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The tale of lionfish

by Half-Lady Lisa

21 May 2018

Briefly; the lionfish is a migrant fish from Indo Ocean. People in the U.S. see the fish beautiful so they bring to the U.S. and put in their fish tanks. Until its size grows too big to fit in the tank, people have to release it into Florida Ocean without realizing that another problem would come after. As the lionfish has no predator, it consumes many kinds of small fishes. Even more devastated, one female can be massively reproduction to millions of roes at a time and all year long. This can potentially damage seafood industries when fishermen begin to be worried that some day they would not be able to catch enough fishes to put on trays in fish markets. One way to solve this crisis is to send divers dive into the ocean to catch lionfish to feed sharks. The work intends to change the sharks’ eating habit. At first, divers can only lure some curious sharks to swim closer but for just passing by. Sharks are reluctant to grab a bite the unfamiliar food. It takes the divers for a while working under the ocean until their hard work has finally paid off. One shark gives it a try…yummy! Then the second, third, and so on continue to line up to be fed. Now divers don’t need to catch lionfish to feed sharks anymore because sharks search for lionfish by themselves.

Overwhelmingly, what touch my heart I have to tell this story is because the lionfish’s story reminds me parts of my life. As a transgender woman, at the beginning of my tranny life, like lionfish, I also have no (sexual) predator. Desperately, many times when’s horny, I have to offer myself, even that curious men are near for taking a close look then passing by without a try. I like dressing up glamorous clothes, like the beautiful colors and fins of lionfish to seduce men, but even so men are still shy to try. Beauty of women comes along danger but for men, fear of the danger can be a challenge—glamorous fins of the lionfish contain deadly venom so fishermen need to be careful! But I have no venom, except one thing is a fact: my spear can cause a great pain and that is a little thing men are feared most. Often boast favor themselves that men are sexually skillful but when it comes to having sex with transwoman, a dumb question is often commonly asked: ‘you do me or I do you?’, doubtfully as both of us have nails. Men aren’t sure whether can they still employ the same technique / position they have done with women or required a new learning as they can easily ended up mistakenly being forced undeniably in an awkward, shameful position? Transwomen have taken time for generations seduce men to change their sexual habit. Finally, having the first lucky man tries, then second, third, and so on. Men have proved that it’s still true today that for sexual subject they are the shark-nature and shark is still shark anyway without fear of anything. Men now search for trans by themselves.

What is the ‘transwoman’? You may think that you now have an idea about. In this generation, who still doesn’t? I, too, have thought that I have known well all my life, until some men have confused me. As seen on TV news, TV interviews, stories / documentaries, internet videos and/or in many neighbors and perhaps in many families too that a ‘muscular’ man, I mean a total man, man in men’s clothes, man is man in general definition who acts like men, and perhaps he is someone’s father and ‘s husband chooses to come out with a surprise public announcement that ‘I am a woman’ and demand to be addressed as Miss / Ma’am—in this case he confuses me—and perhaps you too? If you never go to a gay men’s nightclub, go for once then you can definitely find feminine gay men who can walk, act and dress so naturally feminine. Next, pick one to conversation with—“may I ask you something, are you on female hormone so your look’s so feminine?” I am sure that the feminine gay man you choose to talk to will answer that he has never taken female hormone. Next, asking him—“can you wear high heel shoes?” I am sure that the feminine gay man can do female walk like women do with no need to practice. If he announces that ‘I am a woman’, I would not be surprised at all—you think so? But in the reality this type of feminine gay doesn’t want to be a woman. Now, think again, why some muscular men who announce ‘I am a woman’ choose a difficult way of life living as a women that some men may even have to be required starting from taking classes on how to walk, act and makeup like women? This has confused people for a long time, even in among transgender perhaps don’t know the answer. So, what defines gender of the transgender?

In among people who call themselves ‘transgender women’, there are ‘transgender’ and ‘crossdresser’. Transgender woman is the evolution from ‘gay man’ while crossdresser is the evolution from ‘heterosexual’ man. Think like this: start from top to bottom, there are mainly two genders: man and woman, then ‘man’ evolves into subcategories: straight man and gay man, while the ‘woman’ side evolves into straight woman and lesbian as subcategories, then in among ‘straight men’ some of them are developed into crossdresser while some feminine gay men evolve into transgender women and this is the same on the woman side. The gender evolution isn’t ended at this point but new lines of genders will be queued every generation. Early dates of the trans generation, before the transgender’s rights, transgender isn’t accepted in many societies so to avoid the conflicts of cultures’ and religions’ discrimination, many of them supposed to come out as trans choose to conceal their true gender for the matter of easier and safer living and because of this matter transgender women choose to live as gay men because the cross-gender of physical transformation would draw too much attention from public. This should be no difference for heterosexual men who do cross-dress choose a normal life as a husband and a father. As today living in a trans generation, transgenders have rights so when a boy wants to be a girl, the process of transformation can start at the time he thinks he wants to be with no need to experience life as a gay man—this case isn’t a problem at all for transgenders as no one wants to extend the transformation process unnecessary at a gay boy. But what’s about men who do cross-dress? Think again— ‘a boy wants to be a girl’, what do you think by that? The physical transformation, right? As transgenders have no problem with the transformation, so what can be wrong with men who do cross-dress?

Think—If you walk down the street to randomly ask people: ‘can you help me match genders together, I have a man and I want you to help me think of which gender goes with man?’ 100% of the answer if one doesn’t pretend to be an odd, I believe, will be ‘man is matched to woman’ or ‘male goes with female’. This universal gender knowledge is in everyone’s instinct. Next question, I ask you: ‘based on the 100% polls, which factor, you think, gives one common answer of ‘man matches woman’?’ Do you think the same or different from ‘a boy wants to be a girl’ that you only think about physical transformation? However, in the case of ‘a man is matched to a woman’ both man and woman don’t need physical transformation as they’re born their ways. So, when the physical transformation isn’t the factor for adults, what do people think? Sexual relationship, right? It’s different when it comes to kids’ issue that sexual relationship is always skipped. People know; kids also know that man has sex with woman, a man dates a woman, mother and father, including male & female animals makes a family—this universal gender-relationship has taken a deep root in people’s minds for thousands of years and is still strong even today. So, again referred to ‘a boy wants to be a girl’, in the case of transgender women (as gay-men-used-to-be), they have sexual relationship with men anyway, no matter whether they have physical transformation or not won’t be effective to their sexual relationship at all. But for heterosexual men who do cross-dress, if a boy has physical transformation to be a girl at the age no one thinks about or he himself doesn’t realize of his sexual relationship is going to be, would the physical transformation cause the confusion of his sexuality? When a boy wants to be a girl, which gender he matches himself to? Look—gay men dress the exact same men’s clothes as heterosexual men but people don’t categorize gay men the same gender as heterosexual men, based on the same clothes they wear, so why do people put transgender and crossdresser in the same gender category based on clothes they wear? What’s about the gender of their sex partners, why are excluded from the trans’ gender definition? However, another point to think, if the gender of the sex partner alone is used to define a person’s gender (man has sex with man means gay; man has sex with woman means straight) regardless to the physical transformation, why can’t categorize transgender women and heterosexual men who have sex with transwomen as gay couple? What else needs to be used to categorize genders?

First regard; as both gay men and transwomen are born male, they suppose to have sexual relationship with female, however they both prefer to have sex with male, which this goes against the origin of the genders’ sexual relationship ‘man has sex with woman’—considered this factor as step one: the sexual transition. Gay men have only one step transition. Next, gay men are distinct from transwomen by the physical transformation. As transgender women are born male, they suppose to have male appearance, but transform into female appearance which goes against the origin of the male gender’s appearance—this is considered as step two: the physical transformation. This is the completed transformation processes to become transgender, called ‘double transition’ means physical transformation and sexual transition. This corresponds to the logical theory when things go wrong twice will have a correct result. So, with the ‘double transition’, dating between a heterosexual man and a transwoman should be considered a heterosexual couple, while one step transition of a sex partner (or both) is considered a gay couple.

People have asked me, why are there large population of transgender women in Thailand? Up to this point, I think, you should know the answer. As transgender women are the evolution of gay men, there are large gay communities in America too. Combining transgender and gay together, they are just about the same average percentage everywhere. Asian gay men’s body structure has a strong female base that if added small amount of female hormone, men can be looked as real women, in contrast to Western men’s body structure may require a task in cleaning off masculinity. For Asian women, physical transformation to be muscular men would be required more works than Western women do.

What convinces some feminine gay men to live as transwomen? Life starts, not much different from other genders that kids go to school then they begin to make group friends with classmates who behave the same and have same ideas. Until they grow up enough to understand sexuality, sexual ideas: stories about boyfriends, handsome guys, come to life. Gay men want to have boyfriends but straight men don’t like having sex with gay men. To solve this sexual problem, gay men have to act like straight men to convince each other they are straight for sexual purpose as the technical term is called ‘straight acting’. Don’t be confused; they don’t turn to be straight yet but just act like straight. The ones who can act real straight men and lucky born with a muscular body and handsome look don’t have a hard time hook for a boyfriend. Because of the ‘straight acting’ requirement, to add more muscular to their looks, some gay men have to do heavy workout routine and grow beard for extra sexual attraction, in case if they still can’t hook any straight-acting gay man for sex, at least they can use their muscular bodies to help themselves by looking at their muscular bodies in the mirror (that’s why, often seen some bodybuilders like kissing their biceps while looking at themselves in the mirror—this case is the case of having sex with their own bodies which will be explained more details in the part of crossdresser because they are similar cases). Straight acting isn’t for all gay men’s sexual solution. As the ones who are so feminine are considered sexually unattractive for most gay men, they get rejected often times in a hook up for sex, too bad it’s like being told they are ugly. Although, some feminine gay men already try hard to spread-leg walking but uncontrolled hips sway from left to right, work out like gym rat still have no muscle, or in some case they even have to learn to act like a bad boy, still they’re unable to convince others gay men as straight men. Road for ‘straight acting’ is too long to get to the goal. So, if walking to one direction seems impossible, why not go opposite direction, then they finally find their way much easier by choosing to transform to live as women. For having sex, gay men are picky in selecting a sex partner and some gay men are even pickier. Gay men generally have the same sexual behavior as women: romance, having first sex will start after getting to know each other for a few months at movies, restaurant and shopping malls, etc. However, after feminine gay men transform into women they find that hooking up for sex with straight men is like a high-speed train, straight men, unlike gay, allows transgender women to unzip their pants even before transwomen know their names. Even better than living in gay life which is required having a perfect body in order to have a good-looking straight-acting guy for sex partner, transwomen may not need to look like a super model, only look some what like a woman, I believe, they are still able to find a straight man to have sex with. They find this way to be a woman easier to hook for a man to satisfy sex life than choosing to live as an unattractive gay man. Moreover, dating among gay men is on the concept of ‘equal rights’ but dating with straight men, transwomen feel like ‘lady first’. Not only do transwomen satisfy their sex lives with straight men, but they are also impressed by the way men treat them. Who wants to have sex with ‘straight acting’ guys, it sounds like impostors. That’s the reasons transwomen keep up their female looks. Sex life with real straight men causes many gay men are jealous at transwomen. People would think that gay men and transgender women are in the same group of LGBT community so they must support each others but it may not be necessary. Gay men like laughing and gossiping at transgenders such as in bi-sexual nightclubs because both are fighting for men such as—‘Look at that girl. You guys still remember her; she used to be a man like all of us. She has a dick. …’. Or even in gay dancing clubs, most male strippers in gay nightclubs are straight so transgender women often win competitions even in gay territory. One of my trans friends is an example; she often has stories to tell that she brawls with gay men as gay men often insult her.

For heterosexual men who do cross-dress, like gay men, the transition happens only one step but the differences are that crossdressers choose to do the physical transformation while keeping the sexual transition as original male. Without the sexual transition, the gender of men who do cross-dress is still heterosexual men. The physical transformation alone isn’t enough to categorize a new gender. Doing cross-dress can be only sexual fantasy or fetish.

How is the ‘double transition’ important to determine a transgender?

Example, a girl wants to be a boy so the girl transforms into a boy at the young age. There is no problem at the time before the sexual desire exists. Then problem can happen in some individuals such as when the male physique opposes the sexuality as a woman. Think in this case: the girl is now a man tries to date men (as she is a crossdresser) but gay men don’t like his vagina and heterosexual men find that his male appearance is sexually unattractive. One day, the girl-to-be-a-man sees a group of men try to flirt with a sexy woman which it causes him to be jealous and think that actually he is born with the right female body so what reason has to make it wrong. If he chooses to grow up as a sexy woman, he should not have a difficult time to find male sex partners. This can be the cause of unsuccessful transition leads into back and forth transformations. One thing, keep in mind that kid hasn’t yet learned the complicated parts of life to be able to make a decision in changing life, especially in the big subject of life such as sexual activity. And many times kid often lies to get hormone and everything s/he wants.

Another example: a boy wants to be a girl so the boy transforms into a girl before knowing his sexuality. To transform a boy to be a girl isn’t difficult because every boy and girl have similar looks as they are cute and adorable. Then the problem comes that the boy-to-be-girl grows up to be a 6’5 tall woman and her face and body are more muscular than average women which transgenders call this effect—not a passable woman; she now isn’t cute and adorable at all. Don’t think this can’t happen because I have seen from many of friends. Body structure grows up unpredictable, even under female hormone taken. One of my friends looks adorable real girl but grows up so muscular then she has to transform backward to live as a gay man. For transgender woman, if she’s born short is fine because one thing plastic surgeon can’t fix is to cut off her inches height. How comes, in some cases the muscularity isn’t completely gone away, even with female hormone? Look—as I point out earlier that some gay men are so feminine without female hormone—why is that? This is because gay men have the same sexual desire as women have, is that they prefer having sex with handsome men—the sexual thought of female-alike also produces internal hormone: female hormone. In the case of men who do cross-dress, in contrast, even after physical transformation into female body, the sexual desire is still heterosexual men: love having sex with sexy women, want to be a good father, a good husband—this is also hormone: internal male hormone, which can go against external female hormone. That’s why some husbands who announce to confuse public that ‘I am a woman’ have muscular looks, even more muscular than many gay men who never want to live as a woman. Think—an unattractive woman is still a woman anyway but it’s so different when it comes to live as a transwoman; passable or not passable woman really affects to life such as restroom issue and public’s perception on how to address the person as he/she, Mr./Miss, being picked on by young kids, etc. Every transwoman has high expectation over their new appearance that the transformation would give a new life as seen in the dream, the dream of being the most beautiful woman in the world. However, the reality is that sometimes the dream depends on luck. Don’t treat the transformation as a dream but it is a big gambling of life that some nightmares have already failed some people to suicide. Moreover, what men who do cross-dress think in their minds the first time they ask for female hormone? They just want to be beautiful, right? But what’s about how to adjust their male daily routine to female? Both transgender women and gay men normally has no problem to adjust their daily routine to live like women as they already live like women: love caring themselves such as taking shower long, scrub entire body, wear hair products / body lotions / perfumes, and love shopping fashion clothes... but should adjusting daily male routine to female be a big subject of life for heterosexual men?—they need to test it before the transformation starts. Don’t think about hormone first. To get hormone isn’t difficult; every psychologist gives hormone to every man who wants to be a woman, even to a male body-builder; I never see any man is denied hormone. Finally, it’s about sex life. Think, a crossdresser transforms to live as a fulltime woman, meets a woman she falls in love with but a problem is that the woman tells the crossdresser that she isn’t a lesbian so she looks for a real muscular man to be her husband. This can be the cause of going back and forth transformations. One little thing also has to be considered before a decision to transform: if a heterosexual man transforms into a fulltime woman then a group of muscular men swarm flirting with her, should this bothers the crossdresser as being sexual harassed? Crossdresser is not a gender but it is a sexual fantasy or fetish but no one wants to be called a crossdresser because it sounds like a part-time job.

Sex life is more important than clothes but people try to avoid talking / thinking about as they think that having sex is just for fun and dirty stuffs. Getting dress in women’s clothes isn’t difficult, just go out shopping and dress but sex life is the most difficult part of life to deal with. For transgender women—women’s clothes are just clothes in general; think like everyone has to wear something to cover body. Wearing women’s clothes has no benefit in helping transwomen reach sexual climax but having sex with muscular men or type of men they prefer enough to help them reach sexual climax, so women’s clothes, for transwomen, are as a tool to seduce men and be treated by men and by society the way they like as female. Men who do cross-dress, on the other hand, have sex hundreds of times with hundreds of beautiful women are still unable to reach sexual climax, even though they have no problem to ejaculate every time, there is still little sexual pressure left over. A married man tells me that when he is horny, he wants to dress in women’s clothes but has to keep this secret from wife and kids. I ask: if he can’t dress women’s clothes which way else to release sexual stress. He says: he has to masturbate many-many times until all the sexual desire is all gone. Many heterosexual men who do cross-dress as a part of sexual activity, after ejaculation, dump their women’s clothes into trashcans. For crossdressers, sexual intercourse isn’t the number one thing in-bed but getting dress in women’s clothes is the biggest part of having sex. Without getting dress in women’s clothes means having no sex, so wearing women clothes, for men who do cross-dress, is like having a sex toy to help them reach sexual climax, empty all the sexual pressure with nothing else’s left over. If cross-dressing has never done for long period of time, this left-over sexual pressure has been collected to become large then exploded eventually at a certain time of life. The accumulation of the left-over sexual pressure can cause crossdressers be crazy and emotionally unstable which can cause some of them have their behaviors changed the same way as generally seen by male animals in mating season. Based on my experience, the behavior is changed in two ways. First group of men who do cross-dress is a group of aggressive / dominated men: their normal behavior is turned into more aggressive to radical / violent or to be a bad boy. Think like this: if dominated men are in the situation that they can’t release sexual stress, another way they can choose to do to release their sexual stress is to punch someone’s face / brawl. Getting dress as a woman for men who do cross-dress is only the way to balance their sexual emotion to normal. The negative normal behavior of the dominated men who do cross-dress is the same as females’ negative behavior is that they are extremely high jealousy. They like to be jealous at their female sex partners. The bad behavior comes with the jealousy, for example mocking at their sex partners over mistakes they make, insulting their female sex partners, making competitions with their sex partners and the crossdressers want to see themselves as the winner all the time, etc. Dominated men who do cross-dress want to have sex with females: women, transwomen, who can make them feel extremely jealousy; in another word the jealousy makes them horny. Refer to the case of muscular men who love looking at themselves in the mirror and kiss their own biceps, this is in the case of self-admiration: the number one man in the world is himself, the same case as dominated men who love doing cross-dress: the number one woman in the world is herself, the best in the world, the most famous woman in the world, the most beautiful woman in the universe, etc. Muscular men who are self-admirers love having women around just to make them feel a completed man; sometimes in the case like this, women can be used to fulfill fantasy (like sex doll / sex toy) to make them feel of being the best man in the world; without beautiful women they can’t feel being a complete man and this feeling itself help them reach sexual climax, not do the women help them reach the sexual climax; this is in the same case as dominated men who do cross-dress, which is the case of having sex with their own bodies. The second group of men who do cross-dress is submissive men which are in opposite character from the dominated group. Men in this group is gentlemen who love to honor and flatter their female sex partners; they like kneeling down in front of a woman and kiss on her feet, calling her a princess / my queen and very helpful whenever women need help. They are sexually turned on by the elegance of females. Acting low-class by a woman can cause sexual turn-off. This group is good guys but the first group behaves like bad boys.

Heterosexual men are sexually attractive to women’s clothes. People may think that men don’t like shopping clothes, unlike other genders: women, gay, transwomen all love shopping for clothes. This isn’t true that men don’t like shopping for clothes, only they don’t like men’s clothes so they don’t want to shop. If men shop for women’s clothes is a norm, men will spend hours in shopping clothes like women / gay men do and perhaps they even own more women’s clothes than their wives. Most heterosexual men are attractive to women’s clothes only some parts, for example men who obsess to women’s legs love wearing nylons and high heels so they may want to collect a lot of high heels in closet, some men who love to wear only women’s bras collect only bras, some men love to wear only women’s panties—so because most men love only some parts of women’s clothes, they are not interested in the fully physical transformation to live as a fulltime woman. Except, the ones who obsess femininity of the women’s character from head to toe want to live a fulltime woman. This is not a weird thing, only men choose to keep this as secret. Look—if you obsess a certain type of clothes, you want to wear it on your body all the time or used for sexual purposes, like gay men who obsess masculinity choose to take male hormone to build more muscles, love wearing army clothes, construction boots, or join boot-camp. Men who are not sexually turned on by wearing women’s items, besides gay men, can be some bi-sexual men who love having sex with both man and woman but not with the gender in between so they don’t want to dress in women’s clothes to make them feel like they are the gender in between, and heterosexual men who find other sexual fantasies they obsess so they don’t want to waste any time in getting dress on women’s clothes.

If a heterosexual man describes to me how he feels so good the sensitive feeling from silky fabrics of women’s clothes touch on his skin or fishnet nylons just turn him so slut getting erection on, he is convincing me that he is a crossdresser. This kind of sexual depiction is in the level of obsession.

If a boy demands that he has to transform to be a girl and if he can’t be for whatever reasons, he will commit suicide—what makes you think about this case? I believe that people may think that his desire is extremely high so this boy must be a true transgender. However, in contrast, he just convinces me that his desire in transformation to be a girl should be in the level of obsession so he should likely be a crossdresser more than a transgender. But it doesn’t mean that he can’t transform to be a girl because he may commit suicide as he says. Only he needs to understand his true sexuality. The case like this happens many times that as growing up to be a woman, a crossdresser becomes confused on his own sexuality because he is told since the young age that ‘man matches a woman’. Moreover, as female hormone blocks men’s sexual desire, when male-to-female crossdressers are not horny or sexual desire is significantly reduced, they begin to confuse or don’t know or not sure about what type of sex partners they like having sex with, especially in the case they don’t feel horny by any gender. Some cases are embarrassed to admit the truth they have sex as lesbians. If the transformation happens in adult age, after long sexual experiences, a male-to-female crossdresser should already know what type of sex partner he likes but young kids are not yet aware of this subject of life. In my life, I have never seen my transgender friends commit suicide when they have conflicts with their parents over their gender. What they choose to do is to live as a gay man and hook up gay male sex-partners for sex until they become independent from their families, they start the transformation to be transwomen.

One little thing: if a mother obsesses about masculinity means she loves having sex with muscular men, her son who wants to come out as a transwoman may be bad luck; not only is he born with wrong body, but is he also born into a wrong mother, in contrast to a daughter who wants to be transman may feel lucky. A father who loves doing cross-dress may favor daughter more than son, especially the most beautiful daughter. Sexuality plays a big role in every part of life.

Don’t be confused. Transgender women want to be treated as a woman by males. Men who do cross-dress want to be treated as a woman by females, especially when they are in bed. Men who do cross-dress see transgender women dress in women’s clothes so they use this point to imagine that transgender women must also have the same sexual thought as men who do cross-dress do; what else can be otherwise when both are born male and dress in women’s clothes. Moreover, when they watch transgender porn movies show two (or a group of) transgender women have sex together, it convinces that transwomen must have sex with transwomen, the same as muscular gay men have sex with other muscular gay men. Porn movies are produced to target male customers so men don’t want to see other men in the movies so sometimes they have to use all female actresses in the movies. Porn stars are performers and they do to get paid so they may not like doing what they do or the movies may not be the porn stars’ realistic sex life. Crossdressers can cause the confusion to the transgender community when people don’t know how to differentiate them. Look at transgender escorts’s ads, most of them post their ads available for men.

Escort service

About two to three decades ago, if a man sees an attractive transwoman walking on street, he will have an idea on how he can meet her. Or if a transwoman gives a man her number, he doesn’t need to keep it because it is published every week / month, whenever he needs her number, just check out on escort sites / newspaper ads. This way, men have done in the past by checking out every transgender escort who post ad in the town they see her, then guess from descriptions by comparing to the real image of the person and call. Men often tease that “have you ever seen any transwoman who doesn’t work in escort service?”

So, why do transwomen work in escort service? In the case of transwomen, escort service is created accidentally, perfectly, under the compelling circumstances fit to transwoman’s life in the past generations. First, as transgender has no rights so no job, especially many good jobs, employers don’t want to see transgenders in their workplaces. But the costs of transformation are huge like paying a mortgage loan, especially many plastic surgeries such as breast implants. Without the implants, men will perceive a transwoman as a man, no matter how beautiful and passable she is. Now younger generation has transgender rights, so the number of transgender escorts goes down or just about the same, in contrast to the overall numbers of transgenders rise up which means young transgenders are now accepted in many workplaces. On the client side, heterosexual men want to have sex with transwomen discreetly; they don’t want public relationship or long-term relationship. As men are embarrassed in having relationship but only use transwomen to fulfill their sexual fantasy, it causes transwomen are heart-broken. To solve the broken heart and both transwomen and men don’t need to fight each other over fair or unfair of being used for sex, why not charge all men to pay for the cost of sexual discretion—and men seem to accept the payments. When men receive a check from work, the first person who gets paid is escort and when men are broke such as during unemployed or bad economy, the first business who is bankrupted is escort service—irony, clients and escorts are like the same family, only they don’t live together. Men have many women in their lives but unfortunately can keep only one in the house—this is men’s lives. At this point you may argue that this is like sex business in general: one person needs money while another one needs to have discreet sex then they help each other. But this is not the main point yet I am trying to say.

For transgender women’s physical transformation there is an unusual thing happens, no one has ever realized. Imagine, a man wants to go out in drag so he wears makeup and a wig, while getting dress in front of the mirror looking at himself being fully naked—I think, he would feel normal with his drag-queen look. Brain still tells the person that he is himself the same person. But in the case of transgender women, soon after a transwoman has done her first breast implants, she can’t (or having an unusual feeling) look at herself fully naked in the mirror—this happens to me, happens to my friends. Doctor knows only how to surgery but doctor doesn’t know anything about this side effect. It seems like brain can’t be convinced that she is the same person. I used to hear a story, the true story, that a man wakes up in the morning and be shocked that he has two legs because his brain convinces him all the time that he has only one leg so how can he gets the other one then he wants to cut one of his legs off just to make him feel normal / balance. One of my friends says after she has her first breast implants that she can’t even look at her penis every time in the shower and doesn’t want to touch it while the same penis she has it with her since she’s born but has never complained before. Although, I am a transgender, I feel very unusual watching transwoman porn movies, naked transwomen porn stars at the first time. It has taken me for a while until getting used to looking at a woman with penis and looking at my body. This causes transwomen want to go for a sex-change operation quickly which can be a mistake because when a transwoman can’t look at her penis doesn’t mean that she really needs a vagina. But it can be in the case she doesn’t get used to yet with her new body. Escort service help many transgender women get used to with their own bodies—for money, transwomen undeniably have to allow male clients to play with their penises. Without escort service, transwomen’s penis would never see light and fresh air. Another good thing is, because of escort service, transgender women find out the truth that actually men lie to them all the time that they don’t like their penises. A transgender woman who never works in escort service would never know about this secret. Look at transgender escorts’ ads, they often show off their penises with a description of 8”, 9”, 10” huge and functional to attract male clients. Escort service helps transwomen feel comfortable about their bodies. Think like this—if you can’t accept your body’s part belong to be on your body, the problem creates. Without understanding this emotional side-effect, it may lead some transwomen to suicide. The case of transwomen is more complicated than the case of gay men and to prevent trans suicide, doctors must understand deeply all the problems. The complications in the case of transwomen, most are involved in emotions more than physical problem.

On the client side, imagine, a man never sees a transwoman fully naked in his life but he knows that transwoman is a woman who has a penis. If asking him to close his eyes to imagining to a woman with a penis, the unusual feeling isn’t fully conceived yet. Until the man sees transwoman in person being fully naked, not in his imagination, the unusual feeling is suddenly conceived—this is called ‘seeing is believing’. That’s why heterosexual men use transwomen for a kinky sexual fantasy. It normally happens like this: after men get married for about 3-5 years, they begin to be bored having sex with wives (with women), so they begin to look for something new and more excited. By the time 2-3 decades ago, transgender porn movies especially for married men to watch are harder to have a chance to view than this time of smart phone. Like I say earlier: men like to challenge with thing makes them feared because the feared feeling makes them horny. Before the smart phone generation, when men come to see a transgender escort, they are feared, shaking but they are also horny at the same time. After ejaculated, they want to run out of her room as quickly as possible. All they think the same that they won’t come back again, however they still keep coming back anyway. Some clients take a deep breath before time to gain bravery that they can do sex with a transwoman but after seeing a transwoman in person, they just know they are not ready yet and quickly change mind to waste her time; that’s why clients often hear transwoman escorts complain that clients must educate about transgender before hiring her. When a transgender hooks up with a man from a nightclub, she doesn’t tell him about her gender because she knows that if she tells him, he will reject her immediately. But if she chooses to take a risk by taking him home, he may be angry, called ‘gender shocked’ effect. The shocking moment happens when men see thing unexpected and unprepared dealing with it, the same case as transwomen don’t get used to with their penises after first breast implants. However, it often happens that after the first wrong night the angry man will come back to see her again because he will begin to get used to after reviewing all of the pictures he saw. This has to take time.

A joke: there are three men: young man, father and grandfather, which man is the easiest for transwoman to hook up with and unlikely she gets denied? The answer is hooking up with grandpa is most likely to succeed because grandpa already gets used to with every gender at the age he has nothing else to lose. Young men have to learn that grandpa also used to be young before. Don’t take time to think about having sex with transwomen longer than a life expectancy!

Another problem, after experiences having sex with transwomen, most clients have a difficult time dealing with guilt. In the time before internet smart phone, as having sex with transwomen occurs discreetly, in their minds men truly believe that they are ‘the only man in the world’ who has sex with transwomen because they have never heard in their lives other men they know have talked about sexing up with transwomen. Men love talking about sex stories so it should make sense that if is there anyone does, he supposes to say something about. Some men even become depressed and some of them even plan to meet a psychologist. No matter how hard do I try to console them that ‘you are not alone, perhaps your friends, your brothers, co-workers also have sex with transgender like you do. Stop damning yourself. Think—if you are the only man in the world has sex with transgender, all trans escorts and porn stars would have to file for bankruptcy the first day they take hormone. Stop damning yourself.’ However, no one believes me. Until now of the smart phone generation, men begin to search for the truth by chatting with other men about having sex with transgenders because they don’t need to be embarrassed anymore with internet allows talking with people they don’t know. Transgender women as well, don’t be embarrassed by discussing about trans’ sex life. If men don’t want to have sex with transgender, they don’t want to know anything about transgender. Heterosexual men open the door of opportunity for transgender to walk in their world but some transgenders like to complain men over the sex issue. Look—gay men have experienced very tough time fighting for their rights and have to hide themselves for decades in gay areas. Because heterosexual men don’t want to have sex with gay men, they can’t find any benefit from gay rights and gay life is outside their daily living. Hopefully, transgenders don’t want to put themselves hidden in trans areas by shutting the door of opportunity to connect other genders. Sexual activity brings men come to know transgender then they will continue to know more on other parts of trans’ life. Like men, women also should open opportunity for themselves to experience sex with transmen. Think—women may have to feel uncomfortable with transmen at the beginning the same feeling as it happens to men with transwomen, but after getting used to, women may find that transmen fit to their lives and make them happier than living with men. As transmen are born as female, their monogamy is in the same level as women. How many times a wife has to keep calling her husband’s cell phone every time he leaves home, how many times a wife has to keep an eye watching her husband walking dog from the apartment’s window, isn’t she tired with this nonsense? Isn’t she worried that being too much paranoid that her husband would cheat on her, some days she would become insane? Women ask men the thing they find hard to do because monogamy isn’t their nature. I know many women who date transmen, they don’t have the infidelity issue in the families. Some transmen I know even bring female friends to hang out at home, sleep on the same bed while girlfriends are not home, but they don’t cheat their girlfriends and their girlfriends seem not to worry about. For men, as they love having sex, they often complain that women don’t give enough sex for men. Go for dates for months, restaurants after restaurants, still has no sex. Men ask women for the sex thing which isn’t their nature so women find hard to do for men. It’s time for both men and women to give more opportunities for transgender.

Now you may be curious to know what types of men have sex with transwomen. Think: if every transwoman looks for a boyfriend, they would know only their boyfriends have sex with transgender but they would not know that are there other men else. Because of escort service, all types of men come for transwomen to see.

One of my trans friends says, she really likes Irish construction workers. Why ‘Irish construction workers’? Irish men like having sex with transgender women, especially Asian transwomen. Asian women find Irish men attractive and Irish men also like Asian women’s character. Construction workers around the world, no matter in which countries, like having sex with transgender women. Anywhere construction job is boomed, transgender escorts are busy too. They love to visit transgender escorts after work before heading home. Besides construction job, in general men who work in tough jobs such as police men, truck drivers, technicians, like having sex with transwomen. Besides Irish men, men in Germany also like having sex with Asian transwomen very much. Thai ladyboys who work in Germany are very happy. One ladyboy says that she should not waste money for a sex-changed surgery because the ones with a penis are best sellers.

Muslim men like having sex with transwomen very-very much, especially with Asian transwomen. But there are the differences between Muslim men and White men. For transwomen to be in-bed with Muslim men, male and female roles are restricted: man will behave in male’s role and transwoman will behave in female’s role. Muslim men normally don’t allow their female sex partners play with their asses but White men love their asses played by a woman. However, in public life, Muslim men perceive transwoman as a man or gay man, and they won’t be convinced to think otherwise but for Muslim men, transwomen are men in the maximum muscular level they can accept them to be their sex partners while a more muscular appearance such as two muscular men having sex are considered taboo, hard-hard for Muslim men to accept. Having sex with White men, however, there is no gender restriction on male’s and female’s role. White men enjoy reciprocation: men can be both in male and female role and White men also prefer their trans sex partners have sexual performances in both roles. But in real life, White men perceive transwoman is a woman in general, not a gay man. At this point, it makes me think that this might be the reason of why Muslim men don’t want to give rights to women. Especially, Muslim men don’t want to see women in politics / women in power. They want women do women’s jobs such as caring kids, cooking, while men do men’s jobs to bring income to families, and men have power above female the same conservative ideas as past generations. White men, on the other hand, are more generous give rights to women and White men don’t mind to see women work in men’s jobs. In-bed stories don’t stay only inside bedroom but reflect out to real world. To understand what happens in the real world has to follow its root to inside bedroom, to the sexual world.

Years ago, there were many Muslim men from Middle East traveled to Thailand on their business trips. A Thai transgender woman who worked in sex business at the time told a story from her job experiences that soon after Muslim men from Middle East landed in Thailand, they will take a taxi from airport to hotel but their suitcases were not even placed in the hotel rooms yet and they were not even check-in yet, they will pick up a transgender sex-worker first, to go with them in the hotel. Muslim men from Middle East were very generous, she said. One of her clients gave her his contact; she wrote a letter to him one day to tell him that she was ready to go on sex-changed surgery but really needed fund to fulfill her dream then her Muslim client responded her letter by sending her the fund she needed. Many sex-workers also gave more stories that as Muslim religion had high restrictions over the regulations, there were things they couldn’t do in their countries they will do during the business trips such as drinking alcohol and having sex with transgender women. For men, things are banned often become specialty.

Not only are there large populations of transwomen in Asia but Asian men also like hooking up for sex with transwomen. The obvious countries go to China and India. Chinese men and Indian men love having sex with transwomen very-very much.

Finally, let get involved in politics a little bit. Most transwoman escorts’ clients are more Republican men than Democrat. Republican men like having sex with transwomen like they are sex addicted. They hire transgender escorts every week / every month but they don’t want to pay too much as they often negotiate for bargain fees because they don’t want to see their escorts get rich or be successful. If asking Republican men who hire transgender escorts regularly that do they want transgender to have rights? One answer they will firmly say—No! They want transgenders served as their sex slaves for the rest of their lives. Republican men love to see women depend on them, get paid by men day by day just enough for living. Democrat clients, on the other hand, are likely to be more generous; they don’t ask for discount or even willingly give extra tips. Democrat clients don’t often complain that the services are too short or unfair service but Republican clients often complain. However, unlike Republican men, Democrat clients seem not to be sex-addicted even though they like having sex with transgender. They are likely to come once in a very long while or a transgender escort may see them only one time in her career. But Democrat clients want to see transgenders have rights and success. So, at this point you can see that things you view in public are not necessary to be true in secret life. People who believe so much to what they see / hear in public: cultures / regulations / politics sexual barriers, fear of being punished in having taboo sex with transgender, should be considered victims of lie.

What’s still left over and what’s gone after the transformation?

In Thailand, and I believe, in many countries as well, female hormone is non-prescription. In the past, Thai transgenders get female hormone by taking women’s birth-control pills. How they do is that, they learn from friends, they start taking one pill then increase to two, three, four… Some transwomen can take up to 14 pills a night—that’s why their look’s good. I used to take for a very short time in Thailand as my friend suggests. The problem happens in one night I increase my pills up to 4 then my heart throbs in the level that make me believe that if I fall sleep that night, I would not wake up again so I have to stay awake until I feel better to sleep. Since then I have never taken female hormone again so I am considered myself hormone-free. I used to contact two doctors in the past for female hormone but doctors don’t give me because I am already like a real woman so no need to use hormone. That’s a good reason I can enjoy my sex life in the same level as men. Men have escalated their sexuality every generation so do transwomen as well. One transgender says that she takes female hormone until having nothing come out with ejaculation, except light air. Think—just because transwomen want to look beautiful, they have to cut off their sexual function for the rest of their lives—is that worth? I can’t imagine, losing sexual function how can transgender still enjoy life? Think like young kids who have never had sex yet in their lives, don’t they want to know / feel how fun it is when ejaculating? Female hormone should be developed not to block sexual desire but implement it. One transgender says that she has attempted masturbation for three days but still can’t ejaculate. This can be one of the reasons that some transgenders commit suicide. Sexual emotion is like other emotions that when you feel like you want to laugh, you have to release your emotion by laughing; when you want to cry, you have to release it by crying; you don’t want to hold it inside but to release it out feels better. Sexual desire as well, when it’s time to release it, transgenders have to release it. When they can’t, what’s happened, they should be emotionally unstable such as moody all the time, combine with female hormone which has another side-effects to emotion, they can be double moody, emotionally unstable, and even more terrible if some have other issues to deal with such as family issue, social issue, etc., this may cause to commit suicide. Female hormone should not block sexual desire. It isn’t worth to gain one thing for sacrificing another thing. Moreover, transwomen should not be so shy to open up their sexuality. One of my trans friends says all the time that as now she lives as a woman, she has to control her sex life, be romance, monogamous and look for a boyfriend. She copies all parts of women’s life. She can’t have multiple sex partners like when she lives as a gay man anymore. Whichever way of life you feel happy to live with, you do but do not set rules / regulations that transwomen have to live like this / like that because when you can’t follow the rules or the ones who can’t follow the rules will be blamed by society. Men have freedom in sexuality, to have multiple sex partners will be honored by society and have more freedom to discuss about sex while if women do the same, they will be blamed as slut, hysteria. As I am born male, I find this part of men’s life benefit me so I want to keep it. I don’t care that it is men’s life or women’s life, I do what I like to do. Think—transwomen like being flattered by men: sexy, beautiful, hot, angel, etc. Sexual activities help transwomen get flatters by men which make them happy—this is the best anti-depression with no need to pay for a prescription. I have been through many things in my life so I understand these things. Young trans have to learn more about life.

For men who do cross-dress, for a husband and a father to come out as a woman, the case like this is uncommon in Thailand, new to me. The first time I see is in America. I am confused at the beginning and disbelieve. It has taken me for a while to get used to with these stories. I try to imagine to help me understand better, what should I do if my father comes out as a woman? You know, I don’t anti-transgender / crossdresser. But if it happens real in my life, I would be the first to see a psychologist then I believe that my mother as well would join me at a psychologist’s clinic, except my father would be no need to see a psychologist as he has fun anyway. Honestly, I don’t know how I can deal with the situation like this because friends in school would tease me all day everyday and my mother also would be insane. As we’re born in suburb, people there don’t understand anything about this, even though if I try to educate them about the diversity of genders, they would not be convinced. Asians are taught to think about other people’s feelings: wife and kids whom the father has brought involving in his life. Father has to think that his life has already gone more than half way, to make a major change in his life he needs to consult with his wife and kids because they share the same house and especially he is the person who brings these people into his life. If they don’t mind about the father’s or the husband’s decision, he is lucky so do whatever he wants to do. But in case wife and kids can’t accept, before his transformation starts, I think, he should file for a divorce first. I think that it should be fair to all sides and to reduce family feud, laws should require a wife to sign an agreement for a husband to access female hormone, otherwise file for a divorce. This case is beyond family feud between a husband and a wife that the marriage counselor has a hope to be able to convince them to think about their past romance and bring them to reunite. Any woman who chooses to get marry with a muscular man, she loves having sex with muscular man, not with another woman. Think about yourself as a man who has a beautiful wife, one day the beautiful wife transforms into a muscular man, what can you do? To sleep on the same bed with a female husband for a wife who is not a lesbian is difficult. A wife used to smell muscular man then she has to smell another woman’s hair spray, smell of female hormone comes out with his sweats so stink. She used to enjoy having sex with a muscular husband then it would cause her throw up by thinking about her past she had this woman’s dick in her mouth. The marriage turns out to be a completely different story. And because of these reasons, I think that it should be the right way that before the transformation starts, first to do, a husband should be independent from things / people who oppose his decision first by getting a divorce and live far-far away from each other so that his wife keeps only good memory of her husband. To see a husband becomes a woman can be very traumatic for many wives. Think that female hormone has side-affect to emotion that a husband can be moody easily then plus the fight in the family, disaster comes to both sides. File for a divorce first.

Another thing importantly, I believe that I used to write an article on my web site that do not announce too soon ‘I am a woman’ before a father is sure his life would be better off as a woman. I don’t think I am wrong with my suggestion. To come out too soon when a man has no sign of female, he will be against by public very tough because people can’t be convinced by his male look that he can be called a woman. Once a husband announces that he is a woman, all things change and perhaps in case he fails to be a woman his male life can’t be returned. The reaction from people to the husband: his wife, friends and society change completely. Although, later he changes mind and don’t want to be a woman anymore, the reactions from other people won’t change back to normal. Next, what’s about job? At adult age, a man has to care himself and perhaps as a father he has kid to take responsible for so he can’t do whatever he wants without a good plan. A father can plan for future for his kid, but don’t forget to plan a future of his female life before transformation. It’s true that a company doesn’t want to get lawsuit by firing an employee based on gender issue but it doesn’t mean that the company can’t come up with other reasons to fire if the boss doesn’t like his employee's new look. Think: a man used to have a good job, make good money, soon after becoming a woman he becomes poor—this is not a good example case and not enough reason to tell others that being a transgender is great! But if he thinks that he is already retired from job or to live as a woman doesn’t affect his job at all, he can do whatever he wants. Like I suggest that before transformation starts, a man must be independent to things against his female life first. Don’t rely on the transgender rights so much because the rights can’t help in many cases. You have the rights to dress whatever to walk on street, but other people also have the rights to gossip behind your back, they have the rights to walk across street to avoid walking past you, do these public reaction make you upset? Young kids also have the rights to giggling over your looks, are you going to report police to arrest those kids? Life is difficult no matter whether you live as a man or a woman but life can be easier when you have taken times to plan and fix all the problems before you start a big project of the transformation then you won’t fail. I have seen in many cases already: some people get lucky after transformation into a new life but for some people, unfortunately, life turns upside down. Believe in your records: from hundred times going out as a drag, how many times you get lucky and how many times you are bad luck, it tells you best which life you should be. If you have no luck to live as a fulltime woman, a part-time on and off as a woman occasionally isn’t bad. There are many women who love to go out with a husband as a heterosexual couple but they love to be in-bed with a husband as a lesbian couple but a crossdresser has to admit his sexuality correctly that a crossdresser is not a transgender.

Life is composed with many things: family, job, friends, all are parts of life to make you happy. Who doesn’t want to have a magic to be able to choose any life you want to be. If in the reality you can’t, weight all things together, what parts of your old life you can still keep to your new female life and what you have to sacrifice in order to trade for a female life, to see how both sides balance? Think like this: people don’t get all the things they want but you will get something… enough… for your life. The reason I suggest this, not because I try to turn down anyone’s dream but I want you to be happy and success with your life rather than being a failed woman and upset because the one who has a failed life will be used to attack trans community. There are many successful transgenders, media doesn’t want to show them on TV but they like to show the freaky ones or the failed ones as the example of being punished by God or something like that. I am not looking for a new member but I am looking for supporters. Size of the trans community doesn’t matter, there can be just a few transgender doesn’t matter, but what really matter to trans community is the numbers of their supporters. Think: one father is successful in his transition to be a woman but tens of his family members can turn out to anti-transgender and hate transgender very much. Also a wife and kids have to understand that there are many reasons cause marriage to fail, a husband to be a transgender is one in many reasons to fail the marriage. There are many reasons cause kids to disappoint at the role of father, the change of the father’s gender can be one in many reasons. Transgender community can’t be responsible in such the issue of the marital failure of any couple and in such any individual’s personal issue. In case, a father / a husband can’t be a trans, his wife and kids can convince him to be a man who supports trans and all transgenders love him and love his entire family.

Genders are matter of life because the origin of sexual idea: ‘man has sex with woman’ or ‘male matches female’ is still strong today. If asking people again one day that ‘man has sex with what gender?’ then the answer is that people don’t know, or not sure about, or long pause, as sometimes they see man dates a man, transgender, woman, gay or seen in a group sex with mixed genders, that day gender issue will not matter anymore. One can transform him/herself everyday: one day is a man and the next day is a woman, no one would care about. Now I begin not to be sure that man has sex with what gender. This is not because I try to create a new idea or challenge the norm anything. But it happens one day I try to hook with a man but he says—“sorry, I have a boyfriend.” So, now when I see a muscular man walking on street, as being paranoid that bad luck would be repeated, I often think that perhaps he might be gay or perhaps he has a vagina or perhaps a crossdresser wearing nylons under pants?

The tale of transgender doesn’t end yet. My observation at many families of people I know, I observe that if a family has at least two sons then one comes out as an openly gay man or transwoman, the other one is likely to be such as openly gay man the same as his brother or transwoman, or closet homosexual or heterosexual man who likes having sex with transgender very much, or a man who strongly anti-homosexual. So, in general speaking, if one son is homosexual, the other one is likely to have a sign of homosexual as well but the homosexual degree of one can be less than the other or equal homosexual gene. To strongly anti-homosexual, in the case of male, often has different reasons from female's case. A man who is strongly anti-homosexual in most case doesn’t mean that he is not homosexual but the aggressive anti reaction against homosexual is used to cover up his homosexual sign to lure public by using the logical idea that because he hates gay, means that he is not gay. If a man often make a joke about homosexual or often tease friends who have sex with homosexual to be shameful, means that he also likes having sex with homosexual but the joke he make is used to cover up the embarrassment in having sex with homosexual. If a man has no sexual feeling at all toward any gender, he would feel neutral: no angry, no embarrassment or whatever feelings. Sexual activity is different from other activities: you can talk about food while you don’t need to be hungry or like the food. But if you don’t like a certain kind of sexual activity or sexual activity with a certain gender, you don’t want to think about anything or don’t want to talk about. Once you open your mouth talk about it, means you like it or intrigue about it. In the past, people don’t understand much about genders so they often blame parents teach their kids wrong way to be gay / transgender. However, based on my long observations, I truly believe that homosexual sign comes from gene. Example: one mother who likes hanging out with transwomen has a son. She really wants her son to be a transwoman so she buys women’s clothes for her son and convinces him to be a transwoman but her son doesn’t want to be as he is straight. This tells that it’s not about how parents raise their kids to be gay / transgender. It must come from gene. In ancients’ generations the homosexual gene can be very low. As time goes by the homosexual gene has multiplied from generation to generations like the growth numbers of lionfish in the Florida Ocean.

Cartoon story—super (wrong) man

One evening, Robert takes his girlfriend, Laura, for the superman movie. After the movie, he has a plan to take her to a restaurant but Laura changes his diner plan. She says having heartburn by eating too much popcorns and cheese. As no room in her stomach for more food, she asks Robert to take a walk with her. They walk and talk together until get on the bridge. Light wind and fresh air on the bridge makes Laura feels comfortable. At the middle of the bridge, Laura asks Robert to stop walking to take a good view. But that isn’t the main purpose she asks him to stop walking. What she has thought in her mind, so important for her; Robert is an innocent guy, he has never guessed right once her thought as she always comes with surprises and a story-manipulator—Laura owns that title. For Laura, doesn’t matter which of her behavior he has been tired because he won’t quit the relationship anyway. This moment is another of her surprises she has waited for this chance to open up her new story.

Laura: Robert, do you think superman is real? (with her suspicious smile)

Robert: Well, it’s just a movie.

Laura: But I think, he’s real.

Robert: No, Laura. Silly girl. Let go home. The sky is going to turn dark.

Laura looks up the sky: Right. I want to see the stars. Can you take me to the sky?

Robert: I can’t.

Laura: But I am sure, superman can.

Robert: Let go home.

Laura: No. Until you tell me that superman is real.

Robert: I can’t have that answer.

Laura: I’m sure, you know about superman more than anyone. Because I know you are superman.

Robert: Whoa! Whoa! (Robert looks around himself very nervous) I think you’ve gone too far.

Laura: Tell me the truth, Robert. I don’t tell anyone. You are superman.

Robert: What makes you think that?

Laura: One night superman comes to see me and take me fly with him into sky. I can smell from his chest, the same smell of perfume you wear …

Robert: Well, I wear the popular one that millions of men wear.

Laura: I hear his voice whisper through my ears, the same your voice. My arms wrap around his chest, he has the same tight muscles you have. More than that how he knows where my bedroom is. Only you know. … Tell me, I won’t tell anyone, you are …

Robert: Alright. Alright. I am. Are you happy now, my silly girl?

Laura: No. I want you take me fly into sky again, pleasssse.

Robert tries to find an excuse: I don’t see any phone booth around here.

Laura looks around: You can change your superman outfit there, at the construction toilet. All the workers are off their job for today. No one would see you. Okay, Robert? Show me the superman. I want to see how handsome you are as superman. Show me now!

Robert: No, Laura. Don’t pressure me. I promise, superman comes another day. Today it’s time to go home.

Laura: No. I can’t wait for another day. I want to see superman now! I will jump off the bridge and you have to catch me before I hit the ground.

Robert: Oh! Be careful, Laura. Don’t walk too close to the edge. You’re just about to fall down. Be careful! Be careful!

Laura: Quickly, superman! Go to that toilet and change the outfit.

At the end of her voice, Laura rushes jumping off the bridge! Robert is shocked at her suicide act!


Robert: I CAN’T!!!

Laura: WHY!?!


Laura: WHY JUST TELL ME?!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANG!

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