Words Matter

cartoon story by Half-Lady Lisa

19 October 2017

Last night MSNBC reported: ‘President Trump doesn’t read book.’

President Bush reads a few. President Obama reads only if necessary during his school years. But President Trump never reads books. In the time that Government really concerns, there are many high school graduated students still don’t know how to read and write, now President Trump shows the example of the America’s education.

In response to MSNBC, President Trump tweets:

“I don’t read books but I love books very much. I build a big library at home and there are thousands of books I collect. Only I don’t read them. Books I have collected in my entire life are such as Playboy magazines, pornographic magazines, lingerie & cosmetic catalogs, high heels for men, erotic toy stuffs catalogs etc. All these books have no words to read but they make me excited every time I open and see every page.”

A message for President Trump: Please be a role model for all America kids by reading books that have words.

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