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Time Traveling & Life After Death

7/4/2011 – 1/12/2015

I began to think about time traveling one day I went to class late. Actually I was there supposed to be on time (or even a little bit earlier) if that day wasn’t the first day time had to be adjusted one hour forward. Until today even though I have lived in the US for a long time, still I can’t remember when to change time forward or backward.

After the class ended, while sitting on the train back home, an idea was conceived—‘if time wasn’t changed one hour but three hours forward, at the time I arrived in school, the class will be over. What’s about, if time wasn’t changed three hours forward but five years ahead, at the time I arrived in my class all my classmates supposed to be graduated.’

However, this might be just a kid’s thought and it would never happen.

This is because all we live in the same time’s frame and speed. No matter how many hours you change your clock doesn’t move you to future. Can a boy grow up faster to get older than his father?

Imagine—we are running in line in the same lane with the same speed. Your grandfather is the first runner, next is your father, you, your kids and grandkid(s) in order… Nature sets speed of time centrally for everyone (and everything) so that the line will keep moving forward smoothly. It will be impossible that you can change your speed of time because if you run faster than other people who run in the same lane, you will hit your father. If you slow down your speed, your kid will hit your back. Nature doesn’t allow individual to set his own speed in moving faster or slower because timeline will be disordered.

However, let imagine in case if changing speed of time was possible, which way it can happen. If you step to the next lane, your speed of time will be no longer depending on the central speed as you once have followed. Compared to driving a car, if you want to drive faster than cars driving ahead, you must change a lane so that you can increase your speed.

Can we travel back in time?

I believe most people used to hear often a puzzle with no answer from scientists that if possibly you can go back in time to kill your father then how can you be born? I can’t imagine that how can people who work in good jobs like scientists can come up with such that violent idea. If you don’t want to be born, why don’t you go back in time to give condoms to your father and tell him to understand how much you suffer in your life: working as a scientist doesn’t earn enough income, yet because you study too hard, you look nerd so girls don’t like you—“Dad, I bring plenty of condoms for you. It’s a modern technology of birth control. If you don’t know how to wear it, pull out your dick I can show you how.” Or tell your mother—“don’t fuck this guy. I pay too much for plastic surgery to improve my appearance because you fuck the wrong guy.” Don’t kill your father because you will be locked up in time for life then you will never have a chance to come back and be born in your present time—that can be a logical answer.

Look—you have a full glass of water. Then you drop a small object in the glass. The result is that water spills out of the glass. Can you add yourself in a certain time of the past when the system at each time period is already set completely? You may think—why not. There are plenty of lands for you to live in, or even if I want to build a big house in 1960. If you think this way, it’s because you look at a small picture. Let think of a bigger picture together. If you can go back in time to such as 1960, that’s mean other 6 billions people can go with you, moreover another 10 billions people from 2050 may join with you going back to 1960. The history may have to be rewritten that in 1960 there is not enough land, not even for everyone to stand, not enough food and water, and millions of people die because of over population. More terrible than that, why do people go there—they just want to kill their fathers and grandfathers. Can we add into our universe 4 or 5 more Earths from future to orbit around the sun at the same time, just because there are plenty of spaces left? Then all the system would be collapsed!

What first comes to your mind, if you can go back in time? I believe that many people think just about the same thing is that they want to change their history so the future outcome would be better. Let me give you an example. A story—your son is killed by a group of drug dealers. One night the drug dealers call your son out, sit in their car and shoot him somewhere to dead. You, as a parent, are very sad so you go back in time to tell your son not to go out with them. Now, the future is changed to a completely new story. Your son thanks you and he choose not to go out with the drug dealers the night he is killed. Next, what happens? Drug dealers wait and wait for your son to come out of his house until they are very angry. Then they come inside your house to kill everyone. In afterlife, your son doesn’t thank you but blame you that you should not travel from future to tell him not to go out with drug dealers. But it would be better off to let him sacrifice himself to safe other family’s members. You want to change your history when you don’t like your present life. Who know, you may already make the best decision in the past, however no one can predict what the outcome is going to be. If you can go back in time to change your history again, still you don’t know whether the new change would give you a better future or more disaster!

Through out a person’s life, he involves with hundreds of people in creating incidents and activities together. Hundreds of people who involve with that person may involve with other thousands of people. Just one person changes only a small part of his life, it can affect to millions of people's lives. Like a small rock is dropped into water, waves move as far as it can. If everyone wants to change just a small part of their lives, histories may have to be rewritten every second. If going back in time can happen one day, why have we never seen our future generations come back to tell us to be caution about disasters such as September 11 and Tsunami. That’s why I don’t believe in time traveling whether going backward or forward. I don’t believe that is there any technology can bring me to the year 3050 because I believe that the future generation doesn’t exist yet. For example, you are in America on Monday but people in Thailand already live on Tuesday. Can you ask Thai people what will happen in America on Tuesday? They don’t know because America on Tuesday doesn’t exist yet. Living in different time zones doesn’t mean that Thai people move to future before Americans. Some scientists try to think that clock move different speed in space compared to clocks on the earth. However, it doesn’t mean that when you are in space, you go to future or see the earth’s future. Think—if we can go to the year 3050 right now, why do we need to live at this time? Why doesn’t everyone move to the year 3050 to enjoy better technologies? If you are sick, can you think that a doctor in this generation is not as smart as a doctor in the year 3050? And what the history of this generation is gonna be when nobody in this generation needs to study and create anything because they can take a peek at future technologies and knowledge. Why NASA has to study how to live on the moon? Why don’t they try to create only one thing a time machine and go to grab future technologies? Should schools teach young kids only one thing— ‘kids, if you want to know something, go to future’? Future technologies are developed from past and present’s technologies, like cars, TVs and cell phones, so without past and present, there is no future. History was over; we can't add more stories to history. Future generations don’t exist yet but they are waiting for what our past and present generations’ knowledge provide information to them.

I don’t believe in time traveling. However, I believe in life’s cycle: we are born, we live and we die. I believe that all lives move in one direction. We can come back again to live in a future generation through the process of reincarnation. Even though in future, if there was a technology which can help people live forever so we can eliminate birth and dead of the life’s cycle. I believe that nobody wants to live millions of year (but of course they may want to live longer than ever). At a certain time you feel enough about your life. It’s like you don’t want only day time, you also want night time to take a rest. At a certain time, you want your life to take a break and come back again through reincarnation.

Life is composed of two major parts: soul (and spirit) and a body. Unlike body, soul and spirit are invisible. When you see a person, you actually see his body. Soul and spirit can live alone but body can’t live without soul and spirit. Body has a limit time to live but soul is intact.

Life is created when soul and spirit exist in which a body has a complete circuit. Compared to an object, such as an electric fan. A fan can’t operate itself. But when you plug in, the electrical circuit is completed, the fan blade spins. When you unplug, the circuit isn’t complete, it stops spinning. So objects need outsource of energy and information to feed them. Soul exists in a body that has a complete circuit; all parts can work together as a circuit, think and operate itself: blood flows, heart beats, lungs breathe, brain thinks etc. When body loses an important part such as lungs or heart, soul is released because the circuit of the body isn’t completed (except, an artificial body part is replaced to help it completed). Then body becomes rot because it can’t survive without soul. Soul moves on to find a new place to live. So dead defines to only body which loses the ability to keep soul.

Soul can move freely to afterlife but body can’t. Imagine—you sift different sizes of particles but only small particles like dust can pass through the sieve while larger particles can’t. So, body actually bars you to move freely to afterlife. And that’s why we can’t simply move to afterlife because our bodies are considered large particles. When body comes to the end, soul is released. Body can’t be reincarnated but soul can. However, soul can’t immediately reincarnate into a new life. It needs to move to afterlife for a process of conversion.

A story--one night many years ago, I dreamed that my grandparents came to visit me. I had never ever dreamt to them so next morning, I called my mother. She told me that my grandfather was in funeral; he just passed away while I was unaware about it. My grandmother died before him about a year. Her soul may still not go anywhere but waited for my grandfather. I saw both of them smile in my dream. Moreover, my mother also used to tell me that in the time my grandmother passed away, my grandfather was in hospital. Everyone in the family tried to keep secret to him about the dead of grandmother when they visited him at the hospital. However, he asked about it; it seemed like he knew. I believed that he also saw her in his dream like I saw them in my dream.

Have you ever thought that why sometimes you feel that you like someone very much for no reason? Or why do you hate someone very much for no reason? Or you love someone very much and that person also loves you but in the end you have to get married with another person you don't have a real love with. Why somebody is interested in a certain subject very much and it seems like he can work without going to school in that subject, and even better than others who are graduated in that subject? Or can these past life’s information and knowledge be left over and heritage through your soul and spirit’s reincarnation?

Life and afterlife are separated. Imagine—you live in the US but have a friend who lives in North Korea. You don’t know your friend’s life and he doesn’t know yours because the borders between the two countries are closed. The sadness in losing your love one happens when you can’t communicate, touch and feel your love one anymore, even though his/her soul is still alive. Physical body acts as a conductor in communicating each other in our present lives. A way to travel to afterlife can be possible if there is a technology that can break down body into cells (small (or smaller) particles) so that they can be able to pass through the sieve between life and afterlife and move together with soul. Next, like jigsaws, each cell is labeled their positions precisely how each cell will be connected to form a body again in afterlife because body can’t live forever so this needs to be done quickly before it becomes rot. However, the difficulty is that as a body without soul will become only an object, how soul will be carried with its body cells when we now don’t really know what soul looks like.

I believe that life is moving forward in circle to a larger space. Compared to our birth, we first are in a womb which is a small space. Next, we are born into a larger space with diversity of lives, outside a womb. Afterlife also should be a larger space than we are living now with more diverse of lives than the earth. Next, you will start counting your age at day one after you are born that means life is separated in each place you live so it can be predicted that you will count your age starting at day one again in afterlife and in every place you move on to the next. And that the reason why soul can't be immediately reincarnated into a new body until it goes through the process of conversion (like washing) so that your life's history (at each life) will be broken down and begin again at day one with your age instead of connecting continually to every life. So when I saw my grandparents in my dream, means that they are not yet reincarnated but once their souls get ready to move on and to get into a new body, they would not remember me anymore.

Our life’s cycle can be used to predict the model of universe. The moon orbits around the earth can be compared to life in a womb and earth orbits around the sun can be compared to life outside a womb which we are already seen. So afterlife (in a bigger place) can be compared to the rotation of many universes around something which is very dark; we don’t see it yet as we don’t see our afterlife but one day, I believe, we will. It will take many light-years to complete a circle which implies us about the time's frame of the reincarnation. Sun light implies us about life on earth and darkness implies us about afterlife. How can we see the model of the rotation of many universes (and afterlife) when the scale is enormous? In my prediction, it is not in the way through the wormhole or spacecraft as many scientists believe. However, it can be done through our souls, when soul and spirit can travel everywhere faster than objects and it doesn’t need energy.

How to prepare your life ready to move on to the next?

Sleeping is like a temporary dead and dead is like a long sleeping. When you feel sad, you will have a nightmare during your sleep, then you wake up again next morning with unhappy face. If you have a sad life, you will have a long nightmare after you die. To commit suicide during your sad life is not the way to solve your life’s problem but the sadness will be carried on to afterlife. At the end of life, you should find peace and happiness. What you awe people, you pay them off. Girl who rips you off, you forgive her; she pays you off next life; I won’t forget.

Whenever its time comes, you will sleep with a good dream. When it is the right time to wake up again, you will wake up with ‘a new happy life’.

Cartoon story—history has no answer: Why, grandpa? Why?

Grandpa is talking with his grandkids, Jonas, Mark and John, one day in late afternoon on Veterans Day. He tells about the past of his life as a good-looking young man, an honorable soldier and a responsible father.

Mark: Grandpa, we want to hear your love story too?

Grandpa laughs.

Grandpa: when I was a young man, I had many girls chase me all the time because I was a gentle, good-looking man. Girls always fought for me everywhere I went to. But there were only three girls, Julia, Angie and Tiffany, I love them the most. We began to hang out often together around 1960. I still remember them well. Julia was a tall, beautiful woman. When she was on her high heels, I had to lift up my face a bit to talk with her. At that time I grew my hair a little bit long, and she said to me one day that she really loved my hair and often had soft-touches on my hair. Julia was a very kind and sweet woman. Next was Angie. Like Julia, Angie was also tall, about Julia’s height. I thought, she could be a supermodel. One thing I didn't like about her, she was often moody when she had to wait for me. The last one was Tiffany. Unlike her other two friends, Tiffany was a very small woman, only 5’3. And because of her size, her two friends often put her at the end of the line when they had to fight each other for something. But she had never complained anything to her friends. She had a big heart and a Jacqueline Kennedy's big hairstyle. I love Tiffany a lot; every time she worked for me, she always got things done quick…

Jonas: I want to go back in time to learn things from grandpa.

Grandpa quickly interrupts: No! Don’t go back there.

Grandkids: Why, grandpa? Why? We want to learn from you so we can grow up to be a good man like you. We want to learn how you treat women. Why do you think we should not go back in time to learn from you? Why, grandpa? Why? Why?

Grandpa keeps quiet. What he was thinking in his mind is that “Don’t go back in time. It’s because all the things I had done with Julia, Angie and Tiffany in 1960 were not an honor.”

In 1960,

Grandpa: People always asked me all the time—“why had all the girls I dated with always looked unusual.” Don’t go back in time to find out. I want to keep this secret with me to my grave.

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