Don't blame porn!

August 26, 2012

One afternoon, Grandma Lee took her 23-year-old grandson, Tony, to shop for a good book at a local bookstore.

Tony: Grandma, how the bookstores today have changed, comparing to those in your young age?

Grandma Lee: When I was young, I had never seen any porn book and magazine as much as this in the bookstores. Books and magazines today are very immoral, showing pornographic photos everywhere. There are in every category, even in the categories which are not supposed to be such as politics, sports and religions. Also, they are available for young kids and teens. I can’t believe in what I see today at the bookstores.

Tony: Grandma, I don’t see any porn in the bookstore, except good books and magazines.

Grandma Lee: You often tease me that I have poor vision. Now I think you should wear glasses. Look—I show you …. Here, this porn magazine is in the sport section, and I also see another one over there in the politics ….

Tony: No! Grandma, you are misunderstanding. These people are not porn stars, but celebrities. This is Rob Gronkowski; he is a famous NFL football player, with his locker room photos. And that is Prince Harry with his birthday suit photos in Vegas. That one you show me is a famous NY politician, Anthony Weiner ; besides him, there still are other politicians who enjoy taking their naked photos as they need to insure their voters that they have nothing to hide—this is a part of their jobs. Some religious leaders also send their naked photos to young men in hooking up for sex. Moreover, like male celebrities, many female celebrities also take naked photos. Some use their skinny legs to cover their vaginas. Some wear XXS bikinis during the photos are taken, then before publish their photographers use computer programs to adjust their bikini sizes to XXXXXS so that their fans know they have a fit vagina. Sometimes people think that watching normal people do porn isn’t so excited, but these celebrities are very generous to their fans. We are now living in the modern World, grandma. You can be a porn star too.

Grandma Lee: Are you kidding me? I am now 70 years old.

Tony: Grandma, if you think that to be a porn star you must look young, good-looking and having swimmer build body, you are misunderstanding. Everyone can be a porn star. If you don’t believe me, you can check them out on many social network websites, like Craigslist. People of all adult ages and sizes and all social classes also post their naked photos.

Grandma Lee: Why do these celebrities who works in good jobs want to be porn stars?

Tony: Unlike in your generation, today most American's clothes are made in China so these celebrities are actually helping their Government protest for ‘American’s job lose’ by not wearing clothes.

Grandma Lee: Oh really? I must be very outdated. Now I understand that I should not blame porn.

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