Religious Freedom

by Half-Lady Lisa

March 31, 2015

John is a hard work person, a restaurant owner and a good citizen of Indiana State. He is a religious person who often comes to the church in his hometown to drop a donation. But today he comes to the church for a different reason.

In the confessional room, John is revealing embarrassingly about the downturn of his business to the Father.

John: Father, my business doesn’t do well. After this I may have to stop donation.

Father: Um, I understand. Economy isn’t good.

John: It goes even worse after the Governor signed into law, the ‘Religious Freedom’, to deny services to gay customers. Now I have to tell all my customers to order food somewhere else. I have no business at all. Father, what can I do with my business after this?

Father: Gay is minority. They can’t hurt your business.

John: But Father, don’t you know that majority are in closet.

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