Bipartisan -- Scottren

October 27, 2012

Mike: John, do you plan to watch the political debate tonight?

John: Who will be on the debate?

Mike: Scott Brown from Republican vs. Elizabeth Warren from Democrat.

John: I watched—over and over.

Mike: You must be kidding me. The debate hasn’t started yet.

John: You don’t need to watch the debate. Both Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren post their ads on TV, attacking each other all day and everyday. Every time you see Scott Brown’s ads, you will see Elizabeth Warren’s ads follow close behind his and every time you see Elizabeth Warren’s ads, Scott Brown’s ads will tail her. Watching their ads all day and everyday makes me very confused that which ads belong to whom? The TV ads cover everything about them, since they were born until today. I expect that the debate would have nothing else beyond this.

Mike: Both Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown are good politicians. Elizabeth Warren fights for middleclass and Scott Brown is bipartisan …

John: Oh good! I never see Republicans and Democrats get along each other. So can you tell me -- what bipartisan really is?

Mike: It is like this …

Elizabeth Warren says to Scott Brown, ‘no more Mr. nice guy’.

Scott Brown says that ‘Elizabeth Warren is not who she says she is’.

People in Massachusetts say that ‘They are very confused who they should vote for because they can’t separate them apart.

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