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Rotten Woman

by Half-Lady Lisa

September 7, 2018

In Thai word, Nao means rot. Also Nao (or rot) can be used in slang, but it’s not in common. In gay community, the slang word is used to describe an unattractive person. For instance, a person is described as ‘nao (or rot in English)’ means that the person is sexually unattractive.

However, there is a surprise! As ‘nao (or rot) means sexually unattractive, why are there stories and stories told by rotten females, more than rotten males, such as rotten women and rotten transwomen get lucky having even more sex partners, especially with good-looking men, than beautiful and elegant women and transwomen who in the reality are many times having more difficult finding a sex partner? It seems disbelieve but it can be true to many people.

Heterosexual men like to flirt with beautiful and elegant women and go out with them. But when it comes to sexual activity, most men prefer to raise the bar of their sexual acts beyond normal. Men have perverse fantasies and once in a while they want to sneak out of their norms. To be perverse isn’t like playing with wife at home. Every man hopes that beautiful and elegant can enjoy sex with them at high levels, only they still aren’t sure that beautiful and elegant women in the real time are ready or at least can pretend to enjoy? There are lots of thoughts; selecting a sex partner isn’t like finding a fiancé. In the end, after thinking over and over the commonsense convinces men that to open mind of their perverse fantasies with elegant women would risk their relationships as it’s likely to happen that beautiful women can be from being shy to perform, lot of complaints, to being shocked to what’s happening in bed as they have faces to protect. Beauty doesn’t help females win every competition because in dirty sex acts, men are convinced that ugliness (or rotten women) fit their jobs.

During my years of study in Bangkok, there are many female prostitutes live in the same apartment building I live in. The beautiful ones don’t have much interesting story about clients to tell; most are nothing new like sex stories people already know about. But the rotten ones, especially the ones who make me disbelieve that is there any man pay them for sex, have amazing journey to tell.

A story, I have heard from three female prostitutes in Bangkok tell me that ‘farangs like to lick menses’. The word ‘farang’ means White; not Black, not Spanish, not Asian or not any group but it means only White. And they should not be White women but they must be White men. These three female prostitutes don’t know each other and they never work together. They say that they try the best they can to tell their Western White male clients to be aware and avoid licking their pussies as they have menses. But what they try to tell surprisingly gives the opposite result as clients are even more excited in arousing them to lick their pussies. I know that most men are excited by red color but licking menses shocks me at that time. The prostitutes say that when clients lift up their faces, all over their mouths are painted in red like wearing red lipstick. In sex business, unusual things can happen all the time. The first unusual thing seen first time by a client, is likely that every prostitute will think that it must happen to only the client; no one else does. But to be able to make a conclusion that commonly ‘farangs like licking menses’, especially by more than one prostitute, and especially to be able to give more specific details as it happens to only White, the menstrual licking must be done by many clients repeatedly until perversity becomes normal. This story might be new to many people but think again, the story like this has been told over and over and even goes popular such as Vampire story (male sucks blood from female victims). Besides this, it gives idea to some ancient rituals drinking animals’ blood and give idea to modern medical treatments such as giving blood. In the reality, men may want to suck blood from women’s necks but is there any woman want to be hurt? However, nature provides aid that once a month blood comes out by itself. It’s interesting to think that does the sexual fantasy give the inspiration to the Vampire story? This gives me continue to think about the President Trump’s comments to women, especially to attractive women that ‘blood comes out from her wear (her face)’. At first you hear the comment, you may think that he is sadist or he hates the women very much even though he has confirmed over and over that he is the champion in supporting women. After you read this story, does it change your mind? What President Trump thinks in his mind when he makes such the comments? President Trump may love women a lot as he tries to tell all women that he supports women the most but there might be something he can’t open mind to tell. At his young age, Trump dreams to be batman. Actually, he might mean ‘bat’ in general—a flying animal lives in the dark cave. Is President Trump alone? He says once during the presidential debate that Bill Clinton even says ‘the locker room talks’ more than he says. When women think that Trump is extreme, it’s hard to imagine what else is beyond that? Now women should know what men gossip about women when they group together such as in locker room and golf course—interesting stories to know!

Next, people love kissing—with tongue spinning in somebody’s mouth to taste the person’s saliva. Nothing new about this. But what’s beyond normal, perhaps new to somebody is that there are some (or perhaps many) heterosexual men love to ‘eat’ rather than taste it by kissing. How they do is that men who love eating saliva, normally are submissive men, will be in the lower position with mouth open wide like baby bird is waiting to be fed then their partners spit large amount of saliva into mouths for them to swallow. I believe that people don’t discuss about their kinky fantasies to others but the interesting thing is that people who like doing the same sexual fantasy understand how to behave same way, which seems like it comes from same instinct. Some gay men also use saliva in sexual fantasy but in a softer version than heterosexual men, for example submissive gay men want their aggressive partners spit to their faces, instead of swallowing. There is a sign to tell a person may like doing this kinky fantasy is that the person likes chewing food in the mouth then spit out to disgust others or spit in another person’s mouth. When people see someone does this may feel disgusting but ask themselves—if it is disgusting, why do people like kissing? The answer will come later. However, dirty sex is not always negative. In ancient time, people chew things in the mouth such as some kinds of root or rice then spit out in a container to ferment. Amazingly the dirty thing horny ancient men play turns into alcohol to kill diseases. In our time, we learn things from knowledge such as scientific researches. Our ancestors don’t have any knowledge to create things. So sexual fantasies should be the first knowledge God gives to humans.

Years long, it’s quite a long time but memory is still alive, I hook up with a young man from a nightclub. He takes me to his apartment and we have sex together. Before I finish, he asks me to ejaculate in his mouth as he wants to taste it. Just about to ejaculate, he asks me to hold on then quickly look around himself to find a mug. In case, I have a big load he can’t eat all, the rest never goes to waste but he will save in the fridge for the next day breakfast, creamy salad. This is not new at all. Both gay men and straight men do. The difference is that gay men suck other men’s semen but straight men suck juicy semen from transwomen. Ways to suck is also different. The way gay men do, in a softer version than heterosexual men do, is that they want to take the feeling when liquid semen of the person they love explodes in the mouths and flow down to the throats. Heterosexual men can do beyond gay men do, is that they ‘eat’ it. The way gay men do as described: a dick is in the mouth when it explodes, isn’t called ‘eat’, although they swallow. But for straight men, a dick isn’t necessary to be in the mouth. Straight men will open mouths wide like baby bird is waiting to be fed. This way is like you pour liquid into someone’s mouth, differs from exploding directly in the mouth. Gay men swallow it in the real time it explodes but the way straight men do has a delay. It’s different that when you want to swallow as quickly as possible a disgusting thing because seeing it too long makes your sense begin to realize the disgust. It’s a surprise that by delaying time means straight men can handle the disgust better than gay men, even with the homosexual act. Many straight men who have never tried it once and believe that they would throw up, but they are surprised with the unexpected taste that they love it very much at the first time they try. Some straight men are even kinkier by holding all the semen of the transwoman sex partner in the mouth then spit out on her penis to suck it back in the mouth again. Some straight men reveal their secret that they eat their own semen when they can’t all the time find a trans partner. Here is to answer the question left in the last paragraph: ‘why do you feel disgusting to see someone spit food to another person’s mouth while still love kissing with tongue?’ When you are kissing someone, you are so horny. As you are horny, you can do disgusting thing at a certain level based on the level of horniness. When you see a person spit food in someone’s mouth, at that time you are not horny so you feel disgusting. People who have higher testosterone like heterosexual men can eat more disgusting thing (in bed) than people who have lower testosterone like gay men and women. That is the reason why gay men do sex in softer version as heterosexual men do.

Having sex by nature like gay men have sex with other gay men or heterosexual men have sex with women, doesn’t need to use any effort. But having sex across the gender line, for heterosexual men to eat transwomen’s semen or kissing a transwoman need more effort. The imagination comes first. Next, as people can swallow disgusting substance when their desires are at the high level of horniness, each time of imagination the horniness will be built up and accumulated little by little until it grows big then explode eventually. Then they have to find a partner to release the sexual stress. After the horniness is disappeared at a time they release, every of them says same thing that ‘yucky, I’m not gonna do it again’ or choose to blame their sex partners such as transwoman sex partners should not convince them to do. This happens all the time with straight men in having sex across the gender line. However, once they have done first time, they will have second and third and so on. Until they get used to with it, now they don’t need the extreme horniness to help them swallow disgusting things anymore. They can do without being horny—and that congratulation, they will become like a ‘sex machine’ when they can put a dick in their mouths anytime with no need to be horny. At this point, having sex across the gender line such as straight men have sex with transwomen will become like having sex by the nature the same way as straight men have sex with women—this is called ‘the gender changed’, which can happen to everyone when the sexual norm is changed.

My friend tells me a story of a married Muslim man who regular hires a male escort. He is always excited with a man, especially while watching gay male porn videos he likes to lick naked men on the TV monitor. After finish having sex, he throws up, complaining himself should not do disgusting homosexual thing, not anymore.

I don’t like men shoot a load in my mouth much but never say I have never done it. In my experience, I find that after men who I hook up with them from nightclubs drink alcohol, men who drink some kinds of mixed drinks have their semens taste very bitter. For my taste, I might like better with men who drink beers because the taste of semen is softer and sometimes I find that it’s little sparkling—a better taste, for me. This makes me think that when public campaigns that drinking alcohol risks pregnancy, what’s about the paternity side—does alcohol ever risk the sperms? Many kinds of liquids share same tunnel—and the urinary taste is like semen. A man who likes drinking my urine tells me that if I drink lots of water, my pee tastes like water but he prefers warm tea.

Urine is another common use in sexual fantasy for a long time. The soft version is golden shower, often seen by gay men while drinking pee is likely to be done by straight men more than gay men. I watch the news one day which is about the ex-FBI director reports that ‘President Trump hires a prostitute in Russia to urinate on each other.’ Immediately I hear the news, the curiosity comes to mind—Only shower? Does the President drink it too? The person who wants to be a President should have classic sexual style. What you hear so far about the President is such as cross-dressing fantasy, Vampire fantasy, now is golden shower, then what’s next?

Straight men’s sexual fantasies are likely to be in two ways: if not involved in dirty stuffs as I have said, it will involve in violent and illegal behavior such as rape, stalking, humiliation, kidnapping, having sex with own kid in daddy fantasy, torturing like President Trump wants to bring back torturing. I guess that it might be another of his beloved fantasy as he loves being spanked. Americans love torturing and domination like Jesus on the cross; the symbol is a part of helping religion famous when it is involved in sexual fantasy, yet Michelangelo’s paintings and sculptures of naked steroid male bodies sexually arouse women and gay men. I am horny every time I see. Having too many sexual fantasies can cause a person crazy, especially at older age. I have seen from many. Some men have all kinds of fantasies, both dirty and violent, are likely to get crazy and act weird. Extremely sexual fantasies are effective to psychology and emotion of a person, often happen to men who have extremely high testosterone than a person of lower testosterone. In my opinion, kids who are extremely aggressive, extremely playful, violent and likely to commit serious crimes like school shooters should be tested testosterone levels. Doctors should have statistical records to which level of testosterone can be likely to cause a person commit crimes. Often seen criminals are more aggressive than normal people and feminine men like gay men who are less commit crime. This should be also a kind of sickness. It doesn’t mean that every man should be feminine but testosterone should be at a balanced level.

Not yet has the golden shower story let up, the porn star—Stormy Danielle, reveals another President Trump’s fantasy. It seems like he is a submissive bottom guy who loves to be spanked by a woman. Now I just understand why he likes to call women—Miss Piggy. Is it because Mr. Piggy is searching for Miss Piggy? Dirty and submissive man will be called ‘pig’. As President Trump claims that he supports women the most, his word ‘Miss Piggy’ isn’t used to insult women because pig is such adorable animal seen in kids’ cartoon and the word 'Miss' sounds honor and lovely. In Asia, many Asian couples nickname their boyfriend / girlfriend as ‘pig’. But if President Trump calls any woman ‘snake’ that should be an insulting word because snake is not adorable animal, especially it’s not for kids.

Next story: a man says that he likes to have a woman pass wind on his face. The first time I hear him says that, I thought that he is joking around. I never believe that can this be a sex act? Now, I believe. Smell affects to my sexual turn-on/off. Bad smell can turn off my sexual desire immediately. But I am very surprised to hear many straight men tell me that bad smell like poop smell doesn’t affect in turning off their sexual desire at all.

In every food culture, there will be rotten food. First time I eat cheese, I have to spit out immediately, just like the smell of Asian fish sauce bothers Americans. Now, I love eating cheese after trying it many times—this is like sexual fantasies or straight men have sex with transwomen, after trying it for many times they can be more familiar. Have you ever thought that why our ancestors don’t throw the rotten foods away when smells are so terrible in the level that should convince them that they can get sick by these rotten foods? Or smell doesn’t bother the first person who creates? Now, as we are young generation, we have known that all the rotten food our ancestors create for us can be eaten. As we already know from the 'chewing and spit' to create alcohol comes from a sexual fantasy, are the rotten foods created by our ancestors’ sexual fantasies too?

Gay men like licking ass as long as the ass they lick is clean—this is the soft version. Straight men, as having higher testosterone, can do more. Normally when people put an object or finger in the ass, they will use lubrication. Straight men don’t like lubrication when finger ass. They use saliva by sucking their finger then insert the finger inside an asshole. As saliva dries quickly, they will pull out the finger then put in their mouths to get more saliva. Sometimes they insert tongue spin inside asshole. What some men like to do is that after their partners get fucked by a dildo, then the dildo is pulled out so asses will be a little bit messy. Next, as their partners clean their messy asses, some straight men like to complain that ‘oh, why you clean it. That’s what I like.’ Some straight men like little residue with real ass smell but not a big chunk, especially after getting fucked by a dildo, ass will be opened wider for their tongues to clean inside the tunnel—this is still considered in a soft version as many straight men can do commonly. So, what is the extreme level?

Many years have gone by but memory’s still alive, a young man shows me pictures he has saved in his computer. There are something like the picture of a 600-pound woman who you can’t see her vagina although she is fully naked, with oxygen tube on her nose. But what caught my attention the most is the picture of a beautiful woman is pooping in a man mouth, I mean a big chunk. At that time I am very new to having sex, I keep saying in my mind that the picture is fake, it never happens, it must be a Photoshop adjustment. If you have never done much in bed, how can you believe that all these things means having sex, especially people who love doing these never open mouths telling others? It sounds nastier than fun. How can eating a big chunk of women’s poop fulfill some straight men fantasy? I can’t believe it.

Years ago, my friend, a transwoman tells me that a man comes to spend time with her. When she broke, she has to do whatever to pay for dinner. A man visits her apartment with a bag of his poop and rubber gloves for her to wear. He wants her to shower him with his poop. This is considered an extreme version; eating big poop, shower with poop, there is not many men do. In the case like this, people often think that the person who does this must be a dirty man or poor guy or insane person. However, in the case like this you can’t guess from their looks. They can be so clean, shower often and smell good. They can be a millionaire and work in good jobs in high management levels. And many of them are married men and a father whose their wives never know their sexual fantasy.

As I have said, smell doesn’t bother straight men, from the beginning to this point I can make a conclusion that what sexually turns on straight men is to seeing something leaking out and hanging down from a hole or eating something that come out from their female sex partners’ inner bodies such as blood, saliva, semen, etc.

Finally, I used to say in another of my articles and I still say again in this article that sexual fantasies have built the World we are living in and the civilizations which are created by horny ancient men. Without sexual fantasies, humans would have to live like animals. Animals have no civilization as they have lived same way, same lifestyle for millions of years, and have sex within the rule of nature, unlike humans. So, I should be able to make another conclusion that animals have no fantasy because they have no imagination, or at a very low level compared to humans.

Cartoon story—President Trump’s new part-time career

Uncle Jim and Uncle Glenn are long time friends since Vietnam War. On the Veteran Day, Uncle Glenn comes to visit Uncle Jim at his apartment with a pack of beer. He knocks on his door while bending down to grab a package left at the front door.

Uncle Jim opens the door with wearing a towel, one hand is drying his wet hair with a small cloth: “I just finish shower when you knock. What’s up my friend?”

Uncle Glenn hands Jim a pack of beer while walking in his apartment: “I hate to be home alone. My wife takes all the kids out of town… What you order? I found your package at the door.”

Uncle Jim responds at the same time he grabs the package from Glenn’s hand to drop it on the coffee table: “It must be Stormy Danielle.”

Uncle Glenn: “Stormy Danielle??”

Uncle Jim: “Right. Sit down first.”

Uncle Glenn: “You never tell me, you like watching porn.”

Uncle Jim: “I don’t. But this one is special.”

Uncle Glenn: “What’s so special?”

Uncle Jim: “Stormy Danielle just becomes my inspiration…”

Uncle Glenn: “A porn star becomes your inspiration?”

Uncle Jim: “Have you ever watched the news…

Uncle Glenn: “Fake news?”

Uncle Jim: “No, no, it’s real. Many big companies and billionaires pay millions of dollars, just for them to have a chance to meet with President Trump. Only Stormy Danielle never pays a dime. Yet, President Trump has to pay to meet her in a private bedroom. She sees through him more than anyone could see like he is standing naked in front of her. Look at that President's photo wearing a yellow t-shirt standing next to Danielle, how happy he is. He has an impressive smile you have never seen from him. More than that, you know what?”

Uncle Glenn: “No. What? Tell me.”

Uncle Jim: “Think—if you work with President Trump and you accidentally slap his face or spank him, what is going to happen?”

Uncle Glenn: “Definitely, he will fire me!”

Uncle Jim: “Right! Every of his employees must be submissive to him and keep flattering him all the time. Only Stormy Danielle can abuse the President. More than that President Trump has to head down to her all the time. A woman like Stormy Danielle is the example of the ‘woman rules the World’. When President Trump behaves badly, he tries to show people that he can live above laws until he finds out the reality that he can’t even live above Stormy. And that’s the reason I have to order her movie to get to know more about her.”

Uncle Glenn: “I understand your point. But Stormy Danielle is not a young girl anymore. She’s now a mom.”

Uncle Jim: “That makes her even hotter. All porn stars get retired early, except Stormy can find a way to extend her career. Now, she invites President Trump to make a new porn movie with her…”

Uncle Glenn: “President Trump?? A 70-year-old chubby man can be a porn star? I’m not gonna watch their movie.”

Uncle Jim: “Don’t underestimate. This one I just order is very famous. It’s a new release and just sold out in every store around here so I have to order online. I’m sure, you never see anything like this before. As Stormy Danielle now gets older as a mom and President Trump gets a title of childish President, they both will perform together in ‘mommy fantasy’. I can’t wait to see. Let open the package together and see what is like…”

© 2018, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.