Mr. Trump’s collections

by Half-Lady Lisa

July 19, 2016

John: Bill, do you watch the RNC last night?

Bill: Oh, yeah. Mr. Trump eventually wins the Republican nominee with his new political idea. He is very tired with the political correct…

John: No, Bill. Americans actually misunderstood him as they are confused about Mr. Trump’s English accent. He means ‘political collect’.

Bill: No, John. Everyone knows, Mr. Trump means—‘correctness’.

John: No, he means—‘collection’ as he is a good collector but now he just feels being tired in collecting things.

Bill: What does he collect?

John: The first thing which tells him to know that he is a collector is when all the debts pile up to his neck. The second thing he is collecting is ‘wives’ as he has many wives. His wives also absorb collecting things from him. Like on the first night of the RNC, his latest wife gives wonderful speech by collecting words and small sentences from the previous Presidents' and First Ladies' speeches then mix them together, starting from George Washington to Michelle Obama—all of the entire Americans' history, she tells all. It becomes controversy within overnight.

Bill: I heard, people say that she’s plagiarism.

John: No, Bill. She is sending the messages to all Americans that her husband will be the President for all of the Presidents—‘the President of the Presidents’.

Bill: And what else Mr. Trump enjoys collecting?

John: He also likes to collect people’s information. Eight years ago, he revealed controversial information of President Obama that he isn’t born in Hawaii. Recently he reveals his opponent’s information that Ted Cruz is actually born in Canada…

Bill: That’s why, undocumented aliens think that they don’t need to bring any document to come to America because Mr. Trump already knows all of their information.

John: But the ancestry web site is now very headache about him. They complain that since Mr. Trump has revealed too many people’s information, no one checks out their web site which causes their business plunge down rapidly. People believe that Mr. Trump has done a better job in collecting people’s information than the ancestry web site does. And even better than that—‘it’s free!’ After receiving complaints and complaints, Mr. Trump is now so tried with his ‘political collection’.

Bill: John, up to this point, I think I know more about Mr. Trump than you do.

John: What do you know about him I don't?

Bill: I know that actually the reason he says he is very tired about the ‘political collect’ is that since he runs for the President, people have learned a lot from him so they try to collect things from him. Although Mr. Trump is the number one collector, he tries utmost to prevent people from collecting things from him.

John: Like who? Who can’t collect things from Mr. Trump?

Bill: The IRS. Even today, he still won’t show his tax returns.

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