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Sexual Aroma

April 12, 2014

You are a woman. You have sex with hundreds of men. The question is, how do you know which man loves you (or satisfy having sex with you) the most?

Many people may think that kissing can tell about love. However, kissing, including other affectionate sexual acts such as oral sexing, ass licking, etc. don’t tell anything about love and extremely sexual satisfaction. These sexual acts are just parts of normal sexual activity because these sexual acts have no gender, (which I will discuss later about the genders of the sexual acts). No matter gay or straight or what genders, people of all genders do the same kissing, ass licking, oral sexing, etc.

However, if a man licks his girlfriend’s armpits, (or puts his tongue licking in her ears), this sexual act has gender. He can do only whenever his sexual emotion is aroused to the peak point by his sex partner. He has to do it naturally by himself; a woman never asks her sex partner to do it. If this sexual act never happens doing sexual activity, it means that the man just enjoys having sex with her; nothing is special. From hundreds of men who enjoy kissing her mouth, only a few (or none) of them wants to lick her armpits (or put his tongue in her ears). If a man licks a woman’s armpits (or puts his tongue into her ears), he will moan and long for her for the rest of his life. I don’t know that normally can women lick men’s armpits because this sexual act can happen only when the sexual emotion rises up at the extremely high level which means that women have to be eager, thirsty and satisfied the man very much to be able to do it?

***Tip about armpits: a woman, who has dark armpits, not because she forgets to shave, but her skin in the armpits area is darker than surrounding area, will have high sexual desire and energy.

If a man licks a woman’s armpits (or put his tongue in her ears) at the first date, it means that he loves her very much at the first sight. If the more having sex together he stops doing it, it means that the highest sexual satisfaction with her has declined; (she should not marry him). In contrast, if at the beginning of their sex life, he never licks her armpits (nor puts his tongue into her ears), but the more he knows her, he begins to do it and enjoys doing it everytime having sex, it means that the more he knows her, he loves her more and more everyday, (she may be considered marrying him). Therefore, this sexual act does not only tell that a man loves having sex with his woman. However, it also tells that he loves everything about her as much as he knows about her: he loves her appearance, her work, her life, her profile, her talent/intelligence, her body smell, her thought, etc, and he thinks she is the best for him in everything. He thinks that no one can substitute her. He loves her all his heart. Finally, he finds the perfect person for him. The thing the woman should do for her man is that keeping her ears and armpits clean and smell good all the time.

Now as I mention earlier that licking armpits (or putting the tongue in the ears), this sexual act has gender, so why is that?

If a man chooses to lick a woman’s armpits, he will not put his tongue into her ears, (or has a feeling that putting his tongue in the ear is disgusting). On the other hand, if a man chooses to put his tongue into her ears, he will not lick her armpits (or feeling that licking armpits is disgusting). I have never seen in my life that a man prefers doing both. If there is, he should be masculine/feminine confusion.

If a man puts his tongue into his girlfriend’s ears during sexual activity, in his mind he should have more masculine side than feminine. On the other hand, if a man licks his girlfriend’s armpits, in his mind he should have more feminine side than masculine. For example, for a gay male sex couple, licking armpits is more likely to happen than putting a tongue into ears (if the sexual emotion is aroused at the highest level). However, a man licks a woman’s armpits isn’t necessary to be gay. He can be such as a feminine man or a cross dresser. Sometimes you may be surprised that a man who has a masculine appearance licks a woman’s armpits while a man who has a feminine appearance puts his tongue in her ears. This can be a way to know what is actually inside his heart (more masculine or more feminine).

Have you ever had experienced having good sex with your girlfriend, enjoy kissing each other; one day she asks you to marry her then you just become a runaway groom? Or some men are put in the situation that they are not so sure about marriage? Any sexual act which can’t be differentiated into what genders (male act / female act) has no benefit to love. You may kiss hundreds of girls but you may never love one. If you never ask yourself, now you should begin asking that do you enjoy licking your fiancé’s armpits (or putting your tongue into her ears), to know that you really enjoy being with her and to know that at the bottom of your heart is actually male or female? Ask yourself before marry. I use this way to know who really loves me and who is still confused between love (and lust). Men who like licking my armpits (or putting his tongue in my ears) may not want to kiss me. In contrast, men who are seriously kissing me may never lick my armpits (or put a tongue into my ears)—if they say they love me, I know they don’t but they just enjoy having sex with me like when they have sex with others.

Body smell also has gender. Male and female body’s smells can be differentiated.

An old man enjoyed having sex with many Asian girls when he was a young man. Now at older age, he stops having sex with girls anymore but dating an Asian guy instead. The question is that is now he gay? He says that every time he goes to gym, he never uses a locker room, steam room, and shower room at the gym. He gives a reason that male sweat’s and male underwear’s smell makes him feel disgusting. Male sweat bodies’ smell makes him want to throw up. He still has sexual attraction to female’s smell, even though now he has sex with an Asian guy. So when he changes his sexual preference from having sex with Asian girls at the young age to having sex with an Asian guy at the old age, it can be his bisexual side or the change of sexual taste. Unlike being gay, he has no passion with men. The love of the smell in particular gender can tell the gender identity of the person; while kissing, oral sexing and ass fucking are only general sexual acts, everyone of all genders can do.

In another case, another man said that he started having sex first time with a woman. Now he doesn’t want to have sex with any woman but with men instead. The question is that is he gay? His sex life is similar to the old guy but the differences are the reasons of changing the gender of their sex partners. The man says that he doesn’t like at all the pussy’s smell. It makes him want to throw up. He also stops eating anchovy by the reason that its smell is like a pussy’s. Pussy smell is a unique smell which nature creates to attract straight male. If you don’t like it, it means that the nature clarifies you that you are not straight male. In this case, he is considered a gay man. The beginning of his sex life with a woman can be that he is confused about his gender identity or many young men have strong, healthy body, when being horny they can fuck anyone.

Another man whom I met him long time ago told me that he really liked pussy’s smell. As he described passionately, the smell was like vinegar. Even though his girlfriend washed it many times, it was still stinking; the permanent smell was unable to clean off.

A transgender escort had a sex-changed operation. After the operation, she changed her transgender escort service to work as a female escort. She always took good care of her pussy, and always kept it clean all the time. One of her clients told her one day that normally a female pussy was stinking but why was her pussy’s smell like a flower. After that, as she was so worried that other clients will find out that she wasn’t a biological woman, she stopped shower for three days. One day a client visited her; his nose did not even touch her pussy yet, he had to ask her to wash her pussy. It was too stink for a man to be able to lick. More than that, the man found a big louse habitat in her pussy. Another client, an old guy, said about her that he almost threw up because her pussy smelled like urine contamination. This was her misunderstanding that she should stop washing her pussy because a real pussy had to be stinking. Female body itself produces the smell; not a homemade urine flavor marinated for days or months; or allowing a louse to build a den. So urine smell has no gender identity.

Sexual aroma means the smell which contains gender identity and can be differentiated into different genders. Sexual aroma is used to arouse sex partner’s sexual desire/emotion. Like in the mating season, a male animal smells a female animal’s pussy for sexual turn on. For human, sexual aroma should be first hand smell which is very light. The accumulation of smell for days, months, or years is not sexual aroma but it is human pollution created by a dirty person or a human-skunk.

A Taiwanese man told his first-dated story that the first time in his life he had a chance of having sex with his Chinese girlfriend. Soon after she took off her pants, his nose quickly picked up her unusual smell which was very strong, even though he sat a little bit far away from her. “Why does her pussy’ smell is like salted fishes?”—he said and laughed.

Asian’s salted fish has much stronger smell than Canadian’s salted fish. Asian’s salted fish smells like contaminated fishes. When I lived in Thailand, there was one market in Chonburi province that every house/store had a business of selling salted fishes. People gave a nickname for this market and that was—‘spoiled fish market’. Strong smell, even though it comes from a real pussy smell, is not considered sexual aroma.

Uncut penis can produce strong rancid smell if underneath the foreskin isn’t washed often. I find that many western guys like smell of uncut penis. A Thai girl asked—“how gay guys like sucking on a penis?” She did once with her Thai boyfriend’s and she almost threw up. Smell was so fishy—she said. A gay guy suggested her that—“why don’t you ask your boyfriend to wash it first before sucking?” However, after that she was afraid of having sex with a man—then broke up.

Bad breath is not sexual aroma. You can’t differentiate male / female bad breath so there is a good reason to use mouthwash before having sex. Sucking on a penis (in oral sexing) will create bad breath. It happens to everyone because smell from throat will come out. Therefore, you should be considered rinsing your throat with mouthwash; do it twice before having sex.

Ass’s smell is not sexual aroma. If a man likes ass (or poop)’s smell, it should be his sexual fantasy; not because he loves that person very much so he can smell the person’s ass. Ass’s smell is very important for everyone to clean off before having sex; no matter whether do you plan to do anything with your ass or not. Bad ass smell can significantly turn off your sex partner. For old men, in their generation, sexual activity isn’t so fancy so they don't see how important in cleaning ass. But having sex with younger generation, especially having sex with transgenders is fancier. During oral sexing, men often lift up their legs, unclean ass’s smell can turn off your transgender sex partners.

One important thing you should know is that when your escorts ask you to shower, it means that they want you to clean your ass. Some men pee or poop after shower, you think that does it make sense. Why don’t you pee or poop before shower so you can clean ass during shower? Or if you have to pee or poop after shower, have you ever questioned yourself, why do you have to shower? When your escorts ask you that do you want to shower first? Clients often reply that “I already take it from home.” Now clients should be considered changing the answer to—“I already clean my ass before I drive here.”

***Tip about cleaning ass: after your ass is clean with soap and water, you dry your ass with towel. However, moisture is still on your ass-crack; it can’t be completely dried off by towel. In the airless area like your ass-crack, the mix of moisture and sweat can produce bad rancid smell. To dry off the moisture after shower is the way to keep ass’s smell stays clean longer hours. It isn’t difficult. First, dry off water with towel then spread your ass-crack with both hands and sit tight on your bed for about 10 seconds. Make sure that asshole touches the bed sheet. Bed sheet is a good material to dry off the moisture from your crack. Finally, your crack will be drier.

If you hire escorts in Thailand, they will ask you to shower before a session starts; even though you confirm that you already shower from home/hotel, escorts still want you shower again; they must see to believe that soap and water pass through every part of your body. The number one problem which bothers escorts all over the World, no matter where you hire them and no matter what genders: gay, female and transgender escort, they always complain that many clients are stink.

For some people who don’t have good body smell, perfumes can help to improve body’s smell. Perfumes are considered sexual aroma because they are categorized into male and female perfumes. Using the right smell can attract your sex partner. However, some men have a problem in using a perfume because men don’t like male smell. Some masculine men use female perfume can be funny to others. Men, who don’t like male perfume on their body, may choose a perfume/deodorant which the smell resembles a shower gel. Shower gel’s smell is easy to be accepted by all genders. Like just finish taking a shower, you will smell like a clean person.

Deodorant is very important. You already shower from home, however while driving a car to see your girlfriend, you sweat. Smell from armpits can easily turn off your girlfriend. Normally, you don’t smell yourself so you should prevent the armpits’ smell by using deodorant.

Closet smell is not sexual aroma. I used to spend time with many cross-dressers. Many of them brought their clothes to dress in my room. I noticed that their clothes had one smell in common. The smell was like after wearing clothes, without washing, they put their clothes in a box then kept it in the closet for a long time.

However, some women like natural male body’s smell. I find that a woman, who loves eating soy sauce duck’s ass, isn’t bothered by strong body odor / armpits. Most Asians know that duck’s ass is very stinking. Many people who love eating duck can’t swallow the duck’s ass.

Once I bought a soy sauce duck at a Chinese restaurant, I told the restaurant owner not to put the duck’s ass in the take-out box because when the duck was chopped into pieces, it’s hard to tell which pieces was the duck's ass. I was always careful for every triangle piece. When I see the triangle piece, I would test it first by touching it with the tip of my tongue; if it smelled like a bad (duck) ass, I knew I must throw away. The restaurant owner laughed at me as she immediately understood what it meant. I asked her that did she eat the duck ass. She told me that she didn’t like it too but some customers loved as they bought only duck’s asses to eat. Duck ass’s smell resembles bad armpits’.

A female escort loved eating soy sauce duck’s asses very much. One day, her new client, a young and good-looking man, who had unbelievably terrible armpits’ smell, visited her. His armpits’ smell pervaded all over her bedroom. Even she sat far away from him, she could smell his armpits. The female escort liked him a lot as his good look turned her on. She didn’t mind about his smell (or even loved it). She then lifted up his arms and licked his armpits over and over for a long session. As he didn’t have much sexual experience, the young man thought that every woman would love his armpits’ smell like the female escort so he never showered when he hired other escorts. He misunderstood. Only a few numbers of women would love strong armpits’ smell. If his smell was clean, the female escort still liked him anyway.

Your body smell can tell your character.

One day, long time ago, I went to a shopping mall with one of my transgender friends. I accidentally met one of my co-workers; he was a very good-looking young man. We talked together a little bit then he left. My friend liked him a lot. She described passionately what she liked about him to me that he had a very good smell: his hair had shampoo smell, his mouth smelled like chewing gum, his body had light cologne smell mixed with light cigarette smell. I couldn’t believe that her nose could pick up all these smells. However, all of his positive smell: shampoo, chewing gum and cologne suggested that he was a nice / polite guy, while the light cigarette smell gave him a sense of a little bit bad boy. Not all negative smell was bad to have it. However, if the cigarette smell was very strong, it should dominate all good smell then his image (as a nice guy) should be turned into negative. Moreover, because he was a good-looking guy and attractive to her, her mind (biased to him) was ready to write off the negative side. So, for some, (Bad) could turn into (Good). If he wasn’t an attractive guy, (Bad) was still (Bad) or 2(Bad).

Smell can encourage sexual activity.

Imagine, you walk into your girlfriend’s apartment to have sex with her then you kiss her; she compliments that—“you smell good.” Next, you are happy and she is also happy. You just create a good start.

In contrast, if she says—“you smell bad,” or skip saying because she doesn’t want to embarrass you but avoids being close to you. Next, you feel bad or with her attitude, you keep asking—“what’s happened? What’s happened? What’s happened?” Next, she feels very bad and moody. Finally, her sexual desire is turned off by your bad smell. You want to have a good time, do many things together, you have to keep your smell clean to turn on your sex partner. If you smell bad, both you and your girlfriend can’t do much together.

When your appearance isn't attractive anymore to your sex partner such as getting older, there is a way to solve this problem for example turn off the light and learn to have sex in a very dark room. However, if your problem is that you always have very bad smell when you have sex, there is no way to solve the problem, no matter whether light is on or off.

Good smell gives a sense of the cleanliness, build up a trust to your sex partner not to be afraid in having intimacy / passionate sex. If in your sex life, you never have anyone love you or having intimated sex, one problem can be that your smell, from head to toe, is not any kind of sexual aroma.

Cartoon story—"fly with me"

Although Tony and Lilly is a loving couple, they have been married for a long time, they never have good sex life together once. Tony hears from his friend that in Thailand there is ritual which can help a couple fulfill their sexual fantasy, so both travel together for one week vacation in Thailand.

One lunch, Tony and Lilly stops by at an authentic Thai restaurant as their ritual schedule is in the evening.

Tony: Smell of the food in this restaurant makes me so hungry. But what I don’t like is that there are a lot of flies, honey don’t you think so?

Lilly: A hot climate country, like Thailand, supposes to have a lot of flies.

Tony: Look at the table next to us, flies swarm his food. The guy has to wave his hand all the time.

Lilly: Flies like food’s smell so they swarm the food. I don’t see anything unusual.

Tony: Honey, what I don’t understand is that why there is no fly at our table. Our food smells good too. Don’t you see anything suspicious?

Lilly: Yes, there are a lot of flies at our table.

Tony: But I don’t see one!

Lilly: Look under the table.

Lilly: Because I forget to pack my underwear, I have to wear the same one for a week.

Tony: That's why I smell Thai fish sauce all the time.

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