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Political Untitled (Part Two)

by Half-Lady Lisa

1 August 2017

There are many ways to solve a problem, for instance if you are angry at something very much then you choose to smash it crazily like a mad bull, OR if you don’t like someone, you just punch his face, these can also be a way to solve the problem. But if you choose to take more times to think and get into the problem deeper and deeper, you might come up with hundreds of other better ways for the solution. Before President Trump promises his supporters on his policies during his campaigns, do you think, the President has spent his times much enough before he promises, OR does he just simply say whatever can make him win election? I don’t mean that his policies can’t be realized perfectly but I mean, in each policy there might be hundreds of ways can help him succeed better but his deep thought goes deep enough in order to get the best solution? Now I believe that I can skip talking (to shorten my writing) in such the thing that’s just gone dead over night like the young TrumpCare which has no chance to be born anymore (lol). Do you think—what President Trump knows about healthcare besides copying the words Republican Party has said over and over that ‘Replace & Repeal ObamaCare’?—I think, besides that words he knows nothing else.

Next, do you think that how much does the President understand that how Trump’s southern border wall can solve immigration problem? Only it’s costly—everyone knows that. So, if it’s very costly, before paying big money for the wall, the question that the President has to think over and over is, does he really knows the immigration problems very well? Besides the cost, now even worse, Mexicans won’t pay for it as the President keep lying over and over to American people. They only provide construction workers and contractors to help the US build the long & gigantic wall, means that billions of dollars for the construction costs Americans’ tax-paid money will be sent out to build Mexico’s economy for ‘Mexico Great Again’. These billions of dollars American tax paid can be worth much more to pay for such as poor kids’ lunch boxes, tuition fees, for millions of Americans who really need Medicare/Medicaid, etc., than building cement/concrete blocks just to block a group of people to walk in&out across the border while these immigrants have done this for centuries and more than that many American businesses also still need them to fill in the positions known as ‘jobs Americans don’t do’. No any US’s ambassadors who work around the World issues a work visa for dishwashers/janitors/farmers. Next, are Mexicans really worried about the wall?—I don’t think so. If the wall is too high to climb across, they will figure out hundreds of other ways to get in the country. For examples, one way we already learn from the news that tens of Mexicans are packed then some have died in a delivery truck—I don’t think that this is their new way because there might be hundreds of delivery trucks have done this for years, only the one who is bad luck is caught. Syria migrants is another example, as we see from news that they are running across borders is ‘not’ the only way to migrate to other countries but tens of migrants can be packed in a small boat sailing for miles across the ocean. America has long beaches so can’t Mexican do the same way? Now the President wants to block their routes which border patrols have learned and known their ways very well; the wall will push them to find hundreds of ‘new’ ways border patrols don’t know yet what’re gonna be and which ways to block them. Another way I don’t know, is it true? A very long time ago, someone told me that a young Mexican man really needs money around five thousands dollar to help his father come to the US. The money will be paid for a crooked US officer in helping his father to walk past the border safely without being stopped for a search for immigration status. Then you now might think that one big problem is not at the immigrants themselves but within the US immigration department itself there might be highly corruptions along the border—so what can the expensive Trump’s wall do in solving the immigration problem, besides it can be used as a trick in helping corrupted officers have a chance to raise their fees up many times higher when the President makes their way walking across the border become more difficult? One thing the senators have to keep in mind all the time before approving the budget that when the President think that the US can reimburse for the cost of the wall some ways through trades, in businesses something unexpected and you never realize it’s gonna happen but it happens all the time you may never get paid for (businessman like President Trump should already experience this business/investment’s miscalculation) then all of us have to be suffering pay for it with tears. Trump’s wall can cause America to bankrupt while Mexico will have big smiles of being ‘Great Again!’—thank the US’s President in advance (lol).

Well, GOP supporters may still dream of the wall but think—is this the right time to spend this big money? Let me give you a view, before the 9/11 tragedy happened, who has ever expected that it would happen—I believe that no one has thought of that. What’s the result comes unexpectedly and quickly that expensive war happens not enough time for people to make up their minds to accept paying high cost. So, now N. Korea shows off their missile tests everyday but what they don’t show us yet is their plan what they are going to do next; they might do something crazy in the near future we don’t really know. Moreover, we still have terror attacks both inside and outside the country to deal with and especially they are very aggressive right now. Iraq and Afghanistan are still on our shoulders. And people still don’t know how the President’s closed friend, the Russia, will do to retaliate over the sanction. Besides all these, American kids still need money to pay for schools; towns and cities in many regions of the country still need to spare their money for natural disasters; healthcare is not finished well; baby boomers’ generation now reaches their retirement; yet billionaires like the President still wait excitedly for their tax cut; increasing military spending; good economy as the President has promised and renegotiated bad trades to bring jobs back to the US are still up in the air. As Americans have lived with the border like this for a while already, so why can’t Americans wait for the Trump’s Great Wall a little longer, for the best time when the world has peace, country makes good economy, jobs in Iraq & Afghan are done—should this be a better time to add more big spending? Or when the right time comes, we might be able to find a better solution than Trump’s wall. What your enemies really like to see is, when Americans are financial broke!

If you hire Donald Trump to run a business for you, guess that your business would be likely bankrupted like ‘his businesses’ have filed bankruptcy for 6 times. Then the President would laugh at all Americans that ‘flocks, don’t be worried about it. Look at me, even though I am now the King of bankruptcy, I still have nice homes to live and good food to eat. You maybe upset so much about filing the first time but in my experiences, after the bankruptcy #3 I begin to get used to with it. All we are same family same country so we should be broke same way.’ His businesses the President has done for whole life he still can’t make it ‘Great Again’ or not even ‘Survive Again’, so how can he makes things like politics he has no knowledge and experience to be ‘Great Again’? I understand that doing business is difficult and easily make mistakes even you already try very hard to make it good but your case is not the same case as the President’s. In my belief, President Trump doesn’t care about make things good but use things he make to fulfill his fantasies. An example—he can choose to pay workers and employees, doing business sincerely with his partners but he chooses not to pay them—why is that?—so these people will call to yell angrily and fight tough with him in courts. If I tell you that there are many men like to crank and play game with women before having sex just to rile anger, for example some men hire escorts but don’t want to pay their services, even though they have money, to create fighting situations, or challenge them, or annoy them other ways they can as these men love domination fantasy, I think men know about these, right? These type of men love to be beaten, tortured in bed. Men in this case don’t like to have a peaceful lifestyle but they love noisy yelling voices; they love to mix things up chaotic, annoy people, create cat-fight environment in their workplaces like it happens now in the White House. And that’s why the President likes to insult women, and public humiliation like calling them Miss Piggy, just to rile their anger to fight back tough. Look, prostitutes before starting business are sweet and friendly women like normal women you see everyday but after they work for a while their behaviors have changed more aggressive and ferocious because clients like to crank them until they don’t know anymore who is good guy / bad guy so they have to be aggressive all the time as the aggression is used to protect themselves. Many men understand how to behave properly as sexual fantasies should be in bed but role-playing fantasies in the office may result ruining life and career like many CEOs who make good money can afford to pay for escorts but choose to do sexual assault in the workplaces just to be sued by their employees for millions of dollar—are they stupid? Or is it because they just want the real situation of rape; they don’t want role-playing in escort service? This is the important thing President Trump has to think a lot; his fantasy can ruin his entire life! As soon as President Trump makes his first step in the White House, Trump University has to pay 25 million dollars settlement. Some men love doing business as fraud more than make it right. The correctness brings peace to your life but fraud bring numerous noisy complaints which are so-called this type of men’s classical music. Is this to why the President has hundreds of lawsuit wait for him ahead—he loves (and doesn’t care about) it? In your business when you make a mistake once, you will prevent same mistake happens again. This case isn’t your fault as there are many things that can cause you to fail you don’t know. But for Donald’s case, he doesn’t show a sign he wants his problems stop (or change the behavior ruin his life), actually he is well aware of the problems he creates as he, himself, is the person who creates them and tries to create bigger and bigger problems all the time. Dose it make sense to you that if you don’t like fighting in courts with your partners / workers, you will not try to create situations that lead into the fight but if you try to create those situations, means that you love them? Look at the President’s tweets, has he ever attempt to bring peace to his life and White House? That’s why his parents send him to reform behavior in military school as they can’t handle their young Donald anymore?

Another example, recently the President has his speech instigate all police ‘not be too nice to suspects’—well, if you have the same President’s sexual dominated fantasy, you would say that the President says it right as bad guys should have no right to be treated too nice. But when you think another way—there are many lawsuits that criminals love suing police departments, especially in the cases such as discrimination / police brutality / wrong treatments and in the case like these you don’t talk about couple thousand dollars but millions of dollars court settlement will be paid for criminals to win a lottery! All these money can do many things for good people—the President, these money are tax money, not your personal savings. More than that, criminals can easily use these cases against police departments to help them be free. Police’s image should be good guys but the President’s speech can arouse police or incite police to be bad guys; this makes Cities and States, mayors and governors have a difficult time dealing with conflicts between law enforcement and community as everyone just turn out to be bad. Hopefully, the President is not trying to create a God-damn country! President Trump, may I borrow your words—what do you have to lose’ to be a good person? Good people bring peace to everywhere and peace protects the world at no cost, peace protects the country and community at no cost, peace protects all Americans at no cost and peace also protects the President and his entire family at no cost. My words don’t matter but President words really matter as he is a role model for all American kids to follow; you don’t want to arouse (or inspire) violence to young kids because they will grow up to be rot kids, having no good future ending up their lives in career criminals.

As the President often says ‘he is the law and order’, what he knows about laws, except keep firing people who investigate him? I understand that aggressive men love their leader to be a tough fighter but we love a smart fighter, not a dumb fighter. Being ‘strong’ comes from inside your heart such as being strong to handle negative comments, being strong in controlling your emotions in crisis situations. Physical aggression used in bullying people with bad intention doesn’t mean ‘strong’ but it means ‘impolite’, ‘crazy’, ‘bad behavior’ and a ‘fucking jerk guy’ bitch! If you work with the President or you are young Americans who look for a role model, before you copy Donald’s aggressive style you have to think that Donald is now an old man—in the age that normally people look to shop for ACORN stair lift / walk-in tub so he might think that being the President might be the last of his job that he wants to have extremely fun as much as he can like kid’s play for the final game of his life. But you’re still young and your life still has a long way to go for good future. In our instinct, every adult should know what’s right or wrong, except little kids don’t know what’s right or wrong. Copying Donald’s aggressive style it may cause your future career ending up too young!—and you may have to leave the office same way as the President that this might be your last career ever as the next President, whether Republican or Democrat, may be tried with Donald’s chaotic creation fun boxing club in the White House which will cause them more difficult works in controlling situation unnecessary. When the next President sees you in the past have same behavior (same sexual dominated fantasy) as Donald, they may not want to get involve with you. Even his parents are tried with young Donald and can’t handle his cranky behavior on their own, why do you want him as your (or your kids’) role model? Look, everyone should love to get a job with companies that have good reputation, not a fraud, and work with a good boss so they can have nice resumes to get a better job in the future, shouldn’t be?

Another thing you have to think—‘winning election doesn’t mean success yet’ but people often think it is. First, Donald is not accepted by majority of Americans, right?, which means majority of Americans disagree with President. Second, as he now on the investigation everyday, possibly Russia may help him win election?—you have to wait for the result that is he good by himself? OR thousands of fake news may help him win?—and you should know that fake news are bad trick (or fraud) and should not be honored in any race. Or he may win because people are tired with professional politicians and want to see something new from someone who lives outside politics? So, it’s too soon to follow this big kid as your role model. Finally, there is one thing Donald needs to learn is that ‘when you are in the tough situation like war (or need more votes from senators to help your policies move), it is big different results between ‘the entire world come to help you willingly fight because they love all Americans and their President very much from their hearts’ and ‘people help you because they can’t deny your request’. Donald listens—don’t think you are bigger than anyone—because thinking like this has caused people fail many times already!

GOP often say about concerning national debts over limit and want governments cut more spending—how does Donald help country save money?

At the first start of his political career, he chooses to run his campaign extremely aggressive to attract his radical Republican supporters; soon after he wins election, he just fears to dead so the first priority the President does is to seek fully security to protect himself, all of his family members and his aides, adding up increasing cost of security spending unnecessary. This is not a strong leader but a coward man.

The President has promised to his supporters on his campaign that once he becomes the President he would have no time to play golf. In the reality, within a short period of time the President has plays golf more often than President Bush and Obama combine, paid by all Americans.

Trans military’ healthcare increases military spending cost only less than one percent but first lady buys one Italian jacket (not Us made jacket but ‘Italian made’) for 55,000 dollars—a price of a Mercedes which is just a plain jacket that I can make it in America and perhaps even more attractive than the one for a lot less than 500 dollars. Yet, perhaps first lady wears it only one time; trans military who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now wear same unwashed uniforms for weeks—send them to the President to lick, they are full of salt! I believe that none of trans military can afford to buy the 55,000 dollars jacket (is it made of gold?) even though they work very hard for the country but first lady doesn’t start her cyber bullying project she promises yet!

To protect Trump Tower costs one million dollars per day while the Trump Tower is not a government building (except, being used for crook)—this tax-paid money spending in protecting Trump Tower can pay for all trans military’s health benefits for the entire military, and still have money left. If the President can’t protect his own property, why not post it on sale in the market?

Moreover, soon after Donald knows that he will be the President, he immediately raises fee of his Florida palace up double. Then he uses his power as the President to choose his Florida palace to host world leaders paid by all Americans. The cost to put all the world leaders in the airforce plane to fly to Florida is ‘unnecessary’ spending because there are hundreds of Washington hotels and restaurants. These five stars hotels and fancy restaurants in DC also want to have a chance to host world leaders because their businesses, too, pay tax to government but as people have known, Donald doesn’t pay tax for 18 years. A man who owns real estate business says that he also loses money on his real estate business but his accountant still tells him to pay tax. Now he has a question—why doesn’t the President need to pay tax for 18 years?

The President helps country save money less than one percent on trans health benefits but he will make billions of dollars loss by helping billionaires like himself cut tax.

Besides all these extravagant spendings on his personal items, there are still expensive family vacations, and his personal brand name cosmetics and salon products he spends more than all the female politicians. He may perhaps sneak billing on tax paid money, (no matter how much money he has spent on beauty products, Donald still can’t be a beautiful person both inside and outside); trans military don’t wear makeup as much as President Trump but they are beautiful from inside out. Can transgender military have a chance to take a look all the bills the President uses tax-paid money to pay for his personal and his family extravagant items? Then Donald would say like he often reminds people that ‘I am the President, they are not’—wow! Look at the President’s words—he just makes his image so great and powerful! Don’t worry, the President, all Americans know their place and they always keep their heads down for the President.

Look, the President—if you open a company but you can’t run your business by yourself, you hire a CEO / manager. America belongs to all Americans, not only for your supporters but everyone. Everyone would want to be President if they can, but the reality is the country can’t put everyone in the country in the White House so people have to pay tax to hire their President. Therefore, President Trump should be all American people’s employee—not their boss. President Trump—now you should know your place—the correct words should be ‘We are your boss, President Trump is our employee’. Have you already forgotten your words you say on the inauguration that you want to give the power back to people but why do your words seem to limit people’s power and give more power to yourself? If President Trump doesn’t do good job, all Americans should be the people who complain President through tweets rather than he, himself, attacks other people. Or borrow his words he often says—‘you are fired!’

Everyone has personal issues in their lives; transgenders don’t create transition / health issues for themselves but increasing cost of security protection for bad boy Donald and his entire family, including protecting his Tower home from violence are the costs bad boy Donald creates for himself. Look—President has sympathy to new-born babies who are born with serious health conditions they don’t create for themselves so why can’t baby Donald have sympathy to transgender who are serving in tough, risky jobs in military too? He cites to financial reason (he makes up the issue for himself), I don’t believe that. Before the ban on transgender in military, President bans their restroom choices which don’t involve anything in the country’s financial spending. He just wants to break his promises to all trans. This President really love to ban people; on the banned policies he does passionately but the policies that give rights to people, it seems like he doesn’t want doing it. Donald, have you ever held your pee for a long time when you can’t find a restroom? Then he may respond that ‘I don’t understand how important the restroom issue to transgender because I don’t need to use it often as I like sucking my own pee. My bizarre behavior is that, in my office I like to pee in a can and drink it like soda.’—is this fit for your answer?

If the President really wants to help the country, simply, make all his products in the US, he would immediately help to create hundreds of jobs. It’s very easy to do right, the President but what you are waiting for? Or he lies to all American businesses to come back to the US so all of their products will be expensive, only his products still make great sales because they are China made so cheap? He says on his campaign over and over about the unfair trade deal and China’s currency manipulation. Once Chinese President visits him at the White House so he has a good chance to discuss about the unfair currency manipulation, however Donald just lets this opportunity goes by doing nothing in negotiation. You might think favor the President that well, now America needs China so badly to deal with N. Korea, however instead Donald will convince China to invest more on America land, he uses that opportunity for himself to negotiate businesses for his daughter, then millions of dollars fly out of the country—‘America First’ or ‘the President First’?

Does the President really understand that ‘the White House is not his family-run White House’? All of the White House’s staffs may have to be worried all the time working that they might not be able to keep their jobs for long as many are fired for nonsense reasons—is this the ‘celebrity apprentice’ show, White House episode? Moreover, the President likes to have negative comments over their jobs performances through his tweets for his staffs to be shameful that they do poor jobs. However, some of his staffs don’t need to be worried anything and they will be able to keep their jobs in the White House as long as President Trump is still in the office they are his kids / family members. Let me ask you—in your mind, do you believe that his family members would work better than all the White House staffs who have more knowledge and longer experience than his kids so they are never fired and are never receive negative tweet from the President over their job performances? If the money the President pays for White House staffs is from his personal saving account, I will not say anything about—it’s his money, he can do whatever he wants. However, all of the White House staffs’ salaries are tax-paid money and everyone wants fair competition in the workplace. Moreover, when the President flies to other countries, he takes with him all his family. When he has dinner with other world leaders, he gives the opportunity to his kids sit next to the world leaders while his family members who are working with him are just normal White House employees like other employees. What’s about other staffs? They all want fair opportunity to build their resumes too for better future. I don’t know that the kitchen staffs and cleaning team have to be worried about being fired too?

The President, why do I bring this issue up telling you—it is that I am a transgender—and all transgenders (if they don’t own their business), they never receive a fair competition in any workplace throughout their lives. Like the President bans transgender serve in Military while they are there even before he runs for President. People care much about their gender more than their works and in many workplaces they don’t even want to see trans in their offices. Moreover, in many families, parents don’t like them. In many schools, especially in high schools, classmates play tough bullying them. One of my trans friends, during her high school years, is beaten by her classmates until she has to knee down crying out to beg for her life. If gay and lesbian don’t want to be beaten, to survive from being attacked they can keep their gay gender in the closet for a while but transgender always have to reveal their gender through their appearances so transgender have more issues to deal with than every gender: some are lonely as hard to find friends to hang out with, society doesn’t accept, family kicks them out of the house, etc., yet many of them have to find a way to solve their problems by themselves as many parents are embarrassed by their gender to get involved. So, these are to why transgender have high suicide rate. If people have a happy life, who wants to commit suicide? Now, the President bans them in military cite to the high suicide rate. The ban doesn’t help to bring down the suicide rate but hurt them more. Look—before gay and lesbian get their rights, no one talks about transgender but after gay and lesbian are protected by laws, transgender becomes a new GOP’s bullied target. When gay and lesbian fight to have their rights to serve in military, GOP used to say the same thing they say to transgender today that such as it’s inappropriate, this problem / that problem might happen but after gay and lesbian get their rights—nothing happens. Come on, President Trump, let talk straight forward like a man, actually you just want to bully transgender, right? Use his personal anger to retaliate transgender and jealousy at transgender having their rights to walk out of closet while the President still has to hide himself in the darkness, confusing with his gender. Look, GOP has said many times they don’t want people rely on government so isn’t it good that transgender has job in military so they can take care of themselves and pay tax to government like other genders do? Think fairly—even today heterosexual male and female veterans still have their issues to discuss over their benefits in every election and government still have to find way help them solve problems so how the President expects that the new comer gender will be so perfect having no any problem? The President isn’t fair to transgender. To give transgender rights to serve in military allows army and transgender get to know each other more, learn about their problems and well-prepared to handle future generations, even though you ban them, still there will be definitely more and more transgender in society, but to ban them doesn’t help anything better to future generations, except there will be more trans are left on street and rely on government aids.

The next concerning issue for the President about transgender military is that ‘are trans military ready to serve in combat’? The ‘smack down’ wrestling video that President Trump acts like someone highs on drugs, he shows off his strength on his tweet to the whole world to believe that he is strong, all you should know that it is a ‘fake’ performance, but trans military are tough for real. If the President fights with them on a boxing game, I guarantee that he will be the loser! If trans military don’t pass military standard, they won’t be accepted to join army. Once they join in, army would have their ways to train them to be ready in combat. Now they already serve in Iraq and Afghanistan so if the President thinks that they are not ready, why army sends them to war field? Transgender serves in military even long before government makes the announcement to accept them. To give them rights in military is just to make them feel more comfortable that they don’t have to be worried about keeping their gender secrets and to be discriminated so that they can put all their hearts 100% to their jobs. Now, America has N. Korea to be worried. What makes the country better to kick thousands of trans military out while they are already trained ready to serve in combat anytime? To train a new soldier to be ready in combat takes a lot of time and costly. What’s about you, President—have you ever question yourself that are you ready to be the President?

President Trump promises to fight for LGBT, now he imposes the ban on transgender in military—he says ‘lied Ted’, I say ‘the biggest liar, Donald’.

The investigation on the Russia probe dominates all the news every TV channels and newspaper, possibility that the President of United States might get paid and easily be used by other foreign government insulting all Americans; trans military who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now serve their country ‘honestly’ to exchange with only small income—he calls ‘crooked Hillary’, I call him ‘the crookest Donald’.

People compare the President to a ‘big kid’. Do you still remember his childish act during campaign ‘ding ding dong, ding ding dong’ I can’t believe he did that. In my belief, the ‘big kid’ people mean his ‘brain’, not his ‘wrinkles’—he calls his fellow politician ‘little Marco’, I call him ‘baby Donald’.

In my opinion, Donald never thinks about ‘America’ or ‘Americans First’, this selfish President thinks only ‘himself first’ and ‘his benefits first’ and perhaps the ‘Russia first’ too but uses his supporters as products to help him succeed. Like President, some radical men often claim that they love the country, wave American flag but you don’t know that in their minds actually they may hate their country very much so they enjoy making profits by selling American flag to other foreign governments. These type of people normally have sad lives, anti everything and unfulfilled sexuality still in closet so they hate the world and want to destroy the country, want to see the whole world collapse, mix things up chaotic like Penguin in the Batman movie—young Donald dreams of being Batman, but I call him ‘President Penguin’ and he doesn’t need facial makeup to look like Penguin, yet Trump’s umbrella product is very big and quality! Policies to anti other people, President Penguin does passionately but when he has to give rights to other people, he tries to deny doing it. The President, may I ask you—why are you upset so much? What make you be so sad so you want to destroy good things? Can people have a chance to know your life-problems? Is it about your sexuality unfulfilled or sexual fantasy malfunction?—If sexuality is the case, don’t be shy to let me know, I may be able to help you find a cure. Or you may have a bad adviser, someone like Stephanie Bannon suggests the President wrong way to anti everything?—So sad to see people are so upset like both of you!

If you are transmen who serve in military and still keep unused women’s clothes in your closet, as now you live as a man you don’t need them anymore, to drain your closet you don’t throw them away but please donate one of your skirts, bra and panty to the President. In case if your size doesn’t fit his fat ass—the size of a baby hippo, I will volunteer donating my time to do alteration until it fits his voluptuous ass. ***This old guy is not a gentleman.***

Finally, his supporters call him ‘strong leader’, I call President Trump ‘an old lady’.

© 2017, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.