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The Root of Sexual Fantasies

by Half-Lady Lisa

July 16, 2015

One night about a year ago I had a dream. In my dream, I was alone in darkness of the night in desert. I saw, which I believed, it might be an alien spacecraft. It resembled a circular glass lens which was standing on the ground, except its size was enormous. The glass lens-like was very clear and almost invisible as to see the background view seemed like there was nothing bar my sight. Only one thing, obviously seen, was the sparks of the crystal-like or star-like of the five small squares appeared on the top part of it. As been curious, I walked to see it closely. On the side it was as thin as a piece of paper. On the front, I put my face close to the glass lens-like; I saw a long endless space like a tunnel. Suddenly, it spun slowly like a wheel; I was frightened and ran away quickly.

Next, I was inside it which I didn’t know how. I saw around 4-5 of men and women around mid-aged, lied unconsciously on the beds in the distance. I asked one of the aliens why I didn’t have to be put to sleep like those people. The alien told me that it’s because they wanted me to explain to them about human’s sexuality as they had captured a strong signal from my brain about it. After that they will send me back to wake up again on my bed but some parts of my memory had to be destroyed so I will not recognize them.

My explanation was:

“When talking about having sex, the obvious picture appears instinctively in everyone’s mind, no matter whether sexual activity is performed by human or animals, isn’t far away from the image of the sexual intercourse which happens generally in a common position: a male is on top of a female. However, the difference is that animals’ sexual activity is subjected to the law of nature when mating happens instinctively only once (that’s all) in a year-long. In this case, there is nothing complicated in what nature has started for them. In contrast to animals’, human’s sexual activity can occur independently outside the law of nature when the diversity of fantasy stories which are the complicated human’s sexual creation, can be used to help them arouse themselves sexual desire for all year-long.

Although, unlike animal’s, human’s sexual activity is not necessary to happen under the control of nature, it does not mean that nature doesn’t give anything important to human in term of sexuality.

Basically, sexual activities for both human and animals are created under a concept which nature gives to them: one gender dominates another (a male dominates a female). The domination originally bases upon the physical strength when nature creates male to be apparently larger and stronger than female and the behavior when male is normally more aggressive (especially during a mating season), while female generally is apparently to be softer, (for some kinds of animals, sexual positions between a male & a female can be swapped but it’s still based upon the domination by one gender is over another). Moreover, why the domination is very important in having sex—by looking at animals’ sexual behavior, even during a mating season, nature creates female’s sexual behavior to be unwanted offering sex to male easily and that’s why the domination by male becomes an important part of sexual activity when it is used to take over control a female to submission to the male’s sexual need. This is the concept that nature starts for everyone: the ‘inequality’ of strength and aggressive behavior between male and female which separates them into masculine and feminine, is the main factor in creating sexual desire (or chemistry between genders). Primitive animals and human spontaneously unmistaken know how to match genders for their having sex.

The difference of the inequality of physical strength and aggressive behavior between a male and a female used in sexual activities is called ‘dominated value’. For animals, the dominated value is measured by the inequality of the nature of each gender’s strength and behavior only. Within the same kind of animal, male #1, male #2 or male #3, each male has the same (or slightly different) amount of physical strength and aggressive behavior and this happens also in amongst female. Therefore, animals’ sexual activity can give only ‘one’ dominated value, no matter male #1 will have sex with female #1, or female #2, or female #3,…, and that is the reason that a male animal is less picky in the selection choices of his female sex partner because no matter whoever his female sex partner is, a male animal will have sexual attraction to each female at the same level of sexual desire (or chemistry).

For human, unlike animals, man #1, man #2, man #3,…, each man can have significantly different physical strength and behaviors; this is also the same as women. Therefore, for man #1 to have sex with woman #1, woman #2, or woman #3,..., is really matter because a man needs different dominated values in sexual dealing with each woman. Adding more complicated to the gender issue, the different characters, roles and social classes give human more variety of the inequality of genders which results to having wide varieties of dominate values in each couple’s sexual activities. Therefore, human is pickier than animals in the selection choices of their sex partners when varieties of dominated values give human different levels of sexual desire (or chemistry).

You may want to argue that what about the beauty of women or the good look of men, doesn’t it have anything to do in creating sexual desire (or chemistry)? Look—if you ask me that why do men like hiring prostitutes, is it because prostitutes are more beautiful than their wives/girlfriends, I will answer that most prostitutes have just average looks and especially many of them have a look at below average (or another word means ‘ugly’). Some handsome men may hire a prostitute who is less beautiful than their wives/girlfriends. Next, what’s about in this case: a wealthy man has a beautiful and elegant wife. When his wife isn’t home, he discreetly has sex with his ‘maid’ who can be less beautiful than his wife and look poorer. Let me give another example: have you ever been curious why a rapist chooses to rape a woman just to exchange with his life in prison while many men can find street hookers who charge only 20 or 30 bucks (that’s all) for her car-dated service. Moreover, some rapists choose to rape older ladies regardless to how sexy they are while there are many older ladies who are willing to offer free sex by posting online casual encounter’s ads. This is because each man enjoys having sex (or sexually turns-on) at different levels of the dominated values. To rape a woman gives a rapist a much higher dominated value than sexual consent, which allows a rapist to release a high level of his aggression and strength (the masculine nature) in his sexual domination. A prostitute and a maid who live at the lower classes in society give a higher level of the gender’s inequality to wealthy men comparing to their wives. This gender’s inequality gives a result of having a higher dominated value than when they have sex with their wives. These tell how people can look sexually attractive in a certain way, and how sexual desire can be created and it can be measured by the dominated value. Some beautiful and elegant women may find that possible more difficult in hooking up for a sex partner or a relationship, or experience break up relationship more often than women who are less beautiful and out of shape.

When asking: what having sex gives to all lives, a quick response is likely to be a ‘baby’. It should make sense—for only animals, when the limit of their sex life to only once a year is only to prevent the extinction of their species. But what’s about human, the use of numerous sexual activities for all year-long can provide only the same limited benefit as animals seems too wasteful. Or is it just an extravagance of human’s sex life, a gift from nature to favor only human with no other good reason? Have you ever thought that there might be hidden secrets in the human’s sexuality which make us better than animals? The hidden secrets which nature never tells anyone may provide more important benefits than just preventing the extinction of humankind.

Look—in the reality I have a dad, just like everyone. Behind the closed door of my bedroom, in the sexual fantasy world I have never believed in my life I will have so many dads. My dads in the fantasy world like me to call them ‘Daddy’. “Lisa, why don’t you ask daddy—‘I want this; daddy, I want that; can daddy buy this or buy that for me’,” saying with a little voice. Moreover, daddies also want me to act and dress like a young girl who lives under parental control. In this type of fantasy, beauty isn’t as much important as acting young and submissive (as a good girl).

As you already know that the dominated value is measured between two people. One adult male doesn’t give any dominated value until a person is placed under then the relationship is formed and the dominated value is created; the younger and more submissive of the person who is placed under in the relationship, the higher dominated value is. That’s why men love women at different ages and aggression, and that’s why some men really want to have kid(s) so bad as they admit to me that they don’t marry for love (with their wives) but they want to have kids. However, it does not necessary mean that in the reality (or in the fantasy world) men who are into ‘daddy fantasy’ are pedophile. But the higher dominated value (getting high respects by a younger person) creates more sense of masculinity as a hero, a leader, a powerful person, etc., which is the general nature of males. From here, one important thing to know about human’s sexuality is that, unlike animals, for human the dominated values are not necessary to be measured between a male and a female, the two major genders. But it can be measured by such as people who are in different ages and/or different social statuses/classes. This also means that, unlike animals’, for human’s sexuality, sexual desire (chemistry) can happen outside a male & female relationship. Or genders can become less important issue in the selection choices of sex partners.

In the real world, although I have graduated from high school for many years, in the fantasy world I still have to wear a high school girl’s outfit. High school outfit is one of the very most popular fantasy costumes. The inequality of ages, and the ‘teaching’ gives a clear color of the sexual concept that ‘an adult is put in the dominated position over a young student’. These accidentally give a perfect level of the dominated value. Why not be so popular such as university student fantasy, master degree student, Ph.D. student fantasy or adult education fantasy? This is because the older age of students and the higher education give a sense of less submissive which shrink down the size of the dominate value. Often heard from the news, female teachers allegedly have sex with their high school students. Anything you see in the real world which is fit into any popular category of sexual fantasy, sexual desire can be created in just a click. Here is a question: as many people start having sex before 18 years old, can a high school teacher be sympathized by public in case of the sexual relationship is started by a teen sparks the idea for adult? When the sexual desire is aroused, many adults can be put in the positions that unable to resist. Some teens also may be into the ‘high school’ fantasy so they want to be students in both the real world and fantasy world and for the rest of their lives.

Another popular fantasy, which gives a clear image of the domination, is ‘police fantasy’. You never know, how much men are excited in getting arrested in the fantasy world (except, they hate being arrested in the real world) as you can see that handcuffs are a very common item in every sex-toy store. In the fantasy world, police are required to have only one role—the dominated role, but their sex partners’ role is never prescribed. The real world is pretty much the same. Police are trained tough to be put in the dominated role. Moreover, people who dream of working as a police must also love to see themselves in that role. In contrast, submissive police would find difficulty in dealing with high level of aggression of criminals and violence, except they are put to work as traffic police to stop cars and help little kids and old ladies to walk across streets. Like in the fantasy world, criminals’ role in the real world is never legislated so they can have choices to comply with the law or fight tough with police. In the fantasy world, sex partners never complain about the police’s brutality or even urge their fantasy police to be tougher in providing a realistic role-play performance. Submissive police (or being too kind) become sexually unattractive to their sexual role-play criminals. However, the problems occur in the real world and now protests are everywhere across America that the police’s brutality seems to be unfair to only African-American men. In every fight, one thing you must admit to happen (even in the fantasy world) is injury or it can be a cause of death. As the nature of police is in the dominated role, whether in the fantasy world or in the real world, they don’t want to see criminals act more dominated to them (or to placed themselves in the same role as police); this is the same as aggressive criminals who deny being submissive to anyone, including police. As the two are matched in the same role, the disaster happens (like in the cage fighters). However, this problem will never happen at all if society can set the role of criminals to be more submissive to the law enforcement—and that is to fix the missing part of the ‘police fantasy’.

The nature’s concept: the ‘domination’ exists in every sexual fantasy; without the domination, there is no sexual activity. Here is a question: why are some men really like having sex with the women of the human trafficking? Because they charge clients so cheap?—that can be one issue. But look—many ‘independent’ hookers charge only 30 bucks so how cheap it has to be? However, the reality is that these women of the human trafficking are forced to have sex so they show sign of compassion, fear, crying out and ‘unwanted to do but have to’. The high level of the weakness of the women gives male clients the higher level of the dominated value with no need of using their physical strength to submit them at all. This is why some men find that the women of human trafficking are more attractive than independent hookers who consent to do their jobs (so cheap fees are not the issue in this case at all). I understand that human trafficking need to be stopped to rescue women who are forced and tortured to work. But now, here is another question related: if clients in this case get a job as a police, should the arrest of ‘independent’ hookers who try to collect 30 bucks for their lives gives them more passionate working on their easy job (at no risk) than going to arrest drug dealers? Should it be that the law allows police to play sexual fantasy legally in the real world which provide them more realistic materials/images than watching porn movies when these sexy women are crying out, handcuffed and being put in jail, used in their masturbations in the shower before come to work?—What do you think?

The ‘police fantasy’ reminds me another story. I often watch on TV about life of prisoners in jails which the story I am going to tell right now I believe happens commonly in every jail, and many people may already know about. Imagine this picture: a male prisoner acts violently in his jail cell to deny complying with a prison guards’ order. The result is that a group of muscular men (prison guards) wrestles him down to the ground, take off his clothes and take him into shower to clean off pepper spray. In the shower, he is fully naked while the group of prison guards (muscular men) are watching him closely. Now, the question is: why does the male prisoner love creating such the violence, even though he knows in the end he must be the loser anyway?

Imagine, if you are a straight man who has no sexual attraction to men at all, now I will change the story to favor you a little bit is that all the muscular prison guards are switched into a group of sexy female prison guards who will wrestle you down, take off your clothes and watch you completely naked in the shower. As the violent act gives a result in favor, you want it happen everyday, do you? Think that any act involves in naked activity can be a fun sexual fantasy game. Look—many men often have an idea during shower in taking their naked photos to post on casual encounter’s ads hooking up for sex. In contrast, if the prison guards are people of the gender who sexually turns you off: having guys to touch your body, especially to see your penis, it can be a nasty and disgusting result. In my experience, straight men never want other men to see their penises. As you don’t like the result, you will not try to create the situation. So, the violent act becomes a fantasy story to allow the prisoner play sexual fantasy in the real world with real people. As strength and aggression are men’s nature which is basically used in the separation into masculine and feminine categories, what people are misunderstanding all the time is that strength and aggression have nothing to do in the gender separation into ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual’ categories. Gay men can be stronger and more violent than straight men. So, the prisoner who enjoys muscular guards take off his clothes in this case can be whether a gay man or a bi-sexual man. Like the ‘police fantasy’, as the two sides are in the same dominated role, they fight tough together. Men don’t mind to have physical pain follow up the sexual fantasy as long as the fantasy act gives them high mental impression. Another thing I see on TV about life in prison doesn’t make any sense. There are weight lifting for prisoners, especially heavy weights. I understand that exercise is important for everyone, but it can be moderate. Heavy weight lifting is for bodybuilders or strong men; even people who live outside a jail find that type of exercise is too much for them. So, why do male prisoners really need to have bodies that strong? Is to have that high energy used to fulfill their fantasy game of fighting each other? Any place that separate people into one gender such as in prisons, locker room gyms, public restrooms, schools, dormitories, military camps, etc. can be attractive places likely to be used in homosexual activity.

Next story: there are two men who I call them in this story—Mr. A and Mr. B. Both A and B have the same status: they are married with kids. After years of marriage and with the gender-changed influence, both turn out to be gay and then getting for a divorce after wives find out their secret relationship with younger men. After divorce, the relationship with younger men still continues discreetly. However, the difference between Mr. A and Mr. B is that Mr. A strongly supports gay rights and gay marriage while Mr. B is strongly anti homosexual lifestyle. The question is as Mr. A and Mr. B love homosexual activity, what do you think is the main factor causing them act differently to homosexual issue?

Mr. A’s sexual position is submissive to his younger male partner so he is honoring his homosexual partner. Mr. B’s sexual position, however, is in the dominated position so he wants his younger male sex partner is very submissive to him. Therefore, gay rights will put Mr. B’s sex partner into a new social status peer next to him; he can be more confident and independent. In public people view only one world but I view in both real world and fantasy world. That’s why I understand that people who are strongly anti gay are not necessary to dislike homosexual activity. Even some openly gays may not support gay rights and gay marriage by the same reason as Mr. B. I used to know an American gay man who all the time hangs out in Asian community until people may want to believe that he might want to change his nationality. He has an Asian immigrant boyfriend. Some holidays a group of Asian immigrants often visits him in his apartment. Unfortunately, his living room has limited chair as there is only one small couch. Imagine this picture—a group of Asian immigrants sit on the floor surrounding him who sits on the couch. They ask him respectfully for his opinions about everything and nobody has ever said anything against his opinions like he is a Harvard University professor while his education is only high school. That’s why he doesn’t like hanging out with other Americans because of his level of education, financial status and social class, other Americans never treat and respect him at this high level. He loves immigrants absolutely and always talks nice and sweet to them and sometimes very helpful if they need help from him. But for young good-looking Asian men whom he has sexual attraction to, the way he treats his boyfriend is completely different as he often talks insulting with negative things about immigrants such as working without paying tax. This is because he feels sexual turn-on every time he sees his boyfriend upset and vulnerable. He wants his boyfriend’s life is depended on him throughout his life as a ‘sex slave’. If you see a person who is sometimes laugh and sometimes cry, laugh and cry, laugh and cry alternately, you may think that the person is insane. Sexual fantasy doesn’t make people become insanity but they just look alike. Here is a real conversation from another American man who really loves having sex with immigrants—“they (immigrants) are very nice people. When I visit them at their houses, they bring food to serve me and treat me very well…” a few minutes later the conversation is changed into, “now it’s time that Government have to train White boys to work in the farms!” the next a few minutes later the conversation is changed again, “next time you need to find a new apartment, I will look for one for you in Spanish community. You will love living there; they are nice people and they are not bothered by sexual activity,” a few minutes later the conversation is changed again, “I used to make good money, working in construction but because these immigrants come to compete jobs, I have to be out of work!”… One of my friends who works in escort service for a long time used to tell me that “if you want to be successful in escort service, you have to be insane like your clients.” At that time I don’t really understand but now I do.

As sexual fantasies put people in different positions, it creates social class / caste like India’s caste which is strictly; for upper class people to get married with lower class people is considered insulting family members. However, in a good way it can be used to lay out a pattern in society: your country has a President or King & Queen and other people who work in lower positions in series.

Not only does India have a strong caste system, but do the modern democracy countries like America as well. A story: long time ago, a Thai man came to study in a university in the Mid-West in America. He told his story that he wanted to buy just a bottle of beer but had to buy it in a gay nightclub because people in that area were anti immigrants so they didn’t want to sell beer to immigrants. But gay people didn’t mind to sell beer to immigrants because they were also treated as second class citizens. Even though the Thai man stayed in the U.S. legally with a student visa and his money was transferred from Thailand to spend in the U.S.’s economy, unfortunately each society has a rule: a certain group of people are not allowed to sit drinking next to White people, just like you are not allowed touching a King & Queen or sit on the same chair. This happens real even in the non-discrimination country. If you observe, people who still try to conserve this idea are not a group of submissive White males.

‘Slave’ is a very popular term used in sexual fantasy, even though today in the real world we don’t have slaves anymore. “I want to be your slave,” submissive men often say that during sexual activities. The sexual fantasy comes first, next people think about finding a way to turn the fantasy world into the reality, especially in the past generations when there is no porn movie so they want everyday become porn to arouse them getting ready in bed having sex with their wives. Imagine, if you treat people in your community badly (as slave) especially young kids, pregnant women and old ladies, people call you a ‘bad guy’. However, if you create such an idea of making a war to bring prisoners of war to be tortured as slaves, people call you ‘Commander in Chief’ or ‘General’. But in this modern generation, irony if your talent is never closed to be a Commander in Chief then you choose to volunteer yourself as a leader in fighting violently to conserve the old idea of treating a group of people such as Africans and homosexual people as second-class citizens, you can find a group of aggressive men applaud you as a ‘hero’, but one thing you should know they use you for their entertainment!

Here is a question: imagine, you work as a U.S. border patrol. Moreover, in real life you are a lifelong Republican who is strongly anti homosexual lifestyle. However, in your sexual fantasy world, in contrast, you have a secret long-term relationship with an illegal immigrant and not only that does it involve in the homosexual activities. I support to secure border because walking across desert is dangerous for immigrants, especially at this time when terrorists are everywhere trying to sneak in the country, and I believe that every American would agree so in this case we don’t need to make an argument in the securing border case. But let get into the real question: as having homosexual sex is your fantasy, especially having sex with someone who is in the lower social class like illegal immigrant is so turned you on, in real life you can say publicly that you don’t like illegal immigrants walking across the border, but what’s actually in your mind, would you think every minute that hopefully these illegal immigrants keep coming back for your sexual fantasy domination game—what do you think? In addition, why are people embarrassed to reveal their sexual fantasy to others? It’s because their sexual fantasy is against the ideal life of their social acceptance. When you have to choose a person to marry, the person needs to be accepted by your society even though that person may not be the person you really love. So another question: do you believe in marriage? Have you ever thought that sexual fantasy even though it makes people embarrassed can be a true life but the marriage is only used to mask your face?

A story: a man told his story that long time ago at a young age he used to do crossdress as a woman. One night he went out to a transgender nightclub but just about walking in the club, an unknown man raided in and wrestled him down to the ground. Next, the unknown man’s aggression and strength put him under his foot and ‘peed’ on him. “After that I am afraid of doing crossdress again. I am very scared of being beat up,” he said.

Normally, in the case like this public would view it as violence against transgender as to pee on someone is considered a negative act. However, in the fantasy world, I don’t know how many times I pee on men and how many men ask me to pee on them. Neither do I hate them nor are they angry at me. ‘Pee’ is a common act in sexual fantasy, irony as natural spring water is important for all lives. They are exhilarated like drought lands get heavy rainfall. When this fantasy world reflects to real world, peeing on someone who is unwillingly to play the fantasy game should be a crime. Like I mention earlier if you are not sexually turned on by someone, you will never pull out your dick for that person to see.

Men who love playing with pee as sexual fantasy can be categorized in two groups: first is men who love drinking pee and second is men who want to shower with pee (called ‘golden shower’). Men who love drinking pee find that golden shower is soggy and disgusting their bodies, while men who are into golden shower find that drinking pee is a nasty taste without any good nutrition to support health. Moreover, don’t think that men who love pee must have dirty bodies; they can be very clean.

Years ago, there is a story that U.S. soldiers peed on the death bodies while working in the Middle East. Humiliation is widely used in the fantasy world. Other humiliations are such as Iraqi prisoners were taken naked photos—these are considered sexual acts.

Each sexual fantasy can happen completely alone, or it can combine with other fantasies. The story above: ‘American soldiers pee on dead bodies’—there are two sexual fantasies combined: the act of peeing is one fantasy; the death bodies involved is the second. So let analyze it.

As the domination is important in sexual activities, men who have high level of domination whether both (or either) physical and mental strength can easily take over control females. Normally men who have low level of domination or to dominate their female sex partners is not their sexual interest will most of the time likely choose to serve as bottom or submissive position. [Why do I have to say ‘most of the time’? It’s because each individual can be in both dominated and submissive positions which will be talked later; this is different from animals which each gender is fixed in one position and it is never changed throughout their lives.] Now, when some men who have low physical and/or mental strength want to be in the dominated position, to guarantee the success in taking control their sex partners they need to choose their sex partners who are physically and mentally weaker than them. This can be, for example, younger person or a sex partner who is unconscious such as from taking drugs or intoxication. Men in this case are likely to have very high sexual desire (or another word means ‘extremely horny’). When you have very high sexual desire, the idea in creating sexual performance streams out smoothly—it means that you don’t need your sex partner to be active to help arousing you or to get involved in the sexual performance. In contrast, if you are not very horny, it seems like an actor loses his manuscript. This is why women who normally have lower sexual desire (or less horny) than men are likely to choose to be passive during sexual performance.

Moreover, if men in this case want to see their sex partners are more submissive than being unconscious or intoxication, their sex partners can be such as sex-doll or ‘death body’. Like a young little girl plays with a doll; normally a young little girl is already very submissive but she still wants to play with someone who is more submissive than her. Like I say earlier that human can have two sides: a young little girl can be in the submissive position to her parents while in the same time she can be in the dominated role-play to her doll, but animals have only one role for each gender and they never change their roles.

If your special type of sex partner in the fantasy world is death body, it would make you feel excited whenever you hear that someone in your community dies. Then you want to see it, touch and feel the body. However, in the real world, not too many people do understand this type of fantasy so they would against your act as perversity. To solve the problem, you have to create a story which can turn negative view into positive in order to convince people to allow you to play your fantasy in the real world—and this is the beginning of the culture of funeral, decorating death body, autopsy, horror movies, etc. There is a magazine in Thailand showing death body images (I don’t know now it’s still on the shelf or be removed); most pictures are from crime scenes.

Next, what is the character of domination? One thing comes as a pair of the domination is the punishment.

At the young age I study in schools in Thailand where teachers are allowed to spank (or whip) students as disciplinary. Some teachers never spank their students in their teaching career, even though some time they are really tired and angry at bad kids. This can be that their nature is not on the dominated side or their students are not preferable partners in their sexual fantasy. While some teachers try any way they could to find a point to spank their students. Some female teachers, I see in my experience, even use their hands to rub students’ ass to make sure that the bad boys don’t stuff any protection so spanking will give excruciating result. Does the spanking work to reform the students’ bad behavior? Checking out in sex-toy stores, paddles and whips are very common sex-toy items and spanking is number one requested in sexual fantasy domination. Can it be that submissive students enjoy being spanked very much so they urge their teachers to do more and harder by turning themselves into a bad-boy character? I once accidentally slap a guy’s face while we are having sex, instead he is angry at me he smiles and asks me that “can you do again harder?”

However, the punishment gives both good and bad ideas to the real world. It gives the idea for human in creating weapons for hunting, creating a gun to use in war and in the cowboys movies, creating tortured gears, and give a whip to punish slaves. Weapons can increase sexual attraction just to be held in one’s hand, even unnecessary to be used. It gives dominators a tougher look.

The punishments come in various forms and styles. In some ways, there is no need to use any weapon.

One easy way in case there is no any weapon available is hair pulling. Not only do men love pulling women’s hair, but also submissive men like asking me pulling their hairs even though they are very short.

Being forced to do something is a sexual fantasy. It falls into the concept of domination. The act of forcing often happens in sexual fantasy such as pushing one’s head down forcing straight men sucking on a penis. If I never have sex with various types of men, it’s hard to imagine that ‘being forced’ can be a sexual fantasy. Many prostitutes like telling their clients that ‘they don’t want to do (prostitute) but they are in the situation that they have to do’—the feeling of being forced herself to work as a prostitute can give clients a high sexual turn-on. This type of fantasy emotion gives the real world the culture of tyranny and the dictatorship, also military training and sport training. Thailand fraternity’s tradition to accept new university student each year calls ‘rub nong’--means ‘welcoming the new comers’; it is to force new students to do something such in a way of public humiliation.

Suffocation is also a sexual fantasy. Many men like to be grabbed around the neck or strangled with rope. A popular sexual position men like doing it, is to hang their heads down from the edge of the bed to receive a deep throat—this is in the same category of the suffocation. This sexual fantasy gives an idea of the capital punishment—to be executed by hanging.

In addition, as known in many cases of serial killers, the victims are not murdered quickly but have been through a long process of being tortured. Torturing is considered foreplay in having sex in this case. The killers want it last long because to lure each victim could take years to plan. And because of that, simple weapons are likely to be used such as duct tape, rope, blindfold, plastic bag, nylon, neck tie, etc., except in the case that the victims are plenty and unlimited so the weapons can be changed to guns or bombs like seen in terrorist organizations. Loud sound from the weapons can be part of sexual fantasy by increasing more excitement. In sexual fantasy world men are sexual turned on with either tie or being tied up. Blindfold is to put a victim in the darkness to show a sign of being feared through the crying and begging for life—these emotion from the victim help to arouse high sexual desire.

Like battery has two poles: negative and positive, people also have two poles: dominated and submissive sides. In general, the difference between the dominated and submissive sides in each person isn’t much too far away from being connected. For example, let say you have +5 and -5. The dominated and submissive normally are equal in value but it’s on opposite sides. When the positive and negative numbers are at low level, it’s hard to tell the difference that the person is more dominated or submissive. However, for some people the difference between positive/negative (dominated/submissive) are extremely high such as serial killers who have much higher the dominated side than normal people, let say for example +100 and that the submissive side will be at -100. Now as the wide range, you see clear the difference of the behavior. Because the distance between the two poles is too wide, it can causes the person is unable to balance their behavior as the dominated / submissive, aggressive/soft sides can be disconnected. The serial killers can be a good father and a nice guy in the real life but an evil in the sexual fantasy world—they may be able to use only one side at a time in each situation. This is different from normal people who have lower dominated values; the dominated and submissive sides can be worked together back and forth, for example your dominated side tells you to bully your classmate but the soft side stops you as sympathy, or not to play too rough to your classmate. In contrast, when the killers have sexual desire during fantasy sex, they can forget themselves as the soft side is out of reach. Many times you can see that when the serial killers get arrested, unlike normal people, they don’t show any sign of being feared or worried. They seem to have no emotion at all. This is because they can be both the killer and the victim whatever it takes. They are ready to be killed if they are put to death (it's as fun as killing the victim). When the sexual fantasy is played in the real world, if they tell the victim that they choose to be killed, the victim will think that they are insane so they have to choose to be in the dominated role. Some men have a fantasy idea that they want to be killed by the women they love. This idea has been created since primitive time such as cannibal.

A conversation: “what you’re gonna do to me today,” a man asks his escort.

“ I will kidnap you,” the escort says.

“You are a boring girl,” he says.

“I will kill you,” she says.

“Uh-ha, now you are exciting girl.”

He uses a plastic bag cover the entire of his head. “Tell me, how you kill me,” he says while masturbating on his penis,… “Tell me what’s next,” …. “What’s next,”… “What’s next,”…. His face turns into red. She’s worried he is going to die so she breaks the plastic bag a small hole but he quickly grabs the hole, until he finally ejaculates. If you have time all day for masturbation: the longer time you have, the less excitement become. To be suffocated with a plastic bag gives a limit time that it must be done on time, otherwise he has to sacrifice his life.

Some men like hiring escorts for killing time in a wait for their wives to finish shopping. Their phone calls from wives often rings while they are in escorts’ places with an aggressive voice slips out of the phones—“Where are you!?!” To be rushed gives the idea for sport training: coach yells aggressively “Do it more! Faster! Quicker!” It happens in having sex also; some men need to be stimulated by pushing them “Faster! Do faster! Cum for me!...” otherwise the ejaculation is hard to happen (or take a long time). When their excitement is at the bottom, escorts have to dig it up.

The term ‘domination’, the original meaning nature gives to all lives (not by English dictionary) means ‘to play with no mercy’. Men want to get into the maximum range, up close to the border between life and death by the predators send them (as a submissive prey) there; and that’s why in the primitive times human are so barbarous. Now you hear from the news that ISIS organization is very aggressive. Even known that some men still want to travel in the area. Even worse, somebody escapes once from being captured but still goes back again just to be decapitated.

It’s once popular on the YouTube videos that teens like to hold their breath until some teens die as lacking of oxygen. Why is that? On the dominated side, the maximum point is to kill. In opposite side, the submissive side also has the maximum point is when you are at the last minute before die as the physique and mind are very vulnerable. This is not new in sexual fantasy: some men like me to press their noses with my fingers or using a pillow to cover tight on their faces. If you check out in sex-toy stores, you will find a gas mask used as a sex toy. This gives an idea of the capital punishment—the ‘gas chamber’.

Other kinds of punishment which derives from sexual fantasy such as electric chair. The electric chair can be attractive furniture for some men. Any act involved in being locked tight in place (or tied up) and tortured are sexual fantasy. Electric shock (with small amount of electric) is also used as a sex toy.

Needle is also used in sexual fantasy. The love in this type of pain (from needle piercing on skin) gives the idea of tattoo and pierce and nipple clamps. Especially to be tattooed around the neck gives a sense of slowly be decapitated. In many people’s commonsense that anything gone wrong around the neck can easily cause of death and that idea can be attractive to some men.

Most cases of extreme sexual fantasies such as a serial killer case are often seen as individual case in acting alone. When it comes into an organization, people would think that to recruit the members to join the fantasy seems difficult. However, it isn’t necessary as there is a trick.

The difficulty in recruiting members can happen when the leader doesn’t understand the nature of their followers. For example, in some regions the nature of the majority of people is in the dominated role so to recruit their members to sacrifice their lives (being killed) should be more difficult than convincing them to kill others. On the other hand, if the nature of people is more submissive, to recruit their members to kill others is against their nature such as to convince women to join the war must be more difficult than convincing men to do. This trick is in humans’ commonsense since the primitive time such as in human sacrifice. Human sacrifice is considered a sexual fantasy which normally the selected victims are often ‘young and virgin’ girls (unlikely to see old ladies are selected). If you talk about ‘young and virgin’, you are talking about having sex. By citing to God that a young and virgin girl would be easily accepted by God is just a trick in convincing the crowd to accept the idea easily.

In fact, everyone has the sense of guilt in hurting other people and the sense of fear in being hurt. How can you convince a victim (a young and virgin girl) to sacrifice her life? One way, as human intelligence inherited to every generation is to create ‘God’. If killing other people makes you feel guilty, God has a power over human in convincing you that the wrong idea can be right. The violent act you do is for your Lord. If the fear causes you to be reluctant in sacrifice your life, think about living with him in heaven. Here are some questions: as most people would agree that God is a good person, why does the good person honor the violent act? Think like you live in a good neighborhood, a place which is beautiful like ‘heaven’, do you want bad guys to live in your neighborhood? You may think that those bad guys will never fight with God. It’s true but there must be many bad guys have gone before to the heaven so have they never ever had conflicts to each other then fight each other to destroy heaven? Or actually you are just a victim to be used in this fantasy game? One thing you should understand your nature that if your nature is to love seeing violence, you don’t suppose to be happy living in a peaceful place like heaven which means in the dept of your heart you always lie to yourself that you want to live with God in heaven. This is just for helping you eliminate the sense of guilt. Actually you are having fun in committing crime in this world.

Adolf Hitler is the person who knows how to use sexual fantasy to help him success. He understands the nature of men well and how to use women to be in a supported role in sexual fantasy. It’s easy to put men in the role of ‘man is really man’: working in tough jobs while women are really girls in the conservative lifestyle: being a mother, working at home and raising kids. Think like in the football field, men play tough sport while girls are cheerleaders wearing sexy dress to stimulate men’s testosterones. Hitler understands the use of dominated and submissive roles with the right genders. When men and women’s roles are corresponded to the nature of male and female, it will happen that the softness of female is used to raise the bar of the men’s masculinity to be more aggressive than normal. By measuring the dominated and submissive of the majority of people in average, they should be equally in values on the opposite side, when you want men to be more aggressive but you find that in some case pushing men up is too difficult, which other way you can do is that you choose to push women down to be more submissive it should take less effort. Then men raise the bar of their masculine by themselves.

Moreover, another sexual fantasy seen from Hitler is ‘humiliation’. To humiliate others is easily done. But to humiliate themselves is difficult for many people. His mustache gives his face an unusually unique character: silly and comical. Humiliation is considered the most risky fantasy, especially for someone who works as a leader of the country or in a high position in military. You don’t see any leader around the world try to make himself look funny. Kinkiness can be a sexual attraction to straight men—that’s one part Hitler gets from humiliation. Look—in Asian cultures, Asian girls like giggling themselves to look silly and adorable—that can be a sexual attraction to men. As Hitler is so aggressive, the mustache is used to lower down a little bit his aggressive image so people, especially women, are not too scared to come close to him. His face can make you laugh but his aggression shut your mounts—this is how the two sexual fantasies play their roles together. Moreover, Humiliation still has more benefits to Hitler. Imagine—a celebrity who is your role model is caught up having uncharacteristic behavior; it may cause you to be disappointed then stop supporting him—means that fans don’t love the celebrity at who he is but they love only his positive character. In contrast, as Hitler chooses to take a risk by humiliating himself with a negative side a funny face, if Nazi people still follow him, it means they have faith and loyal to him; there is no other negative thing else can cause his people to lose their faith to him. Self-humiliation doesn’t always mean low self-esteem but it’s a part of sexual fantasy. I believe that the funny look makes him feel like he falls asleep then he dreams and that dream turns into the reality. Everyday is like he is living in the dream world. His comical image is like he is playing as a child’s play—half serious and half kidding, half childhood and half adulthood. If you used to listen to many conversations of prisoners who commit serious crimes, you will feel that although he is fully adult, his idea is like a teen—two things inside a person seem to be unmatched.

In my personal belief, Hitler is not a straight man. Only he fully understands straight men’s sexual fantasy very well. Normally, straight men, especially extremely aggressive men, don’t allow someone who lives in another gender, especially a softer gender to lead them, this will never happen. If I’m right, this can add a huge success for Hitler when straight men, especially aggressive men, are submissive to him as the leader. Hitler’s success can be an example how possible a soft gender can be the leader in high dominated countries.

Hitler is the number one in using sexual fantasy to help him succeed. He must love his sexual fantasies very much as he shows so much passion and a lot of energy in every of his speech. He uses varieties of sexual fantasies understandingly. Every of his sexual fantasies plays its role to the limit then they are compounded harmoniously to give a perfect result. This can be very difficult to happen. Only he uses it in the bad way to hurt many people. If he uses it in the right way, the whole world will love him very much.

The concept that nature has started to human: male dominates female: men are put in the position of strength and aggression while women appear in a soft manner, is only a raw idea. Then the idea has been slowly developed in every generation. In the past, women are not likely to be used in fantasy creations as to be seen in old generations women don’t have as much role in society as men. But the important role of women of the past generation is only help raising the bar of masculinity up higher which results to higher dominated value. As fantasy world reflects to the real world, it becomes so barbarous. So now how can you trick the nature? How can you shrink the size of the dominated value to be under control at the appropriate level?

Look—I can imagine, if I was a woman who had lived in an old generation, I must admit the conservative lifestyle that my life will depend on my husband. I can’t work outside home to earn incomes, except taking care of house and kid(s). Or another way, I have to work as a prostitute—the only job that men allow women to earn incomes and live independently, but I must admit a poor image and keep my head down at the lowest class in society.

I am so lucky I am born in this modern generation. The fantasy world has changed from the past as there are many submissive men come to help me rebuild a new home in our fantasy world. They want to see me own a ranch and employ them as slave labors by using them working in my farm. They want to see me wear a high boots all the time and dress more masculine like a female horse rider. After the jobs are done each day, I have to reward them by forcing them to satisfy my sexual pleasure.

These two different stories at different times paint women into completely different images. This can be a way to trick the nature. As I mention earlier that each person has two poles so it doesn’t mean that women have only feminine side. The masculine side has already been installed from the beginning but only it has never been provoked—and men as well. Look at prostitutes, before they enter their job they are regular sweet girls like normal average women. Later after having too much sex with clients, their attitudes have changed to act more aggressive. If one day the majority of women move their role up to masculine side, men will automatically behave softer by themselves without provoking the men’s feminine side. This is because nature has a system to balance itself. And that’s why women begin to earn more of their rights in society when their roles in the fantasy world have started taking turn.

What gives to the real world when the dominated value is shrunk?

Assumingly, at a certain time period majority of men and women are at the position A and B, so the dominated value measured between A-B equal to Y.

Later in modern generation as A and B have moves to a new position, the dominated value has been shrunk its size equal to X by measuring between A1-B1.

Now the question is what causes the dominated value to be shrunk?

As you know that the dominated value is measured by the inequality of people, the modern ideas such as human rights, gay rights, non-discrimination law, equal rights, etc. are to remove the inequality of people in society. It gives the dominated value equal to zero (or at a very small number). Then what next comes as the result?

Once the majority of women who used to be at the position B have moved to the new position B1, they see some women who still strand at position B are treated by A unfairly. Majority of men who are at the new position A1 also see some men who strand at position A are too aggressive and violent. For example, in some cultures men are allowed to disciplinary their wives by whipping. Some societies accept it as a culture but other societies view it as ‘domestic violent’. Another example, women in one culture accept their roles depending on their husbands who are a leader of family, including accepting to have no rights in politics and no rights in choosing their attire choices but other cultures view it as having no freedom and discrimination against women’s rights. Some people want to ban the death penalty but some people still want to keep the death penalty. Once the majority of people is at the dominated X, A1 and B1 have ‘compassion and sympathy’ to B. The result is that they want to impose new laws to discontinue the sexual fantasies which give the dominated value Y. That’s why some regions are strongly anti Western cultures as the Western cultures will give more freedom and independent lifestyles to their women. Once women as the nature of softness have earned more rights in society such as politics, they will impose new laws to shrink down the dominated value. If you are a man who feels sexual turn-on by very submissive women, on the other hand you should feel sexual turn-off by any idea that bring women up to your position (or above you), so you anti the idea by convincing your people to believe that the modern Western cultures will damage your conservative cultures.

In the past generation, sexual fantasies give ideas to human to build their cultures and civilization in the real world. Men have high sexual desire so they build the real world to favor themselves as the result according to men, women don’t need to have much role. That’s why the real world in the past is so barbarous like you see in cowboy movie, men carry guns to shoot each other like human life is a piece of garbage; women would not build their world this way. In this modern generation, the sexual fantasies become less important to build up the real world. As the result of women have earned more rights in society and as women don’t have high sexual desire as men to create sexual fantasies, women and young generation today build their real world by being fed information through such as school education. So if you are born as a woman, you have to study hard. The sexual fantasy world today isn’t changed much; it’s still barbarous: the term such as ‘rape’, ‘slave’ are still popular in the fantasy world and torturing gears are still used to this day in the domination fantasy, but the sexual fantasies are blocked the passage to the real world as the result of the shrunken size of the dominated value.

Nature gives to human only one emotion—the domination as the direct emotion from sexual activity. By the example discussed above, the compassion and sympathy are evolutional as indirect results. As human have so many emotions, what else comes as the indirect results?

‘Curiosity’ is another example. It isn’t evolved by the shrunken size of the dominated value as the ‘compassion and sympathy’ but it comes from the technique in having sex such as stalking a young woman home, spying on a woman, using a telescope to watch a naked woman from a distance. My friend who works as an escort tells me that by revealing all parts of body to clients such as posting fully naked photos doesn’t make good business. Clients also like asking for more photos as they are curious to see how big is underneath the underwear. However, the curiosity also gives good things to the real world. For example, it can be used in many kinds of jobs such as scientists, detective. In addition, archeologists are curious to know where the skeletons come from; they also create a (fantasy) story and a name for the skeleton.

‘Challenge’—for example, some celebrities / politicians challenge the public by posting their naked photos on internet. They challenge that their photos are posted just for less than a minute, no one would see it but unfortunately they go viral. In some risky activities such as climbing up to the top of the building without a safety net. If I ask you to do such the risky activity, what in your mind would tell you that ‘no, you are not ready to die right now, because you are not travel enough, or having sex enough, or eat enough food, etc. In sexual fantasy, men like playing to death (to the limit, otherwise this can not be a challenge). So, people who love to risk their lives think that if they can do the risky acts, they are above everyone and they don't want anything else so they don’t mind to die. It tells them that their minds are stronger than everyone in the world as they can do things people are fearful to do—this is to challenge themselves, to challenge their own minds.

‘Trying to win’—to win somebody gives men power above the person. This can be seen in such as sport competitions, video games, gambling, etc. Irony, prostitutes can be bankrupted if sport competitions are too often. Men say to me, whether watching sport games or having sex are the same because they give the same emotions of excitement. In this case, sadly for prostitutes, men are likely to choose watching sports. Moreover, often seen after sport games, men are very aggressive such as turning cars upside down, burning things on street and violence. This is because to win other team boosts up high testosterone. When the city prepares police on scene, both sides fight each other to death. To solve the problem is that the city has to prepare enough prostitutes standing on the sidewalk. Any man whose his emotion is going to gush out of control has to pull out his dick quickly. After sport fans are ejaculated, the lion you see is actually just a cat.

Still, there are many things/ideas/emotions evolved from sexual fantasies but unable to tell all. If you ask me like kids often ask: which one is born first between egg and chicken, I have no answer. But what comes first: the civilization, cultures, human behaviors, political systems, etc., I will answer that sexual fantasies come first. Sexuality is the main subject nature gives to all lives. Then other subjects we study today are branched out of sexuality. But people try to avoid involvement as it is dirty, nasty and can damage reputation. I used to debate with a friend who tells me that ‘having sex is just for fun, nothing else more than that’. However, sexuality is not just for fun but only most people don’t know much about it. It can be used to answer many important questions such as:

Politics, for example: if an American president is reluctant to take action to join a war, he will be criticized as ‘weakness’, while in some countries where majority of people are more submissive, the president’s strength has never been discussed. Why veterans in America will be honored much more than a country in which people are more submissive? Why Russian leader has to show his toughness and masculinity to his people?

Understanding about sexual fantasies helps to understand each gender’s interests. It can be used such as in design, in writing novels and movies, in entertaining businesses, in creating video games’ stories and in advertisings. Also, it can help to critic movies, for example why the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ becomes more popular to many women than ‘Maid in Manhattan’. I never watch ‘Maid in Manhattan’ but I used to watch ‘Pretty Woman’ in Thailand. One of my friends asks me to watch the movie with her as she tells me that ‘every woman she knows wants to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Women (in general speaking women want to be prostitutes)’. Don’t think that these women have low self-esteem, but they are smart. I ask you the truth—“if you have to work as a maid: cleaning house and bathroom to become a rich person, sucking a millionaire’s penis seems to be a smarter option, isn’t it? This means women don’t mind to work as a prostitute but only they don’t want to be called as my friend says—‘every woman she knows wants to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Women’—they use the name ‘Julia Roberts’ to replace the word ‘hooker’. On the other hand, women are unable to change the ‘Maid in Manhattan’ to ‘Jennifer Lopez in Manhattan’ because it will change the entire concept. Why the movie such as ‘James Bond’ is attractive to men. It’s because the writer understands the nature of straight men that they want to be a smart and clever guy and the rewards are always sexy women. While the movie such as ‘The Bodyguard” understands women’s nature as the softness so they want security and protection from handsome men. However, if these movies are repeated, there is no guarantee the success. When men and women have changed their roles, unpredictably they may (or may not) also change their interests.

Moreover, this knowledge can be a part of sexology, anthropology and psychology study to understand human behavior. If your sexual fantasy causes you to have an unusual thought and behavior, without understanding how it happens, yet you are embarrassed to consult with others, it can make you think that you might be insane or having bizarre sex life which happens to only you. This article can help you understand more about yourself, including your sexuality. Once you understand it, you may be able to find a way to solve your problem by yourself. Some ways don’t cost you any money and you can do by yourself, for example if you have high sexual desire and it causes you to be violent, doing meditation everyday is a simple way to help reducing sexual desire and to calm down your aggression. Or another way is to become vegetarian as most vegetarians have low sex drive. Or learn classical music as most classical musicians are less aggressive.

Next, I used to study in an English class in Thailand with an American teacher. She said once in the classroom that when her students said wrong words in English, she never once laughed at them but when she said wrong words in Thai, all students often laughed at her. I quite understood her clearly when I came to study in America. If I made a mistake, all American classmates could laugh at me and they never realized that this was wrong. But when an American made a mistake then I laughed at them, the whole class turned back to me as I had ‘bad behavior’. People who came from a poor country were not allowed to insult Americans. Another story: I once met a Thai student who just came to study in America. He told me that he had a close friend who came from Japan. When Americans asked both of them ‘where they came from’, they often gave high respects to his friend like “Wow, Japan! Very good”, but when it was his turn to introduce himself from Thailand, no one said anything, even though he got better grades than his Japanese friend. Allowing other developed countries to dominate Americans wasn’t lost as much face as allowing a third-country student to dominate them.

To bow head to other people, in soft cultures such as Asian culture, means respecting others. To bow head many times a day seems to be a polite person. In the countries which majority of people is on the dominated side such as America, bowing head is viewed as ‘surrender’, especially people who work in high positions such as the president, are considered unaccepted to bow head to others, especially bowing head to poorer countries’ leaders. Same act but different perspective.

Next, at the first time I arrived in America I studies English in a school of language. One class the instructor may try to teach students who came from other cultures to enjoy American’s free speech. In the class, she told her students to tell negative things about other countries. One woman from Italy said confidently “in Thailand, there are a lot of girls (means prostitutes)”. The instructor glanced at me with showing sign of impression through her face. Then she asked the Italian woman “how do you know about it?” The woman said “many of her male friends traveled there and they said that.” It means she made a comment while she had never once been there. There are prostitutes everywhere in the world but Thailand receives the most (good) reviews. Not because does Thailand have more prostitutes than other countries but surely it’s more popular than others. This particular comment, in soft cultures such as Asian culture, is considered inappropriate. It doesn’t mean that they don’t understand free speech but because people are taught to care about other people’s feeling. But in some cultures where people are on the dominated side, it seems to me that they care more their feelings than others’.

Now, let get into the real point. In America, working as a prostitute is illegal but working as a porn star isn’t illegal—this is opposite to Thai law today (the law can be changed in the future). Why are the legal systems between the two countries on opposite side? Look—when the majority of people are on the dominated side such as Americans, for a young woman to give head to older adult men is considered “being used” or “taken advantage” while in porn movies both male and female actors have equal looks/ages. In Thailand as a soft culture, younger people are taught to respect older people and give them a well-treat. To service older people are not considered being used or taken advantage. Many American men tell me that Thai people are very sweet and patient, especially in spending time with elderly. When Western men like Thai people in taking good care of them, they suggest other friends then it becomes popular. Even in America, many Asian prostitutes who don’t really come from Thailand often tell their clients that they are Thais. Many Thai massage business in America also may not run by Thai people. By using the word ‘Thailand’ helps them gain more business and helps clients take less time in making a decision to pay for service. Look—if there are two new discovered islands: the first island has 1,000 prostitutes but all they serve terrible-terrible jobs while the second island has only 200 prostitutes but all they serve great services. After you have visited both islands, your friends ask for your reviews then you tell them that “Don’t go the first island but the second island you must experience at least once in your life—they do great-great-great job. Unbelievable! I have a wonderful time!” Then everyone goes there. The numbers don’t give the popularity in this case but the good quality of service does. What happens next? Some activists become jealous and want to get their shares from the successful business. Jealousy is another emotion evolved from sexuality but it should have no place in professional comments. Thailand is a tourist country. You travel to a beautiful country, you may find it less excited to repeat going back but sex business brings tourists keep coming back. When people travel, don’t they ever think about sexual entertainment? Just like Las Vegas, it has to be that way. You can find a prostitute in every street and corner in Manhattan. In many countries in Europe also prostitutes are legal. Only they don’t get good reviews enough as clients always look for sweet and submissive person to hang out with.

Moreover, there are different in business catering. In America, prostitutes do business by posting ads online as they serve residents so it’s hard for people who never hire prostitutes to know the numbers. In Thailand, prostitutes are served tourists. If you tell them to hide themselves off the street, how can tourists who are not resident know where to find them? So the numbers are displayed on streets. It doesn’t mean that prostitutes are everywhere in Thailand. Like in Vegas, who’s gonna post a massage sign in the desert—unless the prostitute has a bizarre fantasy in having sex with scorpions and sneaks as her clients. They are only in tourist spots. When you travel, you don’t travel in every single square inch of the country, do you?

In addition to prostitute story, I once visited a California’s beach. I saw a young White American girl who I didn’t know was she underage but she was very young. She wore two pieces underwear and lie down on her stomach to get a tan. Then she slowly took off her bra and left it near her. In case, if heavy wind blew her bra fly away she lost it, I believed that she could walk home with nothing covered on her boobs. If you have ever traveled to the beach in Thailand, you are unlikely to see Thai women wear swimsuit or two pieces underwear on the beach. Thai women wear a t-shirt and short pants to the beach. I don’t know what Americans would think—if your friends tell you that now everyone sees your daughter’s vagina as her naked photos are everywhere. Or “look at your daughter’s photo on the front magazine, her panty is big just enough to cover her vagina’s crack.” Working as a prostitute is considered a discreet activity; behind close door both prostitute and her client are naked together—the decision to work as a prostitute, she does for herself. Moreover, clients hire a prostitute because they like her. However, people who see your daughter’s naked photos available in public don’t necessary mean that all they like her. Old ladies, pregnant women, young kids, gay men who have no sexual interest in your daughter also have to see these disturbing images. They can mock at your daughter or making harassed comments. Some people used to contact me in the past to take a porn movie but what first comes to mind is that if some people who know my family accidentally buy my movie then they tell my family. What happens if my sister or my parents tell me that they are very embarrassed as the neighbors mock at them and show my naked photos to them to see? That’s why I mention earlier that Thai people are taught to care about other people’s feeling, especially family and relatives more than themselves. A decision to do something should not be effective to other people. Moreover, by comparing Thai women’s attitude to the Western’, the Western women’s attitude seems to be flashier and more sexually provocative than Thai women who are calm and more conservative. To make negative comments to others need to be very careful as critics need to have enough cultural and psychological knowledge of people in different regions.

Finally, sexuality is the biggest subject with so many secrets hidden undiscovered for generations. As it is viewed misunderstanding as only a fun entertainment, educated people want to close its argument too early and avoid getting involved as such a dirty and nasty subject. Sexuality, however, is the origin and the future of all lives. The origin of many ideas inspired to the real world. They are developed and pass along to future modern generations. They can be used as future prediction by looking at what the new coming fantasy idea(s) will open door to the real world. Sexuality can be in forms of simplicity or complication with varieties of fantasy stories doesn’t matter, except they all share the same root under one simple concept—‘one dominates (an)others’.

Cartoon story—The Modern Mix of Martial Art

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Las Vegas for the most exciting fight in the world. Introducing, at the red corner, 27 years old, 5’8 and 67.2 kilograms, Billy DragonFire. His background includes classic Muay Thai and the combination of high kick / low kick. Billy has so much passionate on kicking as at the young age he had been kicked out from school after kicking on his teacher’ ass. In college he had been kicked out from dormitory after he was busted pulling fire alarm ten times after midnight when there was no fire and that how he got the name ‘DragonFire’. One of his teachers told him that he is the example of a kid who has no future. But look at him today he makes over ten millions a year. The Modern Mix of Martial Art gives this kid a second chance to have a real future career.

Now, look at his opponent who is dancing energetic at the blue corner. He is 29 years old, 2 years different, 5’9, 68.1 kilograms, Donny Ring of Tornado. His background includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a strong right arm. His technique to take his rival to submission is when his arms or legs form a ring around the neck, you need to be careful in this position as one of his rivals used to experience being suffocated to death in less than 3 sec., it’s faster than a bite of a cobra, and that how he gets the name ‘Ring of Tornado’. What could possible be escape from tornado?

These two are the most dangerous men in the world. A loud cheer from the crowd as they knows how difficult to put these two men together in the same circle. This fight is sponsored by ‘Fresh Milk’—‘drink every time you want to be big’.

Now round #1 begins. It starts very relax. Billy seems to be very energetic as he makes a silly face to his rival just to tease him. Billy starts with a lower kick on Donny’ lower right leg, just to measure his rival’s strength. Donny starts moving; his right arm bang! on Billy’s face. Billy staggers! It seems like Billy has a cut above his eyes. Blood leaks out over his left face. The referee has to pull him out for the doctor to check on his face. Donny aggressively talk to the crowd—“do not be kidding with me, man!”

In the fight like this, the cut and blood are normally parts of the fight but it won’t stop the fight. Now the referee brings them back to the same position where they stop. Billy talks to the crowd on screen—“I am looking for more! This won’t stop me.” And he asks the crowd to cheer him up. After Billy has donated his first blood; now no kidding, he makes his move more serious and careful. Billy punches on the left side of Donny’s torso. Donny falls down! Billy quickly jumps on top of him and locks around his neck! Impressive! The crowd makes loud noise, they want to see how Donny gets out of this situation! Oh wow! The clock just saves his life.

Round #2 begins. Donny kicks Billy on the right side with classic Muay Thai combination with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique. Billy responds to him with his left arm punching him on his face combination with his high kick and low kick…

One secret thing about these two men has never been discussed on this fight. No one has ever known the secret, especially the fans, that actually these two men are close friends. They fight each other for the money. Every time they move close to each other, they often whisper to each other how they make a plan to play on this fight.
Donny: Ouch! You don’t have to punch me that hard, my friend! Be nice to me!
Billy: Be patient, my friend. I have to make it look real.

Billy begins to be more aggressive. He punches Donny on the face combination with lower kick! Donny loses his balance, falling down to the floor! Billy quickly jumps on him; his arms wrap around his neck with the combination of foot spinning technique. How Donny solve this problem! Oh! The end of round# 2

Round #3 begins now. Billy starts with his high kick. Donny pays his rival back with a quick move of his right arm but Bill moves his face on time; Donny’s fist only touches his nose lightly…

Donny: Oh man! I almost run out of gas.
Billy: Be patient, my friend. We will make millions in just a minute. Think about the big money. You plan to buy a ring for your girlfriend, do you remember?. And I will take my wife and kids go for vacation.
Donny: I know about that, Billy. But you don’t have to be too rough to me.
Billy: Sorry, my friend. But I have to keep the loud cheer.
Donny: I have an idea that we don’t need to fight tough while we can still impress the crowd.
Billy: What’s the idea?
Donny: Once I heard my trainer talked about the two ‘F’ strategy.
Billy: Tell me, what is it?
Donny: Straight men love only two things: in case if you don’t want to Fight, you Fuck.

Time is running out. They have only one minute left to impress the judges. Billy makes a real punch, Bang!! Donny crouches down on the floor. Billy kicks on his ass a few times while Donny tries to find his way to get back on his feet. Billy quickly jumps on top of him with his domination technique and the combination of hair pulling. Donny screams out loud; Billy punches on his face with the combination, the use of his foot fetish technique in trying to spread Donny’ legs. Donny yells begging him—“No! No! No! Nothing can pass through my ring without condom and lubrication!” As this combination technique is so new, the referee is unable to make the decision whether or not the use of condom and lubrication is illegal. Billy is now so aggressive and horny as flocks, you can tell from his erection stick up high underneath his short. It’s so impressive as you can tell, the crowd try to break through the fence to get involved with them. Billy grabs Donny’s nuts tightly combination with punching him on the face. He tries to submit him to spread his legs wide open. A nasty-nasty position we have ever seen so far from Donny. How can he turn around the position or it might be better to submit at this point? Billy keeps yelling—“Let do it now! Let me crack the ring of tornado! Come on! Spread your legs now!”—he’s just a real monster! Billy begins to pull his short and Donny’s short down. The first time we have seen Donny’s crack unshaped with messy dry hay all over the crack. Billy changes his strategy from hair pulling to pluck Donny’s pubic hair to clean off his front door a bit so job would be done easier. Finally, Donny begins to lose his energy! The pain from being plucked pubic hair causes him to be unable to resist. Here we go, flock! See it! His legs begin to spread! Billy moves his oops fast through the ring! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The crowd: Yay! Yay! Yay!

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