The Truth of White Supremacy

by Half-Lady Lisa

26 August 2017

Chris : I am very proud of being a White man. Yesterday, I went to rally, all Whites were very aggressive calling loud voice ‘White Power, White Power, White Power’…

Jenny : I have spent time with many White men in the past; they are not so powerful.

Chris : What you mean?—‘Not so powerful’! I don’t believe!

Jenny : White men are the largest group who take Viagra. Some Whites who can’t afford Viagra get crazy and turn into ‘White Ass’.

Chris : Really? What’s about their sizes—supremacy?

Jenny : Well, not much. They are between Asian and Black men.

Chris : They are very angry at the rally, yelling loud voice ‘Jews will not replace us. Blood and soil.’ Other races will cause White turn Brown then White would be a minority. Unacceptable!

Jenny : They like to blame this /that but never blame themselves. The truth is that no one causes them to turn Brown, except themselves. White is the biggest group who likes to do tanning. Now they know the truth so they just change their rally. Come with me. Come to see what their new rally looks like…

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