while Hillary and her entire family have collected ten jars of tears. Still, women don’t have their first female President yet. LGBTQ may already have one, only no one would proud with, except Caitlyn who votes for Donna just to ban her restroom use. After working as the President, as Donald turns his head into the radicalism direction, the next future career of this childish elderly should be a new model of the ‘tranny Chucky doll’ (with an iconic red ginger hair, some day light brown, some day blonde, some day yellow, but never has a day turn white).

I don’t upset with the Democrat loss because I never work for Hillary and she never pays me a dime so why do I have to care her future? Especially now her career doesn’t affect anyone’s life anymore. But what I have to deal with everyday is the Donald presidency and his radical ideology. All Thai students who come to school in the Midwest don’t like Americans, as what Midwest people create to them are only negative like aggressive people, high discrimination, anti other people. Many of them turn to be anti-Americans at home country. Living/life over there is treated even more uncivilized than living in many third countries. Look at Asians, they warm welcome everyone in their countries. But Thai students who come to school in the East coast/West coast love Americans they appreciate the warm welcome, open mind to modern ideas and lifestyles. Even a White citizen tells me that he uses to drive his Mercedes to Midwest, people there yell angrily as jealousy at his car. Another White guy complains that ‘people in the Midwest never change their life, they still live the same way’. Donald never says negative things about the Midwest red states, only favor them. He tries to find mistakes from liberal states and shakes them up. Why doesn’t Donald move his entire family to live in the Midwest? He doesn’t want to move over there as he wants his kids live in liberal states like New York and Washington DC. Extremists hidden in the Midwest red states support Donald 100%, but during campaign Donald never calls them on stage, hug and thank for their supports. He treats these people as disgusting people who will damage his image. While on the liberal side, Hillary can call all of her supporters on stage with her. This is the thing that parents have to teach their kids—what radicalism gives to them? Their spaces are narrower everyday. If Donald sees that radicalism is good as it helps him win election, why doesn’t he teach his wife and kids to do so. When he is on stage during campaigns, he never sees people’s faces but he is talking with wind. When he acts radical in stupid way, he is teasing, making fun the radicalism. He is the most hypocrite President in the US history, who only uses red states and their radical ideology to vote for him but he doesn’t want to live near them. Now Donald wants to turn the entire America to be like Midwest to win the second term’s popular votes and that is the reason I am upset because I can’t live in that lifestyles!

‘Let Donald be Donald’ means ‘let this elderly be a child for his entire life’.

Cartoon story—America's loved child

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