Lisa’s discovery about unisex underwear

February 13, 2013

I think many husbands don’t like buying a new underwear as much as their wives. Here is how to solve husbands’ shopping problem—they can wear their wives’ underwear. I think some husbands have already done it when their wives are not home.

However, another problem creates when on the front side of women’s panties are always too small for men. This is because to cover a vagina doesn’t need as much fabric as men’s underwear. Men will find this embarrassingly one of their balls (or two balls if they are big) reveals uncovered.

A simple way, I accidentally discover it by myself, is that men should were the back panties to the front. As women have bigger butts than men, back side of women’s panties is big enough to provide shade to the entire men’s spot, no matter how big they are. Then the small front side of women’s panties will be worn to the back to become G-string.

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