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The hidden side of romance fantasy

by Half-Lady Lisa

9 October 2017

“No matter how hard of the stone used in shelling the clams in protecting their soft meats, still they are always eaten—easily. For instance, as birds have wings, their nature teaches them to hold a clam in their mouths and fly up the sky to drop the clam down to the ground to break the stone-shells so that birds can eat tasty soft meats. As monkeys are mischievous, their nature teaches them to hammer clams with rocks until the stone-shells broken for them to taste the soft meats. However, nature doesn’t teach men a way to open clams, but women do, is that the easiest way for the stone-shells to simply open by themselves with no need for men to shuck, in order to taste the soft meats—‘men have to sing love songs’.

Commonly, romance comes with women. Kissing and cuddling with no need to penetrate, and reading romance novels for a goodnight dream, all these soft porn attracts women while beyond these, provocative graphic pictures which are considered women’s subject matter, are normally found in men’s zone. If so, should the romance be defined as men’s boring stuffs or old fashion porn, not graphic enough to be excited or too beginner? Definitely not. Romance is a sexual fantasy for every gender. In this article, it might surprise you that men also love romance fantasy as much as women do. Only their ways, differ from women’s, can be more complicated and various to commonly understand. The stories you will read after this are fiction; actors and actresses in the stories are a part of making the works of romantic art completed.

The first romance novel: ‘the woman Donald Trump loves the most in his life is Hillary Clinton’. This story may cause you to scratch your head flabbergasted that no, no, no, impossible to happen. Go back in time a little bit during the Presidential campaign, Donald claims that he is the person who supports women the most, ‘champion for women’; it makes me laugh a lot. Donald is a funny person because whatever he says, people always view differently. You may also think that he is joking because how come he treats women so terrible: wave hands all over women’s bodies like live octopus, kiss women without consent, call women ‘Miss Piggy’ and ‘housekeeper’.

Like job’s positions, sexual fantasy also has positions. His job, Donald Trump is the President, his sexual fantasy he is in dominated role. Like jobs, what a boss looks to have are employees / people who serve in lower positions. In sexual fantasy, he prefers to play in the dominated role so he needs a submissive partner. Normally happen to everyone who runs for the President, old tapes, the allegations are brought to light: things I have never seen / known about Donald, now I have a chance to see. One old tape shown during the presidential campaign, a Miss Universe runs on treadmill, circled by many reporters as her gaining weight—Donald intends to set up this event to humiliate her. Hidden behind a group of the reporters, I see Donald cranes his neck looking at her excitedly. If you never see the facial expression what it looks like when men are extremely horny, Donald would give a perfect example. If I have never spent time with many men in my life, I would never believe that there are some men love having sex with a woman they hate, or envy. They don’t want to see her laugh or happy, in contrast they will laugh a lot or very happy when they see her cry or telling sad story. They will be angry at her for no reason or having bad mood over her successful story which they can’t listen to. An example, If I tell a man that do not fuck me hard because I will be very painful, they will penetrate me at full force because they love to see me scream very loud. But believe me, they love me more than their wives—this is another kind of love. When a man is in the dominated role, he loves to insult, bully, humiliate his submissive partner to make him feel having power above his partners and therefore, he should love playing fantasy with a woman he feels ‘comfortable’ to insult. However, in the reality he is embarrassed to get married or admit he likes her publicly the woman he insults because karma would come to life that public would laugh at Miss Piggy like he does to her on the treadmill and that the embarrassment would put him in the submissive role. He may get married with many women in the past, but they can be only poppy love. Women he feels ‘uncomfortable’ to insult give him no fun game, unfulfilled sexual fantasy. That’s why Donald has fun to tweet attacking people. If he can impose the law that every White House’s employee has to sit on the floor and bows head to him every time seeing him, he would want to do it. Donald runs politics based on his sexual fantasy; people who have the same sexual fantasy as Donald will love Donald’s presidential style. Hillary Clinton is the female politician Donald would feel most comfortable to attack her.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, loves Hillary in a different way. As a submissive man, he loves to honor the woman he loves and put her in the high position above him. He may have sex with many women in his life but if he feels ‘comfortable’ to insult them like sharing sexual stories, nasty positions to entertain other male friends such as at golf club, means that he doesn’t love all these women. Like I mention earlier, submissive women who Donald feels ‘comfortable’ to insult set Donald in the dominate role, also set Bill in the dominated role but only it isn’t his sexual position while women Bill feels ‘uncomfortable’ to insult sets him the right position as being submissive to her. It could be her mistake that Hillary likes to bring up too much sexual allegations of her opponent in her campaign. If Donald sees Hillary as a submissive woman, his supporters also see her as a weak leader while Bill’s supporters would love to honor her. Hillary Clinton is born to be the First Lady as she has two Presidents love her but that can cause her lose election, irony suburban women envy her that she is the woman who can attract various types of men.

Decades ago, one American man tells me a story. In his story, he says—imagine a very rich woman owns a big ranch and she loves to dress more muscular: wear high heel boots and ride a horse to inspect the job in her ranch where many muscular men with shirtless work for her in the farm—the man calls her ‘mistress’. Sound good to me! He asks ‘Lisa wants to be a mistress?’ Umm, I wasn’t sure about because the story ends incomplete. In my mind, I still have a question, important question, actually, especially for many women to know that ‘who the mistress gets marry to?’ No one can tell me because, really true, the story ends completely. Later, I come up with a conclusion for myself that mistress never has a husband but she owns many male slaves. Does single lifestyle make the mistress a lesbian?—No, she loves having sex with muscular men and she even obsesses to masculinity—that’s why she likes wearing muscular clothes. Like most animals have one partner at a time, but ants, bees, termites, a queen prefers to have multiple male partners at the same time. Let me ask you—what the word ‘Goddess’ means? I am sure that everyone will give me wrong answers. Goddess is ‘slut’. If having sex with multiple men makes a woman feels lucky: no one insults or blames her or care about her sexual escapade, except other women envy at her and want to have sex life like her, while in opposition falling in love with one man, karma often comes to her life, she is the nature of a Goddess. Her love is so big that men don’t want to see her belong to one man. In contrast, if a woman has sex with multiple men makes her feel bad luck: people disgrace her with the word ‘slut’ means that she tries to behave as a Goddess while people don’t feel she is; people want to see her get marry with one husband while having sex with multiple men could bring her bad luck —she is a normal human being, not a Goddess, because God gives her love too limit that slim love is enough to share to only one man at a time.

Angelina Jolie is a woman who prefers to see herself in the dominated role. What makes me feel like that? From her movies?—well, a good actress can perform every character. In her real life, I barely know about her but hear about her story on the news, a little part of her life but important. If talking about Angelina Jolie, people can imagine a picture of her visiting poor countries to help other poor people. I believe that there are many celebrities do as she does but you don’t see much of their charity works on TV. Angie is always surrounded with many people and cameras everywhere, more than that she likes to sit next to the leaders of the poor countries with cultural performances prepared by the countries—which this picture corresponds to the same picture you see when President or Secretary of State visits other countries. Angelina Jolie wants to see herself as a female leader. She is in the dominated role—same role as male in general. Does she want to be a man to have sex with other women, like transmen?—I don’t think so, because a little picture about her I see on one of the red carpet events that she kisses Billy Bob Thornton who is very muscular man. She kisses him, bite his lips like they are still in bed but not yet to finish. I never see her kiss Brad Pitt in this porn level publicly. When you put all the pictures together—a woman who is in the male role and obsesses masculinity—Angelina Jolie is a mistress—then mistress should not marry.

Now comes to Brad Pitt. If the real life is like in the movie, Brad Pitt would be Angie’s dream guy. He is very muscular when he performs as a General in ancient warrior or an aggressive guy in the ‘fight club’. However, in the real life, Brad likes to grow hair long. Submissive guy likes to honor confident woman. When Angie stands on stage of the Oscar, once she spreads one of her legs out of her dress confidently, which that picture would impress Brad very much as if he can be born again as a woman, this is the woman’s character he dreams to be. Jennifer Aniston however would love Brad in his real life. After her divorce with Brad, Jennifer also shows her confidence by posting her fully naked photo on a magazine’s cover. The question is: doesn’t she know that her husband loves confident woman, why doesn’t she do it during her marriage or she is worried too much to lose him? Does she worship her love too much?

Imagine this picture: I have a male tiger, next to the male tiger is a female tiger, next to the female tiger is a male rabbit then the last one is a female rabbit. Now is your job, please help me match couples. In commonsense, you should simply match male tiger with female tiger and male rabbit with female rabbit, right? But now we are going to play game a little bit, it’s called ‘game of love’. Male rabbit says that he dreams to have female tiger as his wife. Female tiger says she sees male rabbit as a rabbit in general when male gender doesn’t present clear to her; she is sexually turned on by a male tiger while the male tiger says, he loves submissive women, someone like a female rabbit. Female rabbit says that male tiger is too tough for her to handle in bed; she likes softer man like a male rabbit. Male rabbit says that he sees a female rabbit only as a ‘friend’. Finally, the whole team becomes the complication of love.

One reason that mistress doesn’t want to get marry because, like Donald, she doesn’t like to lose competition: if you never marry, you are never cheated but you only cheat with other husbands so you are always the winner. Next, as generally muscular men don’t want women dominate them, mistress has to use power of money to raise poor guys, not poor kids—Angie goes wrong way. That’s why the guy who tells the mistress’s story to me says that ‘mistress owns a big ranch with muscular men work in the farm. If Angie wants to have a happy life, she has to follow the fantasy story that men inspire to women. Like a billionaire hires many beautiful women to treat him on vacation. Wealthy gay men also may dream to have a swimming pool in the house with many handsome young men wearing a small speedo in the pool. This is the way that mistress will enjoy her life. Imagine, after dinner, a mistress has to call her young guys to teach a lesson one by one like ‘today when you go shopping with me, you do this or do that I don’t like it. Next time don’t do it again!’ If you are a woman who loves to be in the dominated role, a male role, you have to copy men’s lifestyle. Brad Pitt can be only one of the Angelina’s kids that he is her oldest son. Brad has to date a transgender as the nature of transgender, she has both female and male combine. Jennifer Aniston already has the mistress’ aggressive character inside her but only the ‘friend star’ wants to keep her teen look forever. Think of female sex workers, they used to be sweet women before start working but after being tortured in bed, they become aggressive. If Jennifer Aniston works as a sex worker for a few years, she will change her look completely as a mistress. Romance actually is more complicated than you thought, right?

Now I will talk about romance in a general picture, not involve with top / bottom or dominate / submissive like you have read previously.

If I hear a man says—‘a lot of people come to my house’, guess that romance is his fantasy. Because I have spent time with many men, it gives me suspicious why there are some words / sentences that people who don’t know each other like saying same thing. It sounds like they are grumbling, being tired to host people. But no, they love to see a lot of people in their houses. You might argue that kids may miss their old parents very much so they come to visit or they might have special party at homes—nothing is unusual about. I never ask once why do a lot of people come to their houses so I don’t know, but something in my mind telling me all the time which I can be wrong (or so right) that—‘a lot of people come to beg for money’. If I’m right, what causes many families have exact same lives and say same thing? The fantasy creates a lifestyle; people who have the same fantasy will live the same way. Romantic parents will raise their kids same way. People who have romance fantasy are not happy to live in quiet world; they love talking and they love to hear sound of people talking, especially talking with them. If you think that having one mouth on a face is enough for you, irony a romantic person would love to have two mouths on his face to have enough talk—and because of that they love to have a lot of kids and a big family because kids are the most noisy people in the house. Normally romantic father, based on my experience, doesn’t pay attention much or care much about how well his kids do in school. Why is that? Like in library, so quiet, when kids do homework or reading a book, house is silent. But if kids play, they will have fun stories to tell romantic father. ‘Daddy, I have to do homework’, then romantic father will say ‘Do it later. Come to talk with daddy first.’ Since young age, kids will learn that if they want something, just flatter romantic father—‘Daddy, I want this. Daddy, I want that…’ then it give kids a survival technique that they don’t need to work / study hard, if they want something, just flatter father. When kids are little, they look adorable when they say--‘Daddy, I want this. Daddy, I want that…’ when they grow up as adult it would make them look idiot to act like when they are young so a way to favor father they need to get marry quickly and have grandkids for the romantic grandpa. This is how Trump family gets a lot of members and why romantic parents seriously urge their kids to get marry and often angry if their kids are gay. First step, after having a new born baby for grandpa, the survival technique tells that they bring the new born baby to visit their father, give him little time to carry the baby—‘look, dad, my little cute baby just looks like myself,’ romantic grandpa will laugh. Next, they will get into business—‘I and my wife spend a lot of money during her pregnancy, there are unpaid hospital bills. Kid still needs more money for diaper, milk and clothes. This month we short a little bit as my wife have to stay home to take care of the baby. I’m only one who works at this time…’ When the baby grow up a little bit, the story will change into ‘kid has to go to school, he needs more money for this / for that.’ When kid grows enough to understand thing, now father doesn’t need to talk by himself but he will begin to train his kid the survival technique he has learned at the young age, while driving to grandpa’s house—‘remember, when you see grandpa, you have to talk like this / like that. Grandpa loves to hear this story / that story. Tell him what you plan to do. You plan to go on vacation in Italy with your classmate. You want to play sport and take piano class…’ One thing a romantic person has to learn is that fantasy isn’t free and you have to be the one who pays for your fantasy. Then if grandpa doesn’t die yet, and his grandkid grows up as adult doesn’t look adorable anymore, grandkid will get marry to have a new worker as great grandkid to continue getting paid to support family.

A story of a business man who owns many small businesses; I call him in this story ‘L’. He has a son. His son studies very well as he gets scholarship to get in a good college which makes father proud of him. At that time his kid gets in college, economy is good so he has no problem with money to spoil his son. In college his son begins to have a girlfriend and wants to show off his girl, one day he tells his father he wants to have a Mercedes, at the end of the day his father drives a Mercedes to park in school for him to show off friends and take his girlfriend to get a ride. Next day he tells his father he wants a BMW then his father drives a BMW to park in school and he drives his son's Mercedes back. Then father and son have fun stories to talk everyday from his school about girls who are crazy he has a wealthy father, he likes to take his girlfriend to restaurants, go out drinking with other friends but he never seriously studies anymore. When you are a romantic father, as flattering makes you happy, you think that to help your kid be flattered by classmates and other people is the best gift a father gives to his kid. Not too long, his son is kicked out from school. One day I discuss with L that I also want to open a small business for myself then he grumbles that I am just about the same age as his son but I think about myself and my future but his son never thinks of doing anything good for himself, while he has more opportunity as father is a businessman. Every time his kid comes to see him at work only ask for money but never thinks about helping father works. When you love a bird very much that you keep him in a cage because you want him to live close to you forever, one day you are poor that you can't afford to raise him anymore then you just want him go to take care of his life by himself in the wild and that means you just send him to dead because he doesn’t know how to hunt for food. The whole time you just teach him to flatter you in order to be fed, but only the flattering won’t help any bird survives in the wild.

To fix the problem for romantic parents, they must find a good match to counter the romance fantasy. A bitter, unsweetened woman is a perfect wife for a romantic man. Bitter woman is on the negative side helps balance the fantasy. For a romantic man to know what a bitter woman would characterize, he just flips the coin then he will know what is like on the opposite side. Bitter woman doesn’t like talking so she can be a good listener for a romantic man. Less smiling, like myself, that is the reason many romantic men like me a lot as they find a challenge that to make me smile is as excited as waiting to watch eclipse. And one thing about me is that I hate noisy kids. Now comes to why romantic man will make a good couple with bitter woman. Imagine, you are a romantic man and you have a little kid, you never question how well your kid does in school as you love to see your kid play and talk with you but as bitter mother is bothered by the noise, she would ask her kid—‘do you finish homework yet? You read books yet? Go back to your room to finish it first.’ Romantic father doesn’t need to think about helping his son by saying ‘he can do later. There are months before the exam,’ because he too will be yelled by his bitter wife, ‘you too. You trash out yet? I hear you say for a month already you will mow the lawn. Do it now!’ Father only responds, ‘yes, ma’am. I go now.’ Now house is in order, kid does well in school because of the help from bitter wife. In case, your son gets marry and having a little baby then he brings his baby to your house to flatter grandpa so he can ask for money, ‘dad, can you help me a little bit. This month kid needs a lot of money…’ how to solve this problem, simply, grandpa says a short word, ‘ask your mom,’ then you never lose money again. Son knows what bitter mother is going to say, ‘how old are you now? Now you are a father, still you can’t even be able to take care of yourself, how can you take care of your kid…’ Bitter woman and romantic man are opposite—word that bitter woman feels easy to say is ‘no’ but hard to say ‘yes’, on the other hand word that romantic man feels easy to say is ‘yes’ but feel having a hard time to say ‘no’ (or deny his kid’s request) and that is the reason he loses money all the time. My aunt is the example of a bitter woman because when I flatter her, she will respond with say like ‘having sweet mouth like this, what I try to get from her?’ It doesn’t mean that bitter woman doesn’t have sweet love and romance but her love is in depth at the bottom of her heart, hard for others to reach. When my aunt is a teen girl, she is very beautiful. Many men hope to date her but no chance as she never gets marry. But don’t think she never understand what the marriage is like because she studies a lot about it. She likes reading magazine publish true stories of married couples who have problems in their marriages; knowing it a lot causes her to be afraid to marry. Once a man buys her a small bottle of perfume (as small as a free sample) from Paris but it’s considered a luxurious gift for suburban people. She keeps it in the glass cabinet with a key lock safely and she never uses it once. I only look it through the glass window of the cabinet. Once in a while when guests come to visit the house, she will bring it to show off the guests and open the bottle for them to smell it. Decades past, one day she has to go to a party, she plans to use the perfume but unfortunately it dries off. The difference between woman and man—women are most happy when men buy valued things for them, men however don’t want women buy anything for them, what make them most happy is to be treated respectfully by the woman they love.

Next character of romantic men is that their hearts are ‘fragile’ like female’s heart. In the relationship, when a bitter woman says something to a romantic man, she really needs to be careful every of her words. Otherwise weeks later she will have to hear him unburden his disappointment that ‘after we met the last time I kept thinking why you say this / that to me. What do you think in your mind when you say that to me. Now I can figure out you must think like this / like that…’ Romantic man is a very sensitive person, if a bitter woman touches him or react too rough, he will be upset thinking that she has bad mood toward him.

A story of a woman who has a fragile heart, it can also happen to many romantic men. This story happens decades ago. A woman I call her in this story ‘B’. She has a daughter, the entire family lives in America. She asks me one day to call the phone company for her as she can’t speak English; they are going to stop her phone service. This is because her daughter makes international calls everyday to her boyfriend who lives in Thailand. Some days the talks can be up to 2 hours. Besides the unpaid phone bills, B continues to unburden that her daughter who works and get paid better salary than her never helps her pay rents and utility bills. All the household spending is only her and her husband’s responsibility while her daughter spends all her incomes in shopping luxurious goods and partying almost every night. I ask her why doesn’t she tell her daughter like she says to me. She says that she can’t because she is afraid she would cause her daughter upset. Many parents are like her, when they talk about their kids they like to say—‘my kids are good kids,’ while in their minds they may think that their kids are so terrible. This is the reason many parents like to consult their marital problems and kids with a bitter person. Flattering will cause romantic people weak and silly but being attacked by bitter words will push them up stronger and bravery in complaining their kids at home. They actually know their kids are so terrible but they are embarrassed to speak out—this is another character of the romance fantasy—they are afraid to accept the bad reality.

A story: a woman I call her in this story ‘R’ and she has a beloved brother. We work together for a short time; she likes to talk about her brother during lunch break. ‘My brother is the best man in the world; you can’t find any man who is better than my brother,’ she always flatters same thing over and over every time she talks about her brother. Normally over-flattering is not Asians style of comment. This might be that she has lived in America for a long time and absorb Americans’ over-flattering style. Examples are often seen from TV shows, in such singing / performing contests—‘I have never seen anything like this in my life, the best act in the world…’ it causes me question in my mind every time—‘really? The best in the world for just a normal act. Can this be considered a false claim?’ Can this be that Americans are more romantic than Asians or another word Asians are bitterer than Americans? Back to R’s story. I guess, it might because she never gets marry and her brother is a helpful person when she first comes to America so she admires him very much. Until her brother gets marry, he changes his behavior that wife is more important than his family and her; he uses to be a strong leader of the family, now he is submissive to his wife. The past and present stories about her brother are put together; her dream of the past is still sweet which she is unable to accept that now the reality is so bitter. ‘My brother is the best man in the world, you can’t find any man better than him,’ after thirty seconds, she cries out, her tears sheds like waterfall when the story changes into ‘since he gets marry, he never care his family, he never listens to me anymore. He listens to only his wife,’ after thirty seconds the story changes again, ‘any woman who can get marry with my brother will be the luckiest woman in the world. He is a very good guy,’ thirty seconds story changes into, ‘last time he borrows my money to buy air ticket to Thailand, he hasn’t paid me yet. When I ask him about it, he yells at me angrily,’ then she cries out like waterfall…she will be laugh and cry, laugh and cry like this the entire story. Romantic person spends more times living in the dream world, and afraid to accept the reality. Bitter person in contrast is more pessimistic and not afraid to confront with realistic nightmare.

Another character: as romantic man loves talking, how he gets a woman to talk with all the time? Think about escorts who are available for every man, yet anytime. If an escort receives a long email from a client, long like a page long, describe about the past of his love with this / that woman, words in his story are more beautiful than you have read in romance novel books, this is a romantic guy. If the escort replies him, he will keep this email forever to read. He will keep sending endless emails until she stops replying. This type of client is unlikely to come for her service because his fantasy is to talk romance, not sexual penetration. Romantic men are very good in literature with no need to go to any school. They love talking, especially with immigrants and especially with Asian girls because Asians are very patient in talking with old guys or with men they don’t like, unlike Americans women who may file a report of sexual harassment. First, romantic men will find out which Asian countries the female immigrant comes from. Next, they will greet her with ‘hello’ / ‘good morning’ in her native language and they know every language. How romantic men can learn so many languages? Instead they go to school, they go to Asian restaurants—in the working situation, waitresses can’t deny talking with customers—how smart they are. Instead they teach English to immigrants, they learn language from immigrants. Romantic men should move to Asian countries to work as English teachers.

There still be many characters about romance fantasy but I will end with this as the last character that ‘romantic men can’t live alone; when they end the relationship with one woman, they will work desperately to find a new relationship as quickly as possible.’

Love and romance are fantasy. I have learned a lot in my life about love and romance. Many guys give me their numbers with say—‘Lisa, call me when you have time, okay honey?’ When I call them, they hang up at hello. Next time when they think about come for romance again they often excuse like—‘last time when you call, I am with my wife / my kids. I can’t talk.’ You can say the word ‘love’ hundred times, or romance with hundred women, doesn’t matter. But what matter is the responsibility. For example, when men get a divorce, they still have to pay their ex and their kids, even though they may hate them very much while love and romance have no power to force them pay / do anything for then later they will forget about. So, the responsibility has more valued than love and romance. When they have money, they think about their kids first then come to see a girl for free romance. The responsibility is the reality they can’t deny, while love and romance are just the fantasy that when they wake up the next day they can just forget about it. If a man says that he loves me, I will think that he isn’t serious about (I also say it many times) but if he says that ‘my life is his responsibility’, he just adds more valued to my life.

Finally, I would like to end this article with the last story which is my mother’s story. She is born and lives in suburban, in a very poor town. Her mother has many kids in the generation that people have no birth control and she is the youngest in the family. As the family’s financial situation, her parents have a very difficult time to raise them all. At the young age like around 5 or 6 years old, she has a close friend, a boy lives in the neighbor and they often play together. Her daily job is to go with her mother, walk together for miles carry vegetable to sell in city on the street market. With her exhilaration and sweet voice, my mother isn't shy to call everyone who walks past to buy vegetable which makes her very attractive to all customers who feel invited to talk with her. One day a wealthy woman walk past by; she is very interested in her. She immediately asks her mother to adopt her. After a short talk, the wealthy woman immediately takes my mother with her. Since then she doesn’t see the boy in the neighbor again. The wealthy woman has very strong religious faith. Many times a year, there are religious events and parades. The wealthy woman has power to put her in the parade in the best spot every time. My mother is very beautiful with long black hair and smile all the time. Many men in the city have eyes on her and that’s how her close friend, the boy in the neighbor, finds her as he often comes to watch the parades, only they never have a chance to talk together. My father also often goes to watch the parades as his mother also has strong religious faith. This is how my mother and father get to know each other. They live in different cities but my father often drives his car to meet her. Within short time dating, my mother makes a decision to marry him in their teen ages as she often thinks of moving out of the house to have her own life. After they get marry for just a short while, one day the boy who lives in her neighbor, in his teenage, he comes to visit her with no appointment. He reveals to her that he really wants to see her for the last time to see how she lives. That day, he sees her has comfortable life makes him happy and relief. For him, he can’t love anyone else and that he decides to ordain and live in monkhood for the rest of his life.

More than being a fantasy, when a man is in love a woman, he can’t stop giving good things to her, he can’t stop thinking and worrying about her, he can’t stop wanting to see her get better in her life, even though he will be the one who is broken heart.

Lisa is born and lives with many love—and broken heart stories

Cartoon story—Authenticity VS Counterfeit

One day Tony takes Lin to a counterfeit handbag store. As Tony is a fashion expert, he wants to show Lin the difference between authentic and counterfeit handbags. Lin owns many Italian handbags. She has spent thousands of dollars but all are counterfeit; store owners often rip her off. They all say to her that she won’t be disappointed as their shoulder bags are good as authentic quality, money back guarantee! But after using them for just a few months, zips are broken, logos falls apart. More than that, she never gets money back as they guarantee to her because store owners get arrested. Enough is enough, she is tired with counterfeits and being ripped off. Therefore she asks her friend, Tony, to show her how to shop smart.

Tony: Here, Lin. Come with me at this store. These bags are good example. All of them in this store are counterfeit.

Lin: I see they look very real. How do you know they are counterfeit?

Tony takes out a knife from his pocket.

Tony: A big difference is to look inside. Like this bag, I will cut it so you can see. Here. Look. You see? Authentic bag will have layers of interfaces to make the bag stronger. But the one I cut has nothing inside.

Meanwhile, the store owner, a good-looking guy, walks toward them.

Tony: Oh! Lin. We must get trouble now…. I just want to educate my friend how counterfeit bags are made. Don’t worry. I will pay for the one I just cut.

Store owner: Oh, no, don’t worry about. I just want to say ‘hello’ to your friend. She’s so cute. I can give her a free bag if she just tells me her name.

Tony: Oh-O, Lin. You are very lucky today. In your entire life, I think, you may never get away from counterfeit…. My friend names Lin and she’s still single. You look good together. Why not, ask her for a date.

Store owner: Good idea. Would you like to go out for a date, Lin? I have never dated Asian woman before in my life. Please, give me a chance to taste Asian dumplings.

Suddenly, Lin ambushes, wrestles the store owner down to the ground. Tony is speechless to her aggression. He accidentally drops his knife on the ground as he is shocking at her act. Lin quickly grabs his knife and straps the store owner several times then cut a big wound on his chest. His Blood is everywhere.

Tony screams: He’s dead! He’s dead! Lin, you must be out of mind. You know what you are doing? You just kill the guy. He loves you; how can you do that to him. He’s dead! You just kill him! He’s dead! He’s dead!

Lin: I just want to know the truth before I date him that his heart is authentic or counterfeit. I am so tired with being ripped off.

© 2017, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.