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Understanding Heterosexual

by Half-Lady Lisa

28 January 2020

Many heterosexual men have told me that they always loved women but recently they are sexually interested in other genders such as a transgender. Some heterosexual men go even furthermore and become curious to discover homosexuality. It happens commonly that the more they are interested in having sex with other genders, the less interested they are in having sex with women. The question they are concerned about is that which gender they are now : heterosexual or homosexual.

There are many factors that can trigger sexual fantasies and cause heterosexual men to slip outside their boundary. But in this article, to be simple I will use only the definitions of the genders to explain the change of the genders of sex partners.

By comparison, bi-sexual men are interested in having sex with both men and women while heterosexual men are interested in having sex only with women.

At this point, the readers may wish to question that -- there are many heterosexual men who are attracted to having sex with other genders as well, besides only with women.

To further explain, let me start as follows -- a heterosexual man is 100% sexually attracted to a woman. As a male he has a high curiosity in sexual activities, at some times of his life unexpected situations happen and cause a man to be intrigued on other genders. Unexpected situations are often encountered such as meeting a wrong girl that he thought she is a woman but actually underneath her skirt is not. While watching lesbian porn movie he discovers that a transgender is also in the movie. In most cases, a transgender person is the first gender a heterosexual man may pick to have sex because a transgender's appearance is the closest to a woman which is easy for heterosexual men to accept.

At this point, transgenders start moving in the heterosexual man's sexual fantasy. Lets assume the heterosexual man gives 10 percent of his attraction to transgender. This 10 percent is enough to convince him to laying down for a transgender to perform oral sex on him but he's still afraid to see her naked and touch her penis. His original 100% attraction which he would have given to a woman at the start of his sex life now reduced by 10% of the attraction to the transgender.

For a better understanding, lets imagine that a man brings a woman to live in his house. She was the only person to occupy the house until one day in their relatiionship, he invites a transgender to share room, sleeping on a couch in the living room -- that is her space which is 10 percent of house space.

The 100% sexual attraction that a man gives to women at the beginning of their sex lives helps him to learn all the sex activities that are possible with a woman quickly so the curiosity factor becomes less. As the curiosity factor becomes less and less then sex with a woman becomes boring.

Although, the 10% given by a heterosexual man to transgenders at the beginning is too little, the curiosity is still at a peak which causes the excitement to become at a maximum level. A man never kisses a transgender like he kissed a woman and he never sees the transgender naked and he becomes curious to know what is like? Comparing this analogy to a road -- high curiosity means a long way to explore, in contrast to the less curiosity which means a short road or a dead end.

The excitement urges a heterosexual man to explore what is under a transgender's skirt and would like to see and is intrigued to her taste. Then the 10% starts increasing slowly to 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 percent which means that the woman now begins to lose competition as having only 30% left of his interest. Ironically, she doesn't occupy his house but she begins to pack her suitcases. This is to answer the question of why the sexual attraction to women goes less while the sexual attraction to transgenders is increasing.

Bi-sexual men give their sexual attraction to both male and female at same 100 percent, heterosexual men can be attracted to only one gender at a certian period of time of life. However, this does not mean that heterosexual men can not have sex with multiple genders. However, the ratios of the sexual attraction they give to each gender combined never exceed 100%.

Next, let set the number of 70% for transgender and 30% for women, now the heterosexual man fantasizes further to having sex with men. Like the heterosexual man starts the sex act with transgenders, he is still afraid to have sex with men. The curiosity in having sex with a man arouses his sexual desire but only at 10%.

The calculation ration of transgender to a woman by a heterosexual by 70 % (trans) : 30% (woman). When a man expands the twosome to a threesome by a 10% attraction to another man, the question on hand is how is the 70 - 30 resplit. What is the new percentage of the attraction between a transgender and a woman? How is the 70 - 30 going to be redivided?

Transgenders now have left 65% and 25% for women. Which gender is the first to lose competion? -- Women, right? However, you may argue that men have only 10% so they should be more vulnerable. It's true -- but don't forget that men still earn the highest curiosity (a long road to go) which the curiosity brings the excitement to the peak, higher than with transgenders and women, especially women earn lowest percent of sexual attraction and curiosity.

At this point, the 10% sexual attraction, a heterosexual man gives to having sex with other men, is considered becoming a gay man? The answer is -- not yet. The percentage of the sexual attraction in having sex with men below 50% is unable to make a conclusion to change into homosexual. The sex act can be for only curiosity.

If the sexual attraction in having sex with other men continue to grow to 100%, it means that the heterosexual man now becomes a completed gay man. He have no sexual attraction to female appearance, instread he will be sexually attractive to muscular body.

This is the transition process from heterosexual gender to another gender. The difference between homosexual and heterosexual is that homosexual (lesbian and gay) will not change the gender of their sex partners. Lesbians, for example, are attracted to having sex with women for their entire lives just as gay men are attracted to having sex with men their entire lives. Unlike homosexuals, the attraction of their sex partners' genders for heterosexual is changeable.

This effect does not happen to only heterosexual men but it also happens to heterosexual women. Some wives can turn out to be lesbians and completely lose sexual attraction to male appearance.

At this I would like to offer as a point of discussion three questions and answers to help understand this article.

Question No. 1 : A transgender woman once went to a gay nightclub but there are no gay men interested in hooking up for sex with a transgender woman -- why is that?

The answer No. 1 : All gay men in the gay nightclub are born as gay so they won't change the preferred gender of their sex partners which is male gender to transgender.

Question No. 2 : I, as a transgender woman, once went to a gay nightclub. I saw a man was hooking up with another man. Soon after they saw me, one man dropped his gay male partner to hook up with me for sex -- why is that?

The answer No. 2 : The man is not a gay-born. He is a heterosexual man who is now curious to having sex with men. However, at this level, the percentage of the sexual attraction to having sex with men is still less than with transgenders.

Question No. 3 : I, as a transgender woman, was once hooking up with a muscular man for sex one night. He seemed to like my female body as he liked to grab my breasts and was impressed that they looked real and beautiful. Suddenly, another gay man walked in to our conversation and he immediately dropped me and went out to kiss the man -- why is that?

The answer No. 3 : The man is not a gay-born but his homosexual side is derived by heterosexual. The night I met the man, the man's sexual transition had moved to his homosexual side. The percent of his sexual attraction to men was higher than the percent of his sexual attraction to transgenders so he was less attracted to a female body than a male body. If another man did not come in, the man would have taken me home as some percent of the sexual attraction to transgender is still not all gone.

Hopefully, this short article can help you answer the change of your gender.

© 2020, by ½ Lady Lisa. All Rights Reserved.